April 13, 2023 – Important Instructions from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, regarding the future economic collapse and digital currency – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

April 13, 2023

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

Recently, I, “a soul”, was given an important instruction from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, that I am meant to share with you all, my dearly beloved followers of this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. This instruction is regarding the coming economic collapse, and, in particular, the digital currency that will be imposed in my beloved country, the United States of America.

Beloved ones, Jesus instructed me that people need to prepare for a coming time when they will need to have already gold, silver, and cash on-hand. In particular, when the digital currency is imposed in our country, everyone who has money still in electronic form, such as money in their online accounts like the banks, etc., will lose all of their money. Yes, all of your bank accounts will become worthless and be zeroed out.

Beloved ones, at the time that people realize that the digital currency is about to be imposed, everyone will be panicking and there will be many bank runs all over the country as everyone will be attempting to pull their money out of their online accounts.

Beloved ones, Jesus has told me that He does not want His precious children to be caught up in all of the panicking over the digital currency. Rather, He wants His children to be safe and so, He has provided the following instructions.

Firstly, Jesus has indicated that His children should start gradually and systematically pulling out their money from their bank accounts, so you will not panic later when you realize that everything you hold electronically in the bank will be wiped out.

Jesus told me that many people will resist the draconian measures of the digital currency being imposed on everyone. So, yes, we will witness protests and fighting in the streets of patriots resisting this governmental takeover.

So, beloved ones, this means that once the digital currency is imposed on everyone, that there will be some places and businesses which will still continue to accept the U.S. dollar for exchanges and transactions. Such places and businesses will continue to honor cash — knowing that it is the real currency of our beloved country — however, this period of time when cash will continue to be accepted and used will be very limited and temporary, and will not be universally available in all locations.

Beloved ones, gold, silver, and the U.S. dollar in cash form will all be outlawed; and all such forms of currency will only be used in the “underground” or “black” markets. So, paying for goods and services in gold, silver, and cash, will become increasingly dangerous and more difficult to do, because supplies will be very limited by then and will not meet the demands of the people who want to resist the digital currency.

Beloved ones, Jesus wants me to emphasize that the best way to prepare for the upcoming hardships and economic upheaval is for people to set aside 3 months of food for each person in their household. Because the most important need that people will have in the future is access to food and clean water.

Beloved ones, I have been told by others that one of the best ways to obtain long-term food storage or emergency food, is through the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church). This is because their religion dictates that adherents maintain one year of food storage for each person in their household. So, the Mormon Church has some of the best prices for long-term quality food and you do not need to be Mormon to purchase such food from them. You should search on the internet using the words, “food pantry” and “latter day saints”, to see what affordable options are available to you locally.

Beloved ones, Jesus also instructed me that people should, if possible, pay off the mortgages on their homes and property. By doing this, many people will not be worried about becoming homeless during the imposition of the digital currency. Also, many people will not be afraid if they end up losing their jobs (employment) in the future. So, if it is possible, please pay off your mortgages and pay off as much of your other debts. You will be very grateful to God in the future by doing this.

Beloved ones, I love you and Jesus wanted me to tell you that He loves everyone, too.

Remember that God has a Good Plan for us all and everything will be OK.

God bless,
a soul

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