A Special Prayer Intention

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I am not immaculate like the Blessed Mother. I am not a saint or even a holy person. I am an imperfect being and a poor sinner. So, I write these words knowing so well and so evidently my failings and faults. But, I had a dream once—a wish and a prayer that I have kept secret in my heart for several years. A dream that I want to share with you all now.

And so, in 2003, when I returned to the Catholic faith of my youth, I truly believe that The Holy Spirit inspired in me to pray in a particular way to God.

You see, during my conversion experience, as I read myself back into the universal Church, I would often think about how perfect and beautiful the earth was in the beginning when God the Father created Adam and Eve. About how perfect and beautiful the Divine Plan of God was for humanity. And how everything and everyone fell into increasing darkness through Original Sin.

I would cry myself to sleep sometimes at night over this. Because I could see the brokenness and suffering due to sin in hurting souls around the world. It made me so sad, because I knew that humanity had so much more potential for something greater and better than the current world and state that we are living in.

It was like God permitted me to see the world through His Eyes for a brief span of time in my life. I cried, because I wanted everything to be fixed, but because I was merely one soul, I knew that I had no power to do this. It truly broke my heart.

And I would often think of this quote by St. Augustine:

“You have made us for Yourself, Oh Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.”

And so, because I would become so emotionally distraught over the current sinful state of the world, I would spend much time in prayer, especially at night, begging God to fix this world.

In particular, I would pray to God, begging that we return to the original perfection and beauty of that special time in the Garden of Eden, before The Fall, before sin corrupted the world and our souls.

In particular, my prayers would call for all grace, from the beginning and end of time, to descend on the world and in our souls now, so that Creation could be brought into conformity again—remade into the beautiful and holy state it was before The Fall. So that the Divine Plan of God would be realized for all mankind.

Every moment that I could, I would petition all of Heaven and the Blessed Mother for this special intention. I would beg and I would beg with abundant tears falling from my eyes.

And I would say to God the Father, please, Father, please, Abba, let me see the original beauty of Creation. Please Father, please put Creation back together again. I want to see Your Heavenly Kingdom and the beauty of Your Divine Plan fulfilled in us and in the world. Please Father, answer my prayer. All the prayers of all Your children, Your family.

Because I was only a baptized child of God at the time—never having my First Holy Communion or Confirmation or any type of Catholic education, I never realized how profound these types of prayer would be, if said from the heart.

But, soon afterwards, as I prayed more and more intensely in this particular way, I became a prime target of the evil one. I was very naïve spiritually, so I did not know anything about spiritual warfare.

At first, satan tried to convince me by mental thoughts that since I was only a baptized soul and a great sinner, that my prayers were not being heard at all by Heaven. But, when I sought my first Sacrament of Confession and continued to pray in this particular way, the spiritual warfare became more manifest around me.

Then, one night, satan approached me disguised when I was praying, and still being too naïve about such matters, I almost allowed my soul to be possessed. But, in my hesitation and confusion over this, my guardian angel was able to warn me in my soul that it was satan.

This then lead to several events that ended up making me very sick, as Heaven and hell fought over the eternal state of my soul. I had to be hospitalized and I have been diagnosed chronically ill ever since.

I have never prayed in such an intense way since that particular time of my life. However, my special prayer intention remains in my heart and soul ever since. It has been the secret yearning of my human heart. That the Kingdom of Our God be fully realized on earth and that Creation be brought back whole and beautiful again as before The Fall.

And so, I have wondered and pondered about this, in my heart, for several years. Hoping that, in some way, it would be answered… someday… some sweet day…

I will tell you, my dearest brothers and sisters, that one of the motivations I have for writing you all is that I am hoping that this dream and wish of mine somehow comes true.

Of the few prophets and chosen holy souls that I follow, their messages are all consistent with each other, because they reveal spiritually to me the unfolding Divine Plan of God, Our Heavenly Father, in this special time, The End Times. The messages through Holy Love Ministry and from such holy messengers as Maria Divine Mercy are true—

God the Father is answering the inner cries of our hearts and our souls. Jesus Is Returning in The Second Coming to reestablish His Kingdom on earth.

God the Father is restoring Heaven and earth back to its Original State before The Fall of Adam and Eve. Our Heavenly Father is lifting up Creation and along with it, all willing souls who choose to enter The New Paradise in which there will be no more evil and no sin.

As I have written, I am not like the Blessed Mother. Nor am I not a saint or even a holy person.

I am simply a poor sinner who tries with all her heart to love like My Jesus. I stumble and fall often, but God Is All Merciful and All Forgiving towards me. Blessed Be God Forever!

I am not a prophet, nor do I know all the details of Our Father’s Divine Plan. But, I have, by reading various heavenly messages, discerned many things. I share some of them with you now:

  • The General Tribulation began in 2008
  • The Great Warning / Global Illumination of Conscience will take place in Fall 2012
  • The Great Warning will usher in The End Times events: the commencement of The Great Tribulation (reign of the antichrist (Islam) & false prophet (false church)) and The Great Struggle over souls between Our Lady and satan (Chapter 12 of The Book of Revelation)
  • Much of humanity will be saved through The Great Warning and prayer effort afterwards—many souls that would not have made it to Heaven without this great grace from God
  • The souls still living that choose God will suffer their purgatory on earth. It will be difficult because they must cleanse their souls from all sin and sinful tendencies to enter The New Paradise on earth. Many souls will suffer their living purgatory at refuges on earth prepared by God. At the refuges, these souls will learn how to love and pray to God by following the example of Our Blessed Mother
  • Meanwhile, through penance, prayers and indulgences by living souls at the refuges, the poor souls languishing in the real purgatory will be lifted up to Heaven. So that, at The Second Coming, purgatory will be closed forever
  • The Two Witnesses during The Great Tribulation will be wearing the Sackcloth of Holy Love. God will commission them to preach The Gospel after The Great Warning. The Good News will include pointing The Way to The Divine Heart of Our Heavenly Father through the Messages imparted at Holy Love Ministry. At the refuges, souls will be taking these messages to heart by living them fully every moment they can as they prepare for The Second Coming
  • After their martyrdom, The Two Witnesses will descend for three days to the real purgatory to witness to the poor souls that the Kingdom of God is at-hand on earth for The Second Coming. Also, the resurrection of The Two Witnesses will be a great grace of consolation to the remaining Church on earth as they prepare spiritually for Armageddon
  • At The Second Coming and Final Judgment, all good souls from Heaven, purgatory and earth will be raised up to everlasting life in transfigured bodies. God will renew the earth and Heaven so that they will be ONE, and all of Creation will be restored as it was before The Fall. Time as we know it will cease as all good souls will be living in the present moment as God Is in The Eternal Now. Evil and sin and suffering will no longer exist in The Great Era of Peace. The Holy Spirit will be alive in every good soul and all will abide in The Divine Will of God. The eternal fate of every good soul will be secured forever in God

Now, I do not claim any special insight into The Divine Plan of Our Heavenly Father after The Second Coming. But, I do have special prayers intentions for The Great Era of Peace, which I hope will become true.

These are the special prayer intentions that I have for The Great Era of Peace:

  • I pray that all souls will have the opportunity to have The Heart of Christ. This means that all souls will have the opportunity to journey along the Path of Holy Love and will eventually reside in The Divine Heart of The Father in Unitive Love. This includes the unborn infants that never had the opportunity to fulfill their mission in life or pursue the spiritual path imparted to us by God at Holy Love Ministry. This also includes all the souls of ancient and older times who either did not have the Holy Sacraments, including The Holy Eucharist, at all, or never took advantage of the Holy Sacraments as they should have
  • I pray that the heavenly angels will also have the opportunity to increase in their love of God. That the heavenly angels will be able to also partake in The Holy Eucharist, known as The Bread of Angels, and will be truly our brothers and sisters in Christ. That the Blessed Mother, Queen of the Angels, will be their mother, too, in loving communion with Our Lord and the human family
  • Finally, I pray that The Divine Will of God be fulfilled in all souls on earth. That all future generations are blessed forever by God. That all the special intentions of the Blessed Mother are fully realized now and always and forever. I also pray that the Blessed Mother will be finally recognized and honored and loved under all titles that God desires. That The United Hearts of Jesus and Mary triumph and reign in victory in all. I love You, Lord.

Now, I do not know if any of my special prayer intentions will come true. But, I have learned that in praying to God, it is important to dream big and often. That God listens to all prayer said genuinely from the heart and answers all prayer in keeping with His Divine Will. So, I hope that all I desire is in accordance with God’s desires for humanity and Heaven. And if my prayer intentions are not exactly in keeping with Our Father’s Divine Will, I pray the special intentions of Our Blessed Mother, because She always prays in accordance with The Divine Will of Our Loving Father. Blessed Be God!

And so, my dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, I invite you to pray often and to dream big. To be the eternal optimist and to never lose hope in a better and glorious future for all mankind. Because God answers prayer, in such a way, that it is more than we ever could dream for ourselves.

God bless you all!

I love you.

—a soul


The Warning Has Been Delayed

I believe in the messages provided through Maria Divine Mercy in the Book of Truth. I truly believe that she is the 7th messenger and end-time prophet as mentioned in Holy Scripture, the Book of Revelation.

However, in a few messages given to Maria Divine Mercy, Jesus indicated that the 3 1/2 year long period of the Great Tribulation would start before the end of 2012. And since Jesus has indicated that The Warning would happen as the first event that ushers in the Great Tribulation, I became disillusioned when this did not immediately happen.

I began to doubt the authenticity of the heavenly messages in the Book of Truth.

But, I realized over time that I was underestimating the Divine Mercy of God and the power of prayers by the faithful.  Through much prayer and careful discernment, I realized the value of prophecy given to avert terrible situations from happening and how prayer can postpone events.

Our Lord is Ever-Merciful towards us, His children. In humility, I submitted this matter to Our Lord, and while I did not understand everything, I began to believe in the messages again through Maria Divine Mercy.

I trusted in Jesus and accepted not knowing all the details.

And truly being an Ever-Generous and Good God, The Lord answered my prayer and provided the answer to my questions through the Prophet John Leary.

I share these messages from Jesus through the Prophet John Leary for your discernment and consideration:

Prophet John Leary
Thursday, April 16, 2015


“My people, I have delayed My Warning experience, so people will have more time to prepare their refuges. There are not a lot of people who have given their ‘yes’ to build a refuge. This takes a lot of faith and work to set up a place for people to stay. It may require some extra building and securing of food, water, and bedding for those who would come. Pray for My refuge builders, and help them in some of their needs.”

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


“My people, I have given you a large measure of time before the major events will begin.  This is why I have delayed the Warning experience.  In the vision I have shown you an hourglass with the last bits of sand running out.  This vision is to warn you that your time is running out before these events will happen.  The Warning is needed to offer an opportunity for all sinners to see how they have offended Me in their sins, and some will want to convert and be saved.  Those people, who have had a near death experience, are repentant and desire Confession, or they want their sins to be forgiven.  Once, I bring about the Warning experience for everyone, the major events leading up to the Antichrist’s reign  will occur rapidly.  I have even mentioned before about six weeks of time after the Warning, will be the time for conversions.  Those, who do not change their life direction, are risking being taken in by the Antichrist, and they could be lost in the eternal fires of hell.  I told you, My son, that you would be fortunate to have your chapel completed.  Some major events and possibly a major war could happen this year of the last Tetrad blood moons.  Time is urgent, and evangelizing souls will always be important, both now  and after the Warning.  Be prepared after the Warning, so you are ready to leave for My refuges on short notice.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


“My people, the one world people have their plans for a takeover of America, but they do not control My Divine intervention.  By My postponing the Warning, I am putting off their schedule for a takeover.  I am allowing My refuge builders to have time to finish their refuges.  The Warning will give every sinner an opportunity to repent and seek My forgiveness.  I will also give people six weeks time for conversion after the Warning, and an opportunity to improve their spiritual lives.  After the Warning, people will know that they can only come to heaven through Me.  All sinners will know true right from wrong, and they will be more responsible for their sins that offend Me.  The more information you have, the more reason you have to love Me.  I am reaching out to save as many souls as possible, so My Warning will be a wake-up call in your life reviews.  I am greater than all the evil ones, and I will be victorious over all of their plans.  Evil will have its hour, but it will be brief before I cast this evil lot into the eternal flames of hell.”