My Patron – Saint Lucy Of Syracuse

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“Saint Lucy of Syracuse
My Patron”

By a soul

Recently, Our Lord provided me with an extraordinary grace that I desire to write down in words. I do not know if I will ever share these words with others, but I want to record this event so I can remember this special grace and how good The Lord has been to me always, which is truly unmerited.

In the past several weeks, my mother has had to have surgery on her eyes due to old age aliments. And so, I have become acquainted with St. Lucy, who is the Patron Saint for eye aliments in the Catholic Church, as I prayed to St. Lucy for her intercession in my mother’s healing.

And since St. Lucy was one of the few female saints invoked by name in the Liturgy of the Mass and in the Litany of the Saints, I was intrigued to find out more about her particular story, as an early Christian martyr. So, I sought out more details of her martyrdom in traditional Catholic lore, which I eagerly read. I found out that St. Lucy hailed from the city of Syracuse in Italy, which I felt an immediate connection to, since I had gone to graduate school in Syracuse, NY, USA, and it was while living in Syracuse that I found Christ and returned to the Catholic faith. And as I read of St. Lucy’s brave martyrdom in the face of such great tortures, I became even more astounded, because her martyrdom read as if “my own”…

I was astonished, because The Lord led me to this Great Saint, especially, when I sought answers in my heart to private questions I have held for so many years. Ever since the day, Our Lord had visited me in October 2003, while I was living in Syracuse, and had revealed to me–through heavenly visions from angels–the events of my own passage from earth (death). The impressions that still linger with me and that I reflect upon from time-to-time twelve years later.

And when I read the accounts of St. Lucy’s death and fidelity to Christ, I was deeply moved to ask this dear Saint for her special patronage in my life. In fact, just two days shy of her feast day, on December 11th, I was so moved to ask her in prayer to intercede for me and watch over me, I just could not wait to ask for her special friendship in my life until her feast day. I just knew that The Lord wanted this special Saint to journey with me daily and care for me in a special way, just like St. Elijah the Prophet walked with me each day as my “special protector.” The connection was very deep, personal and real.

And I felt so blessed to have felt this immediate connection to such a Great Holy Saint. To have an elder sister to look up to in my special needs and my devotion.

I am truly blessed to have both St. Lucy and St. Elijah in my life as special protectors of my faith. And so, I rejoiced in The Lord for sending me St. Lucy!

Then, two days later, on the feast day of St. Lucy, the prophet John Leary ( received a message from Jesus that he posted to his website. Here is the entire heavenly message:

* * *

Saturday, December 13, 2014: (Feast Day of St. Lucy)

Jesus said: “My people, in the readings I spoke of Elijah and St. John the Baptist as My standard bearers who defended My Word against all the idol worshipers. Elijah defended Me against the prophets of Baal who were later killed, after he called down My fire on a sacrifice sitting in water. St. John the Baptist was another light bearer who called the people to repent and be baptized. He was the one to call Me the ‘Lamb of God’ and told the people to follow Me. He said that he must decrease while I must increase. This means that I should be the center of everyone’s life. Just as Elijah and St. John the Baptist risked their lives to protect My Word, so I call on all of My faithful to stand up against the society’s evils of abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual marriages. My Word is forever, and you all need to defend it like beacons of light in bringing the faith to make converts of people. By evangelizing souls for Me, you will receive your heavenly reward.”

Jesus said: “My people, St. Lucy was martyred in the early years of Christianity. It was very difficult for Christians at that time, since they had to hide in the catacombs, so the Romans did not kill them. In the vision, you are seeing graves, which could be a sign of how some of My faithful could die from martyrdom from the coming tribulation. The rest of My faithful will be led by their guardian angels to the nearest refuge for their safety from the evil ones. You will be seeing another persecution of Christians in the tribulation, much like the persecutions of My martyrs in the Early Church. Keep praying for the souls who will be persecuted, and call on My martyrs, as St. Lucy, to help you through this coming trial.”

* * *

Upon reading this entire heavenly message, it confirmed so many of my thoughts and my feelings in my heart.

It reaffirmed the heavenly vision I had received in October 2003 of my future martyrdom.

It reaffirmed that I had a special mission from The Lord and that St. Elijah the Prophet had been appointed as my “special protector” on July 13, 2008 by The Lord.

And it reaffirmed that Our Lord desired me to call on St. Lucy as my Patron Saint to aide me in my specific needs in the trials and sufferings ahead.

I still do not understand all the workings and the entire divine plan of The Lord for my life. But, as I continue my daily walk towards Him, I pray that I do all that is pleasing to My Love.

I love You, Lord.

Blessed Mother, My sweet, fair Lady and Beautiful Queen of Heaven, please pray for me.