My Special Mission – Could It Be … ?

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Song: “Testify To Love” by Wynonna Judd


My Special Mission – Could It Be?

By a soul

As I sit here, listening to lovely melodies, I reflect upon some mystical life stories that I read earlier today. And it makes me smile to know how My Love has blessed so dearly and so tenderly His beloved Saints, my sweet brothers and sisters in Heaven.

And as I reflect upon how holy and beautiful are my beloved brothers and sisters, I sit in awe and sweet, amazing contemplation of the Goodness of God, The True Love of my tiny heart.

I wish I could do such amazing acts of devotion for My Love. But, alas, I am poor in spirit and holiness is a gift I seek, but do not yet have. I am a soul and not a saint.

And yet, on one fateful night, seven years ago, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, visited me and gave me His Hand and a precious Ring. And He said to me that I have a special mission to fulfill in life. A special mission still to be revealed to me.

And so, I sit here with lovely melodies caressing my heart, and I ponder upon my special mission. What could it be…? Could it be so simple as… Love?

On July 13, 2008, Our Lady at Emmitsburg gave a public message that I treasure deeply. I have shared it before with you all, as the message confirms the visitation of My Love the prior night to me when He gave me His Precious Ring. Here is the part of the message that I want to reflect upon now:

“…Dear children, I am a Mother, “full of Grace.” I have extended my hand to you. I have presented my Most Adorable and Merciful Son to you.”

“Children, you all possess the same Spirit of Grace that God has gifted you. Why then do you tear one another apart? Why is there not harmony and unity?   My Son’s Peace is that of holiness and justice. You do not realize the tears, the penance and the sacrifices made at a price for your existence! There are hidden heroes around the world whose love is their life’s mission. They pray to love; and oftentimes they come between you and God, warding off Divine punishment. They pray for a spiritual transfusion and for conversion of hearts…”

*                             *                             *

Oh, my beloved family, could my special mission be… as simple as… Love?

To simply love My Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength, and with all my mind? (Gospel of Luke, Chapter 10, Verse 27)

Could my special mission… be… Love?

Recently, My Love gave a message at Holy Love Ministry ( Here is what He said:

July 24, 2015

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

 “My brothers and sisters, each one of you has a special mission to fulfill in this life, the mission of living in Holy Love and giving an example of Holy Love to others. When you are judged, it will be according to how you fulfilled this special mission.”

 “Tonight, I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

*                             *                             *

Sometimes, I will be alone in prayer and in song with My Love. And I will think at that very moment about the Most Sacred Heart of My Love. I will think to myself, how Is the Heart of My Love? How Is My Love feeling tonight?

Sometimes, I will think how heartbroken He must be. How heartbreaking it must be to witness most of humanity indifferent and unresponsive to His overtures of affection. How heartbreaking it must be to witness most of humanity chasing after other (false) loves.

It makes me sad.

I will tell you, my beloved family, that each day, I hardly spend any time reading the daily news. I do not watch television, although I might hear a little news on the radio carpool to work. And I rarely spend any time reading news websites. In fact, most of the time, I avoid them, even the Catholic news.

I belong to a few prayer groups through Facebook and usually, daily, there will be linked articles sent on happenings (usually bad) about the Church. I will glance at the headlines, but I usually do not even read those articles, even if they may be prophecy unfolding.

I will tell you, my beloved family, that I could easily be the most uninformed person on planet earth. My family will easily agree with one another that I am a hermit. I proclaim to know nothing about what the important events are of the day and who the important people are in the world. I truly do not know anything substantial. I freely admit total ignorance.

In fact, I will tell you something very revealing and telling for me. But, for the first two-three years, I forgot that we elected Obama as President of the United States of America. I knew at the time of the election, but then forgot afterwards. And because I ignore the news, especially, politics, his actions as president simply did not directly affect my daily life.

I blush at that very embarrassing fact…

So, now, knowing these truths about me, you, my beloved family, must wonder what I do with all my time these days? Well, besides full-time work and taking care of my needs, the interesting truth is, I am very busy and I am always running out of time to do the things that I care about in my heart.

Every day, I spend time praising My Love in music and contemplating the daily messages at Holy Love Ministry and other heavenly messengers that I believe in.

I ponder and I pray.

I will even stay up to 2-3am singing love-songs to My Love.

And I will always run out of time, because there is always one more beautiful song to sing, but eventually, I have to go to sleep, because I have a full day of work ahead of me.

Yes, this is the life of me, a soul…

I will tell you, my beloved family, another embarrassing fact about me. These days, I do not read much of Holy Scripture or much spiritual writings of the great teachers of our beautiful faith.

Especially with St. Elijah the Prophet being my special protector, one would naturally think that I would be highly educated in prophecy and the Old Testament stories. But, I read very little the prophetic books or the Book of Revelation in Holy Scripture.   I am very ignorant, perhaps, even ignorant of My Love, Jesus Christ, as the famous quote of St. Jerome goes…

Yes, given the choice between reading Holy Scripture or praising God in song, I would choose the love-song every time…

And yet, sometimes, I will ponder for hours each word of the daily message at Holy Love Ministry. Or, I will wonder for hours about some spiritual insight Our Lady gave in a daily locution (Locutions To The World).

The Words of Heaven from Our Lord and Our Lady will be the highlight of each day for me.

I live in joyful anticipation and expectation for Their Holy Words. And oh, how deeply my tiny heart sighs when there is no message waiting for me…

And so, now, my beloved family, you all must be wondering why I revealed all these truths about me to you all. This is why:

What if my special mission… isLove?

What ifmaybe… the whole purpose of my life is to be a willing receptacle of Our Lord’s Divine Love?

Could it be… as simple as… Love?

I have nothing to offer My Love, except for my heart… Could my heart be all that He desires of me?

I know that many hearts today are closed to My Love.

Maybe, all My Love desires is a simple heart uncluttered by the world to rest in?

A heart to dwell within, even if it is very small…? A heart unfettered by the world?

Could my special mission… be… Love?

And so, I end my little love-note to you all with the lyrics of another beautiful love-song, “Here With Me,” by the Christian band, MercyMe… Because sometimes, simply put, love-songs are the best poetry…

I long for your embrace

Every single day

To meet you in this place

And see you face to face

 Will you show me?

Reveal yourself to me

Because of your mercy

I fall down on my knees

 And I can feel your presence here with me

Suddenly I’m lost within your beauty

Caught up in the wonder of your touch

Here in this moment I surrender to your love


I love You, Lord.

May I always love You.


For Meditation:

From the Book of Truth
(Maria Divine Mercy)

 “How to enter Heaven – role of suffering”

Friday, January 14th, 2011 @ 10:00

My beloved daughter, the way in which I communicate with you is beginning to change. While I have, in previous Messages, warned My children of the urgency to repent in order to achieve salvation, My next communications will focus on helping souls to aim towards spiritual perfection.

Paradise, My daughter, although the rightful home for each and every one of you, is not easy to enter. The entrance is small and only so many can enter at a time. In order to enter, souls must show humility and place themselves fully in My Hands. They must push aside pride, strong will and the eagerness and attachment they have for the material things on this Earth, if they want to enter Heaven.

All My children who are starting on their spiritual journey towards Me, now that they understand the Truth, need to work hard now and understand the qualities essential to enter My Father’s Kingdom.

Importance of humility

Humility is a term many of My children understand through My Teachings. While many of My followers understand why it is important, they are confused as to what it really entails. Humility means sincerity. It means accepting, with dignity, the trials, challenges and abuses you will find yourselves facing especially when you come in My Name. My best advice is this. Think of yourself as a child, a simple, innocent child, with no knowledge of the evil society that you would normally experience as an adult. Communicate at all times in your prayers to Me through the eyes and the heart of a child.

 Keep prayers and communication simple. I do not expect you to recite all Prayers handed down, out of Love, to the world. Look up and share your problems with Me. Share your sufferings. Give them over to Me. You will be rewarded greatly when you accept sorrow or suffering in your lives, for Me. You may not realise this, but when you do, you are saving many souls and are paving the way for them to enter Heaven. This fact will not be revealed to you until you too, enter Heaven, where you will experience the glory of your generous gift to Me.

Do not lose your temper when defending your Faith

When showing humility this means accepting what goes on around you, painful though it may be. Show dignity at all times, even when My Name is being scorned in your company. By all means defend – and passionately, if you so desire – but never dismiss the abuser by publicly scorning him.

Explain the Truth of My Teachings calmly. Do not lose your temper. Do not show fear of the abuser, either. Be firm. Defend yourself, but only by reiterating My Teachings. Never be afraid to speak the Truth openly. Do not confuse humility with cowardice.

Some of My followers who understand the importance of humility and its relevance in sanctifying souls, confuse this by staying silent when My Name is mocked in public. Yes, you should never judge the person who ridicules Me, or My Eternal Father, or indeed, My beloved Blessed Mother, but you should stand your ground in defence of the Truth.

Sorrow, a Gift from God

When speaking to Me, as a child, understand this. If you open your hearts and place all your trust in Me, I will direct you when you suffer sorrow on this Earth. Do not turn your back on Me. While it is excruciatingly painful, My children, consider sorrow a Gift from God. A blessing. Because it is through sorrow and suffering that purification takes place. Offer your sufferings to Me. By doing so, you are relieving the torment I endure, when I experience the pain of My Passion on the Cross, over and over again, each day as I witness the horror in the world today.

The Purification which takes place when you accept sorrow or suffering, no matter how bad, when offered up with joy for the salvation of mankind, cannot be truly understood by you, My children. But as you draw closer to Me, by opening your hearts, abandoning your will to Me and completely surrendering to Me, you will understand more. You see, it is only by doing this that you will be in union with Me. And when you do, your trials and suffering on Earth will ease. In time you will accept suffering with joy in your hearts, especially when you offer this as gift to Me.

Suffering is a Gift from God and is permitted. The souls you will help save guarantees you a place in My Father’s Kingdom. These Teachings are not new, My children. It is just that you have not been reminded of the simple Truth. My Messages and Teachings have never changed. They are simple and are summarised in the Gospels and in the Ten Commandments. Just remember, when you give yourself to everyone, you give yourself to Me. Show love to your neighbour and you show love to Me.

Treat him the way in which you would expect to be treated yourself. And never forget that when you find yourself becoming angry with others and are tempted to do them harm, or punish them in any way, that I Am present in them – even in those who hate Me. Inflict damage on any of My children and you do the same to Me.

In time, My children, all these graceful actions will make sense. Pray every day for the strength to live your life in My Name. Know that every time you forgive another, although he may seem like the enemy, you expand My Heart of Love and Mercy. For that, you will receive eternal happiness in Heaven.

Pray for perseverance. Imitate My Life. It won’t be easy. But your actions, no matter how small, will help souls.

Your beloved Teacher and Saviour

 Jesus Christ

 One with God the Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit

*                            *                             *

 For Reference:

 Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

 July 13, 2008

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Dear children, I am a Mother, “full of Grace.” I have extended my hand to you. I have presented my Most Adorable and Merciful Son to you.

Children, you all possess the same Spirit of Grace that God has gifted you. Why then do you tear one another apart? Why is there not harmony and unity?   My Son’s Peace is that of holiness and justice. You do not realize the tears, the penance and the sacrifices made at a price for your existence! There are hidden heroes around the world whose love is their life’s mission. They pray to love; and oftentimes they come between you and God, warding off Divine punishment. They pray for a spiritual transfusion and for conversion of hearts.

It was the same during the time of my Son. The Pharisees, the Sadducees and the Scribes did not bear fruit through their repeated sins. They desired to persecute, to conquer, to dominate and to distort the goodness of my Son and the Truth of His Word. Is it not the same today—with “pharisees” living with hardness of heart, desiring to tear down, persecute and dominate? Is there not lust, gluttony, hatred and selfishness?

So today, I can tell you that true Charity will be precisely gifted upon those who are scorned, mocked, persecuted and laughed at. Little ones, when something is real, you cannot stop God! No judgment from men can impair or influence the Judgment of God. You would only be fighting God.

I am your Mother, “full of grace”; and my Merciful Son has allowed me to distribute these graces to you. I have a duty as a Mother to warn, to challenge, to protect and to draw all people to God. Please, receive these graces while I am still allowed.

Seals (Rev. 6:1-17) have been broken one by one, but if all the seals were broken at once, humanity would not be able to survive.

For those who have ears, hear! “We are not leaving.”

I love you. I love you (fading whisper—crying).

(During the apparition but before the audible message from Our Lady through Gianna to the world, Gianna’s eyes and head panned the entire width of the room from her right to her left as Our Lady moved from the center of the room to Her far left, upward and back to the center, and to Her far right, before returning back in front of Gianna. Throughout this entire time, a kaleidoscope of color in the form of rays flowed from Our Lady’s hands onto the entire crowd in the building. Those gathered at the Prayer Group saw on the giant screen monitors the ecstatic joy on Gianna’s face, for NEVER before had Gianna seen such an expression of Our Lady’s love. Our Lady shared with Gianna that she was distributing God’s graces to all.)