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Locutions To The World

 “Quenching Man’s Thirst”

Words from Our Lady

 September 19, 2012

 “Every loving mother watches over her children. She sacrifices for her children, knowing that a time will come when they, too, will have children for whom they will sacrifice. This is the rhythm of human life which God intended, love being passed on from one generation to another until the end of time. Then, all love will be gathered up in the eternal kingdom.”

“What has happened to God’s original plan that only love should flow out from the human heart? Other elements have been introduced into this stream. Now it is filled with strange objects and even dangerous and harmful emotions. Such is the mixture of human life about which I will speak so everyone can gain true wisdom and not be deceived by the world’s foolishness.”

September 19, 2012

“The human heart is so twisted that selfishness is called love and love is called narrow mindedness. God, in his great love, has given the Ten Commandments. These truths, given from his deepest love, are thrown aside. When they are rejected, the selfish desires and lusts that lurk within the human heart have no limits. They overflow and destroy. Man accepts no constraint, except what is forced upon him. The result is violence, as force is met with force.”

“All violence comes from the unrestrained desires of the human heart. It erupts because God’s limits on man’s desires have been rejected as too narrow.”

September 20, 2012

“I want to go to the very center of the human heart.   This center orients the person. If the center is not focused correctly, other efforts to bring the human heart onto its right path will fail. This orientation of the human heart has been totally overlooked by modern man.”

“Man’s heart is made for the infinite God. Nothing else will satisfy. All other searches will result in frustration because no finite good can quench the infinite thirst which lies in the human heart.”

“No one can remove this thirst. Even death itself does not take it away. After death, the human heart must face itself. The human person is alone after death, with no other options. The human person is either filled with the infinite God or is eternally empty from not seeking the infinitely good Trinity. Only God can save man from the agony of his own infinite desires.”

September 21, 2012

“Man does not understand his own heart because he is consumed with his surface desires, the needs of each day. He is carried along by these desires and seeks only to fulfill his needs. He does not understand the deep recesses of his heart which are crying out for so much more. He does not listen to the deep voices within himself that try to tell him that he is infinite, with an infinite thirst and infinite desires. He never listens to what is within. He never stops. He never prays. He never lifts up his mind or heart.”

“That is why I speak my words. They are my kindest invitations for man to find his inner self and his infinite thirsts. Then, he will truly seek what he is created for, the living God, the Father of my Son, Jesus. That will be my next teaching.”

September 22, 2012

“It is difficult for man to plumb the depth of his own being. So, the heavenly Father has sent his only Son, Jesus, who is the perfect image of the Father. In Jesus, man sees the perfect reflection of God and understands that within himself he has an infinite thirst. Everyone must study the heart of Jesus. Therefore, I will explain, the heart of Jesus.”

“Jesus never sought his own interests. From the very beginning, he had shared his Father’s glory, but he emptied himself and became flesh and lived among us. Jesus would often speak of this far-off glory and of a world that always was and always will be. He called this world, “the kingdom”. He would say, “People are meant for the kingdom where they are to live forever. I would ask him, “How will this come about?” He would only say, “That is why I have come into the world.” ”

September 23, 2012

“Jesus saw this kingdom in every human person. I never met anyone who loved each person as Jesus did. He knew everyone’s name and what each one preferred. He knew how to speak to everyone and to say just the right word. He enjoyed being with everyone – with adults, with boys and girls his own age and even with small children. All were his friends. He was always innocent, yet he quickly understood and avoided evil. He gave his heart to everyone. However, if someone did not deserve this gift, he would hold it in reserve.”

“Jesus walked his own path, with an understanding far beyond his years. He had unbelievable emotional warmth, as if every feeling in him was perfectly attuned like a harp that played only harmonious notes. Then, there was his time of solitude. I’ll explain that next.”

September 24, 2012

“Jesus was always alone, that is the only way I can describe it. Even when he was with others and obviously enjoying their company, he was still alone. Something within always absorbed him. He gave himself fully to others, yet he held on to himself totally. It was as if a whole other world was within his heart and he was always absorbed with that world, trying to grasp its riches.”

“At times, his mind would wander off. This was not so much daydreaming as experiencing a world that the rest of us could not enter. On this point, I came very close to Jesus’ heart. Somehow, I understood what he was experiencing and I began to experience the same world as he did.”

“Sometimes, he would speak and reveal an aspect of this world. His words would be clear and piercing to my heart. I felt like he was communicating that world to me. Later, all of Israel would hear those words and many would believe Jesus when he said that the kingdom was at hand. Next time, I will share some of those words and you, too, can have your heart opened to his kingdom.”

September 25, 2012

“My conversations with Jesus were different than any other conversations. He would speak of the normal things of earth but he saw everything differently. He understood the real purpose of life, what God wanted to accomplish in childhood games and youthful gatherings. As he grew, he understood better than any adult. He was never swayed by passing things.”

“More important were those moments when we were alone. He talked about serious things. He commented on various events, and always saw the decisions of the human heart. He understood human nature. He even understood sinfulness and selfish choices. All was clear to him, like he saw through everything and could read human hearts.”

“He even read my heart and saw all the love that God had placed there. He knew I was without sin and also that his words increased my holiness. I understood his heart like no one else did and he would open up his heart. These were the special moments, when I saw his desires and listened to his thoughts. I will try to describe those memories.”

September 26, 2012

“Because Joseph needed his sleep after his day of toil, Jesus and I would be alone at night. All would be quiet and still.”

“He would begin with a question that became the subject of that night’s talk. He saw God’s mystery and wanted to know all he could. As I would explain something about God or about our Jewish faith, Jesus would take my words and go far beyond them. He would take me into the heart of the heavenly Father.”

“He did not realize it but he saw and understood God far better than I did. Each night, he revealed the great mysteries of God in the easiest to understand words. I am not sure that he even understood the gifts of divine wisdom that he possessed. He was like a great mathematician who sees complex truths but is not in awe of his own talents. Each night, I sat at the feet of this young man who understood better than the wisest sage and could explain these realities in the simplest of words. I knew that, soon, even greater mysteries would be revealed to him.”

September 28, 2012

“One night, Jesus said, “God is not far from the world and especially he is not far from the Jewish people. He is close to the world and very close to Israel. How close can he come? Nothing is impossible to God”. (When he said those words I gasped because Gabriel had used the same expression.).”

“He went on, “I even believe that God could become a man and dwell among us. I think he would be Jewish and that he would choose a Jewish mother. If I were God, I would choose you for my mother”.”

“When Jesus said those words, I could see his eyes. The words went forth from his lips and then turned and entered his heart. Divine light was filling his young mind. His eyes revealed someone overwhelmed by a truth that his own lips had said. Finally, he said those words that are forever written on my heart. “Nothing is impossible for God. He can become a man and he can choose a mother and he chose you to be his mother.” I said nothing. His own mind was unraveling this mystery. He was seeing much more than I could ever explain. The conversation ended. Jesus withdrew to his room to speak with his Father in secret.”

September 28, 2012

“After that night, our hearts were joined in a truth that we both knew. I had been chosen to be the mother of God. We never spoke directly of who Jesus was. However, all our future conversations took for granted that he was God’s only begotten Son, while being at the same time my son. All the other truths and all the conclusions came forth in a steady stream.”

“All these truths were based upon the answer to the question, “Who is Jesus?” The question cannot be put away. It is central to all of his claims. How can Jesus be the light of the world, the source of eternal life, the way, the truth and the life, unless he is also God’s only begotten Son, equal to the Father, God from God, light from light, true God from true God? I rest my case. I began speaking of the infinite thirst of the human heart and I have led you to the infinite fountain of life-giving waters, my Son, Jesus. Only you can choose to drink from that fountain.”


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