Urgent Warning: From Mother and Refuge of the End Times / After The Warning – False YouTube Videos Using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – Fake Prophecy Messages – MaryRefugeOfSouls

May 21, 2023
Month of Our Holy Mother, Mary

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

I, “a soul“, want to share this Urgent Warning about fake prophecy videos on YouTube. It seems the occultists and other bad actors are up to no good using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to create YouTube channels to trick unsuspecting Catholics into falling for fake prophecy messages, including using fake images of well-known traditional priests and chosen messengers of God. On YouTube, there has been a great proliferation of these bad YouTube channels and false videos during the past three months. And sadly, this evil situation is going to only increase, as A.I. gets more sophisticated and fine tuned by the enemies of God.

So, please watch this video to help you in discerning the truth from the filth and lies.

God bless,
a soul

Join Jim Fifth, Ron Ray, and Debbie Byrd-Smith, as they warn against the proliferation of false A.I. prophecy. After The Warning and Mother and Refuge of the End Times YouTube Video.

YouTube Video:
After the Warning Podcast: URGENT WARNING – False A.I. Prophets and Prophecies! MUST SEE! (one hour, 3 minutes)