Children of the Renewal – Messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ – July 2022


July 10, 2022 Divine Mercy Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. All praise, honor and glory be to You, Lord God and King! Thank You for Confession yesterday and for Mass and Communion today, Jesus! Thank You for Your healing mercy, my God who is love. I love You, Lord. Increase Your love within me.

Lord, You know all that is going on in the world, as well as what will come to pass. You know everything. I see very little, Jesus and only what You allow me to see and to understand. I entrust everything to You, my past, present and future, my family and friends, all that in Your goodness You have allowed us to ‘own’ (although nothing belongs to me, Jesus). I entrust my life, my work, my heart, family and home to You. Use all according to Your Holy Will. I am Yours and all that I have is Yours. Lord, I entrust (names withheld) to You. Take care of each and every problem they face and any obstacle to healing, love and mercy. Bring them all into Your Sacred, Merciful Heart. Jesus, I entrust my beloved (name withheld) to you. Heal him, Lord and fill him with the Divine Holy Spirit, the Lover of our souls. Give him the graces needed in his role as spiritual leader and head of our home, spiritual father to many and my faithful, loving spouse. Thank You for my siblings, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents. I am grateful for everyone. You have blessed me beyond measure by a loving family and beautiful spiritual friends. Help me to one day be worthy of this precious gift.

Lord, I am concerned about (name withheld) and her failing health. Give her extraordinary graces for healing, especially healing of memories and of emotions. Encourage and inspire her to forgive those who have treated her unjustly. Give her graces for courage, forgiveness, mercy, compassion and love. Lord, her heart is very sensitive. She has not learned to forgive. Help her in her last days to forgive and to accept the Sacraments. Please, Lord. I beg You in the name of Your Divine Mercy to pour out these graces upon her. I entrust her to You, my beautiful Redeemer and Savior. Oh, My Beloved, who is also my God, make her heart a flame of pure love for Thee. My Lord and my God You can do all things. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You.

“My child, I am Mercy itself. It is good to call on My mercy for souls in need. You have insight, My child that I have more work to do in the soul for whom you pray. Cooperate with Me, My child in this work. Be My instrument. I have given you a special place in her heart for this reason; for this purpose. My child I will work through you. Are you willing?”

Oh, yes Lord. You know that I am. Please direct me, though Jesus. Only You know what I am to do or say, or pray.

“I will direct you, My little lamb. Be prepared. Be docile to the Spirit of God. If it comes time for you to go to her, you must be ready to do so. If this is not possible, I will see to everything. Trust in Me and be in prayer and open to My direction. I will help you. All will be well. Offer your suffering and every inconvenience My son and daughter for her soul. This is very important, My children. Every ache, pain, inconvenience, trial and even the thoughtless acts of others can be an offering of love and mercy for souls. These are opportunities for grace, My children. These hardships experienced on earth will be viewed very differently in the light of Heaven. Indeed, you will not regret offering penance and suffering for others. My children, you must realize that even a minor annoyance should be offered to God for souls. Do not pass these opportunities to build the Heavenly Kingdom. Instead of complaining about something, instead give praise to God for another opportunity to suffer for Christ and for souls. You will begin to view life differently. You will begin to see things from a spiritual perspective. You will be living conduits for grace being poured out from Heaven through you and all My Children of Light to other souls on earth in need of graces. They are often not disposed to receive grace, but your willingness and your holy offering made to God for souls endows them with the opening for love and mercy. Each and every form of suffering when offered for souls is used by God.”

“Do not waste your suffering, My children. Use it for good. Use it for love of God to help your brothers and sisters. In this way you become more like Me, My children. In this way you pick up your crosses and carry them alongside your Jesus. Many of My children already know this and yet too many have forgotten. I am reminding you, My children of the great power you have when united to Me on the cross. This identification with the suffering Savior gives great joy to My Father. All are called to imitate Me, the Son of God. In this way, you begin to imitate Me. Do this out of love, My children. You will witness many beautiful graces and will see hearts change by this act of love. Continue to pray as I have asked you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld). Times are not less urgent, but more so and it is time to increase prayer. I need and I request this from all of My children. Pray, dearest ones for many souls are at stake.”

“My child, you are correct about the shortage of food. You are wondering if the advice you have given to others was correct.”

Yes, Lord. It seems so from the current circumstances, but I do not want to discourage others or create an atmosphere of fear.

“I understand you, My little one. It is wise to be prepared and to be ready to share with others. Evil conspires to create famine not only in your country but throughout the world. This has already begun in some countries in Africa and it will come to pass in many other countries, even those who were sources of and ‘producers’ of food. Prepare as much as possible for the coming winter and for the seasons to follow. More children of Mine need to have gardens and preserve as much food as possible. If you have not started to do this, there is still time to prepare your ground. Purchase seeds to have on hand for the next planting season. If you are unable to physically do so, do what you can either by purchasing foods or by contributing to someone else who has a garden. The times will be very difficult, My children. I will multiply food also but you must be willing to share and not be stingy. Have faith in Me and also prepare. Be like those who prepared their lamps with oil as they waited for the bridegroom. Be prepared—first on the spiritual level through prayer, Scripture and the Sacraments. If that is all one can do, that is enough. The Spirit is more important, however I also want those who can prepare physically to do so. Not to prepare at this point is irresponsible. Consecrate your homes and your property to Me, My children. Recommit yourselves to living the Gospel. I am with you, My children and I will never abandon you. Be mercy, peace, love and joy. Yes, My children even in the midst of trials you are to be kind, merciful and filled with joy. Do not be afraid. I am with you.”

Thank You, Lord! Praise You, Jesus. Amen!

“I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of the Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit.”

Thank You for Your infinite love and mercy, Lord and for Your words of love and life. I love You.

“And I love you.”

July 3, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Praise and thank You for allowing us to be here. Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion this morning. It was so meaningful having the special intention of Holy Mass today for my Mother, Lord. I miss her so very much, as do my siblings and all our family members. On the anniversary of her birth into eternal life grant her many graces, Lord and let her know how much we all love her. I’m sure she is much more aware of this now, but would appreciate it if You will give her this message. Mama, please pray for us!

Lord, I pray for all family and friends who are separated from the Faith. I pray also for those who are ill, recovering from surgery, suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia, renal failure, heart failure and for people suffering from depression and other mental disorders. Jesus, I pray also for a complete end to abortion in our country and in the world, for unity and peace. Thank You for the recent Supreme Court decision, Lord! Praise You, Lord! Protect the Supreme Court Justices, Blessed Mother. Cover them with Your mantle of protection. Cover all who work to protect the unborn and children who are vulnerable. Lord, I pray for an end to all sex trafficking and violence. Please convert our nation once again, Lord. Restore us to the Christian nation we once were and transform us to an even greater faith and devotion to You, Lord. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Lord, I am grateful about the court ruling, I truly am and yet I see and hear so much discontent, disunity and even anger toward what is right and just. The world is truly turned upside down these days when right is called wrong and wrong is called right. Lord, people have lost sight of You and therefore are unable to recognize truth. Lord, we are in need of penance, conversion and reconciliation with You. I pray for that time, Jesus. Please send Your Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth and may all the saints and angels in Heaven pray for us.

“My daughter, you are weary and feeling distant from Me. This is a period of spiritual dryness, My (name withheld), do not be concerned. Only, hold fast to prayer and Scripture, Holy Mass, Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It will pass as all seasons do and give way to another season. I allow this for your soul. Do not fear what is to come, My little one. I am with you even when you are unable to detect My presence. You know this, but I want to confirm and encourage you. You place your life, your work and all of your joys and suffering in My hands where I can do much good, My child. Place even this time of spiritual dryness in My hands. All you experience can be offered to Me. You already know that it is united to Me. Is it not true, My little lamb?”

Yes, Lord. I know but sometimes I need to remember this. Lord, it isn’t My experience of life or my feelings about life that matter, but how I live the life You have given me. I usually do not do so well in this regard but I know that the little good that I do, with Your assistance and grace, can be multiplied and used according to Your Will. So, for this reason I have no way to gauge or to even judge my own life. I only ask You for the graces to be faithful and devoted to You, Lord. I want to do more for others out of love for You and I think that I am usually too focused on work (my job) and on what I have not done for others and for You. Give me the graces I need to be closely united to Your Will, Lord. I realize You gave me the job I have in order to help support our family and to provide what others will need when times grow more difficult. I don’t want to focus so much on this, that I miss what people need now, Lord. I am sure there are hurting people at work, like the man I encountered who seemed angry, but I don’t always recognize or know what to do. Work through me, Lord. Move in and through me as You Will. You know what people need, Lord and I rely on You to guide me.

“Yes, My child, I will guide you. Walk with Me each day and I will reveal this to you. Continue to be in prayer throughout the day. My child, I want you to remain where you are for a little while longer. I will move you again My child, but not yet. I know how difficult the environment is for you. Your presence is needed for awhile longer and then I will move you. I am aware of the difficulties you face each day and this is also what wears on you and causes the weariness you experience. This is tiring for your soul, your mind and your heart, My little lamb. It is physically challenging, also. My child, when you go to work each day, it is as if you are going to a war zone. It is a spiritual war zone, and this is particularly challenging. Were I to withdraw My assistance, My grace, My protection you would not even want to continue in this work for one more day. However, you are able to continue because I grant you My peace, My protection, My mercy and My love. I guide you, My child. Every now and then, the veil of evil is lifted and you get a glimpse of what is really going on, but I keep this covered to an extent for your protection and peace. It is not My intent to keep you unaware, though and so it is important that you understand the nature of the battle. My child, do not let this discourage you, but instead draw confidence from this knowledge knowing you have One who protects and guides you. There are still souls who need to be reached, My child and I am granting you more time in this place to do so. Things are changing now and people are transitioning out of positions. New people are taking their places. These are the ones who are being prepared now and I bring all manner of people and experiences to them for their formation. Some will accept this grace from Me and some won’t. It should not matter to you which ones will and which ones won’t. Love each one you encounter, My little one. Your role is not what it seems on the surface. It has little to do with the job and much to do with building up the Kingdom of God. Therefore, be encouraged that the overburdening occurring is not from Me. Since it is not from Me, it is intended to be a means to discourage you. Do not spend time being concerned with this. The evil one wants exactly that. Accept this heavy cross, My child and bear it for your brothers and sisters who are struggling because they do not know the Savior. Keep in mind you will do this work with a purpose in sight and your eye on the goal. The piles of work, as you say are only meant to impair your vision. Keep your eyes on your Shepherd, My little lamb. I will lead you where you should go and we will go there together. Be at peace, My child. All is well. All will be well. You may go now, My child. Get some rest and remain in prayer. Reflect upon all I have done for you and for your family. Your family members in Heaven pray for you and for all. They are pleased that you all love God. They send greetings of joy, peace, hope and above all love. Ask for the Saints in Heaven to pray for you. My children do not remember to ask the greatest intercessors to intercede for them. My Mother prays for Her children and yet many do not even acknowledge her. My Children of Light take advantage of the Church Triumphant and remember the Church Suffering. There is one Body of Christ, My children. Avail yourself of this great gift.

I bless you, My child in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, My child. I am with you.”

Amen, Lord. Alleluia!

Children of the Renewal – Messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ – June 2022


June 26, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I love and adore You! It is so very good to be here with You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for this opportunity. Praise and thank You, Blessed Trinity for the decision that reversed Roe v. Wade. We’ve had too many decades of blatant rejection of Your law, Lord and millions of innocent lives taken as a result of ‘legalized’ killing of babies in the womb. Lord, I know there are many who are in error and who do not understand. They do not know You Who is truth and they have been either brainwashed or have been victims of this crime against life and so they do not see clearly. Please open their hearts and minds to the truth about life and the dignity each person has inherently because You created human beings in Your image and likeness. Help them to see, Lord. Heal those who are wounded due to abortion. Many women did not freely choose this but were forced or coerced. Others, did not know where to turn for help and they listened to others out of fear and because of a lack of family support. Lord, give them grace to see clearly and acquaint them with Your great love and infinite mercy. Forgive them, Lord for they know not what they do. Lord, help us to have peace in our country. Soothe wounded souls. Help us all who love and follow You to be bridges of peace and love. Help us to stand firm especially in the face of adversity and hostility. Protect our churches and women’s centers, Lord from every evil. Protect us individually and protect all our families and friends. Help us all to bring Your peace, Your love and Your mercy to the world so in need of You. Lord. Protect me from those who have a heart filled with error and hostility. Help me to be a witness for You. Help me to be a light and to be Your instrument. Give me wisdom from the Holy Spirit to know when to be silent as You were silent and when to speak truth in love as You did, Lord. I do not know what is in the hearts and minds of people, Jesus but You know. Lord, I love You. Help my love for You to grow and as a result may my love for my brothers and sisters, my fellow man to grow. Jesus, I trust in You. Lord, I put all my hopes in You. Jesus, my heart is heavy for many reasons, even though there is much reason for joy. I praise and thank You for Your blessings, for Your goodness and for Your great love. Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion, Lord. Thank You for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Thank You for my family and friends and for the many Catholic parishes in our area. I am so very blessed, Lord. I do not understand why my heart is so heavy when there is much to celebrate.

“My child, My child. Your heart is heavy because of the disunity being created in the world. All were created for love and unity with God. Disunity is from my adversary and yours. The plan of the enemy is to pit people against one another. You have a sensitive soul, My child. I created you this way. Give these burdens to Me, My child and allow Me to work each one out in accordance with My plan.”

Yes, Lord. I offer the feeling of being misunderstood and accused of something false to You and I unite it with the suffering You endured during the Passion. Lord, protect my friends and all who work in maternal health, and all on the frontlines ministering to women. Help us to change this culture embedded in over 50 years of negative, false thinking. Lord heal this whole country, all of us here and all who desire to be assimilated here. Help us to once more be a country founded and standing firm on Christian principles and one nation under God with true liberty and true justice for all.

“My little lamb, I hear your prayers and I receive them in My Sacred Heart. Entrust them all to Me and do not take them upon yourself. Leave all to Me. I will guide and direct you. I will open the right doors for you. I will provide the avenues. Wait on Me, My child. Pray for the right words to come, and they will come. Be at peace, My child. You did not say anything wrong, My child in the conversation you are concerned about. My little lamb, I was also misunderstood. I was also falsely accused.”

Yes, Jesus and we know how that worked out! But, seriously, Lord You are and were perfect. You allowed the false accusations to pay the price for our sins. You accepted false accusations on behalf of us sinners who deserved what You took for us. Even so, it’s still hard to be falsely accused when one is imperfect. I don’t know how You, the One Who is God and Man took the false charges without standing up for Yourself, other than because of Your deep, sacrificial and unconditional love for souls. Lord, help me to be more like You. I am so far from this sanctity that You want for all of Your children.

“My child, My child with each experience and each opportunity for growth in humility, You will become more and more like Me; like My Mother. This is why I allow you to experience such challenges. It unites us more closely. The closer you are united to Me, the greater the contrast there is in souls who are far from Me. The light shines more brightly in darkness, does it not, My little one?”

Yes, Lord.

“My child, when one is in darkness for long periods of time, even a lighted candle can appear to be too bright for them. The eyes need to adjust to light gradually. In this time of great darkness, souls have grown accustomed to the darkness. Then, when the truth is stated and lies are revealed, it is like shining a spotlight on one who has been in darkness. It is difficult and even painful for these souls. Remember, My child how revolutionary the Gospel message was when I taught in the synagogues and in towns and cities? People were in great darkness and when they came face to face with the Light of the World, some souls could not accept it right away. It took time for some souls. Others accepted immediately for they had already been prepared through prayer, through reflecting on Scripture and honest seeking of the heart for God. Others were prepared by the teaching of John the Baptizer. You see, My child? Many rejected Me at first, but then became followers. Some remained opposed to Me quietly in their hearts and others vehemently opposed Me such as many Pharisees. I, the Son of God, the Incarnation, the Man-God was rejected by many. I, the stone the builders rejected was declared a blasphemer. Imagine that! The One Who was sent by God and was God was rejected by My own people, the people of Israel. Take this opportunity, My child to identify with Me when you experience rejection, false accusations, disunity as a result of speaking truth. Do not fear the darkness, My child. Rejoice in the light. Trust in Me. Lean on Me, My child. A good Father does not abandon His children. Neither will I abandon you.”

Thank You, Lord! Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything.

“My little lamb, be encouraged by My presence and My Holy Spirit. Remember your Guardian Angel is also with you. Be aware also that the darkness tries to do violence to drive the light away, however the darkness will not prevail. Pray more, My child. I ask all of My children to prioritize prayer over everything else. You must begin the day with prayer. Awaken early if necessary, but do not neglect prayer and especially family prayer. Be sure to end the evening with prayer, as well, specifically the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and Scripture reading. All of the Children of Light must pray in this way for these times are the most difficult in the history of the world. Put aside all forms of entertainment and pray, pray, pray. I tell you this for your own good and for your protection from evil. If your state in life permits, pray at least 3 Rosaries daily. If you cannot, then pray two at a minimum. Some of you have been doing so for years and are now growing tired. Renew your commitment to prayer, My children. It is not the time to have a weak resolve. Now is the time to recruit others to pray. Expand your prayer groups. Invite new members so they, too will be added to your numbers. You must evangelize and grow for the good of souls and for your own good. Do not hide your lights under a bushel basket, My children. Spread the Gospel and add more people to your circle of prayer. Strengthen your numbers, My children. Now is the time to be stronger, not weaker. Pray, fast, make sacrifices for the Body of Christ. Frequent the Sacraments and remain in a state of grace. I am counting on you, My children to live the Gospel and to be about your Father’s business—building the Kingdom of God. You have what is needed, My children. My holy Apostles handed down what I taught them through My Church. My Mother has come to many parts of the world to bring Her children back to God and to prepare you. I have spoken through the prophets, through My Church, through the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, through the saints and now through many messengers. You see the signs of the times and you are aware of the storm that is raging. Equip yourselves with the nourishment of the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture and prayer. Strengthen yourselves by fasting and making sacrifices for love of souls. Seek My direction and ask for graces of love, mercy, peace and anything else needed. Ask the saints to intercede for you. Pray, pray, pray, My children. Put on the armor of Christ. All will be well. Do not fear, but do as I ask, My children. I love you. All of Heaven is united in prayer for you. Still, ask for specific saints to pray for you and to shower you with graces. My child, My child these battles can only be won by prayer, fasting, being in a state of grace (powerful in the face of evil), and by walking in the Spirit of God. Pray for the renewal by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray for this, just as the people of Israel prayed for the coming of the Messiah. This is the meaning of the Flame of Love petition inserted in the prayer to My Mother. (Hail Mary) Pray, My children.”

“I bless you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Go now in the peace and love of God.”

Thank You, Lord. Amen! Alleluia!

June 19, 2022, Feast of Corpus Christi, Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Lord Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament! I am filled with joy to be here with You, Lord. Happy feast day, Jesus my King! Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion, Sweet Jesus. I believe the world is sustained because of the Mass and holy reception of the Eucharist. Lord, I’m being bold to say this because I don’t know this by any authority. It’s just what I think and it was evident when we were unable to attend and participate in Mass during the recent ‘lockdowns’ that evil flourished in the world. When I reflect on the past 10-15 years, I’m amazed at how much evil has been thrust upon us. It is almost shocking. You have prepared us for these times, but still it seems like I am standing in the middle of a violent storm swirling and raging all around me. I can look through the debris, wind, and rain and see that the sun is shining and people are walking around as if they are completely unaware of the storm coming down the streets of their towns and cities. It’s as if they are blind and yet they seem to be carrying on with their lives unaware that a tornado or hurricane is about to hit. Lord, all the while several of Your people (Children of Light) see the storm raging. They call out to those outside of the storm and try to warn them but no one hears. They do not even appear to know people are trying to warn them. Lord, this is disturbing and yet this is what I think is occurring in reality. There really is a storm raging and headed in our direction, yet many are oblivious. Lord, what can we do to help others prepare spiritually? I don’t think I am very well prepared myself but at least my family and I are working towards this. Lord, You have done everything and have given every means to Your people and yet so many are oblivious. Scripture has many parables and stories throughout all of the history of Your people to give us insight and to prepare us. You have sent and continue to send Your Most Holy Mother Mary to warn and admonish us. You have given us Your Church and the Sacraments, Scripture, prophecy and countless gifts and blessings. All of creation groans for Your coming, Lord. Still, there are so many people completely unaware of the state of sin and evil in the world. Lord, please help us. Save us from this evil, Lord that wants to devour Your little children. Lord, is another like Hitler and Stalin set on destroying Christianity, the Catholic Church? Of course, I know the answer and there have been many throughout history set on doing so, but You are the Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. This is Your Church Lord. Save us, Savior of the World. You promised us the gates of hell would not prevail against Your Church and I believe this with my entire being. I know this is true, because You said it, Lord and You are the essence of truth. Jesus, protect us from the evil one who prowls throughout the World seeking the ruin of souls. Do something, Lord so no more souls will be lost. Countless souls are dying before they learn about You. I pray You are giving them full knowledge of You before they die and ask You also give them graces for conversion and repentance. Jesus, please take souls to Purgatory rather than the place of eternal fire and misery. Give souls graces to choose the Good, the Most High God. I plead the Blood of Jesus over the souls who do not know and do not love You. I plead the Blood of Jesus over souls who once knew You and later turned away. I plead the Blood of Jesus over those who have been led astray by others more powerful than they. Lord, thank You for all You have given us in this land of exile. I am grateful for each and every blessing, Jesus. Every good thing comes from You and things that don’t appear good, pass through Your loving hands along with graces to bear these trials. Everything according to Your holy and perfect Will is for the good of our souls including the difficult crosses. Praise Your Holy Name. Praise You in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Thank You for Your love, Your mercy, Your guidance and for the teaching You left with the Apostles. Thank You for Scripture, the sacrifice of the Mass and for all that You do for Your people. I love You, Lord God. Help me to love You more and more. Happy Father’s Day, Father God. I love You!

“Thank you for your prayers, My child and for pouring your heart out to Me. I awaited your coming today and am glad you and My son (name withheld) are here. My child, you were filled with joy when you noticed the chapel was empty upon your arrival. The thought of being here with Me ‘alone’ made your heart leap with joy.”

Yes, Lord it did, but then I realized that was selfish of me, especially knowing it is the Feast of Corpus Christi. The chapel (and chapels everywhere) should be overflowing with people visiting You. I’m sorry I was focused on having You to ourselves rather than the fact that You were alone. As soon as I thought about it, I realized we should have rushed here directly, Jesus instead of taking our time getting here today.

“I understand, My little lamb. It is natural for one to be excited to be with a dear friend and to have their full attention. Remember that you always have My full attention no matter how many are here. Each one visiting has My full attention. I am God and I am able to do this, My child. You have My full attention now, even though others are praying and speaking with Me. They do, also.”

Thank You, Jesus. Of course, this is true and makes me feel silly for my reaction.

“My (name withheld), this is not silly. I love you and you love Me. This is natural and good for friends to be pleased knowing they are together and have individual time. I am pointing this out and also informing you and others who will read these words that each time one visits the Blessed Sacrament, even if there is a crowd, I am present to each one as if we were having a private meeting.”

Thank You, Lord. That is an amazing gift! Lord, please bless my husband and all fathers on this Father’s Day. Give them courage, faith, hope, love and all gifts of the Holy Spirit. Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made Heaven and Earth.

“My daughter, My son, St. Pio heard your prayers and he has brought them to Me through My Most Holy Mother. His advice to you was wise and correct. Remain very close to Me, as close as if you were walking by My side so I could put My arm around you. Keep this image in mind and run to My side as often as possible, physically and always remain near Me spiritually. This is a mental picture for you. Remember the vision of us walking together on the beach at water’s edge.”

Yes, my Lord. I think this image will be forever etched in my mind and heart.

“This is what I want, what I desire of each child of Mine. I desire a close relationship with My children, My friends. Those who reject Me cause Me the greatest suffering. Separation from one I love grieves My Sacred Heart. I invite every person created into a loving and intimate friendship with Me. This is the ultimate purpose of life, My child to know and to love God. God already knows and loves His children and your lives are to be spent learning and living in this love. When one chooses to reject God there is separation not only from Me but from all of Heaven and the Body of Christ, My Church. It is a breaking from the family of God and this causes the Blessed Trinity grief, for I do not want to lose one soul. All souls are created for life, love and Heaven, the Kingdom of God. My child, draw very near to Me and remain close to Me so that your friendship will soothe My Sacred Heart. Give this to My Most Holy Mother Mary and ask that She will see to this request. She does all things well, My child.

Yes, my Adorable Jesus. She does all things with excellence and purity. Thank You for Your Mother, Lord. Thank You for giving us such a beautiful loving Mother. I am sorry for the times I am ungrateful, Lord. Everything You have done for us, for the world was with our souls in mind. You came into the world to save us. You suffered an unthinkably cruel passion and death, for our salvation. You gave us Your Mother from the cross as You were in unspeakable pain. Every thought is out of love and concern for our souls, for Your Father as You petition Him for our sake. Oh, Lord You are all good and deserving of all our love. Teach us how to love Jesus, Blessed Mother with the love You have for Your Son.

“My little lamb, this is a good prayer. My Mother will teach you in her school of love and holiness. She will provide the necessary graces. Open your heart to Me and to My Holy Spirit, the lover of your soul. Do not fear the events that are coming and those that you already have in view. Trust in Me, My child. I have already seen to everything. I will inspire you and My son (name withheld) regarding what is to be done next. Prepare all that you can now, My child. Soon, it will not be possible. Do not be worried or filled with anxiety. Work at a pace that you can manage. Ask the angels to assist you. Call upon the intercessor of the Saints revealed to you who had special charisms on earth that you will have. My (name withheld) and My (name withheld), you grow weary over things that are not important. Focus on what you know is needed. Focus also on your family. There are several souls in great need of your love, who are far from Me. My son, these need your fatherly love, your compassion and your strength of character. They learn more from you by watching you and being near you. Do not be distant from them because they do not share your faith, but draw them ever closer for that very reason. Love them, My son. Be grandfather and spiritual father to them. One day, as a result they will share your faith. Befriend them as a good and holy father. I will assist you. The world lacks holy fathers. You will be spiritual father to many and (name withheld) will be a spiritual mother. Begin now with your own family as they need to be in the ‘ark’ soon. Pray for them. Have Masses said for them, especially for the unbaptized in your family. All will be well. Begin each day in prayer as I have asked. You are the spiritual leader of your family. This is a big responsibility and I am counting on you, My faithful friend.”

“My (name withheld), My (name withheld), I love you and I am with you. Pray together for the strength, the protection and the mercy needed in these days and in the days ahead.”

“I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, in love and in the mercy of God. Share this love of God with others. All will be well. Let us begin anew.”

Thank You and praise You, Lord! Jesus, I meant to tell you that (names withheld) send their greetings. (Name withheld) is very grateful for the blessing of friends and she thanks You. I know You don’t need me to tell You this as You already know, but she asked. Also (name withheld) asked for Your direction. Lord, she has many sorrows and trials. Be close to her and reassure her with peace and a spirit of gratitude, Jesus. She has many concerns (valid ones) and is in need of Your assistance and intervention. Thank You, my Lord and my God. I love You.

“I take these intentions and accept each one into the chambers of My heart, that beats for love of My children. What is needed is trust and more love for God. Seek first the Kingdom, My children and all these things and many more will I give to you. Trust, My children. Do not fear. Fear does not come from Me (or from anyone in Heaven). Therefore, do not fear but instead trust. Ask Me for more trust, more peace, more graces for mercy and I will give these to you beyond measure. I love you, My child. Go now in My peace.”

Amen! Alleluia! Praise be to God the Almighty Father and Creator of Heaven and Earth. Thank You, Lord.

Children of the Renewal – JESUS – “My little lamb, the evil adversary is raising his ‘son’, the one Scripture refers to as the anti-christ. He is already in the world and has been in the world many other times in history to some degree. The one who will reign on earth during the Time of Great Trials is already on the world scene and being groomed by satan.” – May 2022 Messages


Messages: May 1,7, and 15, 2022:

May 15, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I praise, adore, honor and give glory to You, my Lord, God and my King! Thank You for Holy Mass this morning and for Holy Communion. Thank You for blessings of life, love, health, safety, employment, friendship, shelter, food and clothing. Thank You for the gift of Faith, of the Catholic Faith. Thank You for the teachings of the Church, Lord. You paid a great and dear price in order to establish Your Holy Church on earth. Thank You for the freedom we still enjoy in this country to love and follow You (openly), to worship You, and to live out the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith and the teachings of this faith that You established and handed down through the Apostles. Thank You, Lord! Be with (name withheld) as he finishes the Confirmation program and looks forward to Confirmation. Be with him, guide him and give him the wisdom to respond correctly during his meeting with Father today. Give him peace of mind and peace of heart, Lord. Lord, I pray for each one of our children and grandchildren. Take care of each one’s needs, Lord and lead them to the gift of salvation and into Your Heavenly Kingdom. Blessed Mother give the needed graces to each member in our family to lead them to Your perfect, divine Son, Jesus. Thank You most pure and Immaculate Mother of Jesus and my Mother. May your Immaculate Heart triumph soon in the world and may all mankind come to the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ through Your beautiful and holy heart. (To Jesus Christ through Mary) Blessed Mother and Our Lady of Guadalupe just as through you, child sacrifice was ended for the Aztec Indians, please put an end to the satanic sacrifice of abortion. Help us Mother as only You and the Lord can. Father, look with mercy on Your poor children both the infant victims and the women victims and open the eyes of the blind so Your truth, the sanctity of life will become apparent. Clear the fog from minds so that logic and reason become clear once more. Lord, we have no one else to whom we may turn. The world has become such a rotten mess filled with the darkness of sin, impurity and evil, and mankind, this human race cannot repair it. We created this mess, Lord and only You can purify the world. Lord, there are many who strive to be ‘equal’ to God which is obviously impossible and so very prideful. Convert the hearts of those who follow the snake/serpent the evil one and give them graces to follow You, the Lord and giver of life. If it wasn’t for You the situation would be hopeless. But, since You are God, our hope is in the name of the Lord who created Heaven and Earth!

“My little one, thank you for your prayers, petitions and praises. It is good that you came to visit with Me today, My children. My (name withheld), you are right when you say only God can change the world that has become more evil than in the days of Noah. I am raising a small but holy army of young people (and people of all ages) to fight the enemy of God through their holiness, their prayers, fasting, penance and by their lives (their witness). This small group or remnant will be My Mother’s heal. She will crush evil by the power of My Holy Spirit and Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. Make no mistake; believe this will occur. Do not lose hope in God and all I have given to you in Sacred Scripture and through Holy Mother Church. Trust and believe. Live holy lives, set apart from the evil culture. Separate yourselves and take care not to enter into any unholy alliances. Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you. Live the Gospel message in season and out of season. My children there is only one life to live on this earth and then you will be with Me in paradise, My Heavenly Kingdom. That is your goal. That is your destiny. Remember this. Focus on this goal and may each action of your life be done and be viewed in the light of Heaven. This life given to you by God the Father has a purpose and this is the purpose. You were created by God in His love, by His love and for His love. This love should fill your heart to overflowing so much so that you are unable to contain this love and you must give it away to others. The love of God, the pure love of God compels one to love those who (like you) also were created in the image and likeness of God. Behold, all of nature speaks of the glory of God. Each person created is also a testimony to the love of God. This means each child of God has the privilege and honor of being a member in the family of God. Each person is destined for Baptism to be embraced in the family of God. This is My Will for My children. (young and old children) This is God’s plan, My children. Many have no regard for My plan; never the less, it is the plan. Come to the waters of Baptism, My children and allow Me the job of seeing your desire to be embraced by the family of God. My children, not all are aware of this great Sacrament. If you know nothing about this, seek the grace to learn and to know. Speak with a Catholic priest and ask for this Sacrament. They will guide you regarding what you must do, the steps to take to understand more fully, the graces of this Sacrament. Do this right away, My dear ones. One day soon a multitude of people will be anxiously requesting this Sacrament, so much so the priests will be overloaded. Do not wait until the critical hour, My poor ones. You must seek now while it is easier, for soon the times will become even more difficult and access to priests will be limited. Come now, My children for the needed steps take some time and later there will not be much time. You will benefit by doing as the Church directs you now. I tell you this for your own good, for the good of your souls. I love you and want what is best for you and for your eternal souls.”

“My little lamb, the evil adversary is raising his ‘son’, the one Scripture refers to as the anti-christ. He is already in the world and has been in the world many other times in history to some degree. The one who will reign on earth during the Time of Great Trials is already on the world scene and being groomed by satan. Do not fear, however. You, My Children of Light, have nothing to fear. No evil formed against you shall prosper, for the God of love, the Creator of the universe, lives within your hearts (followers of Mine). This is why I instruct you all to remain in a state of grace. Frequent the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Eucharist. This is the way to be closely united to My Sacred Heart, the ultimate refuge of souls. When one is united to Me and dwells with Me and I with him, nothing of the ‘world’ (which is inferior to God, the Creator of the world) can conquer you for I am in you. No weapon formed against you, no curse, no attack, no evil spells, nothing, My children will prosper. What will prosper in and through you is love and mercy, joy and peace. The Kingdom of God dwelling within you will unite you with other followers, Children of Light and will create strong bonds that cannot be broken. Within your small communities that will form within each refuge, you will become areas of light that will illuminate the world. At first, they will be like search lights which will attract others in need of rescue. You will welcome these souls in need of rescue to the mission place and embrace them as members of your family. After the light grows and matures it will be like a lighthouse casting light on the stormy seas so as not to crash against the rocks. The lighthouse, the rule for each community, will safeguard each member as a loving guide. This rule will be given by Me to each leader in the refuges. Your community rule will help you to live a Christ centered and structured life so that you will have right order. It will include, prayer, study, work and rest, and along with the Sacred Scripture and the Catechism, will be a guide for how you are to live in the community in peace. You will dwell with others whom you do not know now, but who will have been directed to each refuge by God. Each person there will have a purpose for being there, will have particular gifts, talents, knowledge, skills and needs that are beneficial to the community. I am saying community, because that is what you will become. The refuges are not just a place of safety from evil for survival of the human race, but the outcome will be solid, loving Christian communities. You will be like the early Church. They may have for a period of time, taken refuge in the catacombs, but they flourished and grew as communities in the wider community, the Church. This is what you are also to become, My children. I will provide many graces to you. I must, or you would not be able to fulfill the great plan Heaven has. While you are living in the refuge times, you will grow in faith, hope and love. I must mold you quickly in these days, in a short period of time, for this is only a transition time and I want you all to be ready (and by this, I mean to be very holy and wise) to live in the Time of Renewal. You will then be known as Children of the Renewal, My beloved children. You will thrive, flourish and continue building upon the lessons learned during the refuge times. However, in the Renewal, times will be more beautiful and a general holiness, goodness and love of life will permeate everything. Focus on Me, My children. Continue to pray, fast, do acts of penance and mercy. Frequent the Sacraments and spread the Gospel now My children. It will be better for you to do this now My little ones. Be not afraid. Remember, you are My children. ‘Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.’ Remember this and be emboldened by the power of My Holy Spirit. Even if you lose your life in the process, what have you to fear? If you lay your life down for your Jesus, you will come to Heaven sooner. That is all. Heaven is your ultimate goal, so do not be concerned if you arrive sooner than you planned. Tell me, which one among you complains when you are traveling for vacation and you arrive earlier than planned? Does this not give you much satisfaction knowing you can begin enjoying your vacation destination sooner? Of course, My children. Imagine what great delights await you in the Kingdom of God. If one arrives sooner than planned, I assure you not one soul has ever or will ever complain. And so, continue to live as I have taught you and as the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church teaches. Remember, My children to pray for your Bishops and priests. Your Shepherds need your prayers. Pray for protection of My Church. Be people of faith, of hope, of love, of mercy, of forgiveness, of joy. You must be people of joy. Recall what I suffered for you so that you would have salvation and the ultimate joy of knowing God, of loving and serving Him. What great joy there is in the family of God!”

“That is all for now, My little lamb. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, My (names withheld). All will be well. Begin anew, My children. I love you.”

Amen! Alleluia! We love You, Jesus!

Children of the Renewal – JESUS- “Unfortunately, mankind did not heed the warnings from Heaven sent to you by My very own Mother. She has been warning Our children for centuries now but too few listen… By refusing the good, My children, you choose evil… Let the little children come to Me. Do not believe the lie of the father of lies, that it is good for children to choose their religion.” – April 2022 Messages


Messages: April 10, and 17, 2022:

April 10, 2022, Palm Sunday, Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I love You, my hidden Lord! Thank You for the opportunity to be here with You. I missed visiting with You last week! Thank You that I am well enough now, Lord. Thank You also for Holy Mass and Communion today, Jesus! I am grateful You allowed Communion to be brought to me last Sunday. Praise You and thank You for all You do for me! Lord, help us to take advantage of this time of grace, this lull before the next storm, to receive the Eucharist and to go to Confession often; the Eucharist—many times during the week, via daily Mass and a weekly Confession. I sense that there will be closures soon, Lord. Or, perhaps I am just thinking there may be on account of the blatant sin and the perversity of so many and the acceptance of such perversity by the culture. The evil is being flaunted in our faces now, Jesus. It is no longer done in secret, behind closed doors, but paraded in front of children. It is shocking to witness the boldness of depravity.

“Yes, My child. You were thinking of Sodom and Gomorrah when the evil ones tried to coerce Lot to send the angels out to them. Yes, evil is surging in its last desperate attempt. Arm yourselves with the Sacraments, prayer and Scripture reading. Study Sacred Scripture so you will see the events foretold happening before your eyes. What you are realizing, My child is the gravity of the state of the world and the depravity in the hearts grown cold and hard as stone.

“My child, My child the little children are not being taught about Me. They do not know about My great, deep love for them for their parents do not teach them, nor instill love in their hearts for God. The parents of this day follow false gods and worship idols. Their children are lost, with no sense of purpose. They feel hopelessness, fear and are disillusioned about life. The culture of disobedience, rebellion, violence and death surrounds them as a result. They need to know the one true God, the Creator of life, the One Who loves them so much, He brought them into existence so that each one would come to know and love Him. In this way, one has hope and a sense of purpose.”

God the Father speaks: “I am the God of all. I am the Father, My children need. I am the answer to your problems, My little children. Come to Me. Get to know Me by reading the Gospels. I sent My Son to become one with you while remaining one with Me as the second person of the Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This was and is My plan, My children for the redemption of mankind. He came to regenerate you and to restore My people to Me. For you were lost to Me by the great divide of fallen humanity; fallen due to sin. By the incarnation, by His passion and death, you were redeemed. By this redemption you have been restored to the family of God and as such, you are My sons and daughters, heirs to the Kingdom of God. But, many do not listen to My Church and My Son’s teachings handed down through the Apostles, His holy priesthood, the royal priesthood, your shepherds. Many more do not even know and many who know of Me, openly reject Me. My children, surely you can see, for those who care to observe, the world is in shambles. People are in despair and the gravest sins are openly committed with few to no consequences. My children, My children, My poor children, it is time to awaken and take action for holiness, for goodness, for purity. Awaken from your sleep. Even those who do not profess to be Christians realize you are living in dangerous times, times like no other time in history that they can recall. Turn back to Me, I urge you for soon it will be too late. My Son has given you all that is needed. Read and study Scripture. Observe the signs of the times. See man’s inhumanity to man. This is only the beginning, My poor children. My adversary will not rest until he is bound in the pits of hell, but by then he will have taken a multitude of souls with him. Pray, pray, pray. This is the time. I invite you all to be on your knees in prayer. Plead the blood of My Son Jesus and ask His Mother for heavenly graces for you need them now more than ever.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You, Father!

“My little lamb, you sense the urgency and the seriousness of the call to repentance, conversion and the ‘call to arms’, the prayer of the Rosary. Open your hearts to God. Pour out your concerns, your sadness, your hardship and give all to God. I assure you, I will not abandon you, but you also must not abandon Me. For those who have, it is not yet too late. Return quickly, return right away for the time is fast upon you, the time that is coming in which you will not be able to choose freely. Now, you still have freedom to choose. This sounds unbelievable, I realize My little ones, for God gives you free will. For those who reject Me, you will one day no longer be able to exercise free will for the evil one and his minions will hold you hostage and in your deep darkness and blindness you will not even realize how low your poor soul has sunk. These are not exaggerations, My children. These are not mere threats to get you to come to Me out of fear. What I am saying is truth. Unfortunately, mankind did not heed the warnings from Heaven sent to you by My very own Mother. She has been warning Our children for centuries now but too few listen. Too few heeded Her warnings and listened to Her words of love. Without contrition and penance for sins, without true conversion of heart, there will be no turning back from the forces of evil that will serve to purify some and chastise many. By refusing the good, My children, you choose evil. By cooperating with evil, the protection of God is removed. This is why, My child evil has been unleashed on the world. It is so, because My children, through rejection of God and cooperation with evil spirits have opened the very gates of hell. Only I can restore the earth to its proper order, My children. I am concerned with your souls and the judgement you will face. You will not choose Heaven, My children when you are living hell on earth. Do not be foolish. One cannot love darkness, live in darkness, worship darkness, then stand before pure light and choose light. You must choose light now, My children. You must choose life, truth and goodness now while you are living on earth. When your life on earth ends, it will be too late to choose for you will have already done so. For those of you who want to wait until the last possible moment to convert; a deathbed conversion, as some say, do not fool yourselves. You do not know the day, nor the hour when your life on earth will end. You are playing literally with fire and you may be caught unaware when the Lord calls you from this life in a moment. Then, your soul will leave the body and stand before judgement. You do not want this to happen when your soul is in the state of mortal sin, for you will condemn yourself to hell. Yes, My children, you heard Me. You will condemn yourself, for you will reject Heaven where you will not want to dwell for you will hate God and love evil. This is why you must decide now for God, for My Kingdom, for eternal life. This is the choice—eternal life or eternal damnation—death. Choose now. My children, I urge you to choose life and all that is good. I love you, but I do not violate your free will. This is why it is up to you to choose. No choice is the same as making a choice for evil. This is important to know. Now, choose life.”

Thank You, I sense such urgency in Your tone. All of Heaven seems somber. Thank You for Your care and concern, Your love for souls. Lord, I am sorry if I didn’t write well enough or quickly enough to capture each and every word. Please correct me if I have missed anything. This message seems very urgent indeed.

I am a poor, humble, little person, Jesus and You are God. I shudder to think of what will befall us, Jesus and the numerous souls being taken to hell each day. The poor little children who are surrounded by such evil. What are we to do, Lord?

“Pray, fast and do penance for sinners, My child. You and all of My Children of Light must commit yourselves to prayer. Pray three Rosaries every day and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet morning and evening. Pray for lost souls. Pray for conversion of heart. Pray for protection of your families. My Children of Light must continue pursuit of holiness in the midst of such darkness, for by your holiness, beacons of light will shine forth. Be light, My children. I have called you to the light and you have responded, but you also have become tired of waiting, tired of praying, tired of My words. You must return to Your fervor by prayer, return to fasting and return to all My Mother and I have asked of you. This is for your own good and for the good of your brothers and sisters. Prepare your hearts, My children. My child, My little one, I know of your struggles. I know of the emotional pain you suffer from so many losses. Remember, what the world thinks is lost is not necessarily so by Me. The ones you love that have died are with Me in Heaven. You have been through much suffering, as has My son (name withheld). You have accepted these crosses out of love for Me but you have grown weary. Renew your heart by reading My words. Read Scripture more, My children, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld). My words are life. I will renew your hearts and lift you to new heights, but all will come about through Me via prayer. Rest in Me. I am the Prince of Peace and I have an infinite amount of peace. Ask Me for peace. Ask Me for more love and more joy and these will increase within you. Be not afraid for I am with you. I am your refuge and I will see you through these storms. Remember to pray to your guardian angels and to the saints. They are waiting to give you assistance. Remain close to My Most Holy Mother, Mary. She is your Mother. Need I say more?”

Thank You, Jesus! No, You don’t need to say any more. Our Mother—Mother says it all and She is the best Mother. She was chosen to be Your Mother before time, so of course She is the best Mother. Thank You for sharing Her with us! Thank You, Lord. I love You!

“And I love you, My child. Remember who you are. Remember to whom you belong. Your identity is-child of God, the Most High. You are a child of God, the Supreme and highest good. All of My Children of Light, remember who you are. Remember your birthright is My Kingdom and live accordingly, no matter what goes on around you. Live in My light and My love. Now, My child, My (name withheld) who is a faithful son, go in My peace. I bless you in the name of the Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now and be mercy, light, love and peace to this world in such need of God. Be My witnesses.”

With Your assistance and Your grace, Lord. Amen!

Notes from 4-10-2022

Upon entering the Adoration Chapel and greeting our Lord, I was filled with an unexpected sense of joy. It arose within me and seemed to spread through my body penetrating deeper into my soul. I had an inner sensation (but it was not a feeling per se) that I can only describe as similar to a slight chill or feeling of goosebumps, but that is external and felt via the skin. This was not like that externally, but from within. I have never experienced this before. I recognized at once that my soul, deprived of adoring Jesus last Sunday, due to physical illness was overjoyed at being in His presence. This was not the same as a feeling of emotional happiness or gladness, but a deep, inward joy at the recognition of the presence of God. This was a clear sign to me that our soul longs for God, which we know and have even felt before (especially when we experienced the lockdowns and were deprived of Holy Mass and Communion.) I must say this was unexpected, it is difficult to describe and yet it is a very real experience; as real as the fact that I am sitting on a chair and writing this reflection. I also saw our Lord (imprinted on the Host) on the cross. I thought this was beautiful that someone ordered a host with Jesus imprinted on it, as if it was formed in a mold. It was Jesus on the cross-raised off the host as in 3 dimensional, but the same color as the host. It was visible to me at the time I knelt in front of Him to greet Him and to pray, as well as all through the writing of His words. I looked up to see Him at times when He was dictating to me as time allowed to glance at Him with love. After the message was given and I knelt to thank Him, I could no longer see His image on the Eucharist. It was a plain (but beautiful) Eucharist/Host as always but His crucified image was no longer visible to me. I will ask my husband if he saw this. I wonder if everyone in the chapel did. Considering it is the beginning of Holy Week, it is very fitting. Another unexpected gift from our beautiful Lord and Savior who thinks of everything! I love You, my Lord, my God and my King! I love You my highest good, my everything!!!

April 17, 2022 Easter Sunday, Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Savior hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament. All praise, honor and glory to You, Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Resurrection Day! Alleluia, Jesus! It is wonderful to be here with You, Lord. Thank You for Easter Triduum and for this beautiful Easter Sunday Mass. Thank You for enabling us to go to (church name omitted) today. Mass was beautiful and I felt as if I was ‘home’ in the church.

Jesus, You know how much (name withheld) is suffering and has been since early December. If it is Your Will, please lift this heavy cross from him. Give him some relief from the pain. I know he offers this cross to You for souls and this is a very important work for souls. Please make this very efficacious and then give him a break, Jesus if You would please. Lord, only You know how much more he can take. I do trust You. I remind You that You said You would grant us relief from heavy crosses if we asked You and so I am asking this, Jesus. If You do not, then I know You will give him the graces needed to bear this heavy cross. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You.

Thank You for the time today with family, Father. We missed (names withheld). Be with them and grant them Your peace. Thank You for loved ones. Bless them and keep them safe in the days ahead. I pray for family members who are no longer among us, but who have gone to new life. I pray for the repose of the holy souls in Purgatory. I pray for an end to all violence, for peace in the hearts of all, for an end to the war in Ukraine and in all places where there is hostility and unrest. I beg You for the conversion of Russia and for conversion of all hearts in the world. May all people come to know and love You, Lord God Creator of Heaven and earth. May Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Save us, Savior of the world, for by Your cross and resurrection, You have set us free: Free from the bondage of sin; Free from the oppressor. May it be so on the earth as it is in Heaven, my Lord and my God.

“My little one, the peoples of the world and in your own homeland add one abomination upon another. You are fully aware of this, My child. Many of your friends and family are aware. My daughter, your nation is rapidly falling down a long and treacherous road to perdition. One day there will be no turning back and the day of the Great Chastisement will not be stayed. I know that there are many people in the world who do not support, do not cooperate in the evil deeds being committed against the innocent and against God. However, there are not enough people standing up for truth, praying, fasting, speaking out in truth and in love. My child, My child, the leadership you have is what evil has desired and manipulated by elicit means to come to power. This will not last, My child. I remind you of the time in history when My chosen people did not have a king, a ruler and they begged Me for a king. They were not content to follow the law given to them by Me. If they had only lived lives of holiness, in observance of My Law, they would not have needed a king. Rather than walking with Me in trust, they begged for a ruler. When they realized not all kings are good and righteous, they regretted their lack of trust in Me. What followed was a series of very difficult events and times. What My people fail to remember or fail to learn are the lessons from history. Read Scripture, My children. The model for how you are to live and to love has been given to you. Scripture is the story of My people, your people, salvation history. Much can be learned and applied to your lives, My children.”

“My little lamb, you are thinking people do not change much over the centuries. You are correct in your thinking. Cultures change, but the same weaknesses of people in the past are present in the people today. Due to the fall into sin mankind has a propensity to want more power, more money, more license to sin. If unchecked, if the knowledge and love of God is not cultivated in the hearts of men (from the time of their childhood), people are easy prey for the plans of the enemy. This is why you must raise your children in the way they should go-the way of God, so that when they grow into adulthood, they will not depart from it. Let the little children come to Me. Do not believe the lie of the father of lies, that it is good for children to choose their religion. From what will they choose if they are not presented with the love of God, with My love for them? From what will they choose? I ‘believe’ in free will, My children. I created you with the gift of free will. I ask you this; do you refrain from educating your children so that when they grow up they can choose whether or not they would like to be educated? Would an adult know how to live their lives without some knowledge learned as a child? Tell Me how the children of farmers learned to farm; how did children learn to cook and bake, to sew, to care for children if they had not learned from their parents or grandparents? Children are not to remain their whole lives as children in the pre-school stage and then one day as adults decide it is time to learn. No, this is not logical or reasonable and it is unreasonable to think they do not need to learn about God and Christianity because they should be allowed to choose. Do parents allow their children to go to bed night after night without brushing their teeth because they will grow up one day and be free to choose whether or not they want healthy teeth and gums? No, of course not. My children, you quickly see this would be harmful to them and if they do not develop good habits and learn to properly care for themselves when they are young, you have not done your duty as parents. This is called neglect, My people. The spiritual neglect, I assure you is much worse. Their eternal souls are at stake, My children! Are not your souls more important than your bodies? Yes, My children for the soul lives forever, either in Heaven or in hell. You must follow God yourselves and learn to love God for God loves you more than the human mind can fathom. When you discover this great love, you will understand why it is I invite you to enter into My heart, the heart of a good Father. Do not keep your children from Me for they are missing out on learning the purpose for which each one was created. Without a sense of purpose My little ones are falling into despair. The remedy for this is Me. Introduce your children to Me and give them a righteous, holy, loving example to follow. Their futures will be very bright then, My children for they will learn to follow the One who created them out of love. It sounds very simple, I know. The truth is simple. Life is not without challenges, My children and following God does not make one’s life easy, but I will provide direction, loving guidance and the graces needed as well as the way to go to live a life of holiness, and a true path to Heaven. You were made for Heaven, My children. The alternative is not something you want for your children, nor do I. Choose life. Choose God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I choose you and I invite you to choose Me.”

Thank You, Lord! I pray for all children in the world, that they will come to know and love You, Lord. Stir the hearts of their parents and awaken in them the desire to seek You. When they seek You, You said they will find You. Lord, may all peoples find You and lead others to You. Help us all to lead someone in our lives to Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. You came for this, Lord; to seek the lost and to find us. Thank You for Your unfailing care for us, Your children. I pray for parents everywhere that we will be good witnesses to the love of God. Help the children who feel unloved and unwanted. Help us to find them, identify them and to be love and mercy to them. Help each and every child to know they have dignity and self-worth because they are made in Your image and likeness and are Your children. Oh, Lord heal our land. Begin by healing families, Lord. Heal and convert our hearts so that we will burn with the fire of Your love.

“Yes, My little lamb, this is My desire. Continue to pray and offer your suffering, your sacrifices to Me for souls. Be love and mercy to each person you meet, even in passing. Pour your love out to others and be generous with your love, your kindness. Each person you meet, even if in passing, is an important person to Me and deserves love and respect. Pray for those who persecute you, My children. Hearts will change, one at a time but you must cooperate with Me and be about our Father’s business-which is to bring about the Kingdom and to save souls. Be love, be mercy, be peace, be joy. In times of strife, in times of war, in times of peace, you must be consistently living the Gospel, My children.”

“That is all for now, My (name withheld). My son (name withheld) suffers and I am united with him in his suffering. Do not be dismayed or discouraged, My (name withheld). I know all. I see all. Your suffering is more precious to Me than anything, since you unite it to My Son’s suffering on the cross. In suffering, done with love and acceptance My children resemble My Son, Jesus. It is for your own holiness and the salvation of souls that I allow you to suffer. Through the suffering, through the cross, the resurrection will come. Therefore, hope in Me, My little son. All will be well. Thank you for your faithfulness and your devotion. I love you. You are a true friend of God.”

Thank You, Lord for Your lessons of love. Amen!

“You are welcome, My little one. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in My peace. I am with you. We walk together.”

Amen. Alleluia!

Children of the Renewal – JESUS – “This is why She is the Immaculate Conception, for She was conceived without original sin and She remained in perfect union with the Divine Will, and never once sinned… All that I have, I share with My children. This means all, including My Most Holy Mother Mary.” – March 2022 Messages


Messages: March 6, 13, and 20, 2022:

March 13, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Good morning, Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament! My good and beautiful God, I love You, praise You and thank You for all that You do and are to me and to all of humanity. My greatest good, thank You for Holy Mass and Confession. Please bless the pastor who said Holy Mass and bless the priest who was my confessor, Lord. Give them many graces, blessings and consolations in their vocation of the priesthood. Protect them Jesus against the snares and temptation of the devil and the powers of darkness. I pray this for all priests, Bishops and religious and especially for Pope Francis. Lord convert the hearts minds and souls of all people who provide counsel and advice to Pope Francis. May he always be open to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit. I pray that all members of my family and all of my friends will also be open to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit, Lord. You Who are always with us, Lord help us with graces from Heaven and the prayers of the saints and holy angels to not only be open, but to heed with haste these promptings of Yours. Lord, I for my part am still learning this and to discern which promptings come from You versus those that are my ideas. Either way, rule my heart, mind and will Jesus so that I live in Your Holy Will and only do actions that You work within and through me or that I take with good intentions. Jesus, when I forget that You are working in me, continue to do so anyway. You have my permission, Lord. You know how focused I can be on work or whatever the task is at hand and even on concerns for my loved ones. So, knowing I have a tendency to forget sometimes (often really) remind me, Jesus that I must ask what You want me to do; what You want me to say, or in many cases not to say (remain silent), and what You want me to pray and reflect upon. Lord, I give You my life, my work, my heart, my sleeping, my prayer time, my encounters with others, my family, my friends and everything I have. May I always remember that every good thing in my life comes from You, Lord. Help me to remember there is nothing that happens to me or around me and even in the world that does not come through You or by Your permissive Will. Therefore, I may always be at peace knowing I rest in Your precious, perfect Will. Help me to know when You want me to take a particular action for the good of others. Jesus, I love You and I entrust myself to You. Be with me living and dying for only You, my good and gentle Jesus. Thank You for Your mercy and love! Lord, I bring each soul who has requested or is in need of prayer to You in the Most Holy Eucharist. Thank You for the introduction this morning to (name withheld), a young man who is searching along with his wife for a new parish, being new to the area. Thank You, Lord that You put all circumstances in place for my meeting with him. I marvel at the events of this morning in which every activity, every second, was orchestrated by You, Oh Divine Creator of the Universe, so that I would be in line behind him for Confession, and also that I would remember I needed to let (name withheld) know that I was in line so that he would hold my place. By speaking with (name withheld) and asking him to hold my place (which I didn’t think of on my own since I was last in line!) gave him the opening when I returned to speak with me. Oh, Lord You really order all of my steps. I am so very grateful. As Father told me, I really need You for everything. It is so true, I rely on You my Lord and my God for everything! Thank You, Lord! Praise You, Lord.

“My child, My child I am pouring out graces on the world, especially in these days, on those who love and follow Me. My little one, I am generous in the distribution of graces to all of My children but many are not disposed to receive them. I remind My beloved children and I invite you all yet again to return and frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession so that all sins will be absolved and your souls will be free and pure. Go as often as possible, My children; weekly if you can so you will always be ready and open to the workings of the Holy Spirit. I want My children, those who profess Me and are following My Way to remain in a state of grace. My children, even when you have venial sin on your souls, go to Confession as soon as possible. I am asking more of you in these days, My children because these are extraordinary times and call for extraordinary measures. It is not scrupulosity, My children. You are only beginning to realize the depth and degree of darkness, of sin, of the putrid stench of evil in the world today. I assure you it is worse than you really know, (but I see all) and I assure you the world is in the worst condition of all times in history. Therefore, I invite each and every person who loves and follows Me to be as free from sin, as holy as possible, and to be filled with My light, My love, My mercy and every good virtue so that you will not only be a light to the world, but that you will be able to withstand the evil and the temptations which will press in on you. I tell you this for your good, for your protection and for love of you. I love you, My beloved children. I will not abandon you. You must not abandon Me, either. I will work through you, My children. I will direct your steps. I will speak loving words to soothe your hearts, but you must be in the light, My Light to be receptive to My direction. Children, there is a great deal going on all around you to distract you; to take your attention off Me. There is also a great deal of evil in the world and that in and of itself should be cause enough for you to pray for your brothers and sisters who are suffering all over the world. My children, never turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to the misfortunes of others. Remember, My children that all are My creatures, the created people of humanity who bear the image and likeness of the Creator. All people are Mine, in that they belong to Me. I give each one the gift of free will, human will, so that each one of you are free to choose Me, God! This means people are also free to choose evil, I know for they may choose not to follow Me. I for My part will never cease calling them back to My loving, merciful heart. Help them to be open to My invitations to love by praying for those who stray from Me. Pray, My beloved, little children for those who do not love Me, and do not follow Me. Pray, pray, pray. You are not praying enough, My children for if you were, many souls would already have converted. My children, My most Holy and Immaculate Mother, Mary has asked repeatedly for prayer and sacrifices offered to the Father for conversion of souls. If My children had been doing all She requested you would already be living in the Time of Obedience and peace. Hasten to do as She has asked for all She has requested has been given to Her by the Father for the good of mankind. If you do not believe it is because your hearts are closed to God, for who could disbelieve the very Mother of Jesus? Who could disbelieve, but those who are cynical and are of little faith? To remain in this state, My children is to be just like the Pharisees and Scribes of My day, of My life on earth. Do not be hard hearted like those who rejected the Messiah, whom they knew! Open wide your hearts to the wonders of God, one of whom is Mary of Nazareth who said yes with the fullness of Her heart to the plan of salvation. She is truly a wonderful creation of God the Most High and She gave Her full consent each and every day of Her life, even before the Annunciation and Incarnation, to the Will of God. She did so more than anyone in the history of the world and consequently loved so perfectly that God the Father, moved by Her prayers to send the Messiah, hastened My coming. Yes, My children, by Her goodness, Her fidelity, Her purity of soul and Her great humility, Her prayers hastened the coming of the Messiah in that time of history. Yes, God ordained My birth in Bethlehem and all prophecy in Scripture was fulfilled in the proper time, but I repeat because of Mary, Most Holy, Mary the Immaculate, the ‘Full of Grace’ the Blessed Trinity responded with full delight to Her and My Incarnation occurred sooner than it would have. Yes, God willed this, but you must begin to understand and to believe with great joy in the power given to My Mother Mary to intercede for humanity. She was so united to the Will of the Holy Trinity, that God worked in and through Her and still does. I tell you this to give glory to God and to invite you even more to ask for Her intercession and to consecrate yourselves to Me, through Her Immaculate Heart. Ponder and reflect on this My children. Think of the vastness of God’s great love for humanity that He willed the restoration of the Human Race, the reconciliation, to mend what was lost during the fall in the Garden of Eden. My children, especially those who love Me but remain outside of My Holy Apostolic, the One, True Catholic and Apostolic Church, My Church and who do not realize, yet the greatness of My Mother Mary (due to the great love and mercy of God) that She will not only lead you more quickly and efficaciously to Me, but that She also bestowed graces from God to you. She constantly intercedes before the throne of God and even when She leaves Heaven to come to earth to provide messages to My children, She does so in the Will of God. She always acts within the Will of God because She is in perfect union with My Will. All in Heaven are also in union with My Will, it is true. The difference is in Her role, My children. Her role is the Mother of the Church. Her role is as Your Mother, as I give Her to you, My children to be your Mother. She is your spiritual mother. Do not be like one who asks, ‘How can this be so, since I have an earthly Mother’ for while each person born and even those who died in the womb has an earthly Mother, you also have a heavenly Mother. I share everything with My children. Listen, all of you, do you recall the parable of the Prodigal Son? Do you recall the good Father? Not only did he prepare a great banquet for the prodigal one who returned home with a sincere and contrite heart, but he reminded his other son that all he had was his. All he had. Reread this Gospel story, My children for this father represents God the Father. This father represents God. All that I have, I share with My children. This means all, including My Most Holy Mother Mary. I share even My Mother with you and by this I do not mean share by worldly standards, as in to make a loan or to give you a small part of what I have, but I mean this by God’s meaning. I give Her to you so that you share in My Mother! You share in the nature of Her motherhood as a child of My Mother. Do you not understand what a glorious and beautiful gift it is? Do you not wonder what a delight I took in sitting on Her lap and hearing the story of creation, of the faith of Abraham, of the story of Moses, of Adam and Eve, of Noah and the flood? Do you not wonder at My delight in the purity and humility of Her soul, Her complete faith and trust in the Will of God? Do you not wonder at Her perfection with Me? Do you not wonder at the mystery of the very Word of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity, the God Who ordered Abraham’s steps, who refused to accept the sacrifice of Abraham in Isaac and instead provided a ram to be sacrificed because of My great love for humanity, listening to My Mother telling Me the stories that I knew so well but delighted hearing from Her pure lips and faithful heart? She knew full well that I not only knew these events, but I lived them with the Patriarchs in My Divine role, but that in Her role of Mother, She was to teach Me, the Son of God. Does this not cause deep reflection by you into the mysteries of God? This is how you are to ponder and reflect while praying the Holy Rosary. Reflect and meditate on these great mysteries, My children. To meditate in this way is to unite yourselves to the very mystery of God; to unite yourselves to My Mother and what She and I experienced on earth as we fulfilled perfectly what Adam and Eve were meant to fulfill, but did not.”

“I am the new Adam and She is the new Eve, My children. She is so, because God created Her to be, My children and because She accepted the purpose of Her life and consented to all that I asked of Her. She not only consented, but made haste to do My Will and She did so with joy even when it caused great suffering, for to do God’s Will brings deep joy and peace; It brings consolations even in the midst of suffering. When you meditate this Lent on My passion and death, recognize and reflect on how great were the sufferings of My Most Holy and Pure Mother Mary. Reflect on the way Her Immaculate Heart suffered for love of Me and love of you. She stood by My side and looked upon Me, the unrecognizable Messiah, Her beloved Son, when even to see My tortured humanity, My beaten body, My crucified body, caused Her the deepest and greatest suffering. She suffered what I suffered, My children and She suffered not only as an earthly Mother would but as One perfectly united to My Will, suffered. You do not and cannot understand the depths of Her suffering and you will not until you come to Heaven and are fully able to comprehend but for now it gives Me honor, glory and praise when you attempt to understand. I love you, My children and it is true love for Me when you begin to love the one created by God to bear Me in Her womb, to teach and to raise Me, the One who nursed the Son of God, who taught Me to eat, to take My first step, who taught Me to pray in My humanity, who educated Me, who taught Me, the Son of God the Torah, who taught Me how to believe and trust in God the Father. You see My children, I chose the One who would be My Mother, the handmaiden of the Lord, the helper of the mission of salvation. I created Her because I chose Her and I gave Her a human will, just as I gave all of you, but She most perfectly gave Her will to Me and exchanged it for My Will so that she would never (and never once) stepped outside of My Will, so that She never fell into sin. This is why She is the Immaculate Conception, for She was conceived without original sin and She remained in perfect union with the Divine Will, and never once sinned. She rejected all temptation to sin by Her will in perfect union with My Will and thus She lived in the midst of sin, in perfect purity and oneness with God. In this way, She lived a life of heroic virtue, so much so that She is greater than Eve who lived in a pristine environment, free of all sin but who gave into temptation and became a source of temptation for Adam encouraging him to also sin. Whereas Mary lived in Nazareth among people who did not recognize Her purity and who also sinned, yet She remained free from sin. Do you not see how beautiful one like Mary would be to God? If the father of Abraham, a sinful man stood out to God, do you not marvel at the faith of Mary and how much She stood out among all others to God, because of Her purity of soul, heart and mind? Every small act of Mary was done with such great love for God because of Her purity. Where one is pure of heart, one can truly and deeply love God and therefore every act, every prayer, gives great glory to God and becomes a great act no matter how small it may seem. For this reason, Her life gave great glory to God even before She was asked to be the Mother of the Messiah. My children, Mary of Nazareth prayed for the coming of the Messiah with great humility, for She was so humble the thought did not ever occur to Her that She was to be My Mother. It did not occur to her because of Her great (and I use the word great with all intention) humility. This is why She asked the innocent question of the archangel during the Annunciation. It was not because of doubt, but out of humility and innocence of her heart that She asked how it would be so, since She had taken a role of chastity and intended this for Her entire life to remain a virgin because She did not want to stray for one second outside of the Will of God by breaking the promise She made willingly and lovingly to remain a virgin for love of God. She did this to validate God’s Will for Her with the messenger sent by God and the angel answered in union with God’s Will that this would occur by the Power of My Spirit and not by ordinary means. In this way, She was able to give full consent of Her will and Her fiat. This gave God even more glory because Her fiat was a full consent, yet again of Her will. My children it is wonderful to give your ‘yes’ to the Will of God in all things, but even more beautiful and with more merit when one knows how God will do something that seems completely and humanly impossible and to not only accept it but to believe the miracle will happen but to consent fully and completely in perfect faith to God’s Will and to believe there is much beauty, love and power in this ‘yes’ this fiat. So much power that God became incarnate, by this girl of Nazareth, in her little, pure womb and the God of the universe, the second person of the Trinity took up residence in the womb of the virgin Mary Most Holy of Nazareth, to be nourished, protected, loved and cherished for nine months before birthing Me for the sake of humanity. There are many more mysteries to be revealed about the time of My life within the womb of Mary, My Most Holy Mother that I will save for anther time, My children. Today, I give you a small glimpse into the glories of My Mother who perfectly reflected God in Her soul. I tell you this for the glory of God, so that you will understand My Mother’s role in salvation history and in your lives, My children for She is your Mother, also and you must take Her as your Mother because of your love and willingness to imitate Me. This is a beautiful request from Me, the One who asks you to take up your cross and follow Me, also gives you My Mother for your own, the One who was also the perfect disciple and who stood by Me even unto My death on the cross. She will walk with you, also and provide comfort and guidance to you just as She did for Me, for is She not a perfect Mother? I ask you, what good mother would forsake Her child in need? No good mother would and so you must realize that My perfect Mother will not abandon Her children, who have been given to Her by Her Son, the Messiah, the Son of the Living God who is also Her God. Go to Mary, My children because you also need Her. This is so, because I Will for you to need Her just as I chose to also need Her during My earthly life and I choose to need Her even to this day to bring more souls to Her Son. Meditate on this great mystery and you will learn even more about the benevolence and love of God.”

“My child, My little one I delight in you and your family’s desire for holiness. I see all that your entire family does for Me, and I mean each member, your relatives, your siblings, your husband, children, grandchildren, etc. Those who love and follow Me and I assure you all of My love and My protection. This should give you great peace. This peace will console your troubled hearts that yearn with holy love for the conversion of those who are astray and who live outside of My Will and My love for them. Continue to pray, but also to have deep faith in Me for their salvation. After all, do I not love them as much as I love you? I see what you are doing. I see your suffering and I hear your prayers and crying sighs for love of them and love of Me. Rest in My love but also be confident in My mercy. Trust in Me. I reassure you that all will be well with your entire family. Go now, My little daughter and My son, in peace. Be mercy. Be love. Be joy. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I love you. I am with you.”

Thank You, my Lord. I love You!

November 21, 2022 – VERY IMPORTANT COMMENTARY – Explaining The Second Coming Of JESUS, The End Times, The Immaculate Conception, And The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls


DOWNLOAD THIS COMMENTARY (PDF, 37 pages, revised-typo):

NOTE (By a soul):
This commentary is much longer than I planned or expected. However, the Holy Spirit kept nudging me to write down as much of my thoughts on this subject matter in order to help as many people as possible with one single writing. And so, I want to take a moment to thank with much heartfelt love my circle of dearest friends whom I have freely shared my inspirations, as without their support, this spiritual writing would be incomprehensible and underdeveloped in thought. Finally, I want to ask that people enter into prayer both before and while reading and discerning this commentary, which may require several re-readings to fully grasp. My hope is that many people will benefit from my words as I hope to provide clarity on the End Times and the Divine Plan. God bless. In Christ’s Love, a soul.

November 15-21, 2022
Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessings beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, want to explain what I mean by the words, “Second Coming of Jesus”. This is because when I write about the Second Coming in my commentaries, I am not referring to the Final Coming of Jesus at the end of time, at the end of the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace. The Final Coming is what I would call the Third Coming of Jesus.

So, what do I mean when I say, the Second Coming of Jesus?

Most theologians dance around this terminology because they do not want to be accused of heresy, of saying that Jesus will reign physically on earth for a thousand years. So, most theologians say there will be an intermediate or hidden coming of Jesus before the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace, then the Second Coming at the end.

However, the problem with dancing around terminology is that it confuses people. What does intermediate or hidden coming exactly mean? Most theologians are clueless because they do not study heavenly messages. And honestly, in heavenly messages, Our Lord, Jesus, has said that He does not have much time to work with theologians, because many of them try to intellectualize the faith too much. As they try to pigeonhole it too much into an intellectual framework, instead of taking the lead of the Holy Spirit. They have not fully developed their discernment of spirits, along with the virtues of patience and prudence in God’s Timing.

So, I want people to know when I use the words, Second Coming of Jesus, I am referring to the same event that others say is an intermediate or hidden coming of Jesus. Heaven is not afraid to call this event the Second Coming of Jesus in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy). Hence, I use the same terminology in my commentaries.

Now, I have written about this before, but this is very important so it bears repeating by me. I want to give an overall framework as to the events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus. This is because people tend to be still confused about this, the sequence of events. They do not understand the overall mosaic of how all the pieces of the End Times prophecies come together. Note, I am not a biblical scholar, so I am not going to try to interpret the Book of Revelation to you. Rather, everything that I am going to share has been revealed in heavenly messages that I feature on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, or has been shared with me directly by Heaven.


The End Times And The Biblical Week

Firstly, I want to define what the terminology, “End Times”, means as it refers to today and modern, current events. The words, “End Times”, means that this is the designated period of time when satan is at the height of his powers and when evil has matured on earth. The End Times is the time when satan and hell will be definitively defeated and locked up for a 1,000 years until the final battle at the end of the Era of Peace.

Please understand that mankind’s time on earth can be broken up into blocks of time. These blocks of time equal 1,000 years each and correspond to days of the week. In Sacred Scriptures, a day equals 1,000 years to the Lord. Jesus has also said in heavenly messages that God renews the earth every 2,000 years, because evil grows so bad by that point, God has to directly intervene to correct the wayward direction of mankind back to the Divine Plan.

The world has been renewed by God twice so far since the Creation of mankind. We have the physical renewal at the end of the first 2,000 years at the time of the worldwide Flood of Noah. Then, we have the spiritual renewal of the Crucifixion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, at the end of the second block of time of 2,000 years after the Flood. Now, we are living in the third block of time of 2,000 years in which the world will be BOTH physically and spiritually renewed, because evil is at its worst.

Then, once the 6,000 years of evil on earth has concluded, mankind will enter into the great Era of Peace for the final 1,000 years of time. This 1,000 years will be the conclusion of the 7,000 years of the biblical week (7 days) to God and the fulfilment of the Lord’s Prayer for God’s Kingdom to come to earth. Then at the end of the Era of Peace, there will come the final battle between Good and evil, culminating into the General Resurrection and Final Coming of Jesus. At that point, then hell will be forever locked up and those good souls aligned with the Lord will enter into God’s Eternal Rest in the 8th Day of Creation, the Day of the Resurrection, which will last for eternity.

The Two Divine Fires

Before I go on to discuss the events of the End Times, this is actually a good point to discuss the Two Divine Fires. People tend to think that God is comprised of one Eternal, consuming Divine Fire. However, the reality of God’s Fires is a little more complex to understand.

God Is Eternal. He Is also an Eternal Divine Fire of Love and Mercy and Justice. God will always be the Divine Fire of Love and Mercy and Justice. It is His Divine makeup and Divine Character.

However, when satan and the evil angels fell out of grace, this resulted in God’s Divine Fire of His Wrath. This Divine Fire of His Wrath generated as a consequence of God’s moral Character – an aspect of His Divine Justice. Creation was altered, as the element of time in the universe became connected to the eternal state of evil.

This next fact is important for people to understand. The Divine Fire in hell IS NOT the same Divine Fire that exists in purgatory and in Heaven. The Divine Fire in hell is solely God’s Wrath – His Holy and Just Anger of (mortal) sin. Whereas, the Divine Fire of Heaven and in purgatory, is God’s Eternal Divine Fire of Love and Mercy and Justice.

Now, the reason I bring this distinction up, is because it helps to explain what will happen at the Final Coming of Jesus at the General Resurrection. All the evil souls, demons, and devils will be forever locked up in hell as God will separate His Divine Fire of His Wrath from Himself to accomplish this feat. The Divine Fire of His Wrath is based in time, yet, it is an eternal fire. Thus, hell will be forever locked into the element of time as all the occupants of hell will forever suffer over past moments of sin and regrets. Whereas those dwelling in the Divine Kingdom of God’s Will, live in the present moment constantly, in peace and holy love. This is known as the Eternal Now.

Meanwhile, the great time span (7,000 years) of God’s Redemptive Suffering for all of mankind’s sins will be concluded. In Their United Hearts, Jesus and His Holy Mother, Mary, will no longer shed tears of sorrow and blood over mankind’s sins. And while God’s Eternal Fire of Love and Mercy and Justice will always exist, as it is His Divine Nature, on the 8th Day of Creation, the Eternal Kingdom will subsist solely and abide in His Divine Love.

All will enter into Eternal Rest with God.
Love will reign supreme for all eternity.

In The Beginning: The Warning (Illumination Of Conscience)

Alright, so now, let me introduce my overall framework of End Time events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus. Firstly, everything starts with The Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience). It is suggested that The Warning will happen during a brief nuclear war. The Warning will take place after 7 days and 7 nights of increasing darkness over the entire earth. The Cross of Jesus will be seen in the sky and the moon will be a deep, blood red color. The sun will be dimming until its light is fully extinguished. Then a massive earthquake will take place, caused by an asteroid in the sky, which then will be followed by The Great Warning. The Warning will be a life review encounter with the Lord and everyone will experience a taste of where he or she would end up if they had died at that moment – either Heaven, purgatory, or hell. It will be made known to people how they have kept or not followed God’s Law (Ten Commandments). Afterwards, people will return spiritually back into their physical bodies with the opportunity to convert and change their lives for a better eternal outcome.

Once The Warning has happened, there will be a brief span of time (six and a half weeks) of peace on earth. During this time, there will be no demons or devils on earth – they will all be temporarily locked up in hell, including satan. I also know that the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal will take place during this timeframe of six and a half weeks. Note, the Miracle and Sign will take place at multiple locations – Marian apparition sites, on earth. Such locations will be announced in advance by visionary, Conchita of Garabandal, after The Warning. Also, according to Sacred Scriptures, the Ark of the Covenant will resurface during the End Times. So, personally, I believe that the Ark of the Covenant, along with the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, will reappear during this pivotal time, to counter the mandatory mark of the beast (embedded microchip). (Note, I will write more about this unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant in a future commentary).

Also, I was told that the three remaining visionaries of Medjugorje who have only received the first 9 secrets, that during The Warning, they will receive the final 10th secret. I was also told that the final 10th secret of Medjugorje is the same event as the Great Chastisement of Garabandal. It is also my understanding that this event is the same as the 3 Days of Darkness, that takes place at the very end of the Great Tribulation.

Now, the reason I bring these facts up, is because during the six and a half week period after The Warning, both Conchita of Garabandal and all six visionaries of Medjugorje will be testifying about the prophesied Great Chastisement / 10th Secret of Medjugorje / 3 Days of Darkness. This is why the six visionaries of Medjugorje all have the 10th secret in common and why the Holy Mother Mary selected six visionaries at Medjugorje, not simply one visionary to announce the secrets and their dates. Because seven visionaries (Conchita of Garabandal and the six visionaries of Medjugorje) were seen as the ideal number of people to announce God’s Great Chastisement to the world. Note, only the description of the Great Chastisement will be revealed to the world, not the prophesied date for this event.

In addition, it was shared with me that the Fatima Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Catholic Church is necessary by God to mitigate the Great Chastisement. Note, I will explain in a future commentary why the Consecration done by Pope Francis on March 25, 2022, was not fully accepted by Heaven. Moreover, it has been prophesied that the Fatima Consecration will finally be accomplished by a future pope, whom I have discerned is one of the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse in the Holy Bible.

Then, once the six and a half weeks for preparation and evangelization have concluded, those aligned with the Lord must get rid of all technology. This is because hell will be unlocked with satan, the devils and demons returning to the surface of the earth. At this point, the antichrist will be permitted to finally unveil himself to mankind. This is why it is so important to get rid of all technology, because the eyes of the antichrist are hypnotic, causing people to lose their salvation by making them worship satan.

Again, I do not know the sequence of the Apocalypse found in Sacred Scriptures. However, I do know that some of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje involve the use of nuclear weapons. This is important to know, because the nuclear war will resume soon after the six and a half weeks of peace have passed on earth. More importantly, the antichrist will be the “peacemaker” who negotiates to stop the nuclear war. It is through this act, that the antichrist will gain sufficient fame and notoriety worldwide, to be known to everyone. The antichrist will be of Islamic origin, making him widely accepted by Muslims. Then, the false prophet, who will be head of the Catholic Church, will lay the foundation for the antichrist to enter and take reign. This will be done by removing the Consecration Prayer of the Most Holy Eucharist (abomination of desolation mentioned in the Holy Bible), which protects the Church and the Mystical Body of believers in Christ on earth. Then, once the antichrist sits on the chair of Saint Peter, that day will begin the 1,260 days (42 months) countdown of the Apocalypse and the antichrist’s reign of terror over mankind.

GOD’s Divine Plan During The Apocalypse

Now, what most people do not realize is that God did not put much of His Divine Plan to counter the description of satan’s Apocalypse in Sacred Scriptures. This is because the Book of Revelation was written 2,000 years ago and God did not want satan and all of hell to know what God was planning to do in the End Times to defeat evil. Hence, most of the prophesies found in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), the prophesies of Garabandal and Medjugorje, etc., are not mentioned in the Holy Bible. God Is no fool. God did not want to give a heads up in advance to His arch enemy, satan. However, the prophecies of evil’s agenda for the End Times are written in the Holy Bible, as an universal warning to God’s children, so mankind could stay alert to satan and hell’s agenda throughout the centuries. So, people should not read the Book of Revelation, thinking that all the events – Good and evil – are fully accounted for and described in Sacred Scriptures.

That is why it is so important these days to read, discern, and to be accepting of the Holy Spirit’s inspirations through heavenly messages given to different chosen messengers. Otherwise, people will be befuddled and uncertain about what is truly happening in this End Times. Because people will not gain the bigger, overall picture of the End Times without resorting to modern day prophecies. According to Sacred Scriptures, God does not act without first revealing His Plans through His prophets. So, in order to fully understand what is taking place today, people need to be open to God speaking to them and to others about His Divine Plans. Because the more one knows about God’s Plans and future events, the less fearful the future will seem and the more prepared and trusting of God, people can be.

So, one major component while the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje and the Apocalypse are being unveiled and taking place on earth, are the existence of refuges that God has planned for His children to dwell so they will not suffer martyrdom at the hands of the antichrist. Concurrently, as the Apocalypse is happening, people will be called out from the world, in stages as events occur, to holy refuges where they will be protected. At the appropriate time, when people’s lives are in danger, they will be called by locution (an interior voice) by God, as part of a massive Exodus, to the safety of a nearby refuge. At these refuges, people will be fully protected from all evil, as they grow in holiness and in their spirituality in preparation for the Lord’s Return in the Second Coming.

Note, only those people who have converted to God and are striving to grow closer to God in His friendship will be called to the refuges. So, no evil people or people with bad intentions will be at the refuges. Also, lukewarmness is not an option. People must be fully aligned to God and sincere in their good intentions of living God’s Law (Ten Commandments) to be accepted into the refuges. The holy angels will protect the refuges, ensuring that no evil is present.

In addition, God is sending physical helpers to help people throughout the Apocalypse. After the antichrist has unveiled himself, God will send an Angel of Peace – who will take corporal form on earth and he will especially help those who are being martyred. Meanwhile, after The Warning, the Two Witnesses of Revelation and 144,000 Firstfruits will be present on earth to help guide and evangelize the masses of people seeking God.

The Two Witnesses and Firstfruits are human beings who will have been fully transformed (transfigured and glorified) during their Warning encounter. They are holy persons who are chosen by God due to their great love of Him and charity to others, to experience in advance, the gifts of the First Resurrection. Spiritually, their souls will dwell in the Highest Heaven – the Sixth Chamber in Holiness. They will possess all spiritual gifts and charisms of our original parents, Adam and Eve, before the Fall of mankind. For example, they will bi-locate, pass through material objects and closed doors, be telepathic, and possess infused knowledge, including being multilingual and knowing the Holy Bible by heart, etc. They will also be able to travel like spiritual beings, at the speed of thought. They will also wear white heavenly robes and ride white horses into battle. (Chapter 7 and 14, Book of Revelation).

Note, both the existence of the 144,000 Firstfruits and the Sign of Garabandal on earth, are meant to be a great inspiration for the rest of mankind, in order for people to be encouraged to persevere during the Great Tribulation. They are encouragement for people to look forward with anticipation the First Resurrection and the Second Coming of Jesus.

The 144,000 Firstfruits of the church militant will be directly captained by the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Michael Archangel. They will be accompanied by other holy persons, known as practicing soldiers of the church militant, into the battlefield against the forces of the antichrist. The practicing soldiers will be led by St Raphael Archangel and will assist with evangelizing the Gospel and have healing gifts. They will be attending to the sick and dying, as well as help rescue people, bringing them to the safety of the refuges. Meanwhile, the third group of the church militant will be the praying soldiers led by St Gabriel Archangel. They will be the backup support at the refuges, predominantly, involved in praying for graces for those on the battlefield and educating the masses of people in the Christian faith at the refuges.

Less is known about the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse. I do know that they will be two extremely holy men, anointed in the spirits of St Elijah the Prophet and St Enoch of the Old Testament. Also, one of the men, will be a very holy priest-son who is fully dedicated to Our Holy Mother, Mary, under Her titles, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of the Rosary. This holy priest-son will assume the role of vicar of the Christian Church on earth and will complete the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Also, according to heavenly messages, this priest-son will come from one of the 23 Eastern denominations of the Catholic Church (not the Latin rite). So, this priest-son will be fully familiar with both the eastern and western traditions and rites of the Universal Church (note, Catholic, means Universal).

Finally, towards the end of the Great Tribulation, there will be the martyrdom of the Two Witnesses of Revelation in the city of Jerusalem. Their martyrdom is featured in the Third Secret of Fatima. By their cruel martyrdom, the grip of the antichrist and satan over the Muslim people and Jerusalem will be destroyed, because people will witness the Truth of the Gospel and the Power of the Resurrection of Jesus by their selfless sacrifice. (Chapter 11, Book of Revelation).

Then, according to Sacred Scriptures, as God has Promised, the Resurrection of the Two Witnesses of Revelation will result in the recognition of the God of the Jews and the Christians. Peace will then spread from Jerusalem (known as the “City of Peace”) outward to the rest of the nations, as Jerusalem will become reestablished as the Eternal Seat of God’s Kingdom on earth (it will no longer be Rome, the Vatican).

Meanwhile, Good and evil will prepare for the Final Battle at Armageddon in which the antichrist and his forces will be fully destroyed. This will then be followed up quickly by the 3 Days of Darkness (Great Chastisement / 10th Secret of Medjugorje) on earth.

The Period Of The Renewal

The Good will be aware of the forthcoming 3 Days of Darkness several hours before its manifestation on earth, so they can prepare themselves in the refuges. During the 3 Days of Darkness, all natural laws will be suspended as the earth and the fallen universe will be physically and spiritually renewed. The gates of hell will be fully open on earth so the devils can collect all the evil people of the Great Tribulation to finally drag them into hell.

Then during the 3 Days of Darkness, hell will be fully locked up until the end of time, after the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace has concluded with one last battle between Good and evil at the very end before the General Resurrection. Note, the last battle at the end of the 1,000 years is meant for the future generations that were born during the Era of Peace who have never experienced the temptation of evil. This last battle is being permitted in keeping with God’s Divine Character of being Perfect Justice. So that all the generations of Adam and Eve have been equally tested as gold is refined in fire, in order to be found worthy of their heavenly reward.

Also, during the 3 Days of Darkness, the entire earth and the universe will be totally renewed, so that all resembles the Garden of Eden and the Heavens as God created all perfectly at its dawn of Creation.

Now, people need to understand something very important. The First Resurrection and Second Coming of Jesus do NOT immediately begin at the conclusion of the 3 Days of Darkness. Only Papa God knows the exact day and circumstances of His Son’s Return to earth. So, we know from the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) and other bodies of heavenly messages that there will be a brief span of time of less than a generation (likely less than 10 years), in which mankind will rebuild life on the perfect earth. This period of time is known as the Renewal and it is a distinct period of time from the Era of Peace.

During the Renewal, several things will be happening. Firstly, the Sun will be very luminous, becoming brighter every day until the Second Coming of Jesus. Secondly, mankind will finally rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem, to welcome the coming of the New Jerusalem on earth and the Return of Jesus. And, thirdly, all of mankind will be engaged in last touches of spiritually preparing for the First Resurrection. Part of this preparation involves spiritually praying for the poor souls in purgatory to finally enter Heaven. This is important because purgatory will be definitively closed (once in for all) at the First Resurrection / Second Coming of Jesus.

Moreover, all of mankind living on earth has to be spiritually prepared for entering the Sixth Chamber of holiness / Highest Heaven at the First Resurrection. The Firstfruits will have prepared the way for the masses of people, by lighting the way, as they will already be spiritually in the Sixth Chamber. So, people will be encouraged by this fact, as they finish their last spiritual touches before being transfigured / glorified by Jesus at the Second Coming.

One important note about the First Resurrection (Chapter 20, Book of Revelation). It only involves the good and holy people of God living on earth and the saints of Heaven and those poor souls in purgatory. The First Resurrection does NOT involve the evil people in hell. The evil people in hell will finally receive their human bodies at the General Resurrection at the conclusion of time, when everyone will know all aspects of the Divine Plan at the Final Coming of Jesus. It is actually a special blessing of God’s Will that He does NOT resurrect the evil people until the end of the Era of Peace in the General Resurrection, because having their physical bodies in hell actually will enhance their suffering. To my knowledge, only betrayer Judas Iscariot, the antichrist, and the false prophet will be suffering in their physical bodies throughout the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace. Note, according to private revelation, Judas Iscariot was dragged in body and soul into hell by satan after his suicide. This is why there is no burial site for Judas on the surface of the earth.

Meanwhile, after the First Resurrection, there will be 100 days of celebration for the Wedding Feast of The Lamb at the Second Coming of Jesus. Then, according to heavenly messages, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will spend three years in ministry on earth, expounding more fully the divine teachings at Holy Love Ministries. Thereafter, Jesus will return to Heaven and the glorious Era of Peace for 1,000 years will begin for mankind on the new earth.

The Era of Peace will be the complete return of a God-centered Creation: the New Heavens, the new universe and the new earth, based on the divine teachings of Jesus and His chosen Saints. In particular, the calendar and day will be Christ-centered while the universal symmetry of the Christ-centered teachings of St Francis of Assisi on Creation will be welcomed and lived among mankind.


The Immaculate Conception Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Before I finish this commentary, I need to discuss the importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Immaculate Conception in the Divine Plan of God and salvation history of mankind. This is relevant to the Wedding Feast of The Lamb, which will take place at the Second Coming of Jesus.

On December 8, 1854, Pope Pius IX declared the Universal Dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It means that the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived without sin in the womb of Her mother, in preparation for Her to become the Holy Mother of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, Who Is truly the Son of God and the Second Divine Person of the Most Holy Trinity (GOD). Specifically, the declaration stated “that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, from the first moment of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege from Almighty God and in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, was kept free of every stain of original sin.” This is a required article of faith for all Catholics, which other Christians are invited to believe.

So, what does this exactly mean, in application?

In ancient Jewish tradition, the ribs of a person is the same as a person’s spiritual heart. Thus, when Eve was created out of the rib of Adam, it is similar to saying that Eve was created out of Adam’s heart. In addition, according to private revelation, in the cavity where the rib of Adam was taken for Eve, God the Father placed all the spirits of mankind as Adam was to be the spiritual head of mankind.

However, in the Garden of Eden, at the moment that Eve called Adam to join her at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil – when the Fall of Adam and Eve (Original Sin) was about to happen – it is written in private revelation that the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity (Jesus Christ) descended in His Spirit to earth. Next, He quickly grabbed the spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Adam without his knowledge and brought her spirit to Heaven, thus, her spirit would not be tainted with Original Sin. Then, the spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved in a special holy Tabernacle in Heaven until the fullness of time, when Her spirit could be finally joined with Her physical body and Her soul at the moment of Her Immaculate Conception in the womb of Her holy mother, St Anne.

Moreover, in private revelation, it has been revealed the Blessing of God given to Abraham as the spiritual Patriarch and Father of All Nations in the Holy Bible was an actual holy object that he would carry concealed near his ribs (spiritual heart). This holy object – the Blessing of God – was connected to the future conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And so, when God wrestled Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, it is believed that this took place, so God could take back the holy object of the Blessing of Abraham to Heaven. Otherwise, the holy object would have been lost or destroyed as Jacob was to meet the next day with his twin brother, Esau, who was the firstborn son of Isaac, and whom the Blessing of God as his birthright was sold to Jacob for a bowl of lentils.

This holy object of the Blessing of God was finally returned to St Joachim, the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary, when he was praying privately in the Temple of Jerusalem. As both he and his wife, St Anne, had gone on pilgrimage to Jerusalem to pray for the blessing of a child, whom they promised to dedicate to the holy service of God. It was from this pilgrimage that indeed St Joachim and St Anne became blessed to conceive the Blessed Virgin Mary, just as the angel of God had revealed would happen to St Joachim in the Jewish Temple.

Next question, what is the significance of the Immaculate Conception?

Without the Immaculate Conception, the later blessed conception (Annunciation) of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, would not have been possible for the salvation of all mankind. This required the sinless womb of Our Holy Mother, Mary, as the first Holy Tabernacle for Our Lord, Jesus. Moreover, this required the sinless physical state of the Blessed Virgin Mary who was preserved from Original Sin and stayed sinless in life, because Jesus derived all of His sinless physical humanity, except His male gender, from His Holy Mother. (Note, I will write more about this fact in my future commentary about the Ark of the Covenant).

Now, what is important to understand is that the Blessed Virgin Mary is Above All creatures, Above All the rest of mankind and even the angels. As many saints have written, one prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary is more powerful than all the prayers of the angels and mankind combined. And in heavenly messages, Our Holy Mother has said that even at the moment of Her Immaculate Conception, She loved God more than all the holy angels and saints combined.

Why is this?

The reason that the Blessed Virgin Mary was created to love God so much greater than all the angels and mankind, is because firstly and chiefly, God needed a humble servant whom would not disappoint Him for the Annunciation of Jesus to be made possible and to take place in the fullness of time. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the only Woman whom God the Father chose for Her womb to bless the unborn Child of His Divine Son. And to guarantee that the Woman would freely say, Yes, God created the Woman to be absolutely Perfect in all manners and ways. This meant that not only was She to be Immaculate (Sinless), the Woman had to be just like God in all Her perfection and virtues.

Yes, I dare to say this. The only difference between God and the Blessed Mother Mary is that She is a creature of God with an origin based in time. So, except for God being an Eternal Being, in every other way, the Blessed Virgin Mary Is Perfect like God. She possesses all the attributes of His Divine Character and His Divine Nature As a Holy Person.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is NOT God, but She is the closest creature that will ever be created in existence in All the Perfection of God Himself.

Thus, God could be assured that Our Holy Mother Mary would say Yes (Fiat) with Her free will at the Annunciation, so the salvation of mankind and redemption of Creation would be made manifest without doubt. God created a mirror of Himself in the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This secret of the Blessed Virgin Mary is so significant to know, because She is central to the Divine Plan, and most especially, for the success of God’s Will in this End Times. This revelation explains the rationale behind all apparitions of Jesus and Holy Mary as the Divine Plan has progressed throughout the centuries. God desires to recognize the glories of His Holy Mother and His Heavenly Queen among all His children on earth. Hence, Her Immaculate Heart can Triumph in the end with Her Son’s Most Sacred Heart, as all of mankind finally recognizes the United Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

GOD’s Secret Weapon To Defeat Evil

God has a Secret Weapon to defeat satan and all of hell. It is the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a reality of God’s Plan that satan has been clueless for 2,000 years about his defeat in the End Times. Just as in a game of chess, the queen is all powerful like the king, Queen Mary is All Powerful like Papa God and His Son, Jesus. Moreover, in the game of chess, it is the queen who is most important in protecting the king from check-mate and does all the maneuvers for the success of the game. Likewise, Queen Mary has been entrusted with the Triumph of the Divine Plan and fulfilment of the Divine Kingdom on earth. So that the Divine and Immaculate Hearts can reign supreme in all hearts of mankind in the era to come, the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace.

This glorious secret of God’s Plan began to unfold in the 13th century when St Dominic de Guzmán was given the Rosary for people to pray for Holy Mary’s heavenly intercession. Then, in 1531, the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe took place, foreshadowing the coming of the Apocalypse (Chapter 12, Book of Revelation), which tragically involves abortion and other egregious errors against the sanctity of life, etc. Then, devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was revealed to St Mary Margaret of Alacoque, laying the foundation for the future revelations of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Fatima, Portugal, and then eventually, the United Hearts at Holy Love Ministries.

Although Pope Pius IX did not declare the Universal Dogma of the Immaculate Conception until 1854, Heaven gave its approval ahead of this declaration in 1830 with the apparitions of Our Holy Mother to St Catherine Labouré for the Miraculous Medal. This medal, also known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, has engraved the words, “O Mary, conceived without sin”, thus proclaiming the validity of the Immaculate Conception 24 years in advance of the official declaration of the dogma by the Catholic Church. This medal, also became known as the Miraculous Medal, due to the prolific miracles associated with its devotion and belief in its engraved prayer. Then, as further confirmation by Heaven, the Blessed Mother Mary appeared to young, naive, pleasant girl, St Bernadette Soubirous, at Lourdes, France, revealing the profound theological concept, “I am the Immaculate Conception”. This apparition took place in 1858, four years after its official declaration was proclaimed by the pope, at a time when mostly only the clergy were aware of its dogmatic declaration and understood its theological significance.

Henceforth, with these apparitions involving the Immaculate Conception, the era of modern day apparitions of Jesus and Holy Mary was inaugurated. Such apparitions did not go unnoticed by satan. This is why the Blessed Mother warned the Church and mankind at La Salette, France, in 1846, of shocking and grave revelations of the coming Apocalypse, if God’s Law (Ten Commandments) continued to be ignored and not obeyed by mankind. Yet, the masses of mankind persisted in its grave sins. This then culminated into the October 13, 1884 vision of Pope Leo XIII where the pope saw Our Lord give permission to satan to try the Church and sinful mankind for a century. As a result, Pope Leo XIII penned the famous prayer to St Michael Archangel for protection of the Catholic Church and all mankind.

However, unbeknownst to satan, Our Lord planned further help for mankind in the form of His Holy Mother Mary, His Secret Weapon. Exactly, 33 years later, the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima resulted. At Fatima, Portugal, on July 13, 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary promised through prayer of the Rosary and Consecration of Russia by the Catholic Church to Her Immaculate Heart, She would help to prevent an “annihilation of nations” and help to usher in a great Era of Peace for the entire world. Note, “annihilation of nations” later became understood to indicate a future nuclear war. Also, Holy Mother Mary revealed the chosen name of the future pope reigning during the next terrible world war and that a strange light would illuminate the sky warning of the world war if Her words were not heeded.

Then, as an universal seal of approval, God confirmed ALL the words and prophecies given by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal, as worthy of belief. On October 13, 1917, over 70,000 people gathered to witness a prophesied “Miracle of the Sun” dancing in the sky for 15 minutes. All present, including atheists, were converted, and it was written up in major newspapers, such as the New York Post.

Unfortunately, the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary failed to materialize as the Church hierarchy failed in obeying God’s commands through Holy Mother Mary. Hence, the prophecies of World War II became true under the pontificate of Pope Pius XII when the strange and unknown light was seen throughout Europe and as far west as Bermuda, the night of January 25, 1938. Less than a month later, Hitler marched the armies of Germany into Austria, starting WWII. Furthermore, at the conclusion of WWII, Russia emerged as a superpower in the world, as mankind awakened to a new reality of nuclear weapons and a Cold War fear of usage of such horrible weapons between political state foes.

Mary, Help Of All God’s Children

Nonetheless, God has continued to send help to mankind through His Holy Mother, Mary, alongside with His Divine Son, Our Savior, Jesus. In the 1930s, the devotion to God’s Divine Mercy was imparted to St Faustina Kowalski in anticipation of the many future hardships that would arise by the turn of the century and into the coming period of the Apocalypse. Later, the Flame of Love prayer became a part of the Hail Mary prayer and the Rosary, as a means of blinding satan and saving more souls. Furthermore, the Rosary of the Unborn was imparted at Holy Love Ministries to help accost the worldwide holocaust of abortion.

Meanwhile, the 1960s witnessed apparitions of Our Lady at Garabandal, Spain. Here, Our Blessed Mother revealed that God’s Cup of Wrath was overflowing and that mankind was severely negligent in its loving adoration of God the Son found in the Most Holy Eucharist – the Sacred Body and Most Precious Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ – as presented in Holy Mother Church. Our Holy Mother also announced the forthcoming Warning (Illumination of Conscience) for all mankind, and a great Miracle and great Sign for the conversion of all mankind back to God. And finally, Our Blessed Mother declared a future Great Chastisement if the whole of mankind did not return to following God’s Will and obeying God’s Law (Ten Commandments).

Unfortunately, these heavenly messages were barely noticed by mankind and resulted in little change of mankind’s errant and sinful behavior before God. Then, after the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981, it is believed that this great Marian pope prayed to Our Lady of Fatima for help for the entire human family.

This prayer of the saintly Pope John Paul II, as vicar (holy representative) of Christ on earth, on behalf of mankind, was heard by Heaven. As a month later, on the feast day of St John the Baptist, June 24, 1981, the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje to six older child visionaries began in the Bosnia and Herzegovina region of the communist country of Yugoslavia.

Over 40 years later, these daily apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje continue to this day. The heavenly messages are meant to warn and prepare mankind for several divine interventions and chastisements for the entire world. In the form of Ten Secrets that will be unveiled to mankind, they culminate in the 10th Secret, which is a Great Chastisement for the entire world and mankind, which will result in the entire renewal of the physical and spiritual universe and the planet earth.

Meanwhile, other heavenly messages have been imparted by Heaven to further prepare and mitigate the effects of the coming Apocalypse. The most notable messages and prayers being given to 7th messenger, Maria Divine Mercy, as the Book of Truth. The gift of the Book of Truth in the End Times was prophesied by the Prophet Daniel in the Old Testament (Holy Bible) over 2,500 years ago. In the Book of Truth, Heaven prophesies the coming of the false prophet and antichrist of the Book of Revelation, along with other End Times prophecies, culminating in the Return of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Second Coming – an ever-Glorious Event that will happen in the lives of many people in this current generation.

Mary As Advocate, Co-Redemptress, And Mediatrix Of All Grace

Just as the Infant Child Jesus was a tiny gift unwrapped by His Holy Mother Mary at the Annunciation – who was acting on behalf of the entirety of mankind and his ultimate redemption; likewise, the tiny gift of Fatima – the recognition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Immaculate Conception along with Her Immaculate Heart in the Divine Plan – was supposed to be unwrapped for the benefit of the entirety of mankind and his ultimate redemption, by the Consecration of Russia by the Catholic Church. Yet, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church – acting as a proxy for the rest of mankind – failed to properly do so. Had they done so, the history of the past bloody century of war, violence and grave misjudgments in sin would have been far different, for the better, and mankind would have already entered into the great Era of Peace. As a result, the sinful errors by all of mankind against the Ten Commandments, and pointed out by Our Lady of La Salette in 1846, continue to grow unabated for, accelerating in the world. Especially, in this century of time given over to satan and his greatest temptations of evil as mankind teeters on the cusp of the Apocalypse – its Great Tribulation and the unveiling of the antichrist, the son of satan, in all his diabolical terror and horrors.

Why is Our Mother Mary deserving of so much universal honor and respect? It is because She is Advocate, Co-Redemptress, and Mediatrix of All Grace of all mankind. Not only did Our Holy Mother cooperate in the Divine Plan at the Annunciation, She cooperated every moment of Her earthly life in fulfilling the Divine Will, as She continues to do so as Our Queen of Heaven and earth.

Holy Mary is the first Advocate, second only to Her Son, Jesus, before God the Father, in whom all Her prayers are answered for Her beloved children, all of mankind, given to Her at the Cross. Recall, the power of Her prayers and intentions are worth in merit more than all the angels and mankind combined. Holy Mary is also Co-Redemptress of the human family, as She suffered mystically all aspects of the Passion and Crucifixion of Her Divine Son, Jesus. This great act also merited Holy Mary to be called the best Advocate before God the Father, next only to Her Son. Finally, Holy Mary, as declared “full of grace” by the Angel of the Annunciation, is Mediatrix of All Grace, whom dispenses graces to mankind as God sees fit. She is given this title, honor, and role as God’s all-powerful Queen of His Divine Kingdom.

Thus, Immaculate Mary is the First Christian, Role Model and Example Par Excellence, for the rest of God’s children.

This is why it is tragic the denial of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, acting on behalf of all mankind, the due universal honor and utmost respect of Our Holy Mother in the design of the Divine Plan, Her placement in mankind’s salvation history, and Her role within the Divine Kingdom. There is a fundamental lack of understanding of how great Our Queen truly is as a human person and creature of God.

Immaculate Mary is truly the Most Beloved Daughter of the First Person of the Most Holy Trinity, God the Father. Immaculate Mary is truly the Most Blessed Mother of the Divine Son, Jesus, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. Immaculate Mary is truly the Most Beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity. All of this is due to Her free will Yes (Fiat) at the Annunciation when Her Immaculate Heart became sealed for all-eternity to the Most Sacred and Divine Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity.


The Highest Heaven: The Sixth Chamber of Holiness

The Ultimate Goal that all of mankind should spiritually aspire towards achieving is the Sixth Chamber of Personal Holiness. This is the Highest Heaven as taught by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, at Holy Love Ministries. It is the result of the progressively deepening spiritual journey into the Chambers of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, that culminates into Unitive Love in the Paternal Heart of God the Father – Papa God. The First Chamber is purgative and involves the purifying Flame of Love found in the Immaculate Heart of Holy Mother Mary. Then, in the subsequent Chambers, the person – his soul – ventures deeper into unity with Jesus in His Most Sacred Heart, all the while becoming closer to Papa God and His Divine Love. Then, if successful, the soul gains eventual complete unity with the Divine Will of the Most Holy Trinity in Their United Hearts, either in this earthly life or in the afterlife.

Also, the heavenly teachings at Holy Love Ministries reveal that the first Three Chambers of the United Hearts in earthly life correspond to purgatory in the afterlife. This means, at a minimum, souls dwell at least spiritually in the Fourth Chamber in the afterlife, which is the minimum level of Heaven. Moreover, the Most Chaste Heart of St Joseph, the Foster Father of Jesus and earthly spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, acts as the “antechamber” to the United Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This means that St Joseph has a pivotal role in helping people – souls – in gaining entry into the Immaculate Heart of his beloved spouse, Mary, and in persevering within this spiritual journey in earthly life. For this reason, St Joseph is the second greatest Saint in all of Heaven. St Joseph, also known as the Terror of demons and Patron of a happy death, is also the Restrainer in Sacred Scriptures who has kept the antichrist from entering Holy Mother Church and being seated on the chair of St Peter. (Chapter 2, 2nd Letter to the Thessalonians)

The heavenly teachings of the spiritual journey at Holy Love Ministries are so significant for people to know about and follow, because they are the Precious Thoughts of God the Father for how His wayward children are to return to His Paternal Bosom and His Divine Will. This spiritual journey IS Heaven’s answer and antidote in response to the lost and hungry souls seeking God in the aftermath of The Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience). It is the ultimate spiritual roadmap to the greatest and highest treasure of eternal life, Unitive Love in Union with the Paternal Heart of Papa God.

The “ancient, yet salvific” teachings of the spiritual journey at Holy Love Ministries are also the foundation of the faith that Jesus is calling us to have in our hearts at His Second Coming. In Sacred Scriptures, Jesus asks us, if He will find faith when He returns to earth, in His Second Coming? As His Return is likened to a thief in the night. Jesus also provides the parable of the ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom in the night as an example of His Return.

Gospel of St Matthew
Chapter 25, Verses 1-13
The Parable of the Ten Virgins

25 “At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. 2 Five of them were foolish and five were wise. 3 The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. 4 The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. 5 The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep. 6 “At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’ 7 “Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. 8 The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’ 9 “‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’ 10 “But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. 11 “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’ 12 “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’ 13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

The parable of the ten virgins is based on ancient Jewish bridal tradition. As this parable is so significant to understand, I am including here a description of the ancient Jewish bridal customs, before I elaborate more fully on the parable’s meaning for today.

Tradition: Ancient Jewish Bridal Customs

In ancient times, the Hebrew father of the bridegroom would choose the son’s bride. The son would honor his father’s choice and the arrangement plans would begin. The terms of the wedding covenant (ketubah) were negotiated by the fathers of the bridegroom and the bride. The father of the bridegroom was expected to pay the bride price (mohar) to the bride’s family, along with bridal gifts (mattan). Once accepted, a cup of wine was shared to seal the marriage covenant. Henceforth, the couple was considered legally to be married, but without sexual union yet. The bride resided with her family until the time of the wedding ceremony.

While betrothed, the bridegroom would then begin to build the new home, usually on family property, for the couple. Usually, there would be an one-two year wait until the father of the bridegroom would be satisfied that the couple’s new home was “good enough”. Meantime, the couple would prepare to be called at any moment by the bridegroom’s father for the wedding ceremony. In particular, the bride would participate in a rite of immersion (mikvah), which is a ceremonial cleansing similar to baptism, in anticipation of being ready for the wedding.

Finally, when the father of the bridegroom decided that all was in order, he would have his servants start putting together the things needed. He would have the shofars (type of trumpet) blown, and send the word out that the wedding was about to happen. All of this would take place at night. And as customary, one of the bridegroom’s men would go ahead of the bridegroom, leading the way to the bride’s house, shouting, “Behold, the bridegroom comes”. While the father would say to his son, “Go and get your bride!”. Finally, when the bride would get the word, she would run to meet the bridegroom and together they would head for the wedding ceremony.

Next, there would be a short wedding ceremony. Then the bride and bridegroom would retire to the bridal chamber (chadar) that he had prepared, and the friend of the bridegroom, the best man, would stand by the door. When the marriage had been consummated, the bridegroom would shout in his joy and the best man would relay the good news to the guests. This then began a week long celebration by the guests and the first week of the couple being alone together in the bridal chamber.

Finally, the marriage banquet, also called the wedding feast or marriage festival, would be celebrated between the new couple with all their family and friends. At this feast, a second cup of wine (simcha) would be shared with the bride drinking after the bridegroom. Thus, the wedding covenant (ketubah) would be fully completed.

The Triumph: The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb

While the ancient Jewish bridal customs can be studied for many parallels in biblical Christianity and the events of the End Times, I want to focus on the moment when the bridegroom finally returns to call his beloved bride to be with him for the wedding ceremony and the accompanying feast are to finally take place. The moral of the parable of the ten virgins is that believers in God and followers of His Divine Son, Jesus, must be ready at every moment for the Return of Jesus, which will happen at the least expected moment in time. Moreover, preparation involves purifying oneself of sin by striving for greater holiness and deeper friendship in God. This involves incorporating the spiritual journey at Holy Love Ministries as a lifelong commitment of our personal holiness and conversion to God. As a result, our wedding garments – our souls – will become “pure white without blemish” so that, when the true Bridegroom, Jesus, returns for His beloved Bride, the Church, which means Christians (people of good will), we will be confident of our blessed salvation in Him, as He raises us up for full union with God.

This is precisely the heightened euphoria, elation and bliss the 144,000 Firstfruits will experience in their Warning (Illumination of Conscience) encounter with Our Lord. Having purified themselves of sin and selfishness through prayer, sacrifice and tears, they have been found worthy and deserving of full union with His Most Sacred Heart. Thus, as the first ones of the human family, God will elevate them spiritually to the Sixth Chamber of holiness, the Highest Heaven, as the prime example of what the rest of mankind is capable of achieving, too. They will also be transfigured and glorified with an immaculate physical body, which means there will no longer be a spiritual or physical barrier between their soul and full unity in their love of the Most Holy Trinity. The Holy Presence of the Holy Spirit will be so strong in them, each of the Firstfruits will be immaculate like the saints and holy angels in Heaven – they will be incapable of sinning anymore against God. They will experience the completeness of Unitive Love in God, similar to Adam and Eve BEFORE their unfortunate Fall into Original Sin in the Garden of Eden.

In the Book of Revelation (Chapter 21), it speaks of the Mystical City of God, the New Jerusalem. This Mystical City of God, the New Jerusalem, is the Bride of The Lamb, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Bride is the Mystical Body of Jesus, otherwise known as the Church, of which, the 144,000 Firstfruits are the first participants of this heavenly glory – complete unity in Unitive Love with the Most Holy Trinity. However, the rest of mankind who chooses to serve and obey the Lord will partake of this glory, too, at the First Resurrection / Second Coming of Jesus. It is then that all of mankind – all the good souls – will joyfully attend their invitation to the Wedding Feast of The Lamb, as Jesus weds His Mystical Bride, the Church. It will be a time of great jubilation for all those who love God.

Now, I would be remiss if I did not write about Our Holy Mother Mary here. As stated, Holy Mary is the First Christian, Role Model and Example Par Excellence, for the rest of God’s children. In private revelation, it has been revealed that Our Blessed Mother is also known as the Mystical City of God and the principal Holy Tabernacle of the New Jerusalem. Thus, it is with great gladness that God’s children will cheerfully seek to become living tabernacles, overflowing in love of the Most Holy Trinity, in imitation of Our Holy Mother Mary. This is why the song of the 144,000 Firstfruits will be an ode of love to Immaculate Mary, in sincere gratitude and deep love of Her Chief Example as First Disciple, Beloved Queen and Beloved Spouse of God.

Furthermore, it is with great joy that I am able to reveal this heavenly secret to mankind. At the Coronation of Our Blessed Mother Mary in Heaven, another unique, special, holy ceremony took place. It was the Royal Wedding Feast of Immaculate Mary and the Holy Spirit, Whom became Her Beloved Eternal Spouse at the Annunciation. The Royal Wedding Ceremony was presided by God the Father with Our Lord, the Divine Son, Jesus Christ, as Best Man to the Holy Spirit. Thus, God’s children will truly follow Our Blessed Mother in imitation of all heavenly matters, as we wed Her Divine Son, Jesus, at the Second Coming, just as Immaculate Mary wed the Holy Spirit at Her Coronation.

This IS the UNIVERSAL TRIUMPH of the United Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


In concluding words, as I prayed to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, for permission to release this commentary on the blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, my Jesus shared with me that Papa God willed for His beloved children to return to Him and His Paternal Bosom. With outstretched Arms, Papa Is calling each of His children to repent and pray in reparation for sin – theirs and the sins of others. Only in this way, can the universal Chastisement be alleviated for the entire world, mankind.

God loves each one of His children – mankind living on earth. Papa desires to help each one of us who are seeking for Him. Papa welcomes us as He asks that we turn to the Divine Light of His Son, Jesus Christ, found in the Catholic Church established by His Son. In this way, fortified by the Seven Sacraments, especially, the Most Holy Eucharist – The Living Body and Blood of His Son, Jesus – we will be able to run and complete the good race of our earthly lives, ending in the joy of Heaven and the beatific vision of God. I love you and I bless you. Papa.

Finally, as with all my commentaries, I do not claim perfect discernment. But, my hope ever-continues to be that I have faithfully written the words that my Beloved Lord has desired me to share with you all, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray that you all are blessed by this writing from my heart.

I love you,
a soul

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— (Fr Ignatius Mary Okoroji) (2020)


Ron Wyatt, discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

A Soul of Mary Refuge Of Souls

Video – Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Speaks About Covid-19 Vaccines And Following The Church Magisterium – MaryRefugeOfSouls

November 5, 2022

Blessings dear beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, recently rediscovered an important video that had been worked on last year, but I had not gotten the opportunity to place it on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. The video is about the Covid-19 vaccines and following the Church Magisterium. It is based on a message given by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in April 2021. So, the video has been updated and finally finished. And I am very pleased to be finally presenting it to you all for your consideration.

Both this video and my video on healing those with the Covid-19 vaccines can only be found on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, and my Brighteon video channel. Unfortunately, I cannot place them on YouTube due to censorship issues. However, if you are ever searching for a video created by me, “a soul”, you can find them all on my Brighteon channel.

Finally, I am including in this blog post, the PDF documents for both videos. This is for those who prefer to read the content instead of watching the videos. It is also for those who want to translate the materials.

God bless and
Much love JMJ,
a soul

Children of the Renewal – Jesus Christ – “You are concerned for family members, friends and all who have taken the vaccine – It is against My Will for man to embed a genetic manipulation into My creatures that will negatively impact one’s health”

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Speaks About Covid-19 Vaccines And Following The Church Magisterium (56 pages / 56 frames)

VIDEO – JESUS Speaks About Covid-19 Vaccines And Following The Church Magisterium (14:13 minutes)

Life-Saving Video – GOD will heal People of the Covid-19 vaccines – MaryRefugeOfSouls (56 pages / 56 frames)

LIFE-SAVING VIDEO – GOD will Heal People of the Covid-19 vaccines – MaryRefugeOfSouls (14:21 minutes)

Children of the Renewal; Feb 27, 2022

February 27, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is a great blessing to be here with You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion yesterday and today. What a great joy to receive You in the Eucharist. Praise and thank You Lord for all You went through to give us this precious Sacrament. Oh, Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine; all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. Lord, there is much unrest in the world and now war. Oh, Jesus, I pray You will move Pope Francis’ heart in a miraculous way to decide to do as Our Blessed Mother asked at Fatima and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lord, I don’t understand why it was not done and even more curious why our beloved Pope St. John Paul II did not do the consecration, either. Sometimes I think if he didn’t, no one will since he so loved the most pure holy Mother of God. He even credited Her with saving his life. Lord, regardless, I pray that through this most recent calamity and tragedy, Pope Francis’ heart will be moved and he will make the waited for and long prayed for the consecration of Russia. Then, we will experience real and lasting peace, just as Our Lady said. Then, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph over sin and darkness and the earth will truly know the peace of Christ. Oh, Jesus move him to do this. Please God!

“My child, My child, many prayers are needed to answer this request and this is a bleak time, for mankind’s hearts have grown cold and hard as stone. There are not enough of My children praying, My child and even fewer who pray for this intention. My children must awaken. The scales must be removed from their eyes. Countless people do not even know about My Mother and the plan I have for Her, let alone the great role She has in bringing Me into the world. Her prayers alone hastened My coming. My children do not even listen to Her and My children know Me!”

Yes, Lord but if the Blessed Mother’s prayers alone hastened Her coming, can Her prayers move the heart of the Pope to make the consecration of Russia to Her heart? Blessed Mother, please pray hard and intercede for your poor children on earth for we will be unable to withstand so much violence in these days of nuclear weapons and biological warfare. Oh, purest Mother, Mother of the entire human race, because God Wills Your maternal role, please ask God the Father for this consecration and may it be done, soon. Blessed Mother, you are in the center of the very Will of God. He will do as You request, but please request this soon, dearest Mother. Yes, it would be a miracle, but it is not too much to ask, especially since God wants this. I sense a great silence on your part, Mother Mary. I am sure you have requested this many times, perhaps even prior to the request at Fatima but Mother, we need this to prevent a full scale war upon the earth (WW3). Doesn’t Pope Francis see this? If not, please open his eyes and his heart soon, Lord.

“My little one, more prayers are needed. I have asked My people to pray more Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets, to participate in Holy Mass, receive Me frequently in Holy Communion, to repent, go to Confession and change their ways to walk in My ways, and this goes unheeded—even by My Children of Light. This must occur. My children are also in need of conversion. Make this Lenten Season the best one in your lives, My children. Fast, pray, frequent the Sacraments and observe the precepts. Do as I ask. Pray from your hearts, My children. Be love and mercy to others. Do not be like those who say, ‘I don’t know anyone in Ukraine. It is far from my home. What does war in that part of the world matter to me?’ Do not think this way, My children. This is blindness and it is irrational for a Christian to think this. You are all brothers and sisters. This distance is not at issue. To God, how far do you think another country is—one from the other? It is like another neighborhood in the same town, My children. It is even as close as your next-door neighbor to Me. They are My children, also. They matter to Me and to all of Heaven. You must be like Me and realize each person’s life matters. If you do not think this way you must really question whether you are a true Christian or one in name only. Reflect on this and examine yourselves.”

“My child, My child, you plead with me to stop this war and My heart is moved, My child. My children have been told how to stop wars. My Mother explained this at Fatima and at other apparition sites when She explained the prayer of the Rosary from the heart can stop wars. My children, you must finally realize it is through this prayer that wars will stop. Spread the word to everyone you know and to those you don’t know that a Rosary crusade throughout the world is needed now. Do this all of My Children of Light. Organize yourselves and pray for the Consecration of Russia. My child, you must get this message out as soon as possible. My invitations, My direction, My Mother’s requests all over the world go largely unheeded. Oh, what will it take, My people to listen to Heaven, to God Himself, and do as we ask for your own good. You act like little disobedient children who want only candy to eat and no nourishing foods and when they are told ‘no’ stomp their feet and throw a tempter tantrum to get another piece of candy. You must grow up now My children and begin to trust the wisdom of God, your Father. The nourishment is the Eucharist and the prayer of the Rosary properly disposes you to the wisdom of God. I take up residence in you during Holy Communion and I want to bestow many graces and much wisdom on you, but you go about your busy lives from one event to the next leaving yourselves no time to pray. Prayer is a necessity, My children. It should not be an afterthought, but rather the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do in the evening before retiring to bed. It is not too much to ask of you MY children, to pray the Rosary only two times per day. If you will not do so, those who love Me, who will? This is the problem, My children. You begin for a while, then revert to your former ways. Where is your trust in Me? Where is your love? Why do you allow your love to grow cold, My children? Meditate on My passion and death and you will see the great price I paid for you to have eternal life, to have the Sacraments, the Church, your family in Heaven. What little I ask of you and what little My Mother asks and yet you think it is too much. If you were being threatened with war on your borders, you would pray, would you not? Of course you would. Why will you not pray now so this doesn’t happen? Why will you not pray for the Ukrainian people and all others who are victims of war and violence? My children, examine yourselves and your priorities. What more could you be doing for your Jesus who loves you? Ask Me and I will show you, My children of Light. Are you striving to do the Will of God? Are you asking for this great gift in your lives? Do you want to live My Divine Will? Do you want to live lives of holiness? Are you loving everyone around you and especially your family to the best of your ability? Are you demonstrating your love for God, by loving your neighbor? Do your children know you by your love? Reflect on these questions in prayer and ask Me for guidance. I will help you, My children. You must decide for God now, My children. You must truly live lives of holiness, peace, mercy and love. Soon, there will be no more time to waste and soon a decision will be made. No decision is the same as deciding for evil, My children. Follow Me. Take you your cross and follow Me. Offer the small inconveniences in life to Me, united on My cross. Cease grumbling and instead praise God for everything comes from the Will of God, except evil. Pray, pray, pray My children. Pray now while you still can pray.”

Thank You, Jesus. Help us, Lord to do all that You ask. Forgive us for our complacency. Forgive me for the times I could have been praying but was doing something else of no value. Help me to realize and to be aware of the urgency of our times and your beautiful and simple requests to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet every day (at least two times) and to change my behavior and my way of thinking to rightly order my priorities in union with Your Will. Save us Savior of the world for by Your cross and resurrection, You have set us free. You are the Savior of the World. Praise You, my Lord and my God. I love You!

“And I love you. That is all for now, My little lamb. I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace. Offer your suffering and your sacrifices to Me for peace in the world. May this be your Lenten focus; and end to all violence, peace, and the Consecration of Russia to My Mother’s Immaculate Heart. Go in My love, My children.”

Thank You, Lord. Amen!

Children of the Renewal; Feb 20,2022

February 20, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Good morning, my Adorable Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe, hope, adore, trust in and love You. May all people come to know and to love You, sweet loving Savior of the world. Please stir in all consciences and souls the desire to know and love You, God. Pour out Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. Blessed Mother of Our Lord and my Mother guide us to Your Divine Son, Jesus. Take our hands and lead us through this valley of tears that is becoming treacherously dangerous. Cover all your children with Your holy blue mantle of protection, wisdom and love. Give us, Your poor little children a share in Your virtues. Actually, Mother give us all of Your virtues, since You have an unlimited measure of grace and virtue. Dearest heavenly Mother, remake my heart, my soul and my mind into the daughter that God the Father created me to be. Restore me and renew me by Your love, Your wisdom, oh Seat of Wisdom, Your purity, Your holiness and ask the Blessed Trinity to recreate me so that I will be united to our Lord God, just as Adam and Eve were before the fall in the Garden of Eden. Oh, sweet Trinity, Most Holy Trinity, purify and cleanse me of everything that is of the world and of my will so lacking in love and give me Your most holy Will instead. I submit myself and all that I have, do, say and own to Your holy Will to use as You Will. Thank You, Blessed Trinity, 3 persons in One God that You not only one day will allow us to share in Your heavenly kingdom, but thank You that You have enabled us to live this kingdom in the cenacle of our souls now. I pray for this Divine Will to take up residence within me so that I will one day actually live as if I was living in Heaven now. In this way, You will live the heroic love through me, Lord that You directed me to pray for and to desire. Oh, my beloved who is also my God, make my heart a flame of pure love for Thee. Oh, how long I have prayed this simple prayer, Jesus and You are allowing this to begin to sprout after decades of anchoring this seed in my tiny, unfertile soil. I believe You are fertilizing, watering and amending the soil in my soul now, Lord for some reason and I am most grateful, holy God! You love even the most flawed, imperfect, small, uneducated and simple one to be open to the love where You work the soil and create the opportunity for each creature to become a new creation! What an amazing, beautiful, majestic, loving and holy God we have! Thank You, Lord!

Lord, God I bring each and every person who is ill before You, especially my beloved friend (name withheld), all who are on the church prayer lists, (name withheld) and every soul in the world who is suffering in any way (especially the elderly and the youth) for (name withheld), Jesus and I lay them at the foot of Your Holy Cross. Do as You will for them, Lord because Your Will is loving, holy and perfect. I entrust every friend, relative and all of my loved ones to You Father, my benevolent Father. Give each one everything he or she needs to come to Your heavenly kingdom and also give them the graces to live this kingdom now, here on earth in their souls. May the whole world come to union with the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit so that Your kingdom will come on Earth as in Heaven just as Jesus, the God Man said it would and asked us to pray in the Our Father. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Oh, how happy the soul who entrusts all to You!

“My child, My child, My littlest child, thank You for the gift of your praise, your prayers and your loving requests. Do not be concerned with writing this, My little lamb. Accept what I am saying and write for the good of all souls. I love each one uniquely and have much joy in each one who gives Me praise and thanks. I am generous beyond measure and I shower My children with blessings and graces for even the smallest advancement in the spiritual life. It is the effort and the desire that matter to Me, My child. One day you will know how many graces and with what joy I bestow them on souls who desire to grow in their love of Me. My child, My little one, you have persevered in your love for Me through the many storms and trials I have sent to you. Some of these trials, I allowed, and some I sent directly, but always, always you have been in the palm of My saving hand. My little daughter I have been walking beside you and working in you, even when you fell, I helped you to stand again. You have said you sensed a turning point after the accident. These words spoken to your sister were true. My Holy Spirit planted this thought in your heart because of the work I am doing in your soul, and also in your heart and your mind. It is just the beginning, My child but you are entering yet a new phase of development. Several of My children are also entering this new phase and it is what I desire for all of My Children of Light. This is a prerequisite to living in the Era of Peace, or the Age of Obedience and Love. My child, I am inviting others to request and to desire this for their souls for it is needed and indeed it is Willed by the Blessed Trinity since before time. Learn to live united to Me, My child and to be of one heart, one mind and one movement with God. This is the essence of the Unity Payer you have been so fond of and have been praying and desiring in your heart. My child, these are not just words. They are My words, they are My desire. My word is creative. My word goes forth and transforms and creates a thing, a person, a place, all matter and even that which is not yet matter into the words I proclaim. Thus, the Father brought the world into being. God’s word is power, life, light, truth, beauty, and always good. Therefore, the Unity Prayer serves to transform souls into beautiful brides of Christian perfect union with God. This is why satan is blinded by this prayer when prayed with love. He is unable to look upon Me and when souls pray this prayer he is unable to look at you or even to see the place where you are. Please ask more souls to pray the Unity Prayer and to long for union with the Most Holy Trinity, specifically to be in union with the Divine Will, God’s Will. Children of My heart, in this way you will live peacefully through the coming chastisements. Your gaze will be focused on God and not on the world which has become a mockery of God and a hotbed of sin and corruption. You will seek only the Will of God and you will all love your fellow man with the love of God. You will live the Holy Gospel of My Son, Jesus Christ, My daughter. When My children are in the refuges, the final transformation will take place within your souls, you will truly put on the mind of Christ and will be guided in miraculous ways by the Power of the Holy Spirit. This will be so to prepare you to dwell in the Era of Peace. Children, listen to Me. Do pray for the renewal of your commitment to living the Christian life, the desire for holiness and the desire to be in My Divine Will. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Ask and you shall receive. Trust in Me, My children. Truly there is no other way. I am the Way, My little ones. Trust in Me and follow Me. The time is coming soon and it is already on the doorstep, when you will enter the Time of Great Trials spoken about in Scripture and by the prophets of old. This generation will enter into this time of trials and persecution. It is already here, but it is the beginning. These trials, endured with loving acceptance, will bring more glory to God. You, My children, made in My image and likeness, will shine with My glory when you patiently and heroically endure the trials. Embrace this cross, My children. Remember how I embraced the cross on which I was to be crucified. Even through My intense suffering, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the abuse by the Roman soldiers and most of the Jews, I looked forward to the cross. Yes, I loved life. Any friends, My most holy and pure Mother Mary, My relatives, My homeland, and all that is good, but I loved your salvation and your precious souls even more. I knew that I had come for this, to be crucified, to die and to rise again, so that one day all could live in the Father’s kingdom forever. But, this is not all, My children. You must follow Me. You must walk the way of the cross, also since no disciple is greater than their master. Realize that after the cross and the tomb comes the power of the resurrection. You, too will rise. Thank nothing of the cost, My children. Think only of what I have already paid for you and be willing to live the hour of the passion coming to the Church and the world, but first the Church (and that has already begun) in imitation of and in union with Me, your Jesus. In this way, you will be in union with the Sacred and Blessed Trinity for We are one God. When one is in union with one of the 3 persons of the Trinity, one is in union with all 3, one God, three persons. Believe My Children of Light. Believe in Me. Trust in Me. Live only for Me and you will learn what it is to truly be in union with Me. This is My desire. This is My Will. You must die to yourself, to your own wills, My Children of Light. You will not lose yourselves, for you will then become your true self. The person you were created to be, more fully alive and one with the spirit of the Lord. Children, do not scoff at this. When Adam and Eve were created, they not only dwelled in the Garden of Eden, but they walked with God. This means they were in union, perfect union with God’s Will. They were endowed with great beauty, reason, intelligence, wisdom and peace. They wanted for nothing, only to serve God and to be in trusted friendship with God. The secrets of the universe were revealed to them by Me. They were entrusted with being parents to the entire human race. Great favor was shown to them and a multitude of blessings and graces. Having all this, perfect virtue, a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, complete trust, they fell to the temptation to fully understand ‘good and evil’. My children, they already fully understood good. They did not know evil, however. It was this they chose when they decided to disobey their beloved Father. They wanted to know evil. This knowing is much more than an intellectual knowing. This word ‘know’ means to be intimately aware of evil. This is what was chosen over all I had given them. This is what people choose today when worldly power, affluence, notoriety, fame and fortune are put in a higher place than to know, love and serve God. This is the same sin of pride Adam and Eve committed. Turn your backs on this intimacy with evil, My poor lost children and choose goodness, life, truth and love. Choose God, My poor creatures and no longer follow the evil one and his minions. All who choose to follow My adversary will follow him into the eternal fires of hell. This is not My Will. My Will is for your good, for the best, for My beloved children to have the best of everything, heaven. That is My Will and I died for you to have Heaven. But, My beloved children, out of a great, infinite respect, you were created with free will. This is because it is much greater to choose freely to love. If one was created with no choice, no free will, you could not freely choose to love God, but would instead love out of no choice. My children, that would not be real love. That would be a form of slavery. Since I am all good and will the highest good for you out of My great, infinite love, I cannot create in this way. Slavery is an evil and is not possible for the perfection and love of God. Therefore, mankind was created by and for love—a freely chosen love. Therefore, do not misuse your human will by choosing evil and death. Instead choose true life—a life and a share in the Spirit and life of God. My Children of Light, I am preparing you with everything to persevere to the end. Read Holy Scripture. Frequent Mass, Confession and receive (in the state of grace) Holy Communion as often as possible for your unity with Me, for your growth in holiness and for the protection of your soul. Have no fear. I will give each person, each soul exactly what is needed in life and to endure the trials. The closer you come to Me, the less severe the trials will seem. You will then be able to help the others, those I send to you, those you meet, to also endure. My children, you will not only endure but united to and with Me and in the Will of God, you will also be triumphant. This is how My Mother’s army will crush satan. My Mother’s heel—Her children will do so guided by Her, the Mother of the Church, perfectly united with God. You will become little Marys and little Jesuses united to the Divine Will in the heart of the Trinity. In this way, the Holy Spirit will come like a fire and renew the face of the earth. The soldiers, children of Mary will transition into the Era of Peace and you will live in the heart of God rebuilding society, raising children in the new era and populating the earth with more and more souls filled with the love of God. The serpent did not destroy My plan for the world. He is unable to do so for I AM God. The plan will be fulfilled and creation will be restored according to My plan. Have no fear, embrace the trials as they come and they will surely come with faith in God, trust in the Savior and through the Power of My Holy Spirit. All will be well, My children. All will be well. Take up your arms, the holy Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Sacraments, Scripture and all truths of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which will guide you in how you are to live. Be at peace. Be love. Be mercy. Follow Me. All will be well.”

“My little one, the time you have learned about is here. Resume the order in your life that I have taught you. Rise each day and pray with your husband, My son (name withheld). I have chosen him for you and you for him. Live as I instructed you. I will guide you through each adversity. Be thankful for every suffering and trial through which I have brought you for these have served to prepare you. You would not have been able to endure the trials had you not been tested and proved through fire. Now you will be prepared for the mission I give to you. Do not complain about anything for all is sent and allowed by My loving Providence. If it is storming and you are caught outside in it, praise the Lord. If you are ill, praise Me. If those you love suffer, comfort them, care for them and praise Me. Give voice to all suffering by praising the Eternal Father who knows and sees to your every need. For those who follow and trust in Him everything is done in and through you so that you can more perfectly fulfill the power I have for you and you will then lead others as they fulfill the plans I have for them. Your family members have endured much in their lives. All of Heaven intercedes for your family. Your parents and grandparents pray especially hard with an intense love and with much gratitude for each and every one of you. You cannot comprehend the depth of My love, nor even the depth of love of your family and friends in Heaven, for their love has been perfected in the beatific vision where all dwell in the Divine Will. Be joyful that this is so. Be aware of the great responsibility that your siblings and their spouses have been entrusted with as you enter into this time in salvation history that the saints of old longed to see. You will not only see it, you will live it. Do not dread this time for you possess the graces needed and you possess the love of God, My children, by My love I even allow you to possess Me, the Creator of the universe, the Holy and Most Perfect Trinity. Therefore, you see there is nothing at all to fear. The time is coming and will soon arrive for another persecution. Yes, My children, what you have already experienced were labor pains. The real and true labor, the one that brings new birth is about to begin or rather is about to come over you. You will experience this pain and suffering, united to My passion and it will bring about your perfection (spiritual). I will see to your needs, not your wants but your needs and you will bring glory to God. This is necessary, this Time of Great Trials, My children because of the depth of spiritual and moral depravity to which mankind has descended. Many souls no longer resemble My image but instead have chosen the image of My adversary, the beast. Many more will formally choose the evil one and will even want to be physically marked to enjoy all the ‘world’ has to offer; power, prestige, material goods and even the false promise to never die. This is the same temptation presented to Adam and Eve so it is only predictable that the evil one and the one taking his place on earth, the antichrist will offer the same false promises. You however, Children of Light will choose eternal salvation instead. Everything else will be given to you and truly you will have even more for I aim to restore the earth to the original and perfect plan, that of creation in all its beauty and harmony with God. All people and creatures, yes even animals and insects will be in harmony with God. The world will be renewed by the Power of My Holy Spirit and it will be recreated. Do not fear. I have already won the victory over sin and death. Remain in Me, My Children of Light and one day soon you will be the Children of the Renewal. Be at peace. Focus on loving and serving now. I am with you. I am with My Church. My little one, go now in peace in union with Me. I bless you both, in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now walking in the light of My love. All will be well. Trust in Me.”

Amen, Lord. Alleluia. Praise and glory to God on high Who was, is and Who is to come.

Children of the Renewal: Message Feb 13, 2022

February 13, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus clothed in the Eucharist, veiled in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It is wonderful to be here with You. Thank You for this great gift, Lord! Thank You for Confession and Holy Mass. Thank You for Holy Communion. Praise You, Lord God for all You created for us. Thank You for Your mercy and Your love. Thank You for the faithful throughout the world. Help all to pray and to hope in You, Lord. I pray for all who stand for freedom and human dignity. Protect them, Lord and help them to hope in You. You are the answers to all life’s problems, Lord. You are the way the truth and the light. ‘Save us, Savior of the world for by Your cross and resurrection, You have set us free.’ Thank You for the many friends who contacted me providing words of consolation and love, and for their prayers. Thank You for guiding me through such rough waters. You are my lifeboat; Jesus and I am most grateful to You for the many signs You provided so that we could see Your hand and Your Will in a horrible (seemingly) situation. I am so grateful for Your love, Your presence and that of the Blessed Mother. Lord, I understand that You always Will the good for souls. I trust You in all things, Jesus. Not just when times are good or things are fine, but in all times, Lord. You are my God, my Father, my King and I am Your little creature, Your child, Your friend and subject. Continue to teach me Your holy ways, Lord which are far above and beyond what my little mind and heart can grasp and yet I thank You for the insights Youi give me, Jesus so that I can understand in my little way.

Lord, I bring to You all the people in need of prayer; those who are ill, dying, lonely, grieving and afraid. Please comfort and console (name withheld) and (name withheld) during his illness. May all who suffer from and are battling cancer, Alzheimer’s, renal failure, neurological disorders, adverse reactions from the shot and from all harmful substances, birth defects, genetic disorders, musculoskeletal diseases, auto-immune disorders and all debilitating diseases be brought to You on the throne in Heaven and to You in this Most Blessed Sacrament for healing and conversion. Oh, Lord we believe You are the great physician and You are our Lord and Savior. You are the remedy for all life’s ills and for all the ills of society. You are the answer, Lord to evil for You are the good. Shine the light of truth into the hearts that are very dark, Lord so they will see Your light and they will know truth. Free souls from the bondage, the slavery Your adversary has brought into the world. Lord, may Your kingdom come on earth and may we love as if we were living in Heaven now. Praise and thank You, Lord God for You are deserving of all honor, glory, worship and praise.

“Thank you, My child, My little one. I accept your praise and your prayers. It is good to be with you and My son. I was waiting for your visit as I await all of My children. Thank you for answering My call, My invitation to be with Me. Oh, what graces I bestow in the souls of those who come to Me in Adoration. I am planting many fruit bearing seeds in the souls of My children who adore Me in My Eucharistic presence. I am here in My Eucharistic presence out of My great love for My children. I provided My presence upon consecration, in union with My Father and My Holy Spirit because I did not want to leave you orphaned, My children. I sent My Holy Spirit to guide the Church, and the Body of Christ and I also wanted to be physically, spiritually and divinely present to You during each Holy Mass. My children, it was not enough for Me to die and rise again, although it would have been enough, but My love burned with such intensity during the Last Supper that I gave My Apostles the gift of transubstantiation at each and every Mass via their hands, their words (liturgical) so that you would have Holy Communion with Me from that day forward. This is why the evil one wants to stop the Mass. He hates the Holy Mass because I am poured out for You on each and every altar in My Church. It is My Will that I be with My people in Holy Communion and in Adoration. This is My Will, Children of Light. I will to be with those I love. (And I love all of My children.) Come to Me all you who are weary and visit Me in the Eucharist where I am present. Yes, you must learn to see with the eyes of faith, for I am clothed in the host, but I am truly present. I call to you because I love you. I need you because of My intense love and desire that is never fully quenched until lost souls return to My heart. When you come to Me in Adoration, you are filled with My grace and My light which you then carry to the world. Though you are unable to see this light in your souls and you do not know the effect on others, I assure you it is noticeable to those in darkness. They may not understand what it is about you, but they notice something different. To those who have chosen to live in complete darkness and willingly follow evil, they see your soul’s brightness and it is like a blinding ray of light. They become very disturbed by this light of Christ in your souls. The more souls bathed in Eucharistic light, the more quickly the transformation will occur. Pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, My Children of Light. Frequent the Sacraments and live for Me. Be love, be mercy, be peace and light. By your sacrificial love and prayers the transformation will come sooner. My Holy Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph in the world. You must pray for this great event and ask My Father to work through you to assist souls. Pray, pray, pray My children.

“My little one, I am walking with and in you. My presence was with you during your most difficult moment. I guided you and (name withheld). Trust in Me. All will be well. Continue to pray for (name withheld). This event was part of My plan for the salvation of these souls. Pray for this to be accomplished My little lamb.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You for all that You are teaching me through this painful experience. Your Will be done, Lord. I belong to You to do with me as You Will. Live through me and in me, Lord. Guide and direct my steps. I love You, my God.

“And I love you, My child. Follow Me. Look straight ahead. Do not look back. I am present with you and we must move forward. I am preparing you and all My Children of Light for what is coming. Many who are unprepared spiritually (and there are multitudes) will undergo traumatic events on their journey to My heart. They will need much love, care and tender mercy. The chastisements cannot be avoided, My little lamb because not only am I infinitely merciful, but infinitely just. Because of My goodness and justice, all things will be set right. Getting to that point, My child will mean the earth and all creatures must go through the storm. The changes coming to the world are not minor changes but completely transformative. It will seem to be very, very disruptive to all of mankind. This must be so, My children to rid the world of this strong stench of evil. Never before has the world contained so much evil and this degree of darkness. Countless souls are being lost every minute, My Children of Light. My little ones are losing their innocence because parents no longer protect them as in ages past. I created this world out of love. The enemy is destroying it out of hatred for Me. He hates all I have created, including the human race, and especially the human race. I will not allow complete destruction of the world and of My children. I have only delayed to give more souls the opportunity to convert. It will soon be the time to act, when I know no other souls will convert. At that time, I will illuminate all consciences with My pure light. Each soul will know that I AM god. They will see My power, My love, My holiness and this bright light will shine in souls such that the sins in each souls will be revealed. Each person will know every sin committed in their lives and will understand the consequences their sins have had on others. At the same time, they will know of My mercy and love. This (knowing) will be the cause for deep remorse and contrition. It is for these souls; the lost those who have rejected Me and those who have never know Me that My Father, My Spirit and I desire the Illumination. It is the last chance for conversion before the great purification. I purified the earth during the flood. This time God will purify the earth by fire. It is fitting, My children and this is why the Holy Spirit will be poured out on My children. Pray, dearest children. Pray. Ask My Mother, who is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit to guide and protect you. You must enter into the refuge of My Beautiful Mother’s Immaculate Heart. You will be safe within Her heart. Do not fear. All that is needed is trust in My mercy. Accept all the Trinity sends you for it is the Divine Will of God to create in you clean and pure hearts, and to renew the earth. It will be in the original form as God created it. All will dwell in My Divine and Holy Will. Your hearts will be more like Mine and My Mother’s and it will burn with the fire of charity, love, truth and all that is virtuous. The Era of Peace will be full of My children who love and follow God with hearts full of gratitude and joy. Look to Me, My children. Do not despair. Your future is very bright! You will either be with Me in My heavenly kingdom or be living on earth united in My perfect Will. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for those who love and follow Me. Pray for souls who will go through the Illumination, especially those who are currently lost. Pray for the grace to be open to My love and mercy. Be supportive and merciful to them. Be gentle with them for many of the lost souls who are so precious to Me will be suffering when they are ‘found’ by Me. Their deep contrition will be beautiful in My sight, but they will not feel so beautiful at first. Open your arms to them. Welcome them. Guide them to priests where they will confess their sins and receive the balm of absolution. You, My Children of Light will also be purified, but you will not be so traumatized for you are already prepared through frequent Confession, Holy Communion and the many graces My Mother gives you. You will be so, for I need you to be people of love to welcome the newest family members into the Church. This is a very important mission, My Children of Light. I am counting on you for your assistance.”

Thank You, Lord. Praise You my God and my King! I love You. Help us all to be fully prepared. Help us to pray more and to do all You have asked of us.

“It will be done, My little lamb. I am leading you now and I will not abandon you. You will not always know which step to take, but when the time comes for you to go a different direction or to step out in love, I will guide you. We must be in ‘lockstep’ with one another. Remain in a state of grace, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld). Pray, pray, pray as I have requested so that you will hear My voice more clearly when the noise and disruption is clamoring for My children’s attention. I want My children to be at peace and undisturbed in your souls. That will occur when you are securely in My Mother’s Immaculate Heart and united to My Will. Do not fear. Keep your eyes on Me. All of Heaven is praying for you, My children. Remember to ask the saints and holy angels to pray for you, as you also pray for others. All will be well, I assure you. You will have all that you need as each need arises. Trust in Me.”

Thank You, Jesus! I love You.

“You may go now in peace, My little one. I love you and My son (name withheld) and all of My children. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in peace. Go in trust and in the love of God. Be love to others, My children. I am with you!”

Amen! Alleluia!

Children of the Renewal: Most recent message, Feb 6, 2022

Children of the Renewal
Most Recent Message

February 6, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello my Adorable Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I am so glad You are visible/exposed in the monstrance, Lord. Praise and thank You my benevolent Lord. You are mercy, truth, love, justice and peace. You are everything to me, Jesus. (personal conversation omitted.)

I pray for our nation, for conversion of our leaders, for good, holy, pro-life leaders to take office soon, Lord. Leaders who will follow Your Commandments out of love and respect for You; leaders who are strong and faith-filled people who will boldly stand for love, truth and freedom to worship God.

“My child, My child. I know you feel your heart is breaking. Be still and know that I AM God.”

Thank You, my beautiful God. Oh, how I love and need You. Lord, I give this heavy burden to You to do with as You Will.

“My little one, I was present with You all day and especially present to you when you needed Me most. I prepared you all day with the graces needed. I prepared (name withheld) also. The power of My Holy Spirit enabled him to act with faith and love. He was correct in saying he was prepared also by life experiences. I am actively working in the lives of My Children of Light. When they love and follow Me, they are open to My direction and guidance. My Mother was also present. Entrust this to Me, My little lamb. I am the Prince of Peace. I will give you My peace whenever you ask My child. I know it is difficult, but try not to relive it. One cannot live in the past. The past is gone to you now and you are unable to change it. Focus on the now, My child. I am present to you in each moment. My children would do well to stop dwelling on past events and give them to Me. I am outside of time, My children. My (name withheld), your friend (name withheld) was correct in what she told you. Remember her gentle words. Her suffering is bearing much spiritual fruit. She is my beautiful daughter. I am surrounding you with love. My dear one, I am giving (name withheld) all that he needs. Pray for his soul and for (name withheld). This is a very important request. Spiritual healing is the most important healing, My child. Entrust all to Me. I am the great physician, not just of the body, but of the mind and soul as well. Believe in My plan and in My Will. Great power from My Holy Spirit is enabled when My children have faith. Trust in Me, My child, My daughter.”

Lord, I would like to sit with You all day. I needed to be here with You, Lord. You are the remedy for all of our wounds and problems. Thank You for Your love and Your patience with me. Help me, Jesus my Savior. Direct my life so that I can in turn help others. I want to serve You, Jesus.

“My (name withheld) I know you have commitments today. You did the right thing coming to Me in this holy place. You receive Me in Communion and I will continue to be with you. I am your strength, My little lamb. Lean into Me today. In time, I will renew your spirit. Be at peace. I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace, My beautiful one. I love you.”

And I love You, my beautiful God. Praise Your holy name. I am Yours forever. Amen!

Children of the Renewal – Message from Jesus Jan 30, 2022

Children of the Renewal,

January 30, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I love, praise, glorify and adore You, my Lord, God and King. Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion, Lord. Thank You for the encounters with people after Mass. Praise You for the retreat my friend (name withheld) told me about. Trust You that Your Holy Spirit did such important work in those who attended. I hope I will be able to go in the near future if it is Your Will, Lord. Please help (name withheld) with the upcoming legal battle she faces. Also, please help her to carry the heavy cross she carries. Lord, if it is Your Will, heal her back. The pain she is experiencing seems excruciating. She offers her suffering to You, Lord but I could see the pain she is in by the look on her face and in her eyes. She is suffering so much, Lord. Have mercy on her. (Private conversation omitted.) Thank You for every meeting You provided today, Jesus. Help me to be a vessel of Yours to use for Your honor, to spread the peace and love to others You are longing to give Your children. Lord, I am sorry for the times I have disappointed Your Will for me by my negligence, or worse yet, My sins. Forgive me, Jesus, my Lord. I love You and I know I can do nothing without (apart from) Your grace, Your love, Your Will. Please keep me close to Your Heart and seal me, as Your child and Your disciple with Your holy, saving blood so that when God the Father looks at me, You are all He will see. Lord, I thank You for Your Most Holy Mother Mary. Thank You for sharing Her with us, such undeserving people. Blessed Mother, teach me, educate me in Your school of love. Help me to be all that Jesus desires I be. Always lead me to Him, beautiful, holy Mother. Thank You for being my Mother; Our Mother. Please pray for (names withheld) Blessed Mother, intercede for (names withheld). Mother I have noticed there is great confusion today in people who have experienced deep wounds. Jesus, heal the wounds of those who have been hurt, rejected or who have felt unloved for whatever reasons. (There are many reasons known only to You.) Protect us from evil, Lord. Help all who are far from You to return to Your forgiving, merciful arms. There are so many prayer requests, Lord and many things I would like to list here but it would take pages and pages. Jesus, You know everything I bring to You today and each person in need of prayer. I pray You will accept them as I lay each intention at Your mercy to do with as You Will. Your Will is perfect and holy and I know it is the only place to entrust those whom I love. I trust You, Jesus, my Lord. I love You!

“My child, My child, this age is one of disobedience and of detachment from all that is pure and holy. Because mankind has become devoid of faith and mercy, many of My children suffer terribly. I am especially concerned for the youth. Many have been raised in families that do not believe in God and even worse in families who worship false gods. These children grow up with no understanding of their true purpose in life and are disconnected from the love. They do not know truth, since I am truth and many become suicidal. This is the consequence, My child when My people lose the true faith. The evi one, My adversary and yours wants these children to die before learning of Me. He wants them to become despondent and void of all hope. Pray for these children of Mine who are lost. They have been victims of parents who do not know, do not love God, and at times even have parents who worship satan. My poor, lost children. I am here for you; waiting with arms open wide to you. Open your hearts to Me, My lost ones and I will pour out My grace into your hearts. You will experience My love, My light and I will dispel the bleak and dark areas of your hearts. I will renew your souls and you will feel light enough to fly. (which you will not do of your own accord, but you will no longer feel the burden of your sins and the chains from the oppression that weighs upon you.) Give me the opportunity to renew your spirit, My children. Ask me to demonstrate My love, My peace to you and give Me the burdens of your sins. Lay them at the foot of My cross, children and allow Me to give you much needed rest. Carrying such heavy loads is exhausting. I know. Give these to Me, My little confused children. I will give you heavenly peaceful rest. We will discuss your life and your disappointments. You will begin to feel My love, My peace. You will also be tempted to reject My offer for a joyful reunion with God because the evil one who wants to enslave My people will speak lies to you. He will tell you, you cannot be forgiven. He will try to convince you that I won’t forgive you. Do not listen to his lies. He is the father of lies and he can be quite convincing. Reject him and his lies, My dearest children. Call out to Me instead. My name, Jesus is very powerful. He cannot stand long in the presence of one who calls on My Holy Name. Say My name and call Me, My children. I will come and restore your peace. I am the rock, the firm foundation upon which you must build your life. When you do so, the waves and the storms that will surely come and the tempest you are experiencing will have no power over you for I will be your fortress, your harbor of safety. You have only to call upon Me, My children and turn your face toward Me, your God. All will be well. I will guide you in your new conversion and I will bring the right people into your life to help you in your new faith. You will grow in peace, love, hope and faith and will be beautiful in the sight of My Father. Come, follow Me. Listen to Me. I whisper loving words to you from the cross. I do not condemn you.”

“My little lamb, not enough people are praying. You renew your life of prayer so that not only will My protection be with you each and every day, but more souls will be saved. This is how My children can best serve Me in this day, by praying and offering sacrifices (even small sacrifices) to Me for love of your brothers and sisters who are in the clutches of the evil one. Help your brothers and sisters so in need of love and mercy to open their hearts to Me. Pray, My Children of Light. Pray.”

Lord, I am sorry I have not been praying as much as You asked me to. Help me, Lord to do all that You have asked. I want to serve my brothers and sisters. I want to serve You, my Jesus. You are all love. Help me to love You more.

“I forgive you, My little one. The world is full of distractions, worse than other times in history. I know about these distractions and I will assist you. Ask Me to help you focus on what is most important, the Kingdom of God. I will help you, My child. All of My children experience these distractions. I call all of My children to renewed commitment to prayer and fasting. We are approaching very urgent times for mankind. Remain focused on Heaven and on the salvation of souls. This is of the utmost concern for all of Heaven. May it be for My Children of Light. Soon, with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will triumph over evil and then My children will be the Children of the Renewal. Remain firmly rooted in Sacred Scripture, prayer, the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. These are imperative for you, My children. This is your daily bread, the Eucharist. Frequent Holy Mass, My children and pray, pray, pray. Look with hope, for what is to come after the trials will be beautiful, My children. Do not fear. Follow Me and all will be well.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God. I love You!

“And I love you, My child. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, My little lamb. Go in My love.”

Amen! Thank You, Jesus!

Children of the Renewal, Message from Jesus – Jan 23, 2022

Children of the Renewal
January 23, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello, my beloved Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It is good to be with You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for Confession yesterday and for Holy Mass this morning. Thank You that (name withheld) was able to be there and for the gradual increase in stamina he is experiencing. I am grateful for the progress, Lord even if it is slow to him. I trust You for his complete healing, Jesus. Thank You that (names withheld) prayed for him after Holy Mass. It was heart warming when (name withheld) offered to pray over him. Thank You for spirit-filled, Godly friends, Lord. (Personal conversation omitted.)

Thank You for the time with my daughter and sister yesterday. Lord I am grateful for the simple things, time spent with family and friends, especially since our freedom was very restricted last year and also because we don’t know how quickly things will change again. Also, we don’t know the day or the hour You may call us home to Heaven. Lord, please heal my friend (name withheld) and her husband (name withheld). Jesus, (names withheld) died as you know. I pray for the repose of his soul and the souls of (name withheld). Jesus, I think his mother died, too so I pray for her soul. I don’t know this for sure, but You know Jesus. Lord, comfort him and his family. Take all of the deceased family members of (name withheld) to Heaven if they are not already there. May (name withheld) be in the presence of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the angels and saints this day. Lord, I pray also for the deceased members of the (names withheld) families, also Jesus, and for the holy souls in Purgatory. Jesus, there are many prayer requests and I offer each one to You. Heal all who are sick with this engineered virus and be with each person who feels alienated and alone. Comfort them with Your love, Jesus. I know You are close to those who suffer. Help them to know You are near. Lord, You suffered so much during Your passion and death out of love for us. Thank You, Lord for the gift of salvation, won for us by Your victory over sin and death (our sin). Praise and thank You for Your thoughtful and benevolent gifts of the Sacraments You gave to the Church. Glory to You, Lord! The world would not have survived this long except by Your grace. Raise up holy saints in these times, Lord to counteract so much evil. You have said in Your sacred word that where sin exists, grace abounds all the more, so please pour graces upon us, Your little children, to love heroically and to become Your closest followers and friends.

“Thank You, My child for being here with Me today. So many people forget to visit Me, where I await My children with much love, in the tabernacles of the world. Still, I wait patiently for My little, wounded children to visit in order to give them My peace and My love in a special way. My child, I grant you My peace and many graces when you come to Me in My Eucharistic presence. Bring all your cares, burdens and prayers to Me in Adoration and I will direct you and each one of My children. Take advantage of this time, My little Children of Light. Do not presume you will always have the opportunity. My daughter, it would be good for you to come more often, even for brief visits. This will allow Me more time to form you. My daughter, you are wondering about the plans I have for you in the coming weeks and are discerning the opportunities. I remind you that it is your decision now that (name withheld) has given you his approval and encouragement.”

Lord, there are a couple of weekends in a row with spiritual events/activities and I don’t want to overcommit or to be taking in too much. I’m still not completely rested, or back to my full energy. Perhaps I won’t be though. If I knew what You wanted or thought, it would help. You know what is best, Lord.

“My child, think about this and pray. I will guide you. You are already beginning to see what the consequences of overextending yourself do to your health. Reflect on this and you will discern the best direction for you.”

Thank You, Jesus! Lord, please heal all relationships especially with loved ones who have experienced wounds from broken relationships and in people wounded by someone in the Church. Protect our good and holy shepherds and give graces for conversion to any who misuse the gifts of their priestly or religious vocations. Heal Your Church, Lord.

“My child, My child, the Church is undergoing the agony and passion. The Church is the body of Christ, My little lamb, and so she will go the way of Christ, the way of the cross. My child, take heart. Just as I experienced the passion and death, I also experienced the resurrection. My Church will also. The time of suffering will become a time of seeming death to some. In the world, it will appear that My Holy Church has been blown out like a candle, but it will never be dead, My child. It will be hidden. It will be as some would say ‘underground’ but it will be very much alive. The members of My body, the Church will be smaller in number but much holier due to the purification. The hearts of My Children of Light will burn brightly with the flame of a purified love, and in time the Church will grow and grow until the flame becomes a roaring fire that cannot be contained. It will then be by the Power of My Holy Spirit, a blaze that sets the entire world on fire with the Power of My love. This fire will bring about the total renewal of the world, by the Power of My Spirit. My Mother’s Heart will triumph just as She revealed at Fatima and in other times throughout history. My child, rejoice in the great and wonderful plans God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have in store for My children and all of creation. Endure the present times by becoming people of deep prayer and great faith. Live the Gospel message. Love others as I have loved you. What did I withhold from you, My Children?”

Nothing, My Lord. You gave everything so that we would have life.

“Yes, My child. Do likewise. Do not be concerned for what you do or do not have. If someone presents to you in need, give what you can to alleviate their suffering. Trust in Me to provide all that you need. I am God. I can create something out of nothing. I will provide for you. You have only to trust Me to provide and it will be provided. There are those who do not have this level of faith, yet My little lamb. They will grow into this, but you must demonstrate love and generosity. Give them what they need, My child and do so out of love, cheerfully knowing full well that your Father in Heaven will either replace what you have given or will give you something even better. I am referring to what is needed, versus what you may want. Do you understand, My daughter?”

Yes, Lord, I think so.

“My child, remember that when one of My children shows love to another, it gives them a glimpse of the goodness, the kindness of God. It is very important to show love to others, especially those who are going through difficulties. One can endure much when there is compassion, mercy and love surrounding them. I am counting on you, My children to be love to others, to show mercy, to show love and to be generous with your gifts to those in need. I am not only referring to material needs, My Children of Light, but acts of kindness. Souls benefit from many small acts of kindness and mercy. Do not wait to be asked, My children. Look around you. Who is ill, suffering, lonely in your midst? Who do you know who is grieving from the loss of a family member or friend? There are many people, especially now. Do something, anything for them. Send a card with a word of encouragement, make a meal or a cake for them. Do something, My children. Call them on the telephone. Do an act of mercy, My children. Souls are hurting like never before, and the little ones and My beloved teens are hurting from what is being done to them by evil institutions who want to take their God given identities from them and reduce them to feeling like unimportant, faceless, emotionless robots. This is not My Will for humanity. This is the adversary’s plan to dehumanize My children. Do not go along with this. My people, use the good sense I have given you and do not succumb to fear. Fear is the absence of trust. Use the reason and the intellect which God has given you. This is not the way I want My children to be treated. I want My little ones to be free to grow, to play, to enjoy life; to have hope in the future and to see one another and smile. Do not cover their faces, My poor lost ones. Do you not see what you are doing to them? You are not protecting them or yourselves. You are creating an environment of fear, of mistrust, of anger and one devoid of care and love. Enough, I say. Enough! Use the intelligence and reason that separates you from the animals. It is time for you to see the truth of the current situation. You are being led down a path of death and destruction. Do not go down this path. My children of this world, of this age, there is much evil and corruption all around you. Do not go along with these plans for they are not the plans of God. Resist with confidence and purpose. Do not resort to measures of violence. Be at peace but do not continue to go along My children. Change your course, for you and your children. This is vital for the health of your souls. Pray, My children. Pray the most holy rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Your beautiful, God-given rights come from Heaven. I taught you all about them in Scripture. Read the holy Word, My children. Read salvation history for you have forgotten this. It is your story. It is the story of God’s love for His people. You are part of this story; this love story. Read and remember, My children. Open your hearts to Me. Speak with Me. Ask for My direction and I will help you to make the necessary changes for your families. Pray together with your family. Follow Me, My children and all will be well. Come, let us begin.”

Thank You, Lord for Your words of life and love. Praise You, Jesus for being active in our lives. Thank You for being involved and not just a God who looks down on Your people as a bystander. I love You, Lord. May Your Holy Name be praised forever!

“Thank you, My little one for your visit and for writing My words.”

Thank You for Your boundless love for us, Lord.

“You are welcome. All are welcome to My love. Go now in peace, My little lamb. I bless You in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. I will be with you, My child. Go in peace and be love to others.”

Amen, Lord. Alleluia!

Children of the Renewal Messages; Jan 16, 2022

Children of the Renewal Messages
January 16, 2022

My dearest Jesus, present in all tabernacles in the world, I adore, praise, glorify and thank You, my Lord God and King! I love You and am grateful to be here with You today, in the Most Blessed Sacrament of Love. Lord, You know each intention and each friend and loved one for whom I pray. Please hear my prayers, Lord and grant peace and consolation in every situation; healing for those who are ill, consolation for those who are grieving, peace to those who are worried/concerned or who have bouts of anxiety, trust to those who fear, faith to those who are seeking You, the Truth and friendship and awareness of Your goodness, kindness and merciful love to those who are unfamiliar with the love of God and who do not know You.

Lord, You know each person’s need that I have prayed to You about today, and many more that I do not. I bring each soul to You and present them to You on this small altar that holds You in the monstrance. Lord, I also beg Your forgiveness for my sins, each and every one I ever committed and pray the unintended consequences, those I know of and those I have no idea about will be bound by You at the foot of Your Holy Cross. Return graces instead, My sweet, merciful Jesus and blot out each transgression, as only You have the power to do. Lord, thank You for the Sacraments! Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion and for the Sacrament of Confession. I praise and thank You for all that You did, for Your passion death and resurrection to leave us with these amazing and priceless gifts. Jesus, I was reflecting on Jacob & Essau and the time that Essau gave up his inheritance for a bowl of lentils. Oh, Lord how many times have I given up my inheritance, Heaven, for some stupid decision due to temptation or my human failings. Lord, it is easy to judge the frivolity of Essau, but only You know the number of times I have done something similar. Lord, we humans do not give enough thought to Your heavenly kingdom which is the pearl of great price. Give me the graces needed this day and every day to come to always put You first and to seek Your Will and Your Will alone for each and every day. Cover me with Your precious blood when I fall and help me to get up each time with even more desire to serve You and to love You more and more. Give me graces for heroic love so that I am willing to die for You if necessary but first so that I truly live for You. Lord, may Your light and Your grace fill every empty space in my heart and soul so that others will see You when they look at me. Lord, may my life be a witness to Your goodness, mercy and love. Jesus, I trust in You! What a great joy it is to be here with You today. Bless and heal my husband so that he can join me in adoring You, Lord. May Your Most Holy and Divine Will be done in our lives and may we both be completely united to Your adorable Will and Your Sacred, Merciful Heart. Jesus, have You anything to say to Me?

“Yes, My child. I have much to say. Please write.”

Yes, Jesus!

“My child, thank you for your heartfelt prayers for your friends and family. Many, many souls are suffering in these times. I am the answer, My little one to the longing in each person’s heart. No matter what the cause of their longing, My daughter, I am the answer. Many are lonely either from being alone after the death of a spouse or dear relative, or for reasons known to Me alone. Many are lonely, even though surrounded by family and friends because they feel an emptiness, or lack of purpose in life, or because they pursue worldly desires. In any case, My little lamb, I am the only remedy. I have the peace to give which passes all understanding. I am the balm for the soul. Many are wounded due to lack of love, violence (being the victim of or even the perpetrator), indifference or being misunderstood. I am the remedy. I am all love and all love is Me. My love is perfect. It forgives, repairs, restores, and brings life. My love brings forgiveness, healing and redemption. Many have great discouragement or have given up hope and become despondent. I am hope. I am the Light. I restore hope in souls. I restore confidence, and if one never has experienced confidence; I will give it anew. I am trustworthy, dependable and consistent in My love for My children. I am kind and merciful. My Sacred Heart is a refuge for all sinners as is My Most Holy Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Take refuge in our hearts, My children and you will have rest and solace in the storms of life. My children, you must make a decision for Me now while there is still the opportunity. The time remaining for this grows very short as you have experienced the time is ‘flying’ as you say and so I warn you. Heed My words, for you know not the day or the hour that your soul will stand before Me in judgement. I am merciful while you live out your days on earth, but I will assure you, the day is coming soon when the lines will be drawn. One is either for Me or against Me. I tell you this because of My deep love for souls. I want no one to be lost, My beloved children. No one. Not one. Do not be foolish and waste anymore time. Choose now, My little children. Choose life. To follow the evil one is to choose death. If you are living a life of sin, turn to Me. Repent of your sins and I will forgive you. Then, begin anew. I will remember your sins no more! For those of you who were baptized Catholics, run to the nearest priest and ask that he hear your Confession. You will be not only absolved of your sins, but you will receive the graces needed to continue on the path to holiness. Holy souls have great joy, My children. There is excitement in their lives as they look forward to the great plans I have for them. Do not fear holiness. Do not hold out on the graces I have for you out of fear that I will not forgive you. I forgive, My children. If it were not so, I would not have suffered a cruel death to free you from the yoke of sin. The reason I came into the world was to die for the sins of humanity because of My love for you. My Father and I decided this for you long before you were born, but we knew you would be born. We knew exactly the time in the history of the world since the creation and end when each soul would be born for the Father planned it. He planned each and every life, even those lives that man decided to kill through the evils of abortion, murder, euthanasia, tyranny, genocide, etc. These souls have been martyred in most cases and dwell with Me in Heaven. Their lives are still filled with meaning and purpose even if they did not take one breath outside of their mother’s womb. You will understand this and many other mysteries one day when you are with Me in Heaven.”

“My children, choose the Father’s heavenly kingdom. Do not settle for the false trappings the evil one holds out to you. These are like cheap trinkets compared to the riches of Heaven. And, living for Me now will enable you to glimpse Heaven as I grant many graces and blessings to those who follow Me out of love. I patiently wait for your choice, My beloved little ones, but do not be presumptuous for the time is short now. Evil is in your midst. The evil elite, power hungry, cooperators of satan want to eliminate the population of the earth, My children. Only those who love and follow Me will be safe. My stubborn ones who put conversion off for the worldly trinkets I do not tell you this to instill fear in you. I tell you this because it is true. I tell you this out of love. Just as you who have children, teach them to look both ways before crossing a street, or to avoid touching a hot stove, I tell you this to bring you to safety. My children, I desire good for you. No, I desire the best for you. You desire short term gains that deceive you and make you ‘feel good’ for the moment, similar to Essau who was so hungry he chose a bowl of lentil porridge over his father, Abraham’s extensive wealth. This was Essau’s earthly inheritance. You do the same, but you willingly choose something even less than soup for an eternal inheritance. Listen, My children, heed My words. Now is the time to choose. You can no longer sit on the fence and feign indifference. The time for choosing sides has come. Are you for God the Father, Creator of life and Giver of all good things, or do you choose to follow the father of lies, the father of death, the one who wants you to suffer forever in hell? It is time, My poor children. You must choose. If you make no decision, even that is a choice for evil. Choose life. Choose love. Choose mercy. Choose Heaven and joy. It is your choice for you were made with the great gift of free will. Our Father in Heaven has blessed every human being with free will and so you are free to choose, but choose you must. Do not delay, My little poor children.”

“For those who have already decided to follow Me, graces and mercy are yours. I will pour out graces in these days upon all of My beloved Children of Light, those who love and follow Me. You will have all that you need. I will provide for you. I will be your refuge. As long as you follow Me, not one of you will perish. Have no fear, the circumstances around are like stormy waves that crash against the shores, but your refuge is in the Rock. I am your fortress and the waves will be like small drops of water to you. You will hear the clap of thunder; you will see the waves and feel the strong winds but your house, built on the Rock will stand and you and your family will be protected. If one loses his life in the storm (one who loves and follows Me) you will come to Heaven and will be blessed as the martyrs for the faith. These days are filled with evil and every difficulty and those who continue to walk in faith, following your Jesus have no need to fear. My Children of Light countless numbers of you will live to see the Renewal of the Earth and the Era of Peace. You will be very wise and your wisdom will pass from generation to generation for you will have lived in the Time of the Great Saints, the greatest of saints and you will be filled with graces and wisdom. My children, do not fear these times foretold in Scripture. Rejoice that My Father destined you for these times. Cling to the cross and to the resurrection. Meditate on the joyful, luminous, sorrowful and glorious mysteries. Meditate, My children on the Sorrows of My Mother who suffered much, even though She was completely filled with grace, for Her love of Me. Follow Her example of perfect love, service and holiness. Be like My Mother and allow Her to teach you. She always brings My children even closer to Me. She is a perfect teacher and will school Her children in holiness. Consecrate yourselves to Me through My Precious Mother. Do this now, My Children of Light and if you have already done so, renew the consecration. Pray as I have asked you, My children. It is vital that you do so, for the time of darkness is upon you. The prayer of the holy Rosary, meditating on the events of My life and the life of My holy Mother Mary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Holy Mass will carry you through the most difficult of times, My beloved friends. Compel yourselves and establish this prayer routine, morning and evening for the protection of your souls, your family and your homes. You must listen to Me, My children. The evil one and his minions prowl the earth seeking souls to devour. He cannot harm your souls when you entrust them to Me. Praying these prayers from Heaven itself also marks you as Mine. This is your great protection and it will be like a blessed covering over you. I am merciful and I am all knowing. Many of you have experienced illness and great suffering. There are times you have been unable to pray or could not pray as I have asked. I understand My beloved. However, as soon as you are able, resume. I urge you to return to the prayer practices and frequenting the Sacraments as soon as you are able. I will help you. Ask and I will give you the way, My children. You have only to ask and to desire.”

“My little lamb, I am with you and My son (name withheld). I know of your struggles, your suffering and all that concerns you. Trust in Me. It will be as I have said. Do not fear. Trust in Me. Be an example to others by your life and your trust. Be confident that I am directing you even when you cannot see the path I lead you to take. It is not important for you to see. It is only important that you hold onto Me and follow where I lead, for I know the way and I can see clearly what lies ahead and all that is around you as you walk. I see every person who will try to pull you from the path, every stone that would cause you to trip and every dangerous snare and trap. All you need to see is your Jesus, your Guide and your Savior. Walk confidently forward with your eyes fixed on Me. I will carry you at times when the way is too treacherous for you, My little ones. Rely on Me. I will never let you down or disappoint you. If you think I have done so, think about the blessings that come as a result and you will realize you chose the best path when you decided to follow Me. You must have faith, My children. Your faith and trust is growing stronger with each and every difficulty and each answered prayer. This is the way I build trust in My followers. This faith and trust of yours is tested in small ways and then in large ways. It must be so in order for your faith to be strong. All of My holy children are building this trust and faith so that the perilous storms to come will not be too rough for you. Others will look to My holy ones for an example and for reassurance. If you are weak, you will not be a witness to others and so I am building this strength in you. It will be understood, My children when the time comes. Reflect on this and be aware of My Will active in your lives and in the lives of your family members. I am preparing you, My little ones. Be assured that I guide you just as I have over your entire lives. It is much more clear in retrospect, I realize and one day you will see these days more clearly, also. My little lamb, I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Thank You for choosing to be with Me today. My child, you made the better choice. My son, (name withheld) I love you and I thank you for agreeing to suffer for me. It will only be for a little while longer. Be brave for your Jesus. I am with you.

Amen! Alleluia! Viva Cristo Rey!

Children of the Renewal Message; Jan 9, 2022

January 9, 2022 Adoration Chapel, The Baptism of the Lord

Hello my Jesus! It is so very good to be here with You, my Lord. I adore You, my Lord, God and King! It’s been too long, Jesus and it is like returning home from a lengthy trip being in this chapel again. Thank You for bringing me through such trying times. Please help (name withheld) Heal him, Lord. Thank You for his life and for bringing him this far! Lord, there were so many blessings and gifts during the trial, that You sent to us. Your love shined through in spite of the bleak, lonely, darkness. Just when we began to feel all alone (even though we knew we weren’t), You sent a gift, a dear friend our way. Lord, thank You for (name withheld) gift when we had no Christmas decorations. Thank You for our neighbors (names withheld) who made organic/homemade chicken and noodles. I couldn’t believe how much they tasted like Grandma’s homemade noodles. It was very touching. Even though I lost my taste and smell You allowed me to taste that dish. I could feel Your love and my Grandma’s prayers. So incredibly thoughtful of You. Thank You for this sweet couple! Thank You for the meal and visit from (names withheld). They are like angels always helping others and showing their love. Thank You for (names withheld) and the meal they made for us and for (name withheld) who picked up medication for us on a day he was working. Thank You for the (name withheld) who helped with (name withheld) while (name withheld) was working. Lord, You had everything planned and You really did take care of everything; even my job! People have been very understanding. Lord, most especially, I thank You for giving us a beautiful gift (AGAIN!) on Christmas day. (private conversation omitted) Oh, Lord when You did that for us, I knew You wanted us to live and this really saved our lives. Lord, there is no way to thank You or them adequately. Please bless and protect each and everyone and return even more blessings to them for being so Christ-like for us. Lord, this is my day of gratitude to You and all of Heaven for interceding for us! Praise and thank You, Lord.

Jesus, the isolation associated with this bio-engineered weapon is so very dark. It is not good for mankind to be alone when You made us for community. Jesus, help us to impact others the way we were impacted by their love. Give us the insight and the direction when others are in need. You know what each person needs, Lord.

Jesus, I pray for all who are ill, especially for those who have requested our prayers. I am thinking of each person, Lord and place them in Your arms. Care for each one, Jesus in the way only You can. Jesus, I place all my trust in You.

“My daughter, I was with you and I am still with you. Nearer to you than you can understand. I am also with My son (name withheld). I am doing a great work in him as I also did in you. I allowed this illness time for your good, My child. It is taking longer for (name withheld) to recover but it will occur. My little one, there are many reasons for this, some of which (name withheld) is beginning to understand. I will enlighten you about these, also so that you will remember when future more difficult trials come. Remember when you could hardly speak, but you both prayed the Rosary anyway? Remember always how you quoted scripture and refused to stop praising Me in the midst of your suffering? My child, this opened the door for many graces. My little lamb, you cannot begin to understand at this time how beautiful your praises were to all of Heaven. Your fighting spirit and your zeal for Me turned you into a warrior for God. You were a suffering servant turned lioness of God in that moment. My child it was a triumphant moment.”

Lord, I could sense that and an urging from our amazing patron saints to continue, but I also know there were many times I have complained, especially when I’ve been so tired, Jesus. But being tired is no excuse. I can only reflect on Your passion and death for one moment and then I am ashamed at my complaining, especially about such trivial matters, when You gave every drop of blood for us. Please forgive my thoughtless and careless comments, Jesus which You never opened Your mouth to utter one complaint! You suffered more than all of mankind put together and You are God! You are pure, holy and innocent and yet You took the yoke of every soul’s sins upon You to save us! Lord, help me to overcome my many faults and please forgive my sins. Thank You for Holy Communion today and Holy Mass! It was wonderful having (name withheld) there even though he really struggled. Help him soon, Jesus. He is suffering so.

“My child, I am and I will. Trust in Me. He will be well and his soul will be even better for (because of) this time of trial. No suffering is wasted on Earth when offered to Me. (name withheld) has frequently offered to suffer for souls and I am allowing him to do so. He has been made weak for a time so that I can be made strong within him. Do you understand, My little one?”

Yes, Lord. I understand when You explain it and much more so than mere words can express. Thank You for the insight You give me, Lord. I can’t begin to write everything You reveal to me, but when You speak, You often give me more than just words. Your word is like that, Lord. You are the Eternal Word. Praise You and thank You!

“You are welcome, My child. I love you and I know of your desire to grow in your love for Me. I realize trials are difficult but when one accepts them as you and (name withheld) have, I can make much progress in your souls. This is the reason I have allowed many of My beloved children to suffer. It is for the good of other souls and for the good of their own souls.”

Yes, Lord. Your Will is perfect in every way. I trust You, Lord. Help me to trust You more and more.

“My child, your trust in Me has grown through this trial, has it not?”

Yes, I believe so, Jesus.

“Yes, My child. I say so.”

Then, it is so!

Lord, there have been some recent prophecies about our country and Israel. I want to believe them, Jesus but I do not know if they are true. Lord, our people have been harmed by the evil one and his plan to destroy humanity. We have allowed violence to be done against innocent babies and children who have been taken from their parents, abused and some killed by evil people who cooperate with the father of death. Lord, what we used to be able to take with good faith has shown and revealed to be untrustworthy. As You have informed me, there is no institution or major organization in the world that hasn’t become corrupt. I now see very clearly how these times are worse than the times of Noah. Jesus, just last week, someone said in a business meeting they are openly living a life of sin. Oh, Jesus I prayed for that soul right away. Lord, he doesn’t know what he is doing and he probably believes it is fine. Lord, he is so involved in the movement to spread diversity and inclusion that it is clear to me he has been deeply wounded. Oh, Lord please heal him of his wounds. Help him, Lord to understand that this does not make what he is doing acceptable in Your sight. Show me how You want me to help him. If I am a witness to someone’s pain, even his public pronouncement, show me and direct me in what You want me to do in response to this. Lord, You know what his souls suffers from and what he needs. Send him every grace needed to break free from this oppressive life of sin. Oh, Lord our culture is so upside down. People are hurting and in need of Your love and mercy. They look for something, anything to stop the pain and forget to look up to the heavens and cry to You for help. I will cry to You for them, Jesus. I will trust You on their behalf. Oh, good Jesus heal these wounds, free this soul from sin so that he can live his life freely for You with a beautiful pure soul. Help him, Jesus. I lay him at Your feet just as those people of faith did when they brought the man who was paralyzed to You by lowering him through the roof. I do this now spiritually for my colleague and I beg Your mercy to be upon him. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, my Lord, Savior, Redeemer and friend, I trust in You.

“My child, My child it will be as you request. By your faith, I will heal him. In time, though My child. You will need to believe Me. Do you really trust Me?”

Oh, yes Lord. (I can feel Jesus smile at me.)

“It will be done. Thank you for your love for others. My little lamb. When you request things for others with such love in your heart, you appear like a small child, begging her Daddy for something she knows he will give her because she trusts him to will her good. You are the little child walking in the tides of the ocean, on the beach holding her Jesus’ hand. Do you recall this vision?”

Yes, My Jesus. You know that I do. It is such a fond memory for me and I experience it anew each time You remind me. This was a very beautiful gift and I will always cherish it. Lord, how can anyone not love You? You are adorable and precious! You are the consummate gentleman and yet, You are our God! Your mercy is endless and Your love melts My heart. How can anyone turn away from such a loving beautiful God!

“My little lamb, they do not know Me. If they truly knew Me they would run to My open arms. Those who do know Me and reject Me have listened to the lies of the adversary of My children. Your pastor spoke correctly of this today in his homily when he said the evil one and his followers (angels that became demons) are enemies of humanity. They hate humans, My child because they learned of God’s plan to take on humanity, the Incarnation and they refused to worship Me knowing I would do this. They were so proud of their own gifts and beauty. How could I stoop so low as to become one of you to die for your sins? After all, they were ‘perfect creatures’. Since they cannot defeat God, they make war on My children who are made in My image and likeness. My daughter, this is why the final assault on My children is through changing the DNA of My people. They no longer want what I created to bear the mark of your true identity—Children of God. The evil one wants to mark people with his image and erase the image of God. Do you see, My little one?”

Yes, Jesus. This is so clear to me and I think I have had glimpses of this over the past two years. My sisters, niece and son, too, have talked about this but You confirmed it and made me understand more fully. Wow, Lord! It sounds so clear when You explain it. It is very ugly and sinister, though. Lord, what will happen to those who consented to this unknowingly?

“My child, do not believe others when they say there is no way to reverse this. It may be true that man cannot, but I am God. I am merciful. I can heal and I can protect My children, but I say once again, do not cooperate with this evil agenda to commit spiritual and physical genocide. Resist this evil plan. My children, you do not belong to satan. You were not created to have fear, but to have trust in God. Do not fear what can cause illness, but trust in Me. I can bring you through any illness and if I choose not to, because I prefer you in Heaven with Me, rejoice! My children, you are destined for Heaven. You were created for Heaven, so why worry about what may harm your body? Be concerned about what can harm your eternal soul. These injections were made to harm both your body and your soul. I AM God and I AM the Creator. These people are mere creatures and they are following satan, the father of lies. I AM truth. I AM love. I AM all powerful and this is a last desperate attempt in the long thought out plan of the devil Lucifer to destroy My children. He will not prevail. He will not be able to fulfill his plans for your demise. I will always protect My One True Apostolic Church, My child and the gates of hell will not prevail against My Church. You, My Children of Light are the Church. I will protect you. Come to Me and take refuge in My Sacred Heart that is all love for you. Come to My Mother who will crush the head of the serpent. She will shelter you within Her mantle and accept all who ask to hide in Her Immaculate Heart. My Spirit will be poured out upon you, My children and you will receive graces never before given at one time to so many. Believe in Me, My children. You will see wonders and signs from the one who is the great imposter. Do not believe in him for he comes to rule the world and the powers of this world. That is how you will know he is the antichrist. Recall when I came, I was a poor baby, born in a cave to the most humble and holy parents, Mary and Joseph. There was not even one room available for our shelter, but God provided an austere, simple cave for the Son of the Most High. The imposter will seek all power, wealth and force people to praise him. I never force but respect your God-given free will. My child for those who know Me it will be very clear that he is the imposter. For those who do not know Me and do not want for anything other than worldly riches, they will be lead astray. My children will not be able to fathom this, it will be so obvious. This is because of your faith in Me. I make the innocent wise. I will raise you up with many graces to withstand what is to come and I will send exactly the right people to you (those who have refuges) to help in every way needed. Since only I know what each refuge will need on account of the little ones I send you in their great need, you must trust Me that it will be so. My children focus on Me. Keep your eyes on Me. I am the one who has already given My very life for you and I prove My love each day. There is nothing else for you but the opposite of love, peace, joy and Heaven if you choose to follow evil. Choose life, My people and you will have life to the full. Amen. I say to you not one hair from your head falls that I do not know about, My children. Do not fear. Trust in Me. I love you and I will walk with you on this pilgrimage. Be of good cheer. All will be well. Reflect on this and think about what these words mean. ‘All will be well!’”

“This is all for this evening, My little one. Thank you for writing My words and this important message. My children have been waiting for these words and it is good that you said ‘yes’ to your Jesus. Go now in peace. I bless you and My son (name withheld) in a special way today. You have suffered much. Your family members have suffered much. Let them know of My deep love and appreciation for them and all they have suffered. It has not gone unnoticed. Your relatives in Heaven have prayed and are praying for you. Continue to be My witnesses and be a force for love in this world so in need of love. I bless you all, those who were ill in your family, those who served others who were ill and you My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name, Jesus and in the name of My Holy Spirit. (He, Jesus, made the sign of the cross over my head and over a large area.) Go in My peace. Be love, mercy, peace and joy to others no matter what the circumstances you face. This is the most effective witness, My children as the light is a stark contrast to the darkness. I love you. I am with you.”

Amen! Alleluia. Jesus reigns!

Brief Update – Upcoming Messages – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

This is just a brief note to let followers of MaryRefugeOfSouls know my volunteer assistant, “a child of Our Blessed Mother”, will be posting some extra heavenly messages this week. We are going to spread them out over the course of a few days. That way, people will not be overwhelmed by the content. These are messages that I was unable to post due to being in the hospital. There will be two January messages given to Latin-American Mystic Lorena and two public Lenten messages given to visionary Gianna Talone Sullivan (Our Lady of Emmitsburg). There are also five messages given to the locutionist of Children of the Renewal.

In addition, there are two messages given on Divine Mercy Sunday to prophetess Luz de Maria and the latest message of Our Lady of Medjugorje.

Finally, for those unaware, Father Michel Rodrigue is doing a video series on his ministry website. It focuses on Marian apparitions among other topics. Here is the link:

God bless,
a soul

Children of the Renewal – Jesus Christ – “When you turn on your televisions and other devices to view news filled with propaganda, it has a sinister affect on you/those who do so – For your holiness and for your spiritual lives I urge those who still watch or listen to the news to cease doing this immediately – The constant barrage impacts your soul”

Children of the Renewal Messages

August 22, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello my Adorable Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I love You, adore, praise and glorify You, my Savior Lord and King. Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion. Lord, I am very joyful to see my friend (name withheld) is doing better. Thank You, Lord for assisting her. Help her to recover fully. I pray also for (names withheld) for their health to be fully restored.

(Personal conversation omitted.)

Thank You that Cardinal Burke is improving. Please, Lord we need these holy souls and especially Cardinal Burke who is one of a few holy Cardinals (that I know of, but I’m sure there are more) and Your Church is in such need for good shepherds at this dark time. Please Lord restore his health so that it will be even better than before. Jesus, the adversary of Your people wants to destroy mankind. It is horrifying to think this evil plan is in process. Lord, You are the author of all life. In Your Holy Name, I implore You to conquer this sinister bioweapon and heal Your people. Jesus, I also realize that we do not live holy lives and that our nation is murdering babies through the sin and scourge of abortion. We do not value our children as the priceless treasures they are, or we would never allow the human trafficking, child abuse and neglect that exists in the world. Lord, there is no reason for You to come to our aid, but for Your love and mercy. In Your perfect love and mercy please, Jesus hear my prayer. Through so much death and illness may people realize what a precious gift every human life is. Heal our nation, Lord. Heal human hearts and minds. May there be a great outpouring of Your Holy Spirit to bring about multitudes of conversions. Forgive our sins and help those involved in such evil to repent and convert. Help us to turn from such wicked ways and begin to walk the path of holiness. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You.

Lord, thank You for the physicians who are treating people with the medications that are working and are not listening to the government agencies. I remember the time You told me that all institutions were corrupt. Over time, I saw this and I knew generally that medicine was, also but had no idea to the degree until this virus and everything surrounding it was revealed. Lord, there are so many people who will die from this, or from the genetic altering injections. Please stop this madness, Lord. Put an end to the evil one’s plans. Convert the hearts of those cooperating with such evil. Open the eyes of those who blindly follow evil, for they are not aware. Please Lord, help us. Oh, Lord come to our assistance. Oh, Lord make haste to help us. Lord, I pray also for (name withheld) to be healed. Thank You for Your many blessings, Lord. Blessed Mother, I entrust my children and grandchildren to Your motherly love and protection. Lord, there are too many intentions to write them now. I bring each and every one to You and lay them at the foot of Your holy cross. Take each care and concern and do Your Will in these matters, so that each trial and burden may be a cause for glorifying Your Holy Name. Thank You, Lord. I love you.

“My little one, your heart rejoices one minute and returns to a state of heaviness due to so many trials your friends and loved ones are experiencing. I understand this and I experienced this same mix of emotions, although for different reasons. Always give praise to my Father in Heaven no matter the situation. Trust in Me to bring each problem to the best outcome. Trust in Me, My child even when it doesn’t seem to be the answer you wanted, or even when it doesn’t seem possible to be the best conclusion. This kind of trust and the faith that will ensue will move mountains. My little lamb, thank you for your care and concern for My children. You often think that you have not done enough in a situation, like with your friend who died. My child, the fact that you tried is often enough. She knows you tried and she understands that the physicians did their best, even though they did not do what they could. They really didn’t know otherwise and they are being blinded by the constant barrage of propaganda. Yes, My child I said propaganda and I do not use words unwisely. Pray for their enlightenment. Pray for their right thinking, clarity and rational thought to return. The more one listens to lies, the more one continues to be deceived. After a time, it becomes even more difficult to accept the truth. It becomes truly like a tangled web making it very difficult to navigate the path of truth. Pray for their awareness and questioning. Pray for their courage and boldness. So many are afraid to speak out, for fear of reprisal. I tell you there will be much worse days ahead if they continue to lack courage. My children, it is easier now to speak out than it will be in the future if you remain silent. My children throughout the world are letting their voices be heard. Where is My continent of North America? What are you doing Oh land of the free and home of the brave? Do not wait for someone to come to save you from evil. I have already done so, when I died for you on the cross. You must become emboldened by My Holy Spirit and speak the truth—always in love and out of love. Do not worry what will happen to you. Be concerned about what is happening to mankind. My people, you must begin to act now. Do so for the countless lives that are being lost. Do so for your neighbor, your children, your grandchildren. I have been asking you for years to pray. My Mother has been asking you for years, also and even for centuries. Pray more, My children. You are not praying enough. Fast, My children. Frequent the Sacraments. Bear My light and My love to this world that suffers from much corruption and darkness. Ask Me what you may do to advance My cause to live the Gospel. If you do not know, you have only to ask Me. Bring your petitions before My presence (Adoration) in the Sacrament and I will give much clarity to you. My children, this is not the time for violence. It is the time for heroic love. Heroic love entails sacrifice. It requires action. Help your brothers and sisters who are ill. Help those who are not ill to know what they can do to stay well. Serve those in need, My children. Pray for those who persecute you. The truth will be revealed, My children for I AM TRUTH. Until the day that I am revealed in My Splendor, you must be My torchbearers. Take the Light of Christ to those in need. My children, I am with you. I will not abandon you. Trust in Me and pray, pray, pray.”

Lord, there are so many calamities in the world. Each day it seems something disastrous occurs. The people in Haiti are suffering and I know You know everything and that You are aware. Jesus, please comfort those who are mourning and who are frantically searching for lost loved ones. Jesus, poor Haiti has been through one tragedy after another. Please keep (names withheld) safe. Bless (name withheld) and help her to continue to bless others. I pray for the town of (name withheld) family where the earthquake struck. Comfort and console them, Lord. Beyond sending monetary support to their priest, what can I do?

“My child have Masses said for them.”

Oh, of course, Jesus. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.

“Yes, My child there is much going on. It is difficult to think of everything and even the simplest answers escape one when there is much stress and strain. My children have Masses said also for those who are ill and for souls who do not know the love of God. The most powerful prayer is the Holy Mass.”

Thank You for reminding me, Jesus!

“My child, My child, My son is suffering and though I am giving him graces now, it would be better for him to conclude our time together. Thank you for visiting with Me, My child. I have each request of yours, those spoken, written and unwritten and will hold them close to My Sacred Heart. Be assured I will answer each one. Trust Me to do so as only I know best.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You!

“I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, My children. Trust in Me that all will be well. I am counting on My children to do what is right and to carry My light to those in need especially the sick, the elderly, the children and those who do not know Me. Be love. Be mercy. Be peace. Be light. That is all My little lamb. Thank you for your love.”

Thank You, Jesus for all that You do for us and for all You have done to reunite us with the Heavenly Father. Praise You Lord. Amen! Alleluia.

“Go in peace, My child.”

(Jesus seemed sad but resolute.)

August 29, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello, my Adorable Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Thank You for the opportunity to be here with You in Adoration and in this little chapel I love so very much. It’s been a long time since we were able to be in this location, Jesus. I am very grateful! Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion! Thank You for my family and friends. Please help me to show You my gratitude for Your love and for the salvation of souls made possible by Your passion, death and resurrection. Praise You and thank You my Lord, God and my King.

Lord, this year and a half has been very difficult for so many people. Recently, I and many others have experienced the deaths of many friends. Some people have ‘lost’ family members. Lord, I have heard the death tolls will increase exponentially due to compromised immune systems in addition to the C-19 virus. Lord, please help those who took the injections. I heard of several who did so without realizing all we have learned recently. Lord, put a shield around them and spare them. Help them to see the truth of the situation. Convert the hearts of the evil ones who have cooperated in the death plans for the world. Convert them, Lord. Give them graces to understand what they have done by cooperating. Jesus, I also pray for the truth to come to light for so many physicians who do not understand and who genuinely care about and for their patients. So very many do not realize what they are doing. Remove the scales from their eyes so they see the truth. Then, convict their hearts, Lord so they will run to Your merciful arms. Oh Lord, heal our land and grant us graces to once again be Your holy people.

Lord, I pray for my daughters who are in need of Your protection and guidance in their lives. I pray for my son as well for Your hand to be on every plan, every task so they may do each one for You and with You. Lord, You know what each one needs. Do Your Will in their lives and give them hearts filled with Your Holy Spirit so they become flames of love for You. Blessed Mother, Our Lady Undoer of Knots, untie each and every tangled knot in our lives and straighten things so that we all have a clear path and clear line of sight to Our Lord, Your Son. Blessed Mother, give us Your Motherly love, guide and direct us in the ways of the Lord. Thank You for Your ‘yes’ to God. Help me to quickly give my ‘yes’ to Him, also. I ask for Your Motherly protection for our children and grandchildren. May each one walk closely with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Bless all who are ill and especially those who will die today and tonight. May the souls of the faithful departed, by Your mercy, rest in peace. Lord, my heart is heavy with sadness and laden with concern for my friends and all who are ill. Heal each one, Lord. Open the hearts and minds of the doctors to the treatments that work and will help their patients. Give them courage to do the right thing, no matter what others may say. (Personal dialogue omitted.)

Lord, have You anything to say to me today?

“Yes, My child. Much is going on in the world to advance the evil plans of My adversary and yours. It is obvious to you, My child and it is not hidden. Even what you know and have heard is only a small percentage, though. Evil hides the hideous plan for several years until more accept it and then it is brought into the open for all to see. There is no humility with evil only extreme pride. Evil takes pride even and especially in sin and destruction. You feel that what is known publicly is even too much to bear, My little lamb. Yes, it is and I understand this. This is as it should be for souls who love and follow Me. What I want My people to know now is that you will be wise to stop listening and watching the media. What is readily available to the masses is propaganda. The evil agenda will even use this (the watching of their messages) against you. When you turn on your televisions and other devices to view news filled with propaganda, it has a sinister affect on you/those who do so. For your holiness and for your spiritual lives I urge those who still watch or listen to the news to cease doing this immediately. Even when one knows something is untrue, the constant barrage impacts your soul. Do not subject yourselves to this, My Children of Light or one day the light will no longer remain with you. Your minds will be easily manipulated and eventually will cooperate with evil. My little children who love and follow Me, do not open even one window to your soul or small crack for this evil to penetrate. Close it for protection. Safeguard what you allow to inform and form you. If you decide to watch anything at all may it be holy, inspiring and uplifting spiritually. Use this as a measure to decide, My children and if the program fails this test, have nothing to do with it. I will ensure My people are informed. Think about days gone by where there was no modern form of communication. Messages were transmitted by word of mouth. The entire church was formed and grew in this way. I am the Eternal Word and I know how best to communicate. Trust in Me, My children. The evil one wants to destroy My people’s peace for I am the Prince of Peace. I will send My messengers the angels when an important communication needs to be sent to you, so rest assured you will not miss a heavenly communication. There are holy prophets as well as teachers and holy souls who are communicating via other methods and providing you use the discernment I am giving you, these videos and other forms of communication are acceptable. Be aware that the television is and will continue to be controlled and will eventually be one method used to obtain ultimate control of you and your children. It has already had a negative influence on families, has it not? What I am telling you is that it will have an even more evil influence upon souls who continue to allow this access to minds and hearts. My children, it is similar to leaving the doors of your homes open all night long and then wondering why someone entered. Do not continue to be foolish, My children. Guard your hearts and your minds. Read holy books. Tend to your families. Reach out to those in need. Pray. Read Scripture. Attend Holy Mass and frequent the Sacraments. Tend to your daily duties with a mind toward God and a heart lifted in prayer and thanksgiving. Live the Gospel message. Serve those in need and do acts of kindness as well as spiritual and corporal works of mercy. There will be no time to watch these tools of satan, My children and you will begin to have peace restored within yourselves and even within families. Do as I request, My children for your wellbeing and for your walk with Me. Trust in Me, My children. Trust in Me. It will go better for you. I assure you.”

“My child, I hear your prayers and I am aware of your concerns. Thank you for bringing them to Me, for I am the One who can do something about them. Be confident in Me and trust that I will work each problem out for the good of each one’s soul. I know you have experienced sadness. I also know that you trust in My Will and in My plan. I will comfort you. I will comfort each one of My children who allow My comfort. Rest in My arms and give Me each burden, My children. The reason your yoke will be easy and your burden light is because I will help carry your burden, making it lighter. I know what each soul can bear and I will never give you more than you can handle. If you are overwhelmed it is because you try to carry all burdens by yourself and also because some people listen to unwise advice from others. Be sure you are speaking with holy friends, My children when you confide in someone. Be sure they are following a path to holiness and are serious prayer warriors who share the One True Faith. If there is another person you like, respect, etc., but they worship false gods and are in a false religion do not share your deepest concerns, your life story (other than to witness) with them, My children. Be wise and discerning. Even good people who want to do what is right cannot give wise counsel when they worship false gods. My children, you know I love all people. I died for each one. I created them! I love them and you must also. However, loving someone should not cloud your vision. Bring each concern to Me, My children. I will give you clarity and direction. Speak with holy friends asking them to pray for you. Speak with a holy priest. I will direct you, My Children of Light for you are one with Me. I will never abandon you. I remind you of your elder brothers and sisters who are with Me in Heaven. They await your request for their prayers. Remember to also ask My Heavenly, Holy Mother to pray for you and to give you the needed graces for each day. She has many, many graces for each of you that go unrequested and unused. There is much at your disposal but you have not because you ask not. Be of good cheer, My children. Remember My Gospel is the Good News. Lift your eyes to Heaven and remember where your gaze should be. When one is traveling, signs are observed to ensure the correct course is being followed. Maps are used to calculate the route and they are accessed along the way. Sometimes detours are needed and one must change course, but these are temporary until it is possible to get back on course. My children, I have given you the perfect map to follow in My Church and in the Holy Scripture, the Word of God. You have the life of the Church, the saints and mystics, the prophets and many holy people alive now. There are signs in the weather, the earth, the animals, and insects and even in the sun. You know by observation, the state of the world and man’s inhumanity and transgressions too numerous to list. All of these things should give you the impetus, the motivation to pray and to change your lives. Do this right away, My children. Be prepared to help others with anything needed. Be prudent, but also be merciful. I am with you and I will never leave you to face your problems alone. Trust in Me. Share your heart with Me. You are safe in My Sacred Heart and in My Mother’s Immaculate Heart. All will be well for I will walk with you, My children. Do not fear. Love, trust and be merciful. In all things—love. That is what I need most from My children; to love as I have loved you. Times ahead may be difficult indeed, but you will have what you need, My children. The Father in Heaven is the perfect, loving Father. He will provide for the needs of His children. Live the Father’s love. Live the Savior’s love. Be love to others. I am counting on you.”

That is all for now, My little one. I bless you and all who are here to adore Me in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in My peace. Be assured that I am with you, with My son, (name withheld), with your children and grandchildren and with My little, wise (name withheld). Give my peace to others and be joy. I love you. All will be well.”

Thank You, my Lord and my God, the beautiful one. I love You. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Help us to be faithful in all things, Lord and no matter what comes may we always trust in You and follow Your Will. Consume me in the fire of Your love, my Jesus and shroud me in Your perfect, holy Will. May it be so, Lord.

“I love you, My daughter. We are united in our love. You are in My Sacred Heart.”

Amen, Jesus. Alleluia!

Children of the Renewal – JESUS CHRIST – “Out of fear, many accept the injection that changes your genetic code, sending incorrect and unnatural messages to your DNA – You do not even know the ingredients in this injection, My children, and yet you willingly stand in line for this poison”

Children of the Renewal Messages

August 15, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. All praise, honor, glory, thanksgiving and love to You my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion. Thank You for our priests who bring us the Sacraments of the Church. Thank You for my family and friends and for the blessings and graces You give to us. Lord Jesus, I thank You for the good health we enjoy at this time, and I am very aware and concerned for those who are suffering. Please restore to good health all who are ill; for (names withheld). Lord, I also pray especially for (names withheld). Please heal him and give (name withheld) peace and consolation. That family has gone through such trials, Jesus. Please heal them and restore them to their lives of prayer and service. They are such beautiful souls and so necessary to many of us and to the Kingdom. Lord, protect our good and holy Bishops and priests. I pray also for Cardinal Burke’s healing and return to good health. Thank You, Lord for this respite time, when churches are open and we are not being forced to wear face coverings, covering our identity as children of God. Thank You for (name withheld) that he makes You available in the Eucharist so that we may adore You. What a blessing and a great grace. Thank You, Lord. My heart is so full after such a beautiful Mass on Your Mother’s Feast Day.

Happy Feast of the Assumption Blessed Mother! What a joyous day! I love you, Most Holy Mother, Mary our Queen. Thank You for being the first and most excellent, most holy, most pure disciple of Jesus, for showing us how to follow Him perfectly and for modeling what true holiness and purity ‘looks like’. Yes, we see it in Jesus, of course but one can say that we will never, ever attain that holiness for He is true God and true Man. However, You are totally woman, a creature and yet you were and are pure, the Immaculate One. Oh, Blessed Mother, my Mother, give me Your heart so that I may love Jesus as you love Jesus. Thank You dearest Mother for being our Mother, also. Take my prayers and my good desires and present them to Our Lord. He never refuses You. Please pray for those who are sick and who have taken this vaccine/injection. Have pity on those, Mother who didn’t know any better, or who only did so for fear of losing their jobs. Mother of Mercy, protect them all and present them to Our Lord for healing. Thank You for Your ‘yes’ to God and for Your continual ‘yes’ and for allowing (by your fiat) our Savior to come into the world. Jesus, have You anything to say to me?

“Yes, My child, there is much to say. I have been preparing you and My son (name withheld) and many others throughout the world for what is to come. My little one, the world is going through many trials and is in darkness due to much sins; many grave sins. My Mother tried to prepare mankind and has appeared all over the world to various children in order to keep the Faith alive in their hearts. At Fatima, My Mother emphasized the prayer of the Rosary, penance for sinners, and requested prayer and sacrifice not only to end the World War, but to prevent another World War. She foretold many things if her children did not listen and did not do as She asked. She said-if not, Communist Russia would spread her errors throughout the world. This is exactly what has happened and what you are witnessing. These errors have spread throughout the entire world and you are seeing them begin to come together. They are being made visible even to those who are asleep (some).

My child, many are asking what to do. I have already told you and many others but I will repeat since it is still not being fulfilled as requested. I invite everyone (yes, everyone) to pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the morning and in the evening. I would also like the St. Michael Chaplet to be prayed each morning for protection. It is best to pray together as a family, but if no one else will pray with you, you must pray alone, for your prayers are offered for your family and there will be an effect on them by My grace. My little lamb, I have given you and My son (name withheld) other prayers to pray which I would like you to re-establish. These will be carried on during the refuge times and prayed by your entire household. Make this a faithful prayer practice, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) praying together. This unity in prayer is very important and will provide a protective covering over your family and your household. You do not see the way the evil one wants to tear you apart, but My protection and that of My Mother does not allow it. However, it does not go unnoticed by you that this attempt occurs and greatly disturbs your peace. Pray against this, My children. My son, I would like you to pray the prayer My (name withheld) asked you to pray each morning. The Authority Prayer for greater protection of your home, your household and your family. It is time to make this a regular prayer and best lead by the head of the household. This is a good prayer for all to pray, preferably fathers, but in their absence or unwillingness to pray, the mother may also pray on behalf of her home and her children, guests, etc., in the home. It is best for men to do so, but when men abdicate their authority the other, the woman who is the heart of the home may pray this prayer, and it is wise to do so. Anyone may pray this, My child but what I am referring to is the one who has authority, by natural order is the one who should pray. In cases where no man is present it should be the mother and she may, if she has a son, ask that he pray it when he is of age. Do not ask a young child to pray this as it is not appropriate until they are older. I am not trying to be restrictive, My children. I am advising you, for your good. I am with you. I give you every grace needed to survive and even to thrive in the midst of these days of turbulence and great change. Remember, I do not change. Set your course for Heaven. Look at Me during the days of chaos which will certainly come, My children. I stand in the midst of the storm while the waves crash against the boat. I am continually offering Myself to the Father for the world during each and every Mass. Look at Me, My children, even while you prepare for the storm. I remind you all, My children to avail yourselves of the Sacraments and to read Holy Scripture. Pray and fast. Receive the Sacraments. You will need all the graces I pour out upon you for all that you are facing now, and all that is to come.”

“I remind you to reject the temptation to fear. Out of fear, many accept the injection that changes your genetic code, sending incorrect and unnatural messages to your DNA. This is what you have done out of fear, My children. I am telling you yet again to have no fear. What is needed is trust in Me. Trust in Me, My children. Do not trust in wicked men who make false promises to you they have no intention of keeping. Mankind longs to live forever in this world, so much so that one is willing to do almost anything. My poor children I came that you would have eternal life, not physical life in this world. This is not Heaven, My poor children. This is the earthly world where you live so you will learn about Me, love Me, follow Me, assist your neighbor, your family, your friends in knowing Me and then one day when this earthly pilgrimage is over, you will die so that your soul can depart for the heavenly Kingdom. One day at the end of time your bodies will be reunited with your souls. Then, you will be as I, your Jesus is and as My Holy Mother Mary is, body and soul in Heaven. You will still be fully alive in Heaven, I assure you when your soul is there with Me. I will see you as you and you will see others and recognize your family and friends. You do not understand how this can be so, but I assure you it is true. For now, suffice it to say, it is not for you to strive to live forever, My children. Yes, be prudent and care for your bodies as they are temples of the Holy Spirit. It is not caring for your body to accept poisons, even if they advertise these injections as something good, they are not good for you, they are like poison. This is unwise, My children. I know that many thought they were fine and trusted the political and health establishments. Remember, I your Lord and God created you. I gave you your ability to think and reason. You have much information at your very fingertips, literally. Use wisdom and discernment and do not believe everything you are told, My people. Seek the truth. Do not seek what you want to hear, but seek the truth.

If you seek Me, you will find Me. If you knock, the door shall be opened to you. My beautiful, trusting, innocent souls even know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. The little children often know without question when something isn’t right. Does it sound good for one to be injected with a synthetic code to alert one’s cells to begin manufacturing a synthetic protein? Especially one which is part of this disease process? Would I want My children’s bodies producing an artificial protein continually? You do not even know the ingredients in this injection, My children, and yet you willingly stand in line for this poison to be injected into your bodies which were fearfully and wonderfully made. My poor children, what have you done and why have you done this? I will tell you why. You acquiesce out of fear. Fear of dying. Fear of suffering. Fear of losing your job. Fear, fear, fear. This is why, My children. Who is the author of fear? The adversary, that is who. Do not respond to any decision because of fear. What is needed is trust. My children, many of you have lost your faith and what has replaced faith in God? Fear of dying. Fear of illness. You have begun to worship your physical health rather than your spiritual health. Worship only the Lord God. He alone is due honor and worship. You make of your bodies false temples.”

“There is much evil and corruption, My children and it became even more prolific when the churches were closed to My faithful ones. So much light was hidden under bushel baskets and the darkness became more and more prevalent.

A word to shepherds, the Bishops, ‘Do not close My Churches. Do not deprive My faithful ones the Sacraments. You also acted out of fear, but not fear of the Lord, fear of illness, fear of liability. I tell you, My holy priest sons, do not deprive your flock the Bread of Life. This is satan’s plan. Resist this with your lives if you must. You are fathers. Feed my sheep. Feed My lambs. Feed My children. Do My Will. Do not do the will of the evil one, or the will of local or federal governments. You must do My Will and it is My Will that Mine will be fed, nourished and taught the truths of My Church. Do not forget that I am the heavenly Head of the Church and My Vicar on earth is the earthly head. The secular world has no authority over My Church. Many of My poor sons who are Bishops have forgotten that they have authority in their Dioceses and they have forgotten the power given to them by Me. My sons, I say to you now, no more are you to close the Churches. No more are you to cease hearing Confessions. In times such as this, more Masses should be offered and more Confession times given. My sons, your concern for My children is first and foremost for their souls. Yes, of course you are also concerned for the health and welfare of My children, but first their souls. If one loses one’s soul, what else matters? Be heroic in your love for My children. Do not worry about what will happen to you. Serve God. Love My Children; love their souls, and do all that you can, regardless of what may happen to you, to help them along the pathway to Heaven. Do you not recall that your brothers and sisters before you were fed to the lions because they would not renounce their Faith? Where is your trust in Me? Do not fear. I have not given you a spirit of fear, but one of trust. If you suffer for My children by doing what is good for them by making the Holy Mass and the Sacraments available to them, you will be imitating Me. If you become ill, I will ensure you, you will receive the Sacraments, and if you die after having served My children as a good and holy Bishop, you will come with Me to Heaven. Trust in Me, My holy priest sons who are also descendants of the Apostles. Look at what your predecessors went through to bring the Faith to My Children. What can be said of you? What will be said of you? If you did this, mistakenly, out of concern, bring this to Me in Confession. I forgive as you know full well that I do. However, let this be known, you are not to repeat this denial of the Sacraments, My sons. Do not repeat it. It will not go well for you and the persecution of the faithful that will surely come as a result will be very much your responsibility. For when public Masses cease, evil will reign in the world. Do not cooperate with evil, but lead My children and feed My sheep.’ “

“That is all I have to say on this matter, My little lamb. I realize this was painful for you to write.”

Yes, Lord it was. I cringed to write these words.

“My child, remember these are My words, not yours and therefore you are only responsible for writing as I asked.”

Yes, Lord. I do feel somewhat responsible since my hand penned Your words, but I know what You mean. Thank You for being concerned for Me, Lord. You are very tender and loving. I know it is out of this great love for Your children that You said these words for our shepherds. You love them most deeply, Lord.

“Yes, My child. I have great love and respect for My holy priest sons, My Bishops and all religious. They are like My inner circle, so to speak and it is especially disappointing when they have limited trust in Me and buckle under worldly pressure.”

Lord, I honestly think that many Bishops thought they were doing what was right at the time.

“My child, My child, you have much mercy. I have much more mercy, and I know each one’s heart. Yes, you are correct, some thought they were doing what was right. However, after time went by and some realized they should not have followed suit, and in some cases even been more aggressive than the government, they wanted to protect their foolish pride. They didn’t want to lose the respect of their fellow Bishops or to lose face with the ‘officials’. In this way, they continued to deprive My children of the Sacraments. I honor My holy priest sons who wanted to be obedient to their superiors. Obedience is vitally important, so I do not fault My holy little priest sons. In the future, I will inspire them even more to discern what they ought to obey from man, versus what they should obey that is from God. My holy priest sons, there is always obedience and this is important. There are also ways to obey one’s Bishop and still bring the Sacraments to your flock. It is never right to deny someone who is dying, the Sacraments when they want them. This is NOT My Will. Do not deny My children the Bread of Life, Confession, Marriage, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or Holy orders. This is My Will that you fulfill your priestly ministry. Think of the priests in concentration camps who willfully disobeyed and celebrated Mass perhaps with one small host that was consecrated and became My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. In the middle of such human suffering, I became physically present to them. Do you think My holy saintly priest sons should have obeyed the authority of the evil men in control? No, of course not. It is no different today, except that there is more freedom now and there should be no question that this should NOT happen again.”

“Sadly, My daughter some will take the same actions as before.”

I’m sure this is why You are warning us, Jesus.

“Yes, My child and warning My Bishops and encouraging them at the same time to be courageous. Do not fear.”

“My little lamb you and your family and all reading My words, pray as I have asked. Pray for your shepherds. My Mother has requested this for decades and it is even more relevant now, is it not? Now you understand why She asked this of you and yet not enough responded to Her request. Pray, My children. Pray for your shepherds. Pray, pray, pray.”

“There is much unrest in the world because the world does not know the Prince of Peace. My children you must continue to spread the Gospel. It is needed by souls who are in darkness and despair. Bring My love for them to all you meet. Spread the Gospel message which is a message of great hope. So many live in fear, for they do not know Me. They do not really know Me and therefore do not even know that I have prepared a place for them in Heaven. Be at peace and trust in Me. Allow Me to anchor you in the quiet waters so that each wind that comes your way cannot toss you about in the storm. Focus on growing closer to Me through prayer and Scripture reading. Focus on growing in virtue and planning what you can do to assist others. Be messengers of Heaven and of holiness. You must grow in holiness to shine bright, My children.”

“My daughter, you were reflecting on the votive light meditation from months ago, just this morning were you not?”

Yes, Lord. You know my thoughts and so You know I was.

“Explain this, My child.”

Alright, Lord. I remembered what You taught me about purity. One early morning during prayer, I noticed that each votive gave off distinctly different patterns of light depending on their design. Each one had a candle made of beeswax from the same box, so they were not too different from the other, however depending on how clean the glass votive was, the light shone more brightly or less brightly. You revealed the simple thought to Me, Lord that we are like votives. When our souls are pure from Confession and we are in the State of Grace, Your light shines more brightly. You are a very bright pure light and You are the same in each person, but depending upon us, the container or vessel, we either obscure Your light or allow it to shine brightly. It is up to us, how well disposed to grace we are. You are the same Lord, the same God in each person who carries You in their bodies, our bodies, which are the temple of the Holy Spirit. The light shines more brightly through holy, pure souls. Also, each votive I have is distinct and has different patterns. We are like that. Even though the light shines just the same from within, different patterns of light are reflected because of the cut glass and the way it bends the light waves. In the same way, each child You created is unique and our way of shining in the world is also unique. We all have the ability to have ‘clean, even sparkling’ votives which are our souls that carry our Lord to the world, when we frequent the Sacrament of Confession, receive You in the Most Holy Eucharist, and live a life of prayer and service from the love that lives within us. You are the Light, Lord and we cannot shine apart from You. But, we can cooperate with the Light and we can be carriers of the Light. This is a summary of what You taught me when I reflected on the votive candles burning during prayer time.

“Yes, My child, you remembered very well. There will be more about this later, My child. Thank you for writing your memories of this lesson. I want others to realize that everything good can be a reflection of some spiritual truth. Be more aware of this My children. Even as you work, or go about your chores and menial tasks, you can observe in nature, simple truths of the Faith, of God, of My creation and My love for you. Think on these things, My children and pray for courage, for an increase in love, hope and virtue. Go now in peace, My little one. I bless you in My Father’s name, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace. Go in My love and give this peace and love to others.”

Thank You, Lord. Amen! Alleluia! Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever!

Children of the Renewal – JESUS CHRIST – “Taking this shot because you trust in Me is like saying to Me, ‘Lord, I trust you to protect me so I’m going to proceed with stepping into this busy intersection and trust You that I will miraculously be protected’ – My children, this is very unwise and is ‘testing’ Me”

Children of the Renewal Messages

July 25, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello my Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It is so very good to be here with You, Lord. Praise You and thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion today. Thank You for the Blessed Sacrament. ‘Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine.’ I love this song and I sing it to You in the quiet of my heart since there are others here, Jesus. I love You in Your most precious body, blood, soul and divinity hidden in the Eucharist, my Jesus. Lord, I love every moment of Your life on earth and every moment of Your life after Your resurrection. Thank You for shedding Your blood for us beginning with the circumcision and any moments in between. Thank You for shedding Your blood in the Garden of Gethsemane and during Your passion and death. Most precious blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Thank You for pouring every drop of blood and water out of Yourself to atone for our sins, for my sins, Jesus. How sweet is Your love for us, Your children. I adore You, my Lord and I praise You for by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world. My lord, please forgive me for my many sins, my thoughtlessness and the times I have neglected to show my love for others. Help me to go about my days with my eyes wide open and my heart and spirit filled with Your love so that I will notice my neighbor in need and be willing and quick to respond as You Will. Make me always and ever alert to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit and give me the graces needed to act as You Will, Lord. Illuminate my heart and mind, Lord to identify and clearly see my faults, weaknesses and shortcomings and cover me with every grace needed to prevail in overcoming each one so that I have more room for Your heart, Your mind and Your Will, Jesus. I am too filled with myself, Lord and I want to be filled by You. Then, You will direct my every step and I will gladly follow Your narrow path, Jesus where You have assured us that Your Holy Mother Mary has already gone and who will accompany us. Blessed Mother, my port in the storm, my beautiful, holy Mother who knows exactly where to find me when I am lost and I don’t know the way, take my hand and lead me to Your Son. Walk with me, my Mother. Help me to learn to be a faithful disciple. Give me Your most pure heart which loves Jesus perfectly, for my imperfect and sometimes cold heart does not know how to really, truly love as You love. That is a terrible and unfair exchange, I realize. Your holy heart for my unholy, unruly heart, but I know You are merciful and that everything You touch becomes good so I trust that when You take my heart in Your hands it will be purified, Oh Mary full of grace. I love You, my beautiful, pure Mother. Jesus, my beloved who is also my God, make my heart a flame of pure love for Thee. Lord Jesus, as I go about my work this week, may it be You working through me. Lord, as I go into the world, away from this holy ground may I constantly remember my true identity, Your child. Never let me forget this Jesus and help all that I do be a witness to Your deep love for each and every soul. May each meeting I have this week be a meeting with You, my precious Lord. May every encounter be an encounter with the living God.

Lord, bless all who are ill and all who are grieving or who are lonely. So many people are brokenhearted, Jesus. You know each one’s pain. Pour Your grace like a balm on their wounds. Soothe and comfort them with Your peace. Help them to immerse their pain and suffering in Your Merciful Sacred Heart, where each person’s pain is made more bearable, Jesus. Lord, I pray for all who are outside of the one true Faith. Bring each person home to Your Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Lord, I pray for every person who will die today or this evening; especially those who are unprepared for their deaths. Have mercy on these souls, Jesus and cover them with Your blood to purify their souls.

“My little lamb, I hear each prayer and I know the longing in your heart for souls to be united to Me. I have placed this longing in your heart. From the time you were very young you were aware and sensitive to the ones who were not included, who were on the fringe so to speak. My child this is a gift of the Holy Spirit to have this concern for justice and mercy. You are not alone in this My child, but many are lacking in this concern for their brothers’ and sisters’ souls and are indifferent to the mistreatment of others. In your circle, that is your family and among your close friends, you are similar in this concern, however you must know, due to the state of the world that most of the people living today have little regard for the sufferings of others. My child, it is My desire that the children who follow Me become more caring and more aware of those around them. My daughter, I know that you think you are often unaware of souls in need. I am not referring to the times My people are unaware, but the times when they are aware of the needs of others, but choose to do nothing. My children, which one of you can say, ‘I have nothing to give?’ All can give something. I am not referring to the giving of money, although this is at times called for. No, I am referring to self-giving. All can give of their time, and be present to the other. At a minimum, all can give a smile or an embrace. Give of your time My children. Show others the love of God by being love, by being mercy, by being joyful. You are all in need of something, My children for that is human nature and you do not dwell in Heaven, yet. So, be humble and realize that everything you have was given to you by the Heavenly Father for no matter how hard one works, God still must Will material gifts for you or it will not be granted. Be humble and recognize each talent, each personality trait, each good gift including the gift of intelligence, is a gift of God. Therefore, do not look down on others who do not have these gifts, or the means to take care of themselves. These pose opportunities to you, My children. Opportunities to be My extended hands and heart to the world so in need of My love. My children, do not fear. Do not be afraid to love others, even and especially those you do not know. The root of every problem in the world is a lack of love in the hearts of mankind. When love is lacking, disunity, hatred and violence will fill the void. When love is plentiful, unity, accord, peace and mercy abound. Therefore, you must pray for the graces to love. My children very soon the time will come when heroic love will be needed. Pray for graces to love heroically. Prepare your hearts to be generous and merciful. You will live the Gospel, My children. When one has no coat, you will offer him yours. When one is hungry you will share your bread, you will share your water and you will even open your homes to strangers who are in need. My children you must pray now for the graces to do all that will be needed. If you are unwilling now, My little children, think of how hard it will be when the time comes. Pray for these graces, My children and begin to show love in bigger ways than you already do. I would like to prepare your hearts now, My children. Pray, pray, pray especially this week and next. Pray as I have requested, My children. There are many people in league with evil who are planning even more harm to the human race and I need your prayers. Your families and friends need your prayers. Do not be afraid. Have confidence in Me and My Most Holy Mother Mary. Fear is not of the Lord. Trust in Me. I bless you My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace walking confidently with Me. All will be well.”

Amen, Lord. Alleluia!

August 8, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello, my dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is good to be here with You! Thank You for Holy Mass today and Holy Communion. Thank You for Confession yesterday. I pray for the priest who heard my Confession and for all the priests who have heard my Confessions or who will in the future. Grant them many graces and blessings, Lord. I lift up to You all who are sick and all who have requested my prayers. Bless each one and give them peace and consolations to know that You are truly with them. You are the great physician and You know exactly what each person needs as they journey toward the Father. I pray especially for those suffering from cancer, renal disease, cardiac problems, Alzheimer’s and neurological disorders. Lord, please be with all who have mental disorders and heal them. Heal their family members who suffer very much for love of their dear one who is ill. I pray for all who do not know the love of God, that they will come to know Your love and to experience it in a life changing way. All glory, honor and praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ. I pray to You Lord for all people called to the priesthood and religious life, and for those called to the vocation of marriage. May they have the courage, the prayerfulness and the fortitude to answer the call You have for them, for the building up of the Church in the world and in Your Kingdom. Thank You for my family and friends and for all the many blessings You grant especially for the gift of the Sacraments, without which the world would cease to exist and I cannot live without. I love You my Lord and my God. I praise, adore and glorify You, my Savior and my King. Jesus, each of my children and grandchildren have various needs that only You can provide. Please give each one the graces needed and may they live out Your communal life calling and their vocations. I lift each request to You and lay them at the foot of Your cross. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Lord, have You anything to say to me today?

“Yes, My child, please write My words. Thank You and My son (name withheld) for coming to visit Me in this sacred place. Do you feel at peace, My child?”

Oh, yes, Lord. I do. It is always good to be with You. Even when I am tempted to do something else, when I come to be with You, I have no idea how I could ever be tempted not to be with You. There is no other peace like that of being in the presence of My Lord. If I wasn’t having arrhythmias it would be even better, Jesus. I wouldn’t say this, but You know everything about me and You know what I’m dealing with Lord.

“Yes, My child I know everything about you and I understand what a struggle this has been for you lately.”

Lord, I offer this discomfort to You for all whose hearts have grown cold toward You. May their hearts be healed so they grow close to my Jesus. May they love You and all around them. May they become tender towards their family members because of the love that flows from You through them to others.

“Thank you, My little lamb. I accept your suffering for the good of souls.”

Lord, I also offer this allergic reaction I am having to You for souls. Use it as You will, Jesus.

“My child there is a disease and a blindness throughout the world. It is a reaction of souls to fear and to the global ‘elite’ messages being spread like so much propaganda. Many innocent and unsuspecting people believe everything being told to them without questioning. Some of these dear children do not even listen to their loved ones, whom they should trust, but listen to complete strangers whom they cannot or should not trust. In centuries past, people listened to their loved ones and especially to their elders. It was to the elders of families I entrusted wisdom and this wisdom was passed on in families for generations. The more people rely on the world around them, the many vocal viewpoints from people who do not have the good of humanity as their motives, the less attention should be given to their words. I am not telling you this, My child because I want a spirit of distrust, however I have said, ‘You will know by their fruits.’ What fruits have come from what public health officials are telling the masses? My children, My children, look around you with an objective eye and tell Me what you see. Do you see countries going into more public health crises mode and locking down society? Do you see more people losing their freedoms and human rights, or is there more liberty? Do you see care and concern for people who have been injured by these genetic injections? Do you see family members who have lost loved ones being compensated in some way for the loss of a loved one who was a wage earner, a beloved parent or sibling, or child? Do you see truth? Do you hear truth? Who is telling you to come together to solve these problems? Are they sweeping these issues under a rug? My children, I tell you, ‘You will know a good tree by its fruit.’ This fruit, as it should be obvious by now is rotten, My beloved children. If the fruit is rotten, the tree has an illness. If there is no fruit, the tree is sterile, but bearing rotten fruit is much worse, My children. There is nothing to do in this case, but destroy the tree. Since we cannot do this, as we are now talking about human beings created in the image and likeness of God, you must destroy their plans. I have already told you many times, how to defeat evil. It is done through prayer, fasting, frequent reception of the Sacraments and by living the Gospel of love and life. My children, you must reject the falsehoods. Do not participate in the evil plot to destroy mankind. I urge you, My children to resist cooperating with evil. Evil always, and I mean always presents itself as a good. The evil one knows how to appeal to human frailty. Do not fall for his traps, My children. I have heard some of My children say they decided to trust in Me and took the shots being offered, which were created by some of the very people, who introduced the weaponization of a harmless virus into the world in a much more destructive and potent way. I have already equipped you, My children with all your need to resist and overcome this illness. Your immune systems are not only equipped but have been through ‘drills’ until they are well in tune with fighting off antigens.

I have also provided medicine that works and will keep My children well if it is needed. I continue to work through My children who serve Me by working in the medical profession, and who genuinely care about their patients and the lives of others. These special children of mine, truly embrace the philosophy, ‘Do No Harm’. My children, My children the globalists want to do you harm. If you do not see this clearly you are not listening to those who bear good fruit. You are not praying with an open heart and mind and asking Me to guide you. Once you seek My direction and genuinely desire the good for yourself and your loved ones, you will discern correctly. When you react out of fear even if it is for love, you cannot properly discern My Will, for fear has taken up residence in your heart and mind. You must die to fear My children, and you will do this by trusting in Me. Taking this shot because you trust in Me is like saying to Me, ‘Lord, I trust you to protect me so I’m going to proceed with stepping into this busy intersection and trust You that I will miraculously be protected.’ My children, this is very unwise and is ‘testing’ Me. This is not real trust. I have given you minds to think and reason, and direction, as well as the gift of discernment. Listen to Me, My children, in the days of communism in Germany, there was no free and open communication. People were monitored and only propaganda was printed and announced. Today your media has been infiltrated by these same evils. Your means of communication is censored and you are unable to know the truth. However, I have given you the gift of intelligence. There is much information still available, but one must seek it. You will not find the truth through the means you have used, the modern media. Turn off the televisions and the radio stations that are not of Me. Do not listen to the lies satan is spreading. These lies are worse than any illness, for they tempt My children to fear, and often out of fear people sin. There is no need to listen to the falsehoods bring spread. You will not find an ounce of truth in the modern media, except for a shred which is woven through their story in order to masquerade as truth. Be alert, My children. So many of you are deceived. Pray to Me. Read Scripture. Fast and seek the Sacraments. Do not be pressured to do something you know in your hearts and in your soul that is not right. My children, I have compassion on and for you. If you seek truth, you will find it. Seek Me, My children. I am the way, the truth and the life. If you do not seek Me, but succumb to the fearmongers you will do things that are unlike you, and are not what you would choose, normally. Be not afraid, I am with you. Trust in Me, My children. For those of you who have loved ones who have followed the evil one’s plans; pray for them. Pray for their protection and healing. Pray for conversion of all who cooperate in disseminating this deception. Pray for souls, many of whom do not know Me and will die too soon due to the medical genetic experiment. Satan always tries to mimic God the Father. He is manipulating the basic building blocks for human life, My children’s genetic code. This is sinister, My children. If you stand against this and refuse their evil plans, you will defeat them. Pray for courage, My children. Pray for all souls. Pray, pray, pray.”

Thank You, Jesus. Help us, Lord. May more people discern and examine the consequences. May they find You, Lord when they seek You. Help people to trust You more than the media. Heal all who are ill with this virus and protect the vulnerable, the elderly, those with autoimmune disorders and the infants and little children. Help us, Jesus in this most critical time in history when the lives of Your children are being threatened. Pour forth Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.

“My little lamb, there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to all areas in the world. The day I have promised will come. However, if My children do not turn from their wicked ways and stop cooperating with evil, there will be millions of lives lost prematurely. The evil one wants this to occur as many of these souls are not ready to depart their earthly pilgrimage. Therefore, souls are being lost. This is the real plan, My child. Resist this evil while there is still time. Be prepared, My children for all that is to come if more souls continue to follow evil advice. There will be even more lockdowns, disruption of the economy and the evil globalists are planning to withhold food from My children. I urge you to get back to the land and to learn to grow what you can. Share what you have. I will provide but it will still be difficult. In the days to come you will not eat your fill, but will eat the minimum needed to sustain you. I will multiply what you have and once again My children will learn to rely on Me and to be grateful for all I give. This generation will see much destruction and many changes; however, you are also going to be given many graces. Those of you who truly trust in Me, even if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you will see My Spirit poured out like fire in the world. You will witness many miracles and graces. These fires will become part of the history of the Church one day and My little holy souls, the soldiers of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart, will see the Renewal. Focus on this time, My children for the next time period, the Renewal and ensuing Age of Obedience will be beautiful and a joy to experience. All of Heaven intercedes for you, My saints of these days. Ask for their prayers, My children. Ask for graces from My most pure and holy Mother Mary and graces will be given to you. You have not because you ask not.”

“My child, My child, though you are going through a dry spiritual period, bear with this a little longer. I am closer to you than you can possibly realize. I evoke memories of your grandparents and loved ones who are already in Heaven because they want you to know of their prayers and to remind you to ask for their intercession in specific matters. This is edifying to the saints in Heaven and it gives glory to God, for His Kingdom encompasses the living on earth and those who live in Heaven. Lift your eyes to Heaven, My little one and seek refuge in My Sacred, Merciful Heart for I am your refuge and your strength. Lean on My shoulder, My child. I love you. I bless you and your family because of your love, your devotion and the loyalty to Me that you and My son (name withheld) have. My little (name withheld) is struggling. Tell her to look to St. Joseph for guidance and to listen to her earthly father. They have her best interest at heart. My (name withheld), give your concerns to Me and to My Mother and allow us to work them out. You must protect your peace and that of (name withheld) for I have plans for you both. Your peace or lack thereof will be the answer you are seeking. Allow this to be your gauge, for I am your peace. I dwell within the souls of My children. Stand firm with My Mother’s mantle over you and do not continue to worry. I use you, My child either way because you are a willing instrument, but it is my desire that you live with peace and joy. You have learned by now that this is within you. You do not need to rely on another to give you this. It comes from Me. When we are united, you are My pure, loving, joyful (name withheld). When you are anxious about many things and begin to lack trust trying to make every decision perfectly, you lose your peace and become very weary. My child, I created you and I know exactly what you need. You are free to live a holy life devoted to your vocation of being a holy mother. Enjoy the present moment and be happy with your family, your friends and your patients. All will fall into place with the least amount of effort when you die to your fears, and your spirit of indecision, and allow Me to take charge. Doesn’t that sound much easier, My little, joyful (name withheld)? Yes, it will be much easier. Allow Me to lift your burdens and then you will be able to help others carry theirs. This is what you do so very well, and I need you to be a source of wisdom and encouragement to others. All will be well, My precious little one. I remind you that your child (name withheld) has much wisdom. I have great plans for him to cooperate with Me in saving many souls. Enjoy his childhood and be grateful for your family. I want you all to be like the Holy Family. They trusted Me to guide each step and they made no large decisions without waiting upon God the Father.

All of My children, you must learn to live as the Holy Family who lived through the most turbulent trials, but kept the peace of God in their hearts. My holy Mother Mary and St. Joseph always sought to do the Will of God and they waited on Him. It takes patience, My children but when one does this you will become very holy and united to Me and all of Heaven. Do not fear. What is needed is trust. Real trust does not go along with the culture or the current fads, but test everything in the Spirit of God. I am with you. Be at peace. I bless you, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) in the name of the Father and in My name and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Go in My peace. I love you.”

Amen. I love You, too Jesus!

Children of the Renewal – JESUS CHRIST – “I am telling you that which you already know, but I remind you because many children of Mine pray and give Me their petitions, but continue to worry and fret over the problem – This is not trust, My children”

Children of the Renewal Messages

July 18, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, adore and praise You my Lord, God and King. It is so good to be here with You, Lord. Thank You for Holy Mass and for Confession yesterday. Jesus, I am grateful for the Sacraments and for what You did to provide them for Your Holy Church. Thank You for Your passion, death and resurrection. Lord, I love You in the Most Holy Eucharist where Your glory is veiled so that we can gaze at You. Lord, please bless and protect Your Church, the Magisterium and all of the people. Protect and bless Your holy priest sons and beautiful holy religious who give their lives in service of Your Church. Lord, please heal all who are ill especially (names withheld) and all those who have requested prayers that I do not recall at the moment. Lord, please send graces for conversion and healing of all wounds, for those outside of the Church and far away from the Church. Unite us, Lord in the one true Faith. Help those who are persecuted for the Faith. There is much persecution in the world, just as You said there would be, Lord. Please help the suffering Church in China and Taiwan and in so many other places in the world. Relieve their suffering, Jesus and if it is Your Holy Will use it to purify Your Church and to make it more holy. Protect the remnant, Lord. Jesus, I pray for (name withheld) who has been through a lot. Help her, Lord.

“My child, My child I am working in and through your family. Give everything to Me. I will take care of each one and each concern. I want all of My children to trust in Me more. Do not be so concerned about things you have no power to control. Have confidence and trust in Me to resolve everything and to bring about My Will. Things will not always be resolved in the way My children think they should be, but still you must learn to trust in My perfect Will. My Will is what is best for each child of Mine. You do not usually know what is best, My children for you do not have full knowledge of the state of their souls, their hearts, the wounds they have, their life circumstances, or the full knowledge of all present situations, let alone the future. I know all, My children. I want what is best for My children, consequently give each and every concern to Me and then trust that I will take care of it and will take care of you. I am limited only by your lack of trust and your unwillingness to surrender your burdens to Me. Recall the numerous times I healed My children as recorded in the Gospels. Many of those healings were granted because of trust and confidence in Me. It was even sufficient for the ones who brought one in need of healing to have faith even if their friend or loved one was lacking in faith or was too ill to take action on their own. Have faith in Me, My Children of Light and you will see that all will be well. I am telling you that which you already know, but I remind you because many children of Mine pray and give Me their petitions, but continue to worry and fret over the problem. This is not trust, My children. When one continues to worry it demonstrates a lack of faith and trust in your Jesus. Do you not realize how much I love you? Do you not know that I went to the cross for love of you? Yes, I know that My children suffer human weaknesses. I know this and this is why I remind you to trust. Hope in Me, My beautiful children for all that I have in store for you. The evil one wants you to focus on all that he is doing. It is fine to be aware; to be discerning is wisdom. This is true and is a gift of the Holy Spirit to be spiritually alert, aware and open to My direction. However, do not constantly focus on the noise and distractions My adversary and yours creates. Keep your eyes on Me, on the saints, on My Most Holy Mother, Mary and on Heaven. Your beautiful lives are meant to be lived, My children. To live, one must be open to the possibilities each new day brings. What can be done to help one’s neighbor? What can be done today to bring someone closer to the love of God? What can be done to encourage or comfort someone? Awaken each day with resolve to bring My light to this dark world and I assure you, the world will become brighter fueled by My love, My hope, My peace, My mercy because you will be instruments of grace.”

“My children, there is much darkness, I know for I see all. I understand that you live in very troubling times, in fact the worst in history, and yet it is also the greatest time for My Children of Light because I am with you. My Mother’s Heart will triumph soon and many of you will see this in your lifetime. There is much grace in the midst of such darkness and I am counting on you to be light and salt to the world. Therefore, do all that I have requested of you. Pray the Most Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Offer these for souls who are in need of love and conversion. Frequent the Sacraments and draw strength from them. I give abundantly to those who do My Will, follow Me and are well disposed to graces. You will not only receive many graces, but they will be very efficacious when you are in a state of grace (no mortal sin on your souls). Remain in Me, My children so that you will be able to share My love to a world so in need. My children if you do not have joy, pray for joy. Ask Me for whatever it is you need. Are you lacking in hope? Pray for hope. Are you lacking in peace? Pray for peace. I will give you whatever you need so that together we will bring about My Father’s Kingdom in the world. I love you, My children. All will be well. All will be well. Have faith and believe. You will see many miracles in the coming days as a result of your trust in Me. My (name withheld) and My (name withheld), I bless you and all your family in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in My peace, in My love and in My mercy. Be joy, be mercy, be love.”

Thank You, Lord. Praise You, Jesus.

Lord, I also want to ask for strength, health and abundant graces for (name withheld) on his birthday and throughout the year. Restore his health, Lord. He probably would not ask this of you for himself. He is so accepting of Your Will. I accept Your adorable Will also but I ask You so that he will be able to continue in his priestly ministry for us, your poor sheep. We are in such need of our good shepherds, Lord. I love (name withheld) and I know many people do. We have ‘lost’ many good shepherds, Lord and we need them. Please help him to have your strength as he ministers to souls at the retreat he is giving and at the Mass and healing service. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Thank You Lord for providing for us, Your children. I love You and praise You Lord, God who is Creator and Lord of all.

“And I love you, My little one. I am with you, My child. Go in My peace.”


Holy Love Ministries

October 5, 1996

Our Lady comes in gray and a cream color gown. She says:

“I desire to make this known to all mankind. It is not long until every conscience will know his stance before God. In that moment of decision, My Son allows that a conflagration of Holy Love ignite in every heart. It will be through this Flame of Holy Love, each soul will be given the choice, most clearly, to choose righteousness. Then, the vessel of Mercy and Love that is My Son’s Divine Heart will be overturned and spilled out on humanity as never before. This will be God’s final effort towards consecrating erring hearts to the Heart of His Mother. Those who foolishly do not respond to this grace will be plunged into confusion and fear.”

But I am asking you to build up a warehouse of trust and faith in your hearts today, making of them a fortress against fear and doubt. Be stouthearted in the Lord. Do not wait for a crisis and then frantically cling to a weak faith you have little of. Pray to My Immaculate Heart. I, your Mother, want to increase your faith, your courage, and your perseverance. I am blessing you.”