Update on Blog Writings – Reflection on May 11, 2022 Message at Holy Love Ministries – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings beloved ones,

I “a soul” am writing this update on my writing status for beloved followers of this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls.

Firstly, I want to share that I will be posting this week two writings that I did recently that I believe will be very helpful to followers. The first writing will address the issue of why people cannot simply believe what they want to believe when it comes to sin. It is a bit of a stern commentary as it is my reaction to a writing on another blog that I follow as well as my reaction to some recent pushback I received on my writings by email.

And the second writing comes from a private email that I wrote to a blog follower. I do not reveal anything personal. I will be sharing the portion of my email where I answer the question of why God created mankind? My hope is that my comments will be inspirational for you all.

Finally, in this update, I want to give my thoughts on the May 11, 2022 message given at Holy Love Ministries that I know has confused many people. It is the message that addresses use of Good Friday Oil among other important topics, like creating physical shelters for the End Times and the authenticity of heavenly messages given to other chosen messengers. https://www.holylove.org/message/12166

My dear brothers and sisters, I do not want stir up a bunch of controversy on this message as I am really supportive of the mission of Holy Love Ministries. For that reason, I am not going to write a detailed commentary that might appear as an attack on their good works. But what I am going to do is briefly state my personal opinion based on my own discernment. Please do not accept my words as coming from Heaven. This is simply my own opinion based on matters that I have learned, much of it stuff I cannot state publicly. My hope is it will help you to draw your own conclusions.

Here are some of my thoughts and discernment on the May 11, 2022 message at Holy Love Ministries.

I believe this particular message was an attack by Lucifer.

I believe it was an attack similar to the satanic attacks that were permitted by God against Job in Sacred Scripture. I believe the Ministry acted in haste in their discernment by making this message public.

Finally, the message can be proven faulty as it directly contradicts other messages given through the years at the Ministry. In particular, the May 11, 2022 message directly contradicts every word and idea given by the Blessed Virgin Mary on July 10, 1995 at the Ministry. https://www.holylove.org/message/7243

I have other thoughts about the May 11, 2022 message that I am choosing to keep private, as I do not want to harm the Ministry in any way. But I welcome the Ministry to contact me if they want to dialogue about this particular message. And I am willing to change my public discernment if it can be proven that all my concerns and claims (both public and private) are in error. As I never claim perfect discernment in spiritual matters.

I hope that my thoughts about the May 11, 2022 message will be helpful to those still confused about it as they make their own discernment about it.

I love you all, dear beloved followers.

God bless,
a soul

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JUNE 23, 2022

Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ:


A great part of humanity remains inert in the light of the Calls of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ. These Calls will regain value in human memory when the events which have been enumerated unfold one after the other in front of humanity.


In these times, disobedience will be almost total. Man does not wish to be subject to anything and proclaims his free will, leading him to sink into his vanity, pride and liberalism.

I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT WHOEVER DOES NOT CHANGE THEIR WORKS AND ACTIONS IN THE DIRECTION OF FRATERNITY, WILL FALL PREY TO DARKNESS. Pride, selfishness, arrogance and superiority are small tentacles with which the Devil is causing excessive damage and I, as Prince of the Armies of Heaven, will not allow the People of My King and Lord Jesus Christ to be undermined.


People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the day of prayer that I requested of you has reached the Paternal Throne like precious incense. I must share with you that each day of prayer has been completely pleasing to God and has succeeded in attenuating to some extent the great earthquake that humanity is going to suffer.

Without wishing to upset you, I must tell you that the coming events will occur one after another without respite. Earthquakes will be of greater intensity, causing the earth to lose its compact state and high mountains to collapse.

People of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ, the country represented by the bear will react unexpectedly, causing the world to remain anxious, and making some countries react hastily.

When you hear an unknown rumbling, do not leave your homes or places where you are; do not leave until you receive orders to move. If a strong and unknown glow appears, do not look at it; on the contrary, keep your head to the ground and do not look until the glow disappears, and do not move from the place where you are.

Store food inside your homes, without forgetting water, blessed grapes, the sacramentals and what is necessary for the small altar that at a certain moment you were asked to prepare in your homes. (1)

Attention, beloved People of God, attention. Remain attentive to the persistence of evil that wants to make you fall. Do not succumb!

I defend you with My Sword. Do not fear.

St. Michael the Archangel


(1) Indications from Heaven, download here (pdf) …

God The Father: “Now, you are receiving My Protection of life in the womb. It is I, Who provided the way for hearts to realize the Truth of this.” June 26, 2022

God The Father
Feast of the United Hearts – 3:00 P.M. Service
June 26, 2022
Holy Love Ministry

(This Message was given in multiple parts over several days.)

I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. The Father says: “Do not lend credence to any form of opposition against the collapse of Roe v. Wade. Stop and remember, the only one who would be against saving life is Satan, himself, and therefore the instigator of any opposition. Remain in unity in the ‘New’ image of your nation* – One Nation under God and in Union with the Truth.”

“I cannot teach you to trust. You must learn it by experiencing My Provision over you in the past. My Provision and My Protection are very often one. Now, you are receiving My Protection of life in the womb. It is I, Who provided the way for hearts to realize the Truth of this. The Truth came through research and errors. The Truth came from miscarriages, research, many events that seemed unfortunate, but were used for good.”

“This generation is experiencing the fruits of research, debates and scientific revelation. All of these changed the political opinions of those in high places. This Supreme Court Ruling is the culmination of years of scattered revelations, now molded together in My Truth and in My Provision.”

“I try to do the same in every life. I try to mold together events which will lead the soul down the path of salvation. Everything I give to accomplish this, is My Provision, which leads the soul to the Truth and in the Truth.”

“Your nation is not united under this President** as he does not work for the good of all the people. An example of this is the closing of the Alaskan Pipeline which has affected fuel prices. He is following a hidden agenda mapped out by others. It is an agenda in accord with the One World Order. I am not happy with him that he said the overturn of Roe v. Wade*** was a mistake. According to those behind him, there is a fear of an awakening of consciences.”

“Dear children, today, I ask of you, prayers for each state of the Union, for grave responsibility rests on each state as to how they will stand on the sin of abortion. This is not a time to rest and not pray. It is a time to pick up your rosaries**** as prayer warriors and to help Me overcome the sin of abortion.”

“Now, today, I am pleased with the crowd and I’m blessing each one of you with My Triple Blessing.”*

  • U.S.A.

** Joe Biden.

*** On, Friday, June 24th, the US Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion ruling 5-4, in which the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 1973, ruled (7-2) that unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion is unconstitutional, thus legalizing abortion throughout the United States.

**** For the Holy Love Meditations on the Mysteries of the Rosary (1986 – 2008 Compiled) please see: https://www.holylove.org/rosary-meditations.

* For information on the Triple Blessing (Blessing of Light, Patriarchal Blessing and Apocalyptic Blessing), please see: http://www.holylove.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Triple_Blessing.pdf

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love: “please realize that My Heart is the safe Refuge in a world steeped in confusion and false values” Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary June 25, 2022

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love
Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – 3:00 P.M. Service
June 25, 2022
Holy Love Ministry

(This Message was given in multiple parts over several days.)

Our Lady is here* as Our Lady of Guadalupe, then changed in Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, today as we celebrate the Feast of My Immaculate Heart, please realize that My Heart is the safe Refuge in a world steeped in confusion and false values. You cannot be at peace or live in the Truth if you allow a compromised news media to influence your opinions. Already the media is forming its campaign against former President Trump. The next presidential election is years from now. The media does not respect the Truth, but has its own agenda against the Truth. You, My children, must have firm righteous values in your hearts. Otherwise, you will fall victim to the campaign of lies that will be presented by those in favor of a One World Order. To be uninformed is to be misinformed.”

“My Heart is a Refuge of Truth. Once you seek this abode, the Truth will be laid bare. The media is not your friend but an adversary of the Truth. Therefore, do not be influenced by the newspapers, news media on the air or any periodicals. Seek the Truth of My Immaculate Heart.”

“Always turn to Me and seek the protection of My Heart when Satan attacks you through his lies. Humility seeks the Truth.”

“My Heart is the First Chamber of the United Hearts.** No one advances to the subsequent Chambers whose heart is closed to the Truth. I invite all people and all nations into My Immaculate Heart.”

“I applaud your nation’s*** most powerful governing body (the Supreme Court) in acting on their conviction in the Truth and protecting life in the womb. Those who try to compromise this fact, oppose God. You cannot oppose God and come out a winner on top. Now, it behooves every leader to support this triumph and to be on the side of God’s victory. Do not try to dismantle the good that is empowering your nation to once again be an international leader.”

“Stand united in the Truth as one heart and one mind. In your unity, is your strength. Imitate My Immaculate Heart – the Heart of a mother – whose first concern is for her children and the babe in her womb.”

“Any attempt to destroy the good that has been accomplished by this Supreme Court ruling is the nefarious work of the old dragon – Satan himself.”

“I join with you, dear children, in praise of this historic decision in the Truth. I support your unity in the Truth.”

“Wisely take note of those who oppose it.”

“My dear, dear children, please prepare your hearts for unprecedented attacks on the Truth of life in the womb. I’m taking all your petitions in My Immaculate Heart with Me today. I love you and I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”****

** For information on the Spiritual Journey through the Chambers of the United Hearts please see:


See also the book entitled, ‘The Journey Through the Chambers of the United Hearts – The Pursuit of Holiness’, available from Archangel Gabriel Enterprises Inc.:

http://www.rosaryoftheunborn.com OR to read via PDF click here: https://www.holylove.org/Pursuit-of-Holiness.pdf

*** U.S.A.

**** For a PDF of the handout: ‘WHAT IS HOLY LOVE’, please see: https://www.holylove.org/What_is_Holy_Love

Jesus Christ: “Today is a day of great joy and victory, for your nation has taken a giant step forward morally.” June 24, 2022

Jesus Christ
Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – 7:00 P.M. Service
June 24, 2022
Holy Love Ministry

(This Message was given in multiple parts over several days.)

Jesus is here* and says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today is a day of great joy and victory, for your nation** has taken a giant step forward morally.”

“Since the inception of weaponry, there has always been illicit use of them by those with violent motives in their hearts. Getting rid of guns is not the solution. That would only result in some new type of weapon more accessible to the general public. It is the violent nature of society today which needs to change. Revenge is portrayed every day on television. There is no counter-portrayal of forgiveness, kindness and Holy Love.*** The false god of personal gain is quite often the motive.”

“Society needs to work on changing hearts first, which would lead to the lack of need for weapons and the illicit use of them. Violence in all forms of entertainment should be portrayed as unacceptable. No form of violence should be represented as the solution to any problem. There is a vicious circle of defense against evil by innocent victims and the violent aggression of those whose hearts have been influenced by Satan. The only way to stop this circle of violence is to educate people as to the chain of behavior they are participating in.”

“Forgiveness should be preached from the pulpit. Violence should not be given star status by the media. A general change of attitude in hearts needs to take place. Then, there would be no need to ban guns.”

“My dear children, these days, control of the world as a whole has become the impetus behind many governments. Commodities are being held captive and ransomed as a ploy to manipulate One World Control. Only the wise are willing to avoid such traps of infidelity to the Truth.”

“A One World Government is the stepping stone of a One World Leader – mainly the Antichrist. Do not let a One World Leader set the destiny of the world. He would step into power with all pretense of good. In his case, law and order would be his law and order. If the general population is disarmed of weaponry, he would find the door to power open.”

“Pay attention to who would benefit from a One World Order. Would it be the little souls who seek to please My Most Sacred Heart? Or would it be a few who have too much power – who seek their own good and prosperity? Trust the wisdom that comes from above – not those who claim wisdom in the world.”

“It is the little souls who seek the abode of My Sacred Heart whose cause I champion.”

Jesus blesses everyone here.

** U.S.A.

*** For a PDF of the handout: ‘WHAT IS HOLY LOVE’, please see: https://www.holylove.org/What_is_Holy_Love

Prophet John Leary, Messages: June 15-21, 2022

Prophet John Leary
June 23, 2022

Wednesday, June 15, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, in the reading today Elijah is passing on his mission as prophet to Elisha.  Elijah took his cloak and placed it on the Jordan River and the waters split so the two could walk on dry ground.  This was similar to Moses who split the waters of the Red Sea.  Then Elisha asked Elijah if he could have a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  Elijah was then taken up to heaven on a flaming chariot.  Elisha then took Elijah’s cloak and he split the waters of the Jordan River to cross back again.  These were miracles to confirm My power would now rest on Elisha to anoint the next king.  I will give miraculous powers to My prophets.”

Thursday, June 16, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this dome of Light because wherever I am, there is My Light.  You see light now by the sun’s light every day.  Then at night you might see the light of the moon, if it is close to a full moon.  Even when I resurrected from the tomb, the energy from My Light caused an image to form on the Shroud.  Many times your artists picture Me and the saints with a halo of Light around our heads.  When I return to the earth in Spirit, you will again see My bright Light in the clouds.  When I bring My faithful into My Era of Peace, you will have My Light all of the time, so you will not see any darkness or evil.  I am truly the Light of the world, and I give life to all of My creatures and man.  When babies are conceived, there is a spark of life in the spirit given to each baby.  When you die, this same Light of your spirit leaves your body.  You all share in My One Body of My Blessed Trinity.  Rejoice that you have been given the gift of life, and honor My lives by not killing babies or people in the world.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, I thank all of you for adoring My Blessed Sacrament, and I know how I am at the center of your lives in your prayer group. Remember Me in your daily prayers for My Blessed Mother’s intentions. We are always watching over you, and I told you how you have angels standing side by side all around the perimeter of your refuge. This is also true for angel protection around all of My refuges. When you travel to see your daughter in Virginia tomorrow, remember to pray your long form of the St. Michael prayer going down and coming back.”

Jesus said: “My son, I know you reach out to help your granddaughter when she is in need.  The class of your great grandson had one case of Covid, so they shutdown this one class, which left the parents looking for help.  These little ones are very special to Me, and they need your care in such emergencies.  I thank you for your charity to help your granddaughter.  Pray for all mothers to have their children instead of aborting them.  I have a special spiritual plan for every child born into this world.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Federal Reserve just raised your interest rate by .75% which is the highest increase in years, but this is to combat your 8.6% inflation rate.  This inflation is not going down right away because your government has printed trillions of dollars that was not necessary.  Pray for your people who are struggling to get to work with high gas prices and the high cost of your groceries.  With more increases in your interest rates coming, you will see more problems paying your credit card debt, and it will be difficult to buy homes and pay rent.  Your salaries are not keeping up with your inflation rates.  Pray for your people to help make ends meet for their bills.”

Jesus said: “My people, Russia’s war against the Ukraine is getting worse as they are destroying cities and they are preventing Ukrainian crops  from being exported to needy countries.  You are seeing more of a potential for a world famine in parts of Africa and those countries who bought grain from the Ukraine in previous years.  I have mentioned before that this war could expand, and there is also a threat from China to take Taiwan.  Pray for a stop to this war, because you could see it result in World War III.”

Jesus said: “My son, your family is blessed to receive two more great grandchildren in August of this year.  You also will see another marriage of one of your granddaughters in September of this year.  These family events are a beautiful example of how you are blessed to see your family expanding.  You are seeing how your gifts of life to your children are growing throughout your family tree.  You and your wife are the oldest members in your immediate and extended family.  Keep praying for the souls of your family members to be saved.  All of your families should be praying for their children as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing attacks on your families which should be the cornerstone of your society.  Many couples are not getting married in the Church, and they are living together in sin.  You also are seeing the evil of abortion destroying your families, as well as divorce and separations.  You see an attack on your schools who are brainwashing your children with communist ideas with no teaching about Me.  In your churches you also are seeing a dramatic decrease in people who are attending church on Sunday.  Pray for more conversions and re-conversions for those people who are falling away from worshiping Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, I keep calling My faithful to reach out to evangelize souls, and especially to pray for the souls of your families.  You are seeing the one world people pushing the ‘Great Reset’ in preparation for the Antichrist’s tribulation.  I have been warning you how the evil ones will force the mark of the beast on you to replace your money system.  Refuse to take this computer chip in your body, and refuse to worship the Antichrist, nor look at his eyes.  When the evil ones make it mandatory to take the mark of the beast, I will call My people to My refuges.  Be prepared to leave your homes for My refuges within 20 minutes when I call you, so you can be protected from the demons and the Antichrist.”

Friday, June 17, 2022:

Jesus said:   “My people, there are two kinds of people in this world.  My faithful center their lives around Me in My Blessed Sacrament.  The rest of the people center their lives around the world, and their souls are truly dark.  My people, without Me you are nothing.  I have given each of you a soul and a body with free will.  All of the worldly things and even your bodies here on earth are temporary, and they will become nothing.  But your soul lives on forever because it is immortal.  Your soul is your most important treasure, and your soul is drawn to Me, your Creator.  So you need to guard your soul from the evil one, and keep it clean of sin with at least monthly Confession.  I want all souls to love Me and follow the mission I have given them.  You need to love Me and give praise to Me, as then you will clearly see your mission.  Follow My Commandments of loving Me, loving all of your neighbors, and loving yourself as well.  By keeping your focus on Me throughout your lives,  I will call My faithful to the glory of your true home with Me in heaven.  Continue to reach out with your prayers and good deeds to help save as many souls as you can.  Then come and receive your heavenly reward.”

Jesus said: “My people,  there are some people who are more interested in making money for their new homes and new cars, than taking more interest in loving Me as the center of their lives.  I told you this morning not to be so concerned with how much money you have, or other forms of wealth you have, because these things you are struggling for, are only temporary.  They will soon decay and disappear.  But your soul is eternal and immortal, and your soul means so much to Me because I will always love you.  It is everyone’s decision in life where they want their eternal destination to be.  You can choose to love Me and follow your mission which leads to heaven, or you can choose to worship the things of this world instead of worshiping Me, but this will lead to hell.  Your family’s souls are important to Me also, as I love them as well.  The devil and I are both fighting to win souls.  This is why I call you to help save your family’s souls because you do not want to see them get lost in hell.  You can try to evangelize them so they can be believers in Me, but you cannot  force My Word on people because they have to choose Me of their own free will.  So give good example to your family in showing your love for Me by coming to Sunday Mass, praying your daily prayers, and coming to monthly Confession.  These are your basic spiritual necessities that you need to follow to show your love for Me.  Call on My protection from the evil ones, and stay close to My Sacred Heart, especially this month.”

Saturday, June 18, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, I love you so much, and I provide for your needs, yet you continue to offend Me with your sins, and you refuse to repent of your sins.  I have given you free will so you can choose to love Me.  But most people are ignoring Me, and they do not show love for Me, or repent of their sins.  I thank all of My faithful people who show Me love every day at Mass, your daily prayers, and even your hours of Adoration.  You warm My Sacred Heart with your thoughtful love.  I have made all of creation where I provide you with oxygen in the air to breathe, light every day from the sun, just the right temperature, and water from the rain and streams.  You have the fields and seeds to grow your crops.  So I have provided what you need to survive.  You have food to eat, water to drink, and fabrics to make your clothes.  So do not worry or be anxious about these things, because you are so much more valuable to Me in your soul, that I will take care of you.  It is the spiritual life in your soul that should be more important in your life than your physical needs.  I provide you daily spiritual food in My consecrated Hosts at Mass.  I provide you Confession in your priests where you can cleanse your soul of your sins and be sorry for offending Me.  This gives you My sanctifying grace which gives nourishment to your soul through My sacraments.  Stay close to Me with a pure heart and soul, and you will be on the right road to heaven.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have been faithful in following My directions to set up your refuge.  People need to understand how important it is to come to My refuges for their protection from the Antichrist and the demons.  Only My faithful remnant will hear My inner locution to come to My refuges that have been prepared for them.  Once you hear My call, then you need to call on Me to have your guardian angel lead you with a flame to the nearest refuge.  I have warned you that the evil ones are using the ‘Great Reset’ of money to take over the world, and make preparations for the Antichrist to come into his reign.  You will see the Battle of Armageddon where the good angels and good soldiers will face the Antichrist, the demons, and the evil ones.  The evil ones will try to force the mark of the beast on you, but do not take it.  I will conquer the evil ones, and I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.  The people will need to trust in My Word and trust in My healing of their ailments.  You will be living like saints in My Era of Peace, as you are made ready for heaven.  Work hard now to evangelize souls while you still can.”

Sunday, June 19, 2022: (Father’s day, Body of Christ)

Jesus said: “My people, the Gospel today is when I multiplied the five barley loaves and the two fish in order to feed five thousand people.  This is a sign of how I gave My Body and Blood to My apostles at the Last Supper, once I had consecrated the bread and wine.  This Passover service is part of the first Mass, and I give Myself to you at every Mass.  I want My people to treat My consecrated Hosts with reverence and respect by only receiving Me in the state of grace without any mortal sin.  You can cleanse the sins from your soul in monthly Confession.  When you receive Me on the tongue or in your hand, you need to bow or genuflect beforehand.  You also need to genuflect to My tabernacle as you enter and leave My church, because there are Sacred Hosts in the tabernacle.  Take some time after receiving Holy Communion to reflect on My Real Presence in your soul.  Not all Catholics believe I am fully Present in My consecrated Hosts, but I am still there.  Teach your children this same respect for My Eucharist because I should be the center of your lives.  Today is father’s day so make an effort to wish your father a happy father’s day.  You can also pray an Our Father prayer to your heavenly Father in heaven.”

Monday, June 20, 2022:

Jesus said: “My son, I am giving you a vision of how souls appear to Me, and sometimes you can see this in the spirit of a person.  The dark souls are the ones whom Satan has blinded their eyes from Me by the world’s riches and pleasures.  These souls are empty of My Light and love for Me.  This is a stark contrast with My loving souls who shine brilliantly with My Light and love for Me and everyone.  These souls are compassionate and always desire to help people without looking for repayment.  They give freely with money and they share My love with others.  My loving people observe people’s actions, but they know that I am the only true Judge of people’s lives.  Sometimes the sin of pride can blind your love for people.  So do not judge people, but leave the judgment of souls up to Me.  Even if there is much evil in people’s lives, they will receive My judgment on the last day.  Love everyone, even your enemies, and you will be rewarded for trying to imitate Me.  Be a shining beacon of My Light and love, and you will have a place with Me in heaven.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2022: (St. Aloysius Gonzaga)

Jesus said: “My people, Satan is indeed the serpent in your vision and he is biting the people with the venom of the Covid shots.  I have warned you not to take any of these shots because they will destroy your immune system.  You are also seeing Satan’s forked tongue that is spewing lies that are telling the people they need to take the Covid shots to prevent getting the Covid sickness.  This is the big lie because the shots do not prevent you from getting the Covid sickness, and they spread the mRNA spike protein disease throughout your body.  The evil people behind making this virus and behind making the shots, have a goal to reduce the population.  Satan inspires these evil ones to kill people and the lie about actual cures for this virus and its variants.  It is diabolical that your government health leaders are forcing your employers to have their employees take the Covid shots, or they would lose their jobs.  This is a violation of your Constitutional rights.  A good number of people quit their jobs and refused to take the poisonous Covid shots.  Many people, who took the shots, are getting sick with complications from the shots.  So refuse to take any Covid shots, or shots for monkey pox, because these lies are scare tactics to control you.  You can use the Good Friday oil or the exorcism water to heal the vaccinated people in faith.  Be prepared to come to My refuges when the evil ones will threaten your lives.”

Prophet John Leary, Messages June 8 – 14, 2022

Prophet John Leary

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

I am out of town and I am only able to put out the messages in my traveling notebook, so I will add the morning messages later.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, it was fortunate there were marshals guarding Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh’ s house earlier because a deranged man wanted to kill him. This potential assassin even admitted to police that he intended to kill Justice Kavanaugh, and he had a gun. The Democrats are encouraging a protest at Justice Kavanaugh’s house, even though it is a crime to harass a Supreme Court justice. You are seeing a physical threat to your Constitution laws to try and change the decision of a Supreme Court Justice. If you cannot protect your institutions, then the Democrats are showing you how little they care that laws are being violated. The evil of these people has no bounds, and you could even see a civil war if such law breaking is allowed. Pray for calm among your people, instead of all of the hate speech and violence coming from the left.”

Thursday, June 9, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, you had My Blessed Mother’s Fatima Statue on your table, and you had put your relics upstairs. Now you have brought back your relics so they could be shared with your prayer group. With these first class relics you have My saints’ presence among you and they are blessing you. You have St. Anthony’s relic that you pray to for lost things. When you prayed to him, your friend found her lost cat. His feast day is coming on June 13, and you have many stories of his intercessions.”

Jesus said: “My son, I thank you for placing this picture of the Two Hearts of My Blessed Mother and Myself on your altar. When you had the two Masses for My Sacred Heart at 11:00p.m. and for My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart at 12:00 a.m., I gave this message to you to place this picture on your altar while you were attending these Masses. If people are wondering why this picture is on your altar, now they know that My son was carrying out My wishes.”

Jesus said; “My people, I am showing you how many saints died as martyrs in the first 300 years after My death. These people would rather give up their lives, than deny their Lord. I am showing you these martyrs because you are about to see a time when Christians will be persecuted for their faith in Me. Before the Antichrist comes, you will see more martyrs die from a major persecution. Before the Antichrist comes into his reign, I will bring My Warning and a conversion time. After I will call My faithful to the safety of My refuges, where My angels will protect you from the evil ones. Have no fear because I will soon come in victory over all of the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you previous messages about not looking at the eyes of the Antichrist because he could control your mind to worship him. This is why I am reminding you after My Warning and Conversion time, that you need to remove all computers, cell phones, TVs, radios, and screens connected to the internet, out of your house before you are called to My refuges. When you are called to My refuges, do not bring any of these devices with you because they will not work at My refuges. My refuge angel will strip any such devices from the people before they are allowed to enter. My angels will protect you from the Antichrist and the demons at My refuges with an invisible shield and a shield from anything harmful.”

Jesus said: “My people, just as you saw work places force Covid shots on their employees, or they would lose their jobs, so the computer chip in the body will be forced on everyone or you will lose your job. This chip in the body or the mark of the beast will be required for all buying and selling. Refuse to take this mark of the beast and refuse to worship the Antichrist, or you will be lost forever in the flames of hell. Before this chip is mandated for everyone, I will call My faithful remnant to the protection of My refuges. There My angels will protect you from the evil ones and I will provide for your physical and spiritual needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, your shortages will get worse and inflation could get out of control. You could see civil unrest come from the Democrats trying to force a dictatorship over your people as they will be cheating at your elections again. You could see war spread in Europe and in Asia from China. I told you that the one world people will shut down your electricity before they attempt to take you over. When your lives are threatened, I will call you to My refuges where My angels will protect you from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you that the 5G towers are releasing 100 times more radiation than the older 4G towers. Now you are hearing of a new 6G tower that again will send out even more radiation than the 5G towers. This increased radiation will release the marburg bleeding disease that will affect the nano particles in the Covid shots that people received. I have warned people many times not to take any Covid shots for any reason. You can heal the vaccinated people with the Good Friday oil or the exorcism water. I again will call My faithful to My refuges to avoid any pandemic virus and for protection from the radiation of the 5G or 6G towers. Trust in Me to heal those people who have faith in My healing power.”

Friday, June 10, 2022:

Jesus said: “My son, you have been reading how Elijah was persecuted as all of My other prophets were killed because of the lack of faith in the people. The prophets told the people how they were in sin in as they offended Me by their evil actions. The people did not want to hear My words of rebuke, so they rushed at the prophets to silence My Word. My son, in today’s world you are also seeing evil has its way again, and many people are falling away from their original fervor of loving Me. I have been giving you more messages of the coming persecution of Christians. You have been protected for a while in distributing your messages on the internet and in your books and DVDs. I told you that one day you would be shut down. The day of the shutdown of your website is coming soon, as the evil ones will want to silence My prophets once again. They will first shutdown your communications, and then they will try to persecute you and try to dishonor and tell lies about you. When evil gets worse, you will be forced to stay at your refuge. Be prepared for this coming persecution and you could even see some faithful martyred. After My Warning and Conversion time, I will be calling My faithful to My refuges so you are protected from the Antichrist and the demons. You will see a short reign of the Antichrsit before I will bring My victory. Strive to save as many souls as you can before this tribulation time.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have called some people to be refuge builders. When you have discerned that you want to prepare a refuge, you need to consecrate your land and make an attempt to find water on your land. You can either have a priest consecrate your land, or you can make a cross on the ground with exorcism Blessed salt. You need some food to store and a water source. If you do not have a stream or lake, you could look into drilling a water well. Otherwise, buy some five gallon jugs of water to multiply. You can buy some dried food, meals ready to eat, or canned foods. Once you have provided what you can afford, and what space you can use, do not be concerned about having more food, because in faith I can multiply your food and water. If you live in the Northern states you may need wood, kerosene, or propane with the appropriate burners. For light at night you may need lamp oil with the lanterns and wicks. I will help My refuge builders to provide bedding, latrines, and organize groups to lead your refuges. You will need a room for prayers with an altar for Adoration.

Those people, who do not have a refuge, will be called to have your guardian angels lead you with a flame to the nearest refuge. Once you hear My call in My inner locution, you can come to a refuge. You need to leave your home within twenty minutes, and you will not return to your home. Before My call, you can prepare a backpack or roller board with clothes, hygiene things, religious things, and a tent and a sleeping blanket. Most of your needs will be provided at your refuge. Your angel will put an invisible shield over you to protect you from harm. Have faith and trust in Me that I will protect you and provide for your needs during the tribulation.”

Saturday, June 11, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, the one world people planned the 2020 rigged election to put two puppet leaders in the White House who could be controlled. They literally have destroyed your country and these same evil ones behind the scenes are planning a World War III so they can take over your country. These Satanic people are preparing the way for the Antichrist and they had to remove America from stopping this war. Before the communists take over your country, I will bring My Warning and the Conversion time. You will see the mark of the beast forced on everyone, and these evil ones will try to kill all of those Christians who believe in Me. I will call My faithful to My refuges of protection by My angels. Some faithful will be martyred for their faith at that time. All of the non-believers will be killed by the Comet of Chastisement and the plagues. My angels will shield My faithful with an invisible shield so the evil ones cannot see you. The evil ones will be cast into hell by their own free will choice. I will then renew the earth and bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

Sunday, June 12, 2022

I will add this message when I get home.

Monday, June 13, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing how innocent people are being arrested for no crime, but the Democrats are using fake authority to harass their political enemies. This latest January 6 partisan committee has been trying to harass innocent people who did not enter the Capitol Building. It is their goal to keep your former President Trump from running again for President in 2024. You have seen two movies: ‘Rigged 2020’ and ‘2000 Mules’ that have shown with proof how the 2020 election for President was stolen by using improper drop box absentee ballots. You may see more money from rich Democrats try to steal more 2022 mid term elections. If your people cannot trust your elections, then the same radicals will take over your country. Do not be afraid of these cheating people, because I will protect My faithful at My refuges, and the evil ones will face My judgment.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people of America, the Statue of Liberty is your sign of freedom as immigrants can see it in New York City. There was a darkness around this flame in your vision because you are losing your freedoms every day under Biden. Your freedom of free speech is being compromised on your social networks where conservative ideas are being canceled. Your freedom to protect yourself is being put down by violations of your Second Amendment. Your freedom against search without a warrant, and your freedom of trial by jury is also being threatened. Even your right to vote is being overrun by massive cheating in your elections. Now the overspending by Biden and his war on fossil fuels has caused high inflation and high gasoline prices by putting trillions of dollars into circulation and limiting your oil production. Biden has been your worst leader because he is a puppet of the left and you are being led to a communist state. This is all part of a plan to follow the ‘Great Reset’ that is preparing you for a takeover of your country and the control by the Antichrist. This is why I have had people prepare refuges because your current leaders are leading you to a disaster of control. Coming to My refuges of protection will be required when your leaders will try to force the mark of the beast on you. Refuse this computer chip in the body, and refuse to worship the Antichrist. I will soon call you to My refuges to keep these evil ones from trying to kill you. Trust in My protection at My refuges throughout the coming tribulation.”


DE MARÍA JUNE 12th, 2022


Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ:


As Prince of the Celestial Legions, I ask you to deliver ALL Work and Action of each moment to Our King and Lord Jesus Christ IN REPARATION FOR THE OFFENSES OF HUMANITY AND FOR THE SALVATION OF SOULS.


You are blessed to know in advance what Heaven expects and desires from His children…

You are blessed to know where you should lead and Pray, so you can remain within the Divine Will. When the moment is shortening, evil becomes more present and visible within Humanity in various ways. This has happened in the history of humanity.

At this time the Devil and his minions have embedded themselves within the institutions of the Society, blackening them and giving them a turn far removed from the Divine Will.

As Prince of the Celestial Legions, I call on you to UNITE IN PRAYER so that the intensity of the Great Earthquake that will soon occur on Earth is reduced, at the points where Great Faults converge.


These Acts of Love are offered for:

  • All Humanity blinded by the Devil,
  • For Human Creatures that are Sick in Body or Spirit
  • and for Faith to be Firm in each child of God.

** This way of praying will fight evil and will UNITE the children of God in Fraternity, Strengthening Faith and Trust in Divine Protection.

Beloved children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: I am speaking to you, to you who have heard and have closed your ears like the majority of Humanity, to you who have been INSTRUCTED by the Kingdom of God and have refused to understand, I AM SPEAKING TO YOU…

You are faced with the Scourge of Food, Economic, Love of Neighbor, Charity and Lack of Faith.

I Urge you children of Our Queen and Mother! It urges that the People of God be Prepared in the Spirit and in the Material. The Great Countries will be Purified and the Small Countries will Suffer.

** You must store according to the possibilities of each one, you must be DISCREET so that you do not fall prey to the wolves.

  • Pray People of God, Pray for Argentina, the agitation of society arrives, its soil will be shaken.
  • Pray People of God, Pray for Chile, its soil shakes with force.
  • Pray for Central America, it shudders, Pray.
  • Pray for the unfortunate events in the United States.
  • Pray children of God, pray for Japan, its soil shakes.
  • Pray People of God, pray for Spain, it is shaken.
  • Pray People of God, France is prey of Terror.
  • Pray People of God, Pray for all Humanity so that Faith Prevails and fear does not take over any child of the People of God.


Continue in UNITY, without going back, Praying children, Praying, without causing harm to others and being Messengers of Love.

I bless you, I protect you and I summon you in the Love of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.



God The Father: “When My Son returns, there will be no false or pretentious religions.” June 15, 2022

God The Father
June 15, 2022
Holy Love Ministry

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “When My Son* returns, there will be no false or pretentious religions. The Truth will reign in all hearts. All hearts will be united in the Truth of worshiping Me as Creator. I will rule over all hearts. My Son will be recognized as the Savior.”

“People will worship as one body of Truth. There will be no persecution of the Truth. My children will not be fed lies of Satan in the form of world news and false religions.”

“I long for this time and yet I dread the hour when it will be too late for souls to choose their own salvation. Continue to pray for the conversion of all souls and the conversion of the heart of the world. Make good use of the time I allot you which is the present moment.”

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:13-15

But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God chose you from the beginning to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth. To this he called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.

Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

  • Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


JUNE 6, 2022

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:


Children, I call you to convert. Some of you are asking yourselves: how do I convert?

You must decide to turn away from sin, from all that corrupts your spiritual and physical senses, your mind, your thoughts and all that hardens your heart.

You must take a firm decision, having a firm intention to make amends for your possible falls as regards detachment from worldliness, from what is sinful and from inappropriate habits. The tyranny of the human self is strong when it has been allowed to take hold of the reins of the cravings of the flesh and the senses.

Convert by turning away from what corrupts you and causes you to be united to what is base and inferior, in which the Devil moves. Sin leads you to deprive yourselves of My Divine Son and this is very serious, for the result is to deprive yourselves of Eternal Salvation if you do not repent.


You have free will and I see so many of My children constantly falling into the same sin out of foolishness. They say: “I am free, freedom is mine” and thus they sink into the putrid waters of sin, from which they do not come out due to pride, due to the misuse of free will.


Reflect on how you are, what you do, how you react, how you are towards your brothers and sisters, how you work and how you behave. (Ps. 50 (51): 4-6).

Children, humanity is in danger and without conversion you are easy prey for evil.


Modern innovations are coming that destroy the spirituality of My children, causing them to betray My Son. There are so many who feel they are wise but who end up being foolish and falling into vileness.

Humanity must change urgently in order for you not to be deceived.

Human beings are in a constant process of conversion with an urgent need to be constantly washed of sin.

As I did the first time, I call you to strengthen yourselves as My Son’s People with fasting, prayer, the Eucharist and fraternity.


You must change now already and be willing to be totally new creatures.

Violence is increasing due to human discord, creating chaos in one country and another. This is why I call you to adore My Divine Son, to pray and to be fraternal. You will not succeed in giving what you do not bear within you.


Beloved People of My Son, this is the time to raise your hearts up to My Son; separating yourselves from My Son prevents you from discerning.

More diseases are coming which are not the Divine Will, but are due to misused science. Pray and use what has been indicated to you.


I bless you with My Love; come to My Womb. I remain with My Son’s People. Do not fear: I am protecting you.

Mother Mary


Prophet John Leary, Messages: June 1 – 7, 2022

Prophet John Leary

Wednesday, June 1, 2022: (St. Justin)

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s readings you are seeing St. Paul leaving the faithful when he will be going to jail for spreading My Good News.  You are also seeing Me about to leave My  apostles when Judas betrayed Me.  I was with My apostles, teaching  them in parables for three years what the Father gave Me to share.  I prepared them that the Holy Spirit would bring His gifts down on them, so they could proclaim My words.  All of My faithful have received these same gifts of the Holy Spirit in your Baptism and your Confirmation.  So I call on all of you to go out and share My words and My Good News of My Resurrection.  You are to share your faith and help bring more souls into My Church.  I bless all of My laborers in the field who are carrying on My mission to save souls.”

(Gladys Larsen intention, in purgatory for a while) Jesus said: “My people, the Democrats know the people are upset with inflation at the gas pump and in the grocery stores.  So they will try to find distractions with war and more medical emergencies.  There have been more Covid deaths because the medical people did not allow accepted, cheap medicines to be used, as hydroxychloroquin, and ivermectin.  The Covid shots did not prevent Covid, and they destroyed most of your immune system.  The worst was to force people to take the poisonous Covid shots, or lose their jobs.  This was all designed to reduce the population, and the evil ones behind this will pay dearly at their judgment.  Refuse to take any Covid shots and refuse to take the mark of the beast.  I will bring you to the safety of My refuges, so have no fear.”

Thursday, June 2, 2022: (St. Marcellinus and St. Peter)

Jesus said: “My people, you see how the politicians cause divisions in your people over abortion, gun rights, vaccinations, and even races and genders.  This is what St. Paul did when he told the Sanhedrin that he believed in the resurrection of the dead.  This divided the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  When I preached the Kingdom of God, some believed in My words, and some did not believe.  So I even said how I would divide families between believers in God and non-believers.  There are only two final destinations for souls in this life.  You can either be with Me in heaven, or you can be with the devil in the eternal flames of hell.  To be with Me you must take up your cross and obey My Commandments.  You also need to seek the forgiveness of your sins in Confession, and show Me your love in your actions of good deeds.  Pray daily and come to Sunday Mass as you worship only Me, and not the worldly things.  My faithful will be separated from the worldly people at My refuges.  Be prepared to leave your homes for My refuges, when I call you.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, you see Russia continuing to bring more troops against the Ukraine. They also destroyed a train tunnel that was bringing weapons to the Ukraine from other countries. You even heard of Russian troops who kidnaped 200,000 children from their parents. You are seeing more chances of an open war with Russia and America. Pray that this war can stop and that it does not involve nuclear weapons.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing multiple heavy bombers and fighter planes continuously flying over Taiwan airspace.  China has been threatening to invade Taiwan, which could trigger World War III.  A war with China could endanger any importing of trade from China.  Any shutdown of imports from China to America could threaten America’s economy, and a possible shutdown of microchips from Taiwan.  Such a war could cause more food and other shortages that could cause a depression.  Again pray that China does not use nuclear weapons.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Second Amendment of the Constitution was established to protect your people from the government from making a police state.  You have seen several shootings by young shooters with assault rifles and wearing body armor.  It is a larger problem of mental illness and unsecured schools that are allowing children to be killed.  These shooters and criminals will find ways to get guns and gun laws will not be that effective.  When countries have been disarmed like Poland was, they became an easy takeover target by people like Hitler.  Pray to stop these shooters where possible.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen 25 fires at your food processing centers this year, and these fires are continuing.  There have been other attempts to burn places with chickens and shut down places producing eggs by bird flu scares.  Even fertilizer trains have been derailed.  This is a world food problem when the Ukraine cannot export its grain to its old customers because Russia is blockading the Black Sea ports.  Such a possible created famine is another attempt to reduce the population by the one world people.  In the end times you will see famine, earthquakes, and pestilence from pandemic diseases.  This is another reason to have some food and water at home when you could see empty shelves in your stores.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing some violence from the pro-abortion people as they deface pro-life buildings and threaten the homes of the Supreme Court justices.  Returning the abortion decision to the states would allow some areas to limit abortions.  This subject of abortion has divided your country, and now you may see Roe v. Wade overturned.  Keep praying to stop abortions and pray your rosaries at the abortion clinics to discourage women from aborting their children.  Aborting My little ones is a mortal sin of murder, and you are denying the plan I had for each life that you are killing in the womb.”

Jesus said: “My people, there is a plan by the one world people to set up a new money system without the dollar, and it will be replaced by a microchip in the body.  This is the mark of the beast that will be forced on your people, or you will lose your job, just as they forced the poisonous Covid shots on you.  Refuse to take this microchip in your body, and refuse to take any Covid shots.  Trust in Me to protect My faithful at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been prepared for the coming tribulation of the Antichrist.  You are seeing the evil ones taking over your countries as they are preparing to give over power to the Antichrist.  Before the Antichrist comes, I will bring My Warning so every sinner will have an opportunity to repent of their sins and seek My forgiveness.  You will then have six weeks of conversion when you could evangelize your family and friends to be  believers in Me.  Those believers will have a cross placed on their foreheads by My angels, and they will be allowed into My refuges.  My angels will put shields of invisibility over My refuges, and you will be protected from the Antichrist and the demons throughout the whole time of the tribulation.  I will soon bring My victory over the evil ones, and I will bring My believers into My Era of Peace.”

Friday, June 3, 2022: (St. Charles Lwanga and companions)

Jesus said: “My people, I asked St. Peter if he loved Me three times, and St. Peter said he did.  Each time I told him to feed or tend My sheep.  If St. Peter was to lead My Church, then he needed to be willing to die for Me with no doubt in his faith.  This was also to answer for the three times St. Peter denied Me that he did not know Me.  Once the Holy Spirit came down as a flame over St. Peter, he then spoke out boldly with no fear of spreading My Good News.  Even now My faithful servants also must be willing to stand up to the evil people who are disrespecting My Church, and who are calling for abortions and Covid shots.  It is not easy to go against the crowd of disbelievers, but you need to have spiritual strength against all of those people who are defying My words and are destroying My churches.  You will face persecution for proclaiming My Word, but have no fear, because I am always with you.”

 (Feast of Sacred Heart) Jesus said: “My people of the Light, I thank your people for organizing this tribute to My Sacred Heart and My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart.  You remember well how you did all night vigils for these two Masses when you were a part of the Blue Army.  I love all of you so much and I shine My graces on all of My faithful believers.  My Blessed Mother and I have our hearts joined as one, and we invite you to be joined with our hearts as well.  Thank you for all that you do for My honor and glory.”

Saturday, June 4, 2022: (Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, I am happy to celebrate our two hearts with you as our hearts are as one.  Just as Our Lord suggested to you, it would be a nice touch if you could place your picture of Our two Hearts on your altar tonight to honor Our two Hearts.  I want to thank you for all of your rosaries that you pray every day.  You are an inspiration to your family and your prayer group.  In the Gospel you remember how my Son called down to me and said that St. John was my son.  To St. John he said this is your mother.  At that time my Son was telling you that I am the Mother of all of the Lord’s faithful.  You remember also on Mother’s Day when I called you my children.  Jesus has blessed all of you with these two Masses.  Give thanks and praise to my Son, Jesus, for all He does for you.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen how your current White House leader is ready to hand you over to the agents of the Antichrist.  My faithful will be called to My refuges before the evil ones destroy your electric grid.  Many people will be expecting the grid to come back on, but it may stay down for a long time.  At My refuges I will multiply your food, water, and fuels so you can survive.  Those people, who are not at My refuges, could die of starvation or some plagues.  The evil ones will think they are safe in their bunkers, but I will send My Comet of Chastisement that will kill everyone outside of My refuges.  My faithful will be shielded from My Comet by My angels.  I will remove all of the evil ones from the surface of the earth, and they will be cast into hell.  I will renew the earth and I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

Sunday, June 5, 2022: (Pentecost Sunday)

The Holy Spirit said: “I AM the Spirit of God and I bring you all of My gifts and fruits to empower My faithful to be the best you can be.  My gifts are: counsel, piety, fortitude, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and fear of the Lord.  My fruits are: charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, long-suffering, mildness, faith, modesty, self-control, and chastity.  I love all of you very much, and I inflame the love of God in you.  Just as you saw how the apostles were emboldened to speak out about the Good News of Jesus, so you too can use My gifts to reach out to evangelize souls in the faith.  ‘Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.’”

Monday, June 6, 2022: (Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ)

Jesus said: “My people, you are again seeing how Russia is trying to destroy any weapons you are sending to the Ukraine.  Russia is also systematically destroying every city they take over in South Ukraine so they do not have to fight street by street in the cities.  War is so destructive in killing citizens and displacing people from their homes.  This whole war was started because the one world people placed a weak leader in the White House.  Biden is sending weapons to the Ukraine, but he is not committing US troops to fight Russia.  China is also seeing a weak Biden, but China does not want to lose their trade with America over Taiwan.  They still may do so before the next Presidential election.  If the mid term elections see more cheating, or it is not allowed, you could see a civil war against your weak government.  Pray for a stop to this war, and for fair elections.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing how the Democrats are ruining your country by limiting your fuels, and eventually bankrupting you with overspending.  There is also a plan to cause a famine in your country and even a grid failure.  The Democrats are defying your Constitution and they intend to cause a takeover and make your country into a communist state.  They will prepare you to be given over to the Antichrist.  This is the plan of the Great Reset to bring the Antichrist into his reign.  Fear not My people, because when your food and fuels are no longer available, I will call you to My refuges where My angels will provide for your needs and protect you.  After a short reign of the Antichrist, I will bring My victory over the evil ones with My Comet of Chastisement.  All of the evil ones will be killed and cast into hell.  Then I will renew the earth and I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading Elijah was fleeing from the leaders of Israel who wanted to kill him.  He was led to a widow and her son where she gave him some water.  Then he asked the woman for some bread.  She only had some flour and some oil in her jug.  So Elijah told her that the flour and the oil would not go empty for a year by the power of the Lord.  He trusted in faith that I would multiply what was needed.  This is a lesson in faith for those people who come to My refuges.  During the tribulation I told you I would multiply your food, water, and fuels.  You will need to have faith in Me that I can do this for you.  By trusting in Me and My angels, you will be protected and provided for at My refuges.”


JUNE 2, 2022

My beloved children:


My People are going along the path of My Passion.
My People will carry My Cross – yes, My Cross of glory and majesty.
Without fearing My Cross, My children will carry it in order to leave all that is sin upon it.

My children, it is necessary for you to understand that the man who lives by and for the flesh does not understand the matters of the spirit; (Gal 5:16,17 and 6:8) he will work and act in the flesh, very far from My Will.

My children live out a constant conversion, striving, distancing themselves from all that is of the world, praying and offering up for the conversion of their brothers and sisters, those who are living in worldliness.

My People, live going forward, navigating and striving hand in hand with My Blessed Mother so that My Mother would lift you up when you feel you can no longer go on.


Anger is fermenting within My children and they are losing their sanity, confronting one another, besieged by the Devil, who is advancing at this moment, knowing that he is defeated by My Most Holy Mother.

MY BELOVED, FAMINE IS ADVANCING WITHOUT YOUR BEING WARNED ABOUT IT. Scarcity has already reached some countries and even so My Calls are still scorned. With famine, humanity will be stirred up by being deprived of what is necessary and revolts will break out from country to country like a plague.

The powerful of the world will offer you assistance in exchange for joining the ranks of the Antichrist.

Pray, My children, pray for the Middle East.

Pray, My children, pray for your brothers and sisters who suffer from war.

Pray, My children, pray concerning the scourges of nature.

My People:


Pray, knowing that My Holy Spirit conquers hardened hearts, impenetrable hearts of stone in which My Love is unknown.

My People, I love you:

I grieve over what is happening and will happen with greater force…
I grieve over the suffering of My children, which is why I go to them one by one like a Beggar who finds all his food in love.

Continue to trust in My Love and My Protection for each of My children. For Me each one is My great treasure.



My Blessing is with you.

Your Jesus


Prophet John Leary; Messages May 25 – 31, 2022

Prophet John Leary
May 25 thru May 31, 2022

Wednesday, May 25, 2022: (Venerable Bede, Pope Gregory)
Jesus said: “My people, it is sad to see the continuous fighting between Ukraine and Russia. Putin is determined to take some territory in the Ukraine, as he took Crimea. Russia is also intent on blocking any food exports through the Black Sea. Russia is bombing cities and fields that are slowing down any planting of crops as well. I know you want to help the Ukraine, but Biden is stretching your finances with more deficits by sending $54 billion to the Ukraine without knowing where the money and weapons are going. Your own country is hurting with inflation and fuel shortages caused by Biden that need financing. Your Southern border problem is getting worse to finance all of the people who are entering your country illegally. Pray that your elections can help fix some of these problems.”

Jesus said: “My people, in your vision of a black pit, you are seeing more demons being unleashed onto the earth from a portal to hell. Fewer and fewer people are praying and coming to Sunday Mass. Even fewer people are repenting of their sins in coming to monthly Confession. This is why I was telling you that My faithful remnant is small in number. A good share of people do not truly love Me and worship Me. The evil ones are planning to change your money system, and you will see a move to electronic money and the mark of the beast to buy and sell. Refuse to take the mark of the beast and refuse to take any vaccine for this latest monkey pox. You are seeing these diseases are all scare tactics to control you. The wars with Russia and China could be a disaster for your economy. The one world people want to force their ‘Great Reset’ on you so they can move the Antichrist into power. Be ready to leave for My refuges when your lives are in danger. You will be invisible to the people who are trying to kill you. Trust in My angel protection.”

Thursday, May 26, 2022:(Ascension Thursday,50th prayer group anniversary)
Jesus said: “My people, this feast is when I left My apostles in Bethany to go back to heaven in My resurrected Body. I loved My apostles, and I had to leave so the Holy Spirit could come down on them in tongues of fire. Even My angels told My apostles that I would return to the earth on the clouds just as I had left them. Many people question and speculate when I will return, but you heard My answer to My apostles. (Acts 1:7,8) “But He said to them: ‘It is not for you to know the times or dates which the Father has fixed by His own authority; but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you shall be witnesses for Me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the very ends of the earth.’” This is another confirmation to you not to seek out dates for My Warning or when I will return. Everything will happen according to the plan of My Father in heaven.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, you have read and heard about the rich people who control all of the central banks of all of your nations. They are planning a total takeover of the world starting with more pandemic viruses and vaccines. They are about to change your money system to electronic money and a chip in the body or the mark of the beast that will be needed for all buying and selling. Refuse to take any vaccines for monkey pox or the marburg bleeding disease. You can bless the vaccinated or sick people with the Good Friday oil, or the exorcism water. When it will be difficult to travel, you may have to come to My refuges for your protection.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will soon see some coming food and water shortages that I have been warning you about this last year. I will repeat this one more time, that you need to store three months of food for each family member, along with enough water to convert your dried food into edible soups and dinners. There is a threat that you will soon see very little food or water on your store shelves. If you have not stored up your food and water, you need to hurry up to your stores before your store shelves are empty, and buy what you need. Those people, who do not prepare their food and water, will risk starving and not have enough water to survive.”

Jesus said: “My people, the dark windows in your vision is a sign that your refuges will be covered with an invisible shield by My angels. Toward the end of the tribulation, I will ask My faithful to put black plastic over all of your doors and windows, so you will not see My just punishment of the evil ones. Be sure to store enough black plastic bags to cover all of your doors and windows for the end days.”

Jesus said: “My people, those people, who control the money all over the world, will have the UN people dressed in black to come door to door to try and force the mark of the beast on everyone. I will call My faithful to My refuges so you are not killed for refusing this chip. If the men in black capture you, and you refuse this chip, they will take you to the death camps where you will be killed. This is why you need to leave your homes within 20 minutes of My inner locution so you are not captured. Your guardian angel will lead you to the nearest refuge with a flame to light your way. Your guardian angel will make you invisible on your way to a refuge.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will see a loss of electricity start when the one world people take over. This is why I had you prepare your solar panels for some electricity to run some lights and your water well pump. My faithful need to have your refuges ready with enough food, water, and fuels to support your forty people. I will multiply what you need to survive the whole tribulation time of less than 3½ years.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is possible to live independently with your own food, water, and fuels at your refuges with My help. Your refuge angel will put a shield of invisibility over your refuge. This shield will keep you from harm from bombs, toxic gases, or viruses. You all will have to learn how to live together as a Christian community helping each other with your needs. You will have a luminous cross to look on in the sky when you will be healed of all of your ailments. You will have daily Mass by a priest, or My angels will bring you daily Holy Communion. You will use one consecrated Host in a monstrance for your daily Adoration hours around the clock. Trust in Me that I will protect you even from the Comet that will kill many people on earth. I will bring My victory over all of the evil ones who will be cast into hell. I will renew the earth and you will live a long time in My Era of Peace. After you die, you will be raised up to heaven for your eternal reward.”

Jesus said: “My people, at the Warning you will have your life review to see where you will be judged by your life’s actions. You will have a taste of your destination whether in heaven, purgatory, or in hell. After the Warning you will have six weeks of conversion time with no evil influence. This will be My faithful’s opportunity to help convert all of your family so they will be true believers in faith. Once your members are converted, I will have My angels place a cross on the foreheads of all of the true believers. Only such believers with a cross on their forehead will be allowed into My refuges. My refuge angel will not allow any non-believers to enter. Such non-believers will suffer plagues on earth and then the eternal flames in hell. All of those people, who go to hell, will be by their own free will.”

Jesus said: “My prayer group people, thank you for your many years of coming to your weekly prayer group. Today you are celebrating your 50th anniversary of your three rosaries and your Divine Mercy Chaplet every week. You will have many graces as your reward.”

Friday, May 27, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, in the future you will find new ways to move your trains by using magnets. By using like pole magnets that repel each other, it is conceivable that with electric magnets you can move a train with a small amount of air between the magnets. You can propel a train by varying magnetic fields as well. Such future trains could move a lot of cargo through underground tubes very fast with little fuel. You have many scientists that can help make things to help each other, instead of making arms for wars. Your weapon makers thrive on making weapons for war for both sides. Your industrial defense complex has been profiting from wars for years. This is why your leaders want wars, so they can profit from them and gain power. You can see this going on now in the Ukraine war. Pray to stop your wars so many people do not have to die in this destruction by Russia.”

Saturday, May 28, 2022: (Funeral Mass for Janet Frankunas)
Jesus said: “My people, you knew Janet at Holy Name of Jesus as well as at St. Charles Borromeo. You both worked with her for the Greece Ecumenical Food Shelf and other church functions. She was happy to see all of her relatives and friends who came to her funeral. Her love and her smile goes out to all of you. She is also happy to be with Me in heaven after this Mass for her soul. She will be praying for all of you.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have read the history books about your two world wars. If you do not learn from history, then you will be doomed to repeat your failures. You saw how dictators like Hitler and Stalin were driven to seek world domination. You have new dictators now in China and Russia, and they see a weak leader in Biden. While America has been buying many imports from your enemy in China, China has been using that money to build up their military and purchase a lot of your land. America is in a very poor position to defend yourself from a war with China. Your leaders should never have allowed so much dependence on China for many of your daily needs. If China stops your imports, you would have difficulty in finding your needs elsewhere. It is your big companies that are buying goods made with cheap labor, and they are outsourcing many strategic materials from China. You are making more arms to fight Russia, but if you start fighting China, you will find it very difficult to prepare for war without enough alternate sources. Your people need to be ready for a possible World War III when you will see major shortages in addition to your inflation. If nuclear weapons are used, many people could die. Be prepared to come to My refuges if a world war breaks out.”

Sunday, May 29, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, this black cross in your vision has two meanings. The first reminds you to pick up your own cross and carry it through life. The second meaning is that more people will die in the ongoing war that Russia is waging against the Ukraine. Russia is pursuing its war in Eastern Ukraine because it is closer to their supplies for their army. Russia’s war is just like Hitler, where Russia wants to take back its former territories. Beware if Russia wants to expand into other European countries. You can see your leaders are having your arms makers try to replace all the weapons that you are sending to the Ukraine. Your arms makers are gearing up for more wars, but finding the materials to make your weapons are getting scarce just as other things are scarce. Be prepared to come to My refuges if war gets worse.”

Monday, May 30, 2022: (Memorial Day)
Jesus said: “My people, every morning you get up from bed, you are one step closer to being with Me in heaven. This life is difficult because you are constantly tempted by the devil, and you need to come to Confession at least once a month. You are dealing with sickness and death at funerals all around you. Some families do not even have proper funerals with a Mass. Instead there are only grave side services with many cremations to save money. Instead of honoring someone’s life, they try to save money without a proper closure for the family. Today, you are honoring all of the soldiers who died to protect your freedom from the likes of Hitler and other dictators. Yet you see more war from Putin as he makes war against the Ukraine. Russia is trying to keep the Ukraine from growing and exporting grain to other countries with a blockade of the Black Sea. The evil one world people are trying to reduce the population with wars, viruses, vaccines, and famine. Avoid taking any shots that will ruin your immune system. Avoid taking the mark of the beast as well. Be ready to come to My refuges when I will call you.”

Jesus said: “My people, right now you are seeing an overwhelming public display of a new monkey pox disease, but it is not contagious except from bodily contact. It is curious how millions of doses of a vaccine for monkey pox have been prepared two years in advance of any breakout. This is another planned virus release to cause panic and scare people to stay in their homes for another possible shutdown right before the mid term elections. You have been expecting a bleeding virus to appear first, but the one world people are choosing to spread monkey pox instead for now. People, who have had small pox shots, may still have immunity from monkey pox. You are seeing some scare tactics when there is only a few hundred cases outside of Africa. If the one world people are able to bring another shutdown, My faithful may have to come to My refuges for protection. Trust in Me to protect you from the evil ones’ plans.”

Tuesday, May 31, 2022: (The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth)
The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, today you are celebrating my Visitation to St. Elizabeth in Ein Karem. We were both pregnant and St. John the Baptist in the womb first encountered my Son, Jesus, in my womb. It was then that St. Elizabeth recited part of the Hail Mary prayer, and then I gave my Magnificat prayer. I did not have many words in Scripture, but the other words of mine were: ‘Do whatever He tells you.’ This was for the servants in Cana, who filled the six jars with water, so my Son could change the water into wine for the wedding guests. This quotation can also be meant for everyone, because I always lead you to follow my Son, Jesus. Soon you will be celebrating our feast days of my Son’s Sacred Heart and My Immaculate Heart, as our two hearts are joined together as one. Continue praying my rosaries for my intentions, and I will place my mantle of protection over your families.”

Children of the Renewal; Feb 27, 2022

February 27, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It is a great blessing to be here with You, my Lord and my God. Thank You for Holy Mass and Holy Communion yesterday and today. What a great joy to receive You in the Eucharist. Praise and thank You Lord for all You went through to give us this precious Sacrament. Oh, Sacrament Most Holy, Oh Sacrament Divine; all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. Lord, there is much unrest in the world and now war. Oh, Jesus, I pray You will move Pope Francis’ heart in a miraculous way to decide to do as Our Blessed Mother asked at Fatima and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lord, I don’t understand why it was not done and even more curious why our beloved Pope St. John Paul II did not do the consecration, either. Sometimes I think if he didn’t, no one will since he so loved the most pure holy Mother of God. He even credited Her with saving his life. Lord, regardless, I pray that through this most recent calamity and tragedy, Pope Francis’ heart will be moved and he will make the waited for and long prayed for the consecration of Russia. Then, we will experience real and lasting peace, just as Our Lady said. Then, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph over sin and darkness and the earth will truly know the peace of Christ. Oh, Jesus move him to do this. Please God!

“My child, My child, many prayers are needed to answer this request and this is a bleak time, for mankind’s hearts have grown cold and hard as stone. There are not enough of My children praying, My child and even fewer who pray for this intention. My children must awaken. The scales must be removed from their eyes. Countless people do not even know about My Mother and the plan I have for Her, let alone the great role She has in bringing Me into the world. Her prayers alone hastened My coming. My children do not even listen to Her and My children know Me!”

Yes, Lord but if the Blessed Mother’s prayers alone hastened Her coming, can Her prayers move the heart of the Pope to make the consecration of Russia to Her heart? Blessed Mother, please pray hard and intercede for your poor children on earth for we will be unable to withstand so much violence in these days of nuclear weapons and biological warfare. Oh, purest Mother, Mother of the entire human race, because God Wills Your maternal role, please ask God the Father for this consecration and may it be done, soon. Blessed Mother, you are in the center of the very Will of God. He will do as You request, but please request this soon, dearest Mother. Yes, it would be a miracle, but it is not too much to ask, especially since God wants this. I sense a great silence on your part, Mother Mary. I am sure you have requested this many times, perhaps even prior to the request at Fatima but Mother, we need this to prevent a full scale war upon the earth (WW3). Doesn’t Pope Francis see this? If not, please open his eyes and his heart soon, Lord.

“My little one, more prayers are needed. I have asked My people to pray more Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets, to participate in Holy Mass, receive Me frequently in Holy Communion, to repent, go to Confession and change their ways to walk in My ways, and this goes unheeded—even by My Children of Light. This must occur. My children are also in need of conversion. Make this Lenten Season the best one in your lives, My children. Fast, pray, frequent the Sacraments and observe the precepts. Do as I ask. Pray from your hearts, My children. Be love and mercy to others. Do not be like those who say, ‘I don’t know anyone in Ukraine. It is far from my home. What does war in that part of the world matter to me?’ Do not think this way, My children. This is blindness and it is irrational for a Christian to think this. You are all brothers and sisters. This distance is not at issue. To God, how far do you think another country is—one from the other? It is like another neighborhood in the same town, My children. It is even as close as your next-door neighbor to Me. They are My children, also. They matter to Me and to all of Heaven. You must be like Me and realize each person’s life matters. If you do not think this way you must really question whether you are a true Christian or one in name only. Reflect on this and examine yourselves.”

“My child, My child, you plead with me to stop this war and My heart is moved, My child. My children have been told how to stop wars. My Mother explained this at Fatima and at other apparition sites when She explained the prayer of the Rosary from the heart can stop wars. My children, you must finally realize it is through this prayer that wars will stop. Spread the word to everyone you know and to those you don’t know that a Rosary crusade throughout the world is needed now. Do this all of My Children of Light. Organize yourselves and pray for the Consecration of Russia. My child, you must get this message out as soon as possible. My invitations, My direction, My Mother’s requests all over the world go largely unheeded. Oh, what will it take, My people to listen to Heaven, to God Himself, and do as we ask for your own good. You act like little disobedient children who want only candy to eat and no nourishing foods and when they are told ‘no’ stomp their feet and throw a tempter tantrum to get another piece of candy. You must grow up now My children and begin to trust the wisdom of God, your Father. The nourishment is the Eucharist and the prayer of the Rosary properly disposes you to the wisdom of God. I take up residence in you during Holy Communion and I want to bestow many graces and much wisdom on you, but you go about your busy lives from one event to the next leaving yourselves no time to pray. Prayer is a necessity, My children. It should not be an afterthought, but rather the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do in the evening before retiring to bed. It is not too much to ask of you MY children, to pray the Rosary only two times per day. If you will not do so, those who love Me, who will? This is the problem, My children. You begin for a while, then revert to your former ways. Where is your trust in Me? Where is your love? Why do you allow your love to grow cold, My children? Meditate on My passion and death and you will see the great price I paid for you to have eternal life, to have the Sacraments, the Church, your family in Heaven. What little I ask of you and what little My Mother asks and yet you think it is too much. If you were being threatened with war on your borders, you would pray, would you not? Of course you would. Why will you not pray now so this doesn’t happen? Why will you not pray for the Ukrainian people and all others who are victims of war and violence? My children, examine yourselves and your priorities. What more could you be doing for your Jesus who loves you? Ask Me and I will show you, My children of Light. Are you striving to do the Will of God? Are you asking for this great gift in your lives? Do you want to live My Divine Will? Do you want to live lives of holiness? Are you loving everyone around you and especially your family to the best of your ability? Are you demonstrating your love for God, by loving your neighbor? Do your children know you by your love? Reflect on these questions in prayer and ask Me for guidance. I will help you, My children. You must decide for God now, My children. You must truly live lives of holiness, peace, mercy and love. Soon, there will be no more time to waste and soon a decision will be made. No decision is the same as deciding for evil, My children. Follow Me. Take you your cross and follow Me. Offer the small inconveniences in life to Me, united on My cross. Cease grumbling and instead praise God for everything comes from the Will of God, except evil. Pray, pray, pray My children. Pray now while you still can pray.”

Thank You, Jesus. Help us, Lord to do all that You ask. Forgive us for our complacency. Forgive me for the times I could have been praying but was doing something else of no value. Help me to realize and to be aware of the urgency of our times and your beautiful and simple requests to pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet every day (at least two times) and to change my behavior and my way of thinking to rightly order my priorities in union with Your Will. Save us Savior of the world for by Your cross and resurrection, You have set us free. You are the Savior of the World. Praise You, my Lord and my God. I love You!

“And I love you. That is all for now, My little lamb. I bless you and My son (name withheld) in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace. Offer your suffering and your sacrifices to Me for peace in the world. May this be your Lenten focus; and end to all violence, peace, and the Consecration of Russia to My Mother’s Immaculate Heart. Go in My love, My children.”

Thank You, Lord. Amen!

Children of the Renewal; Feb 20,2022

February 20, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Good morning, my Adorable Jesus, ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe, hope, adore, trust in and love You. May all people come to know and to love You, sweet loving Savior of the world. Please stir in all consciences and souls the desire to know and love You, God. Pour out Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. Blessed Mother of Our Lord and my Mother guide us to Your Divine Son, Jesus. Take our hands and lead us through this valley of tears that is becoming treacherously dangerous. Cover all your children with Your holy blue mantle of protection, wisdom and love. Give us, Your poor little children a share in Your virtues. Actually, Mother give us all of Your virtues, since You have an unlimited measure of grace and virtue. Dearest heavenly Mother, remake my heart, my soul and my mind into the daughter that God the Father created me to be. Restore me and renew me by Your love, Your wisdom, oh Seat of Wisdom, Your purity, Your holiness and ask the Blessed Trinity to recreate me so that I will be united to our Lord God, just as Adam and Eve were before the fall in the Garden of Eden. Oh, sweet Trinity, Most Holy Trinity, purify and cleanse me of everything that is of the world and of my will so lacking in love and give me Your most holy Will instead. I submit myself and all that I have, do, say and own to Your holy Will to use as You Will. Thank You, Blessed Trinity, 3 persons in One God that You not only one day will allow us to share in Your heavenly kingdom, but thank You that You have enabled us to live this kingdom in the cenacle of our souls now. I pray for this Divine Will to take up residence within me so that I will one day actually live as if I was living in Heaven now. In this way, You will live the heroic love through me, Lord that You directed me to pray for and to desire. Oh, my beloved who is also my God, make my heart a flame of pure love for Thee. Oh, how long I have prayed this simple prayer, Jesus and You are allowing this to begin to sprout after decades of anchoring this seed in my tiny, unfertile soil. I believe You are fertilizing, watering and amending the soil in my soul now, Lord for some reason and I am most grateful, holy God! You love even the most flawed, imperfect, small, uneducated and simple one to be open to the love where You work the soil and create the opportunity for each creature to become a new creation! What an amazing, beautiful, majestic, loving and holy God we have! Thank You, Lord!

Lord, God I bring each and every person who is ill before You, especially my beloved friend (name withheld), all who are on the church prayer lists, (name withheld) and every soul in the world who is suffering in any way (especially the elderly and the youth) for (name withheld), Jesus and I lay them at the foot of Your Holy Cross. Do as You will for them, Lord because Your Will is loving, holy and perfect. I entrust every friend, relative and all of my loved ones to You Father, my benevolent Father. Give each one everything he or she needs to come to Your heavenly kingdom and also give them the graces to live this kingdom now, here on earth in their souls. May the whole world come to union with the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit so that Your kingdom will come on Earth as in Heaven just as Jesus, the God Man said it would and asked us to pray in the Our Father. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Oh, how happy the soul who entrusts all to You!

“My child, My child, My littlest child, thank You for the gift of your praise, your prayers and your loving requests. Do not be concerned with writing this, My little lamb. Accept what I am saying and write for the good of all souls. I love each one uniquely and have much joy in each one who gives Me praise and thanks. I am generous beyond measure and I shower My children with blessings and graces for even the smallest advancement in the spiritual life. It is the effort and the desire that matter to Me, My child. One day you will know how many graces and with what joy I bestow them on souls who desire to grow in their love of Me. My child, My little one, you have persevered in your love for Me through the many storms and trials I have sent to you. Some of these trials, I allowed, and some I sent directly, but always, always you have been in the palm of My saving hand. My little daughter I have been walking beside you and working in you, even when you fell, I helped you to stand again. You have said you sensed a turning point after the accident. These words spoken to your sister were true. My Holy Spirit planted this thought in your heart because of the work I am doing in your soul, and also in your heart and your mind. It is just the beginning, My child but you are entering yet a new phase of development. Several of My children are also entering this new phase and it is what I desire for all of My Children of Light. This is a prerequisite to living in the Era of Peace, or the Age of Obedience and Love. My child, I am inviting others to request and to desire this for their souls for it is needed and indeed it is Willed by the Blessed Trinity since before time. Learn to live united to Me, My child and to be of one heart, one mind and one movement with God. This is the essence of the Unity Payer you have been so fond of and have been praying and desiring in your heart. My child, these are not just words. They are My words, they are My desire. My word is creative. My word goes forth and transforms and creates a thing, a person, a place, all matter and even that which is not yet matter into the words I proclaim. Thus, the Father brought the world into being. God’s word is power, life, light, truth, beauty, and always good. Therefore, the Unity Prayer serves to transform souls into beautiful brides of Christian perfect union with God. This is why satan is blinded by this prayer when prayed with love. He is unable to look upon Me and when souls pray this prayer he is unable to look at you or even to see the place where you are. Please ask more souls to pray the Unity Prayer and to long for union with the Most Holy Trinity, specifically to be in union with the Divine Will, God’s Will. Children of My heart, in this way you will live peacefully through the coming chastisements. Your gaze will be focused on God and not on the world which has become a mockery of God and a hotbed of sin and corruption. You will seek only the Will of God and you will all love your fellow man with the love of God. You will live the Holy Gospel of My Son, Jesus Christ, My daughter. When My children are in the refuges, the final transformation will take place within your souls, you will truly put on the mind of Christ and will be guided in miraculous ways by the Power of the Holy Spirit. This will be so to prepare you to dwell in the Era of Peace. Children, listen to Me. Do pray for the renewal of your commitment to living the Christian life, the desire for holiness and the desire to be in My Divine Will. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Ask and you shall receive. Trust in Me, My children. Truly there is no other way. I am the Way, My little ones. Trust in Me and follow Me. The time is coming soon and it is already on the doorstep, when you will enter the Time of Great Trials spoken about in Scripture and by the prophets of old. This generation will enter into this time of trials and persecution. It is already here, but it is the beginning. These trials, endured with loving acceptance, will bring more glory to God. You, My children, made in My image and likeness, will shine with My glory when you patiently and heroically endure the trials. Embrace this cross, My children. Remember how I embraced the cross on which I was to be crucified. Even through My intense suffering, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the abuse by the Roman soldiers and most of the Jews, I looked forward to the cross. Yes, I loved life. Any friends, My most holy and pure Mother Mary, My relatives, My homeland, and all that is good, but I loved your salvation and your precious souls even more. I knew that I had come for this, to be crucified, to die and to rise again, so that one day all could live in the Father’s kingdom forever. But, this is not all, My children. You must follow Me. You must walk the way of the cross, also since no disciple is greater than their master. Realize that after the cross and the tomb comes the power of the resurrection. You, too will rise. Thank nothing of the cost, My children. Think only of what I have already paid for you and be willing to live the hour of the passion coming to the Church and the world, but first the Church (and that has already begun) in imitation of and in union with Me, your Jesus. In this way, you will be in union with the Sacred and Blessed Trinity for We are one God. When one is in union with one of the 3 persons of the Trinity, one is in union with all 3, one God, three persons. Believe My Children of Light. Believe in Me. Trust in Me. Live only for Me and you will learn what it is to truly be in union with Me. This is My desire. This is My Will. You must die to yourself, to your own wills, My Children of Light. You will not lose yourselves, for you will then become your true self. The person you were created to be, more fully alive and one with the spirit of the Lord. Children, do not scoff at this. When Adam and Eve were created, they not only dwelled in the Garden of Eden, but they walked with God. This means they were in union, perfect union with God’s Will. They were endowed with great beauty, reason, intelligence, wisdom and peace. They wanted for nothing, only to serve God and to be in trusted friendship with God. The secrets of the universe were revealed to them by Me. They were entrusted with being parents to the entire human race. Great favor was shown to them and a multitude of blessings and graces. Having all this, perfect virtue, a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, complete trust, they fell to the temptation to fully understand ‘good and evil’. My children, they already fully understood good. They did not know evil, however. It was this they chose when they decided to disobey their beloved Father. They wanted to know evil. This knowing is much more than an intellectual knowing. This word ‘know’ means to be intimately aware of evil. This is what was chosen over all I had given them. This is what people choose today when worldly power, affluence, notoriety, fame and fortune are put in a higher place than to know, love and serve God. This is the same sin of pride Adam and Eve committed. Turn your backs on this intimacy with evil, My poor lost children and choose goodness, life, truth and love. Choose God, My poor creatures and no longer follow the evil one and his minions. All who choose to follow My adversary will follow him into the eternal fires of hell. This is not My Will. My Will is for your good, for the best, for My beloved children to have the best of everything, heaven. That is My Will and I died for you to have Heaven. But, My beloved children, out of a great, infinite respect, you were created with free will. This is because it is much greater to choose freely to love. If one was created with no choice, no free will, you could not freely choose to love God, but would instead love out of no choice. My children, that would not be real love. That would be a form of slavery. Since I am all good and will the highest good for you out of My great, infinite love, I cannot create in this way. Slavery is an evil and is not possible for the perfection and love of God. Therefore, mankind was created by and for love—a freely chosen love. Therefore, do not misuse your human will by choosing evil and death. Instead choose true life—a life and a share in the Spirit and life of God. My Children of Light, I am preparing you with everything to persevere to the end. Read Holy Scripture. Frequent Mass, Confession and receive (in the state of grace) Holy Communion as often as possible for your unity with Me, for your growth in holiness and for the protection of your soul. Have no fear. I will give each person, each soul exactly what is needed in life and to endure the trials. The closer you come to Me, the less severe the trials will seem. You will then be able to help the others, those I send to you, those you meet, to also endure. My children, you will not only endure but united to and with Me and in the Will of God, you will also be triumphant. This is how My Mother’s army will crush satan. My Mother’s heel—Her children will do so guided by Her, the Mother of the Church, perfectly united with God. You will become little Marys and little Jesuses united to the Divine Will in the heart of the Trinity. In this way, the Holy Spirit will come like a fire and renew the face of the earth. The soldiers, children of Mary will transition into the Era of Peace and you will live in the heart of God rebuilding society, raising children in the new era and populating the earth with more and more souls filled with the love of God. The serpent did not destroy My plan for the world. He is unable to do so for I AM God. The plan will be fulfilled and creation will be restored according to My plan. Have no fear, embrace the trials as they come and they will surely come with faith in God, trust in the Savior and through the Power of My Holy Spirit. All will be well, My children. All will be well. Take up your arms, the holy Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Sacraments, Scripture and all truths of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which will guide you in how you are to live. Be at peace. Be love. Be mercy. Follow Me. All will be well.”

“My little one, the time you have learned about is here. Resume the order in your life that I have taught you. Rise each day and pray with your husband, My son (name withheld). I have chosen him for you and you for him. Live as I instructed you. I will guide you through each adversity. Be thankful for every suffering and trial through which I have brought you for these have served to prepare you. You would not have been able to endure the trials had you not been tested and proved through fire. Now you will be prepared for the mission I give to you. Do not complain about anything for all is sent and allowed by My loving Providence. If it is storming and you are caught outside in it, praise the Lord. If you are ill, praise Me. If those you love suffer, comfort them, care for them and praise Me. Give voice to all suffering by praising the Eternal Father who knows and sees to your every need. For those who follow and trust in Him everything is done in and through you so that you can more perfectly fulfill the power I have for you and you will then lead others as they fulfill the plans I have for them. Your family members have endured much in their lives. All of Heaven intercedes for your family. Your parents and grandparents pray especially hard with an intense love and with much gratitude for each and every one of you. You cannot comprehend the depth of My love, nor even the depth of love of your family and friends in Heaven, for their love has been perfected in the beatific vision where all dwell in the Divine Will. Be joyful that this is so. Be aware of the great responsibility that your siblings and their spouses have been entrusted with as you enter into this time in salvation history that the saints of old longed to see. You will not only see it, you will live it. Do not dread this time for you possess the graces needed and you possess the love of God, My children, by My love I even allow you to possess Me, the Creator of the universe, the Holy and Most Perfect Trinity. Therefore, you see there is nothing at all to fear. The time is coming and will soon arrive for another persecution. Yes, My children, what you have already experienced were labor pains. The real and true labor, the one that brings new birth is about to begin or rather is about to come over you. You will experience this pain and suffering, united to My passion and it will bring about your perfection (spiritual). I will see to your needs, not your wants but your needs and you will bring glory to God. This is necessary, this Time of Great Trials, My children because of the depth of spiritual and moral depravity to which mankind has descended. Many souls no longer resemble My image but instead have chosen the image of My adversary, the beast. Many more will formally choose the evil one and will even want to be physically marked to enjoy all the ‘world’ has to offer; power, prestige, material goods and even the false promise to never die. This is the same temptation presented to Adam and Eve so it is only predictable that the evil one and the one taking his place on earth, the antichrist will offer the same false promises. You however, Children of Light will choose eternal salvation instead. Everything else will be given to you and truly you will have even more for I aim to restore the earth to the original and perfect plan, that of creation in all its beauty and harmony with God. All people and creatures, yes even animals and insects will be in harmony with God. The world will be renewed by the Power of My Holy Spirit and it will be recreated. Do not fear. I have already won the victory over sin and death. Remain in Me, My Children of Light and one day soon you will be the Children of the Renewal. Be at peace. Focus on loving and serving now. I am with you. I am with My Church. My little one, go now in peace in union with Me. I bless you both, in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now walking in the light of My love. All will be well. Trust in Me.”

Amen, Lord. Alleluia. Praise and glory to God on high Who was, is and Who is to come.

Children of the Renewal: Message Feb 13, 2022

February 13, 2022 Adoration Chapel

Hello, Jesus clothed in the Eucharist, veiled in the Most Blessed Sacrament. It is wonderful to be here with You. Thank You for this great gift, Lord! Thank You for Confession and Holy Mass. Thank You for Holy Communion. Praise You, Lord God for all You created for us. Thank You for Your mercy and Your love. Thank You for the faithful throughout the world. Help all to pray and to hope in You, Lord. I pray for all who stand for freedom and human dignity. Protect them, Lord and help them to hope in You. You are the answers to all life’s problems, Lord. You are the way the truth and the light. ‘Save us, Savior of the world for by Your cross and resurrection, You have set us free.’ Thank You for the many friends who contacted me providing words of consolation and love, and for their prayers. Thank You for guiding me through such rough waters. You are my lifeboat; Jesus and I am most grateful to You for the many signs You provided so that we could see Your hand and Your Will in a horrible (seemingly) situation. I am so grateful for Your love, Your presence and that of the Blessed Mother. Lord, I understand that You always Will the good for souls. I trust You in all things, Jesus. Not just when times are good or things are fine, but in all times, Lord. You are my God, my Father, my King and I am Your little creature, Your child, Your friend and subject. Continue to teach me Your holy ways, Lord which are far above and beyond what my little mind and heart can grasp and yet I thank You for the insights Youi give me, Jesus so that I can understand in my little way.

Lord, I bring to You all the people in need of prayer; those who are ill, dying, lonely, grieving and afraid. Please comfort and console (name withheld) and (name withheld) during his illness. May all who suffer from and are battling cancer, Alzheimer’s, renal failure, neurological disorders, adverse reactions from the shot and from all harmful substances, birth defects, genetic disorders, musculoskeletal diseases, auto-immune disorders and all debilitating diseases be brought to You on the throne in Heaven and to You in this Most Blessed Sacrament for healing and conversion. Oh, Lord we believe You are the great physician and You are our Lord and Savior. You are the remedy for all life’s ills and for all the ills of society. You are the answer, Lord to evil for You are the good. Shine the light of truth into the hearts that are very dark, Lord so they will see Your light and they will know truth. Free souls from the bondage, the slavery Your adversary has brought into the world. Lord, may Your kingdom come on earth and may we love as if we were living in Heaven now. Praise and thank You, Lord God for You are deserving of all honor, glory, worship and praise.

“Thank you, My child, My little one. I accept your praise and your prayers. It is good to be with you and My son. I was waiting for your visit as I await all of My children. Thank you for answering My call, My invitation to be with Me. Oh, what graces I bestow in the souls of those who come to Me in Adoration. I am planting many fruit bearing seeds in the souls of My children who adore Me in My Eucharistic presence. I am here in My Eucharistic presence out of My great love for My children. I provided My presence upon consecration, in union with My Father and My Holy Spirit because I did not want to leave you orphaned, My children. I sent My Holy Spirit to guide the Church, and the Body of Christ and I also wanted to be physically, spiritually and divinely present to You during each Holy Mass. My children, it was not enough for Me to die and rise again, although it would have been enough, but My love burned with such intensity during the Last Supper that I gave My Apostles the gift of transubstantiation at each and every Mass via their hands, their words (liturgical) so that you would have Holy Communion with Me from that day forward. This is why the evil one wants to stop the Mass. He hates the Holy Mass because I am poured out for You on each and every altar in My Church. It is My Will that I be with My people in Holy Communion and in Adoration. This is My Will, Children of Light. I will to be with those I love. (And I love all of My children.) Come to Me all you who are weary and visit Me in the Eucharist where I am present. Yes, you must learn to see with the eyes of faith, for I am clothed in the host, but I am truly present. I call to you because I love you. I need you because of My intense love and desire that is never fully quenched until lost souls return to My heart. When you come to Me in Adoration, you are filled with My grace and My light which you then carry to the world. Though you are unable to see this light in your souls and you do not know the effect on others, I assure you it is noticeable to those in darkness. They may not understand what it is about you, but they notice something different. To those who have chosen to live in complete darkness and willingly follow evil, they see your soul’s brightness and it is like a blinding ray of light. They become very disturbed by this light of Christ in your souls. The more souls bathed in Eucharistic light, the more quickly the transformation will occur. Pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, My Children of Light. Frequent the Sacraments and live for Me. Be love, be mercy, be peace and light. By your sacrificial love and prayers the transformation will come sooner. My Holy Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph in the world. You must pray for this great event and ask My Father to work through you to assist souls. Pray, pray, pray My children.

“My little one, I am walking with and in you. My presence was with you during your most difficult moment. I guided you and (name withheld). Trust in Me. All will be well. Continue to pray for (name withheld). This event was part of My plan for the salvation of these souls. Pray for this to be accomplished My little lamb.”

Yes, Jesus. Thank You for all that You are teaching me through this painful experience. Your Will be done, Lord. I belong to You to do with me as You Will. Live through me and in me, Lord. Guide and direct my steps. I love You, my God.

“And I love you, My child. Follow Me. Look straight ahead. Do not look back. I am present with you and we must move forward. I am preparing you and all My Children of Light for what is coming. Many who are unprepared spiritually (and there are multitudes) will undergo traumatic events on their journey to My heart. They will need much love, care and tender mercy. The chastisements cannot be avoided, My little lamb because not only am I infinitely merciful, but infinitely just. Because of My goodness and justice, all things will be set right. Getting to that point, My child will mean the earth and all creatures must go through the storm. The changes coming to the world are not minor changes but completely transformative. It will seem to be very, very disruptive to all of mankind. This must be so, My children to rid the world of this strong stench of evil. Never before has the world contained so much evil and this degree of darkness. Countless souls are being lost every minute, My Children of Light. My little ones are losing their innocence because parents no longer protect them as in ages past. I created this world out of love. The enemy is destroying it out of hatred for Me. He hates all I have created, including the human race, and especially the human race. I will not allow complete destruction of the world and of My children. I have only delayed to give more souls the opportunity to convert. It will soon be the time to act, when I know no other souls will convert. At that time, I will illuminate all consciences with My pure light. Each soul will know that I AM god. They will see My power, My love, My holiness and this bright light will shine in souls such that the sins in each souls will be revealed. Each person will know every sin committed in their lives and will understand the consequences their sins have had on others. At the same time, they will know of My mercy and love. This (knowing) will be the cause for deep remorse and contrition. It is for these souls; the lost those who have rejected Me and those who have never know Me that My Father, My Spirit and I desire the Illumination. It is the last chance for conversion before the great purification. I purified the earth during the flood. This time God will purify the earth by fire. It is fitting, My children and this is why the Holy Spirit will be poured out on My children. Pray, dearest children. Pray. Ask My Mother, who is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit to guide and protect you. You must enter into the refuge of My Beautiful Mother’s Immaculate Heart. You will be safe within Her heart. Do not fear. All that is needed is trust in My mercy. Accept all the Trinity sends you for it is the Divine Will of God to create in you clean and pure hearts, and to renew the earth. It will be in the original form as God created it. All will dwell in My Divine and Holy Will. Your hearts will be more like Mine and My Mother’s and it will burn with the fire of charity, love, truth and all that is virtuous. The Era of Peace will be full of My children who love and follow God with hearts full of gratitude and joy. Look to Me, My children. Do not despair. Your future is very bright! You will either be with Me in My heavenly kingdom or be living on earth united in My perfect Will. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for those who love and follow Me. Pray for souls who will go through the Illumination, especially those who are currently lost. Pray for the grace to be open to My love and mercy. Be supportive and merciful to them. Be gentle with them for many of the lost souls who are so precious to Me will be suffering when they are ‘found’ by Me. Their deep contrition will be beautiful in My sight, but they will not feel so beautiful at first. Open your arms to them. Welcome them. Guide them to priests where they will confess their sins and receive the balm of absolution. You, My Children of Light will also be purified, but you will not be so traumatized for you are already prepared through frequent Confession, Holy Communion and the many graces My Mother gives you. You will be so, for I need you to be people of love to welcome the newest family members into the Church. This is a very important mission, My Children of Light. I am counting on you for your assistance.”

Thank You, Lord. Praise You my God and my King! I love You. Help us all to be fully prepared. Help us to pray more and to do all You have asked of us.

“It will be done, My little lamb. I am leading you now and I will not abandon you. You will not always know which step to take, but when the time comes for you to go a different direction or to step out in love, I will guide you. We must be in ‘lockstep’ with one another. Remain in a state of grace, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld). Pray, pray, pray as I have requested so that you will hear My voice more clearly when the noise and disruption is clamoring for My children’s attention. I want My children to be at peace and undisturbed in your souls. That will occur when you are securely in My Mother’s Immaculate Heart and united to My Will. Do not fear. Keep your eyes on Me. All of Heaven is praying for you, My children. Remember to ask the saints and holy angels to pray for you, as you also pray for others. All will be well, I assure you. You will have all that you need as each need arises. Trust in Me.”

Thank You, Jesus! I love You.

“You may go now in peace, My little one. I love you and My son (name withheld) and all of My children. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in peace. Go in trust and in the love of God. Be love to others, My children. I am with you!”

Amen! Alleluia!

Message From St. Michael Archangel To His Militant Army, May 29, 2022


I, Prince of the Celestial Militia, come in the name of All Heaven to give you the LAST CALLS TO CONVERSION AND PREPARATION for My Common Soldiers as Soldiers of My Militant Army.

The Pandemics that emerge threatening the Globe, will be the Beginning of Sorrows and a beginning of the Great Tribulation, this next Pandemic that is at the Doors, symbolizes the beginning of EVERYTHING announced by Heaven, as part of the Tribulation to arrive shortly little by little to the Warning.

Since when this happens, the World will be completely in a Chaos of all kinds, for this reason this Pandemic announces the Beginning of Sorrows. The great Elites are preparing a Terrible Vaccine that, more than anything else, will kill people’s Souls, so that the Holy Spirit can NO longer dwell in them.

That is why I ask you NOT to submit to this Terrible Vaccine, which will end the Spirituality of the Soul, ask for the protection of Heaven, so that Heaven comes to your aid and NOT be Vaccinated.

Heaven manifests itself in an extraordinary way in your lives, according to the Faith you have in your Creator, if this is a rickety Faith, the results will be poor, but if that Faith is great you will see Miracles and Prowesses, for this reason I ask you to Pray at all times.

The Horseman of Famine Rides around the World ready to Unsheathe his Sword, so prepare your homes with Water, Food, Medicines and Personal Hygiene Items, but above all prepare your Souls FOR WHAT COMES.

How can you prepare your Souls for a Good Death? Go soon to give a Good Confession, make a Good Confession of Life, also Pray and Fast, but most importantly, learn to live in the Divine Will.

The Martyrs, prepare their Souls for Martyrdom through the Anointing of the Holy Spirit that manages to strengthen them at the time of the test, but for this there must have been a Fusion of the same with its Creator from Heart to Heart, for this it is very IMPORTANT the Prayer Vigils, the Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament, knowing how to Merge with the Love of God entering into a Deep Ecstasy, which leads the Soul to feel the Love of God in all Its Fullness and the desire to surrender your life for Christ.

If you feel a call to Martyrdom and have not yet felt that Ecstasy with God, prepare to feel it, asking for the Anointing of the Holy Spirit in your Souls and Spirits, thus achieving a special connection with the Creator, which many of you have already felt.

If not, ask the Holy Spirit to come to your aid on this Pentecost, so that as a Gift from Heaven you can feel this Fusion of the Holy Trinity in you, when you reach this point you will not mind giving your life for God and it is when the Seed of Martyrdom will be born in you.

Remember that Martyrdom is a very Great Mission and you must prepare for it, it consists of Heroic Actions at the time of torture, which makes the person enter a state of ecstasy and even rise to Heaven through a Powerful Anointing of the Holy Spirit running through your entire body, this sensation will be stronger than Martyrdom itself. Therefore, making the Martyr able to withstand pain, ask this Pentecost for this Anointing of the Holy Spirit in you, which will enable you not only for Martyrdom, but also to endure the Great Tribulation with Great Courage.

Ask the Holy Spirit for this Gift and He will give it to you as it is very necessary for these turbulent times we are living, ask for this Grace and the Holy Spirit will give it to you, just ask for it with your Heart and Feed your spirit with the Spirit of God, fill yourselves of Divine Wisdom, ask for Gifts that help you Grow Spiritually and build the Church, not that fill you with Pride for wanting to star among men.

The Holy Spirit will NOT descend on those who have a proud heart for it, humble yourselves, cleanse your hearts, to be LIVING TABERNACLES and PREPARE YOURSELVES, TO RECEIVE THIS PENTECOST, THE OUTPUT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN YOUR LIVES.

I say goodbye to you with the War Cry,



TO LORENA – MAY 5th, 2022

Humanity will become extinct as happened with the Dinosaurs, Rain of Fire will end this perverse Humanity, but My King and Lord has a Plan for His children who will be Raptured before time, to be Preserved from the Rain of Fire, but if you want to be one of the Survivors and Precursors of the New Humanity, you must, with a Contrite and Humiliated Heart, ask for FORGIVENESS and give ALL of yourselves so that Heaven may see your Hearts with pleasure.

Many will be Martyrs, but there will be those who will be Preserved by the Hand of God, this Just and Merciful Hand will take His children out of chaos to take them out of the Stratosphere, where they can remain safe from EVERYTHING that happens in the World.

This Extinction of Life will be when the 3 days of Darkness are carried out, God the Father will exterminate EVERY Stain of Sin and the Earth, turning and changing its axis, will be Transformed into an Earthly Paradise, where the children of God will live, THE ONES who followed His Precepts and Commandments.

If you want to be one of the Survivors as in the Times of Noah, you must board the Ark of Salvation, which is the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Ark is about to leave, the Time of Mercy will soon be closed and the people that DO NOT climb on it they will NOT be able to be saved, is for this reason, that you are asked to be Consecrated.

Many people will perish and a very low percentage of the Millions of people will remain, but before this Extinction at the Global Level, many Natural Catastrophes will come and thus the Population will decrease, until ONLY the chosen ones remain, to inhabit New Heavens and Earths, if you want to be one of them follow my instructions:
1) Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
2) Life of Grace, Prayer and Penance,
3) Fasting and Spiritual Preparation,
4) Do Gethsemane on Thursdays to be Sealed,
5) Pure and Children’s Hearts, without Hate or Resentment.

And be Purified in the Fire of God in order to enter Purified in the new Heavens and New Earths.
It is still time for Mercy, but there is VERY LITTLE left, prepare yourselves and learn to live in the Divine Will.

Follow my instructions that I will place you all safe from ALL danger, my Angels will protect you and you all will be protected like you were in the middle of a bubble, which will be the Protection that Heaven will give you because NOTHING will be able to penetrate it.

For this reason, it does NOT matter where you are, the Protection will be given by the Ark of Salvation, which consists of what was said before, so the Creator Will Provide, DO NOT seek to hide in a Bunker, Heaven will Protect you, wherever you are, IF YOU COMPLY with what it was said before. Remember that you will be PRECURSORS of the New Humanity and you will be Preserved by The Mighty Hand of God the Father and you only need to get on His Ark of Salvation with what has been said before, in my instructions.

For this reason, Clothe yourselves with the Power of the Holy Spirit, in order to be Cared for and Guarded by Myriads of Angels, it is IMPORTANT to also pray:

1) My Angelic Crown, (The Chaplet of Saint Michael)
2) And the Exorcism of Pope Leo XIII.

With these Prayers in your Daily Prayers, I will Protect you in an Extraordinary Way, therefore those who follow my instructions will be Precursors of the New Humanity.
I say goodbye with the War Cry.

Who is like unto God?
No one is like God!!!


MAY 27, 2022

My beloved People:


In every act and in every work in favor of the common good, My Blessings increase for My People in general.

MAINTAIN FAITH; you must personally make it flourish constantly so that it may be strengthened and so that unity with My House would be greater and stronger. Do not neglect prayer, confession and receiving Me, worthily prepared.

My Church is being severely tested. I call you not to lose the Faith: “I Am your God.” (Ex 3:14)

My Church is being tested so that she would be purified and so that the evil that has infiltrated within her would be cast away.

My Church faces pain: mourning will cover her. Take refuge in Me and in My Mother in this moment of suffering.

MAINTAIN PEACE, so damaged by the human race, so distorted and belittled. You will discover grave lies with which your minds have been flooded with thoughts and judgments contrary to Love and Truth.

As humanity you have been led into mortal distress. At this time you are dependent upon technology for economic survival and humanity will do what is necessary to acquire what is assumed to be indispensable in life.

The great powers are detonating weapons…. My people suffer to the core: this is being provoked by those powers that serve evil and wish to dethrone me.

You are living in a state of alert because of the skin disease that I had already announced to you. Yet this will not end here, but another skin disease will appear, generated by misused science, which is today’s Herod.

Persevere, My children, being attentive to healing plants, about which My House is letting you know and whose use has been explained to you. (*)

I LOVE YOU, MY CHILDREN, AND I DESIRE THE GOOD OF EACH ONE OF YOU. I therefore call you to mark yourselves with holy water, just as in your homes the door and window frames must remain sealed with holy water.

World peace is at its point of greatest tension. Without respect for persons, the allies of evil will wreak great havoc on humanity at the cost of grave pains against life. The Devil despises life, which is why he is intent on acting against life and in favor of division.

My People must journey on without accepting the innovations that will be presented to you to distinguish people from one another, for these are traps of the evil one to subject you to his nefarious plans.

My children are living in tension and constant anger, enraged against their fellow men…. You will see how, for no reason, human beings will kill others for their satisfaction.


Fight with the weapons of My Love. What is not love does not belong to Me.
I bless you, My People, I bless you. I love you.

Your Jesus


(*) Healing plants: recommendations from Heaven…

Prophet John Leary; Messages May 17 – 24, 2022

Prophet John Leary
May 25, 2022

Tuesday, May 17, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, My Church has a wonderful set of traditions that some people still honor. When you enter and leave a holy church, you can bless yourself with holy water and genuflect to My tabernacle with the Hosts inside. Some churches still have Communion rails where you can kneel and receive Holy Communion on the tongue. If you had a high Mass, you had six candles lit. Rejoice to have My Real Presence with you when you receive Me in Holy Communion. You have the Paschal Candle lit during the Easter Season. These traditions have been handed down for many years, so you can give praise and glory to Me at Holy Mass.”

Jesus said: “My people, your leaders are sending billions of dollars of weapons to the Ukraine, but your government is not doing anything to help the baby formula shortage, and other fuel shortages. Your Democrat leaders are failing to make America first, and they appear to put America last. Your people would like to change your leadership, but if you do not run fair elections without cheating, these evil people will take over your country. You need election reforms and accountability of your leaders to do what is right for your people. If this does not happen, then the leftist Democrats will become your dictators. In the end you will need to come to My refuges, and let Me cleanse the earth of these evil ones.”

Wednesday, May 18, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, I am the Vine and you are the branches. Without Me you can do nothing. This is a stark reality, but it is true. Those people, who do not love Me, and do not seek the forgiveness of their sins, are like the branches cut away from the vine. They soon wither and are thrown into the fire. So remain in Me as I remain in you, and you will have the joy of being saved in My love. By following My Commandments and yielding good fruit in your good deeds, you will be a part of My Church. I give everyone a mission and the gifts that you will need to fulfill your mission. Keep close to Me and you will enjoy My reward in heaven even more. Keep praying and give good example to your family members so they can be saved in heaven also.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want to warn you of two coming shortages of food and fuels. Biden is ruining your economy by cutting back your fuel independence. Your country has oil and natural gas reserves for many years, but it is being mismanaged. It is your fuels that run your cars, trucks, and trains. You also need fuels to heat your homes and make electricity to run your air conditioners and refrigeration. Without enough fuels, your trucks cannot deliver food to your stores. Your farmers provide your food in the fields, but they are being hurt by expensive fertilizers, seeds, and harvesting machinery. They need to be able to make a profit in providing your food, so they need to pass on these increased costs, or they will go bankrupt. Your truck drivers also are paying high fuel costs, but they also need to make a living as well. If either the farmers or the truckers go out of business, you will have food and fuel shortages. Even your electricity producers will be hurt by higher fuel prices. Any fuel shortage will endanger your electric grid. Now you are seeing the potential problems when your government mismanages your fuels and even your money by overspending. You will see serious problems that could bring a situation when I will need to call My faithful to My refuges. At My refuges I will multiply the food, water, and fuels you need for your survival. Trust in Me to provide for your needs.”

Thursday, May 19, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing changing weather patterns where some areas have constant rain, but other areas, as out West, are experiencing droughts. This vision of a low water level on the rock cliffs of the Hoover Dam is an example of how water in the West is getting scarce. Be thankful if you have a water well so you are able to obtain fresh water. Some of your lakes and rivers are becoming polluted from farm run-offs and salt on your roads. This is why you could consider storing some fresh water along with your three months of food that I recommended. You are seeing shortages of various foods on your store shelves, so be prepared for how some evil people are setting fires to your food processing centers. You receive a fair amount of food from China, so if war breaks out, you could see food shortages, if imports are cut off. If necessary, be prepared to come to My refuges if your food is no longer available in your stores. I will multiply what you need, so you will have the food that you need for survival.”

(50th Anniversary of our prayer group)
Jesus said: “My people, when you have a priest at your refuge, you can have Confession and Mass every day. This will be a blessing, and I will see to it that you do have a priest. Those refuges, where they do not have a priest, I will have My angels bring you daily Holy Communion. Your world will start to see more wars and more persecution of Christians. This is why I am having My refuge builders set up My refuges because you will need a safe place away from the evil ones who will be trying to kill you. Be thankful if you can come to a refuge where the leaders have been preparing to live independently with a shield of invisibility. Trust in Me to find a way to protect you and provide for your food, water, and fuels.”

Friday, May 20, 2022: (St. Bernardine of Sienna)
Jesus said: “My people, most converts to being a Christian in My Church, are Gentiles. Your everyday life is a lot different from My Jewish heritage on earth. So it was decided in My Early Church, that Gentile converts to the faith in Me, do not have to be circumcised. This news was received with much thanksgiving. I love My people so much, and it was I who chose you; you did not choose Me. My disciples were joyous to share with each other, much as you all celebrated your meal together at last night’s Mass. Continue to share your faith with others in evangelizing converts. All Christians are encouraged to spread My Good News of My Resurrection among the people.”

Jesus said: “My people, your country is seeing more and more divisions over race, abortion, transgender, and even between vaccinated and unvaccinated. You have been reading in your news that those people, who took three Covid shots, have ruined their immune system and they will have little or no defense for the next virus. The unvaccinated, who have had Covid, have the best immune system to fight any new virus. The Democrats will try to bring another shutdown to try and stop the mid term elections. If that fails, the rich people will provide more millions of dollars to cheat as they did in the 2020 election. The only way to have a fair election is to stop the drop boxes, and only give absentee ballots to those people who are legal, and not mailed out to everyone. Without fair elections, you are allowing the left communists to take over your country. If the evil ones are allowed to cheat and takeover America, then you will need to come to My refuges for protection.”

Saturday, May 21, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, when I sent My disciples to go out and preach My Word, I told them to go out to all of the nations to convert sinners. My people of today also are called to spread My Good News as much as possible. This is part of your Christian responsibility to share your faith with others. You can pray in quiet places, but do not be spiritually lazy, because you are called to frequent Confession and evangelizing people wherever you travel. Just as St. Paul, you are also called by the Holy Spirit to be willing to travel and evangelize sinners with My Good News. I will provide whatever you need, so you have the means to share My Word of love.”

Jesus said: “My son, I asked you to buy a 2022 Paschal Candle and you did buy it, and now you are using it. I thank you for obtaining this candle so you could use it for your prayer time and when you receive your nightly message. Keep lighting your candle up to Pentecost Sunday. This lit candle is a sign of My Light during the Easter Season. You have heard that you will have a second blood moon on election day (November 8th). I told you that blood moons are a sign of war, and you have a war going on between Russia and the Ukraine. This second blood moon is a sign that this war could spread and there is a possibility that China could attack Taiwan as well. If such wars are carried out, it could lead America into World War III. I will help My faithful if such a war breaks out. Be prepared to come to My refuges if your lives are in danger. This could kill many people and I will call My people to My refuges of protection.”

Sunday, May 22, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, you heard in the news how a tabernacle was stolen out of a church. The tabernacle was later found, but the Hosts were gone and used for black masses. Once the tabernacle with the consecrated Hosts was removed, I was no longer Present in that church. This was diabolical because evil people use My consecrated Hosts in black masses to defile My Presence. I told you when the time of the Antichrist comes, I will have My angels gather up My consecrated Hosts out of defiled churches, and these Hosts will be given to My refuges who do not have a priest. Have no fear because I will find a way to give you daily Holy Communion during the tribulation.”

Monday, May 23, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, before I brought the Advocate to My apostles, they were afraid to speak out for fear that they would be killed as I was. You have a treasure of My words that have been put down in the four Gospels. It is one thing to hear and read My words, but it is another to act on My words in your deeds. Once the flames of the Holy Spirit came over My disciples, they spoke out boldly of My words, and healed many people. They spoke in many different languages and the people were amazed at hearing My words in the different languages. The tongues of fire enabled the different tongues of languages. They received the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit which allowed them to heal people and even raise people from the dead. Now they were no longer fearful, but they were inspired to witness My words and actions to the people all over the world. My faithful now have also received My sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. You all have the same gifts of the Holy Spirit to spread My Good News and even heal people in faith. This is why I call on My followers to reach out and evangelize converts to the faith by your good example. The more souls you bring to Me, the more graces you will receive for your good works.”

Jesus said: “My people, your country is sending billions of dollars in cash and weapons to help the Ukraine fight Russia. You are also trying to financially strap Russia to stop this war. Russia can still use nuclear weapons, if they see a possible loss in Ukraine. European countries are not receiving natural gas and oil from Russia anymore. When you face a possible war with Communist China trying to defend Taiwan, you could have more problems with the billions of dollars of products you import from China than you do with Russia. China could try and use your imports as blackmail. If you fight China over Taiwan, they could stop all of your imports, and this could destroy your economy. The military defense would be strained to fight if you went to war with China, because much of your fighting would come from a huge distance from your mainland. You also would be facing another nuclear power nation that could send missiles against America. With Biden as a weak leader, it would be hard for him to not give in to China’s blackmail. If America does go to war with China, you could possibly see World War III. If many people are threatened with nuclear missiles, this could be another possibility of coming to My refuges. Pray that such a war does not happen. This is another reason America should not depend on trade with your worst enemy.”

Tuesday, May 24, 2022:
Jesus said: “My people, I am preparing you for the coming persecution of Christians, when you will see churches closed or burned down, as the evil ones are preparing for the Antichrist’s tribulation. You can see the Democrats already are calling conservatives and My faithful as racists and even terrorists because they want to demonize their opposition. Their whole plan is for total power control over you, and they put down any opposing voices by their ‘cancel culture’. This attack on My people is purely diabolical, and this is why I will bring My believers to My refuges. You will be My faithful remnant, while the rest of the people will be brainwashed by the liberal TV stations and media platforms. Expect more cheating in the coming elections because that is their only way to win. The Democrats have destroyed your country and your fossil fuels that are needed to keep your economy running. You are almost to the point of a civil war with another cheating election. Pray for My help in bringing you to My refuges.”