Apostolate of the Green Scapular – JESUS CHRIST – “Behold, look at the night sky. Do you see what is soon coming? Punishment from my Holy Father which will affect all the living souls on Earth.” – May 25, 2023


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MAY 25, 2023, THURSDAY @ 2:58 P.M.

Anna Marie: My Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit?

Jesus: Beloved one, it is I, your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord, thank you for coming and talking. My dear Lord, may I ask you please will you bow down and adore God your Eternal Heavenly Father who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?

Jesus: Yes little one, I your Savior Jesus will now and will always bow down and adore my Holy Eternal Merciful Father who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible.

Anna Marie: Please speak sweet Jesus, for you sinful servant is now listening.

Jesus: My dear one, I have come to speak with you on the state of your Nation. Evil has systematically enveloped your government and now all the citizens are in great danger of being consumed by a reprehensible lawless society that will endanger all lives. I request all my children to pray very hard that the digital currency is not put into place by the wicked imposters of your Nation. These imposters I speak of were not publicly elected by the citizens of your great Nation, however, they have been given a platform in this current government to destroy your financial and monetary systems.

Anna Marie: Dear Jesus, what can we do? We pray day and night. We all pray daily, what more do you ask of us? My Lord, where is the great Illumination (of Conscience)? Where is the Warning from our Heavenly Father? We now need a great miracle from your Heavenly Father.

Jesus: My dear one, my Father has put in place His plan, His way, His compassion for all living souls now. It is not up to you or anyone to demand the Illumination (of Conscience). Instead it is required that all people, the children of my Heavenly Father, to pray and pray more.

Anna Marie: My dear Jesus, you know I would never presume to ask our Father in Heaven anything for fear of His great justice and punishment. I am only thinking like a human thinks. If all people could see the state of their souls, then maybe the good could spiritually and politically fight the evil ones who wish to destroy and kill all humans on earth.

Jesus: Behold, look at the night sky. Do you see what is soon coming? Punishment from my Holy Father which will affect all the living souls on Earth. Prepare and pray. Prepare and do not despair. Trust in my love and protection of yourselves and families.

Anna Marie: Yes sweet Jesus.

Jesus: I am asking today for more prayers to be said daily. If you say only one Mystery of the Rosary, then I ask for two. If you only say one Chaplet of Mercy a day, then I ask for another. Pray and pray more. The time of “Desolation” is quickly approaching. So pray now while you still have time to pray for the mitigation of this great evil.

Jesus: I love you little one. Be in peace and pray very hard. Go to daily Mass and offer up to my Father, “MERCY”. Ask my Father for MERCY.

Anna Marie: Yes Jesus.

Jesus: Please do your best to make this message public this day.

Anna Marie: Yes Jesus. We all love you Jesus, all Apostles around the world love you Jesus. We praise you sweet Jesus.

Jesus: I love all my Apostles and devoted children too. That is all.


Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria – “Keep in mind that during an unusual synod you will receive a sign from Heaven, a harbinger of the approaching Warning (Illumination of Conscience).” – May 8, 2023


MAY 8, 2023

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

WITH MY LOVE I BLESS YOU IN ORDER THAT MY LOVE WOULD REMAIN PRESENT IN EACH ONE OF YOU. My children are distinguished by being love themselves, being goodness and wanting it for their brothers and sisters (cf. I Jn. 4, 7-8).

In this month which you especially dedicate to this Mother and in which you pray the Holy Rosary, I want you to offer up on May 13:

Prayer for those of My children who do not adore My Divine Son.
Offer the Holy Rosary for those who break into the lives of My little children and teach them to become attached to demonic practices and to forget and deny My Divine Son. These human beings will be severely punished.

YOU ARE LIVING IN CONSTANT CHANGE. Natural disasters (1) occur one after another and yet you do not understand that these are signs and signals that serve as a reminder to convert.

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HUMANITY AT THIS TIME? My Divine Son is mostly forgotten, what is Divine is denied and it is believed that what is good is man’s work and that whatever bad happens in the life of man or among the peoples is God’s fault (cf. James 1:13).

The human race is unpredictable, constantly going back and forth in search of what is believed to be safer, more certain, and yet you do not possess knowledge of the Divine Word and neither are you spiritual, therefore you lack discernment (2). You go from one place to another trying to find what you will not find until you look at yourselves and see My Divine Son in everything and everyone.

The battle against evil is ongoing at the moment (3) and My children are tempted again and again without reacting.

Pray, My children and continue to fulfil God’s Law.

Pray, My children, receive the Holy Eucharist, pray and make reparation.

Pray, My children and ask for the Grace to feel the Love of My Motherhood, resisting evil without falling.

Pray, My children as part of My Marian Army, fighting with Love, with Faith, with Hope and with Charity, united with St. Michael the Archangel and His Heavenly Legions and My beloved Angel of Peace; I am carrying out the Divine Order to crush the infernal serpent and his legions.

Pray, My children, the children of My Divine Son are My children; I warn you of a Heavenly Body (4) approaching the Earth.


Keep in mind that during an unusual synod you will receive a sign from Heaven, a harbinger of the approaching Warning. (5)

BE FEARLESS, BE CREATURES OF GOOD, ASSURED THAT WITH FAITH ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (cf. I Jn. 5:4; Mt. 9:21-22). If you remain in faith (which seems to be impossible in your eyes), the unified faith of each one of My children will work great miracles.


Be love so that you would be inundated with Divine Love.

I hold you within My Motherly Heart. I bless you and call you to be spokespersons for this Call of Mine. I invite you to call upon Me when danger threatens:

Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary.

Take refuge in My Heart, grow within My Womb and know My Divine Son by My Motherly Hand.

Mother Mary


(1) About natural disasters:

(2) On discernment:

(3) On spiritual combat:

(4) On danger due to asteroids:

(5) Revelations about God’s Great Warning to humanity:


Brothers and sisters,

In this call of Our Blessed Mother we feel that Heart which undoubtedly beats due to God and for God – that chosen creature, that Sacred Vessel who at the Angel’s greeting said: Fiat Voluntas Tua.

Today Our Blessed Mother invites us to accompany her with that faith which increases in the midst of our concerns, with that faith which, when persecuted, is covered with the shield of the Precious Blood of Christ.

Brothers and sisters, what is to come is not easy, but it is not impossible to remain faithful to Christ and to Our Mother if our hearts and thoughts are placed within the Divine Will.

Great news is shared with us:

The Angel of Peace (*) is going to be present in the final battle, united with Our Blessed Mother, St. Michael the Archangel and the Heavenly Legions; He will confront the enemy of the soul and his followers.

Brothers and sisters, let us remember how much Heaven has revealed to us since the year 2013 about the Angel of Peace, and from now on let us embrace such an infinite blessing reserved for this generation and for the end of these times. I invite you to meditate on the booklet in which the revelation about the Angel of Peace is compiled (*) and to ask Our Mother to receive us within Her Immaculate Heart and help us to embrace with true trust such an immense gift from Heaven.

Brothers and sisters, without fear and with more faith than in the past, let us continue in faith.


(*) Download the PDF booklet: The Angel of Peace.

Prophet John Leary – Messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ – April 26 – May 2, 2023 Update


Tuesday, May 2, 2023: (St. Athanasius)

Jesus said: “My people, St. Athanasius was a strong supporter of My Divinity. He fought the Arian heresy that stated I was not the Son of God. The Council of Nicea made a declaration that I indeed am the Son of God. You recite the Nicene Creed every Sunday to proclaim My Divinity. You declare that I am God the Father’s only Begotten Son, and I died to forgive your sins. No other person was resurrected from the dead like I was on Easter Sunday, which is more proof that death and sin have no hold on Me. Rejoice that My Church has been blessed by the saints to fight off many heresies against Me.”

Monday, May 1, 2023: (St. Joseph the worker)

Jesus said: “My people, you have priests, employers, and parents, who have people under their care, like shepherds, and they are responsible for the spiritual and physical needs of the people. Parents love their children, and they do everything to protect them and feed them. Even when your children grow older, you still need to pray for their souls, and guide them on the right path to heaven. I watch over all of My flock of believers, and I do not want to lose even one soul. I call on My faithful to share My Word with everyone so they can hear My Word and be saved.”

Jesus said: “My people, you had over a hundred people attend the marriage of your grandson to a beautiful Christian lady. It was a wonderful marriage with plenty of pictures and a reception with good food. Your family had to travel over eight hours to attend this wedding. Several of your grandchildren have been married, and now you have six great grandchildren. You have more souls to pray for in your expanding family. Be grateful for so many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Every time you have a new marriage, you are joining more families to yours. Keep praying for all of your family’s souls that they will become believers in Me so they can be saved.”

Sunday, April 30, 2023: (Good Shepherd Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, I am the Sheep gate where everyone must come through Me in order to enter heaven. Many people are familiar with a picture of a Lamb holding a banner with a Bible underneath. You have this same picture under your altar in your chapel. I am the unblemished Lamb of God who offered My life up to save all of My sheep. I call all of My faithful to enter through Me as a gate to your eternal life in heaven. I love all of you so much that I died for the forgiveness of your sins. I call on you to be sorry for your sins against Me, and ask My forgiveness of your sins in Confession. Many of you went to Confession around Mercy Sunday to receive your plenary indulgence that took away any punishment due for your sins. I send out My faithful to evangelize any lost sheep who are willing to be converts to the faith. Continue to pray for sinners, especially for those souls in your family. You can help the souls in purgatory with your rosaries to bring them closer to being in heaven with Me. Trust in Me at all times to guard you on your travels and I will answer your prayers.”

Saturday, April 29, 2023: (St. Catherine of Sienna)

Jesus said: “My people, I explained to My apostles that I gave them My Body to eat and My Blood to drink as a sign of My Real Presence in the consecrated Bread and Wine. Some of My followers left Me because they thought this was cannibalism. In fact you are truly eating My Body when you receive Me in the consecrated Host in Holy Communion. You, My followers, truly believe in My Real Presence when you receive Me into your heart and soul. You read how St. Peter healed a cripple in My Name, Jesus. This power is in My Name and My faithful can truly heal each other when you pray in My Name, Jesus. St. Peter also raised one person from the dead. In the Gospel you also saw Me raise someone from the dead. You also gave praise and thanks to Me when I resurrected from the tomb on Easter Sunday. I call on you to pray over people in My Name, and in faith you can heal each other. If you have faith in My Name, Jesus, it will be done for you. Have faith even the size of a mustard seed, and I will heal you.”

Friday, April 28, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, I know I have given your main mission to reach out and try to help save as many souls as possible with your evangelizing. Many souls will be awakened at My Warning when I will show everyone their life review and their mini-judgment of where they are headed. My son, your second mission is to prepare your refuge of independent living. This is why I asked you to put in a water well, store a lot of food that will be multiplied, have some fuels for heating and cooking, and prepare for Mass and Adoration. Some people may criticize you now, but when your electric grid goes down, and your money is taken away, you will have to rely on Me and your preparations. The same people who are criticizing you today will be like the people in Noah’s time who were drowned in the flood. Those people, who do not believe in Me after the Warning, will not be allowed into My refuges, and they will be killed by My Comet of Chastisement and will be sent to hell. Continue to pray for your relatives to be saved so they can come to My refuges. I will provide for all of your needs at My refuges, and I will bring all of the evil ones to hell. Believe in Me and be saved.”

Thursday, April 27, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, I mentioned in previous messages how I sent out My apostles to evangelize the people with My Good News about My Resurrection. In the first reading you read how the Holy Spirit led St. Philip to catch up with the Ethiopian eunuch, who was the treasurer for the Queen of Ethiopia. The eunuch was reading about Me in Isaiah. So St. Philip was invited to explain the Scripture about My dying for the people. When they saw some water, the eunuch asked St. Philip to baptize him into the faith. After the Baptism of the eunuch, the Holy Spirit took St. Philip away from the eunuch’s sight. My son, I told you how you and your wife would be traveling by bi-location to visit and support other refuges during the tribulation. Now, you see that you will be moved about by the Holy Spirit, just as St. Philip was taken away from the Ethiopian eunuch.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said:: “My son, you were happy to be with Fr. Michel at Juliet’s Gospa prayer house in California. Fr. Michel gave a three day retreat that you could share with your prayer group. He also mentioned that this would probably be his last visit to California. He talked about the Antichrist and spoke about a book called ‘Revelations’ which was a summary of several apparition sites. You had a sense that the restrictions on the border would persist with forced Covid shots.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing various candidates running for President both among the Democrats and the Republicans. This will mean some possible primary debates. Pray that this coming 2024 election will not be so controlled by money from big donors. Once you can control the vote by using illegal and cheating ballots, then you have lost your democracy.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are hearing less stories about some banks failing, or being bailed out by the taxpayer. The bank failure problem has not been fully resolved, but the media people are keeping this problem subdued from the headlines. I have warned you in the past to be watching for any bank holiday, because this may be the means for introducing the digital dollar to replace your paper dollars. If your money is cancelled in your account, you may have to come to My refuges for your physical and spiritual needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, the new digital dollar will be your first attack on your people through the new money. You will also see another pandemic virus that will be launched with more shutdowns. Refuse to take any vaccines, and use your ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and MMS (chlorine dioxide) that can kill viruses. Also have some antibiotics, essential oils, and Good Friday oil for your healing. If you see bodies on the ground, then come to My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the Republicans passing an increase in your National Debt Limit with restrictions on future spending. If there is not an agreement passed, you could see a threat of your currency being reduced in value, if you do not pay your debts.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you before that the evil ones are running out of time, and they will be pushing their world takeover faster in preparation for the Antichrist to take control over the world. This means you will see more persecution of Christians. The evil ones will use their money and the media to control your freedoms in your communications. This is why various TV commentators are being removed to control what you hear. Expect more attacks on your website and your Zoom conference. Be ready to come to My refuges when I will call you. The Antichrist is about to declare himself.”

Jesus said: “My people, the evil ones want to bring another pandemic virus so the World Health Organization can supercede your government control with more shut downs and mandates. You will also have to deal with a new digital dollar and a forced mark of the beast. The Church will also be threatened by Masons controlling the New Mass without the proper words of the Consecration. Be ready to come to My refuges when you see these events takeover the earth. Have no fear because I will protect you at My refuges with My angels.”

Wednesday, April 26, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, just as I resurrected with new life, so in spring you are seeing new growth in the trees along with the spring flowers. It is a joyful time of the year, and I want to bring new life into your souls as you reach out to evangelize souls to know and love Me. I send out My faithful followers to spread My Word in My Good News of My Resurrection. Everyone needs to hear My call to believe in Me, so you can have eternal life with Me in heaven. I give every soul an opportunity to love Me, and each person has to make a personal choice whether to love Me or not. Those people, who believe in Me and seek My forgiveness of their sins, will be on the road to eternal life with Me. Those souls, who refuse to love Me and refuse to believe in Me, are on the road to hell. This is why it is important to spread My Word of love to draw all the lost sheep to the Good Shepherd.”

Jesus said: “My son, you are right to practice your solar power usage to run your water well pump. You practiced this several months ago, but you are getting close to My refuge time. So practice this for your water pump and your sump pump using your solar panels to insure it is working. The evil ones are about to test your people with a bank holiday. When you see this, there could be a possible riot, or people will be searching for food. Be ready to stay at your refuge without traveling when you see the banks close. Pray for My people to be alert, when I will warn you to come to My refuges.”

April 26, 2023 – Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) – A Very Powerful Interview with Catholic speaker and best-selling author, Ted Flynn, of the prophecy website, Sign.org – Topic: Garabandal, the Divine Reset – Review by A Soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

May 1, 2023

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

Wow! I have watched a very powerful interview through Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN). It is a very informative interview with a very well-respected, inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Ted Flynn, whose Catholic prophecy website, https://sign.org, is known and loved by many followers around the world. In this excellent interview, Ted shares his thoughts about the Marian apparitions at Garabandal, Spain (1960s), as he calls, Garabandal, the Divine Reset.

Beloved ones, I was fascinated as I was studying this TTEN interview, as Ted Flynn is very knowledgeable about many complex issues. Honestly, I took extensive notes, as I knew that I would be writing this introductory post for my blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. However, I have realized that I cannot use all the notes that I jotted down about the interview, because if I do so, people might not watch the interview, thinking my notes are enough to read(!). But, truly, this TTEN interview is definitely worth watching, because it is great to hear from Ted Flynn, who is a real expert in Catholic prophecy, Church affairs, and current events, including geopolitics, communism, modernism, etc., which he presents to us through a thoroughly Catholic and authentic Christian worldview. So, yes, I do highly recommend this specific interview as being worthy of your time (as yes, the interview itself is almost an one hour, 27 minutes, in length).

Beloved ones, in this TTEN interview, Ted Flynn explains the interconnection between Marian apparitions. As Our Blessed Mother, Mary, is the Voice of the Most Holy Trinity, with the Fatima apparitions forming the central message, and the Medjugorje and Garabandal apparitions serving as an amplification of the central message of Fatima. From time to time, he also shows the interconnection with the messages of Our Lady of Akita in Japan, and even the messages of dear Father Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests, etc.

In this particular interview, however, Ted discusses mostly about the Garabandal apparitions of Our Holy Mother, Mary. He tells us that the two primary focal points of the heavenly messages at Garabandal are the Blessed Sacrament and the priesthood. He addresses all the major prophecies associated with Garabandal, including all the various speculations through the years, and the different papal prophecies, concerning Russia and governance within the Catholic Church. He also shares personal stories about the many Catholic Saints and holy persons who have been staunch defenders and close friends of the Garabandal visionaries.

Just a few more highlights, beloved ones. Ted Flynn gives a very good discussion about the governmental state of communism and totalitarianism in the world. He also talks about the open de facto ideological schism, being witnessed within the Catholic Church. In particular, he recommends that people read a specific commentary that beloved Father Ratzinger (future Pope Benedict XVI) wrote about the future of the Catholic Church, back in the 1960s. The writing “prophesies” the marginalization of Christian beliefs and way of life, that we are certainly witnessing today. It can be found on the internet by Google search.

Finally, Ted Flynn reminds us about several things that the visionaries have publicly stated about the Miracle of Garabandal. In particular, that the Great Miracle will be, “the greatest Miracle ever performed in the world by Our Lord, Jesus Christ”. He reflects about how the site of Garabandal in Spain, is a village located in the mountains, and how the terrain can serve as a natural amphitheater for watching the Great Miracle. However, Ted does reveal a private revelation that was once told to him from the brother (now deceased) of the principal visionary, Conchita Gonzalez, of Garabandal. He said to Ted that, “it would be very difficult to get to Garabandal at the time of the showing of the Great Miracle”.

God bless,
a soul

About Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN)
My dear little children praised be Jesus! Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) is a platform dedicated to the collaboration of Catholic Mystics, Prophets and Evangelists. As the End Times unfold, humanity must be prepared for the return of Our Lord and the coming kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, our endeavor is to edify and prepare the saints lest you be deceived in this antichrist system. “He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matthew 10:22).


Here are links to the April 26, 2023 TTEN interview of Ted Flynn and the Divine Reset on various media platforms:

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YouTube Video:
TTEN Interview: Ted Flynn on the Divine Reset (one hour, 27 minutes)


UPDATE – Answered Question about the Seal of the Living God, Information about Refuges, and Certain Prayer Intentions – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

April 30, 2023
Dedicated to Our Holy Mother, Mary

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

So, I, “a soul”, of this prophecy blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, have been asked a very important question about the Seal of the Living God, which has been mentioned in a recent heavenly message given to Latin-American mystic, Lorena, and has been given previously to other prophets, such as 7th Messenger, Maria Divine Mercy, among others.

The question is this. Can people pray so that others, such as their loved ones, can also receive the Seal of the Living God on their foreheads? So, that the members of their families and other loved ones will be divinely protected during the coming chastisements?

Beloved ones, the Seal of the Living God is a very special gift from God. It can only be received directly by a person, on a individual basis, from Almighty God. So, you cannot pray for others to receive the Seal of the Living God unknowingly and unwillingly. A person must pray, in full knowledge and in full belief, with complete freedom of choice, acting in their conscious volition (free will), to receive the Seal of the Living God from Almighty God.

That is why, God has indicated in prior heavenly messages, that most people will not receive the Seal of the Living God until AFTER the Warning (Illumination of Conscience) has happened to mankind. Because, in order to receive the Seal of the Living God, people not only need to be fully converted and firm believers in God, such persons also need to be firm believers in God’s Word, including His prophetic messages in this End Times.

So, regarding those who refuse to pray for the Seal of the Living God now… God will direct the holy angels to ensure that the Seal of the Living God is engraved on the foreheads of the rest of God’s precious children — those who will finally make a conscious decision to receive the Seal — in the aftermath of the Great Warning. It will be the Seal of the Living God that people of goodwill will begin to see on others’ foreheads as they are traveling to the holy refuges. People of goodwill will be able to see the Seal of the Living God on all the saved souls, so they will instantly know the people that they can trust to help them and they will know the bad people that they need to avoid interacting with. Also, the Seal of the Living God will be visible on the foreheads of all the saved souls throughout the Great Tribulation and the various chastisements.

NOTE: Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has told me, “a soul”, recently that some people will be called to the refuges earlier than anticipated. Meaning, some people will be called by inner locution by God to the refuges sometime during the six and a half weeks reprieve that immediately takes place in the aftermath of the Warning (Illumination of Conscience). God has special reasons for starting the Exodus to the refuges early, as He wants people to gradually enter the safe havens in manageable groups for the refuge owners, BEFORE the gates of hell are re-opened. So, some people may be already living at a refuge BEFORE the Miracle of Garabandal takes place on earth, as the Miracle of Garabandal will happen in the latter days of the six and a half weeks reprieve in the aftermath of the Great Warning. However, such people will STILL BE ABLE to witness the Miracle of Garabandal on televisions, computer screens, internet devices, etc., as it is taking place LIVE on earth. As all people, including those living at refuges, will only need to remove ALL TECHNOLOGY once the six and a half weeks reprieve has finally ended and NOT beforehand. As remember, once the six and a half weeks reprieve has ended, the gates of hell will be reopened and satan, the antichrist, and all the evil spirits will be permitted to return to the surface of the earth. So, all technology will need to be removed at that point, as it will be used against humanity for wicked and evil purposes, including the mark of the beast (embedded physical microchip).

Now, that being said, I do want to encourage people to continue to pray that their family members and loved ones will be fully converted to God, with the requisite trust in God to believe in His Word, including His prophetic messages and instructions. And, in particular, you can pray that your families and loved ones will become open and receptive to receiving the Seal of the Living God, when they recognize and are presented the opportunity to do so by Almighty God. So, people can pray in hope for this intention to be honored in advance by God.

Alright, I also have a few prayer intentions to request.

Dearly beloved ones, I would like to ask for prayers for the very pious cloistered nun who recorded the posthumous testimony of Pope Benedict XVI, as well as her religious community in Colombia, and those associated with Radio Rosa Mystica in Colombia who broadcasted the private revelation to the Spanish-speaking world. I would also like to ask for prayers for all persons involved in the English translation of the posthumous testimony and in the spreading of the English translation to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, dearly beloved ones, all such persons are being harshly criticized with much public backlash and even suffering severe persecution by Catholic authorities for giving public witness of the final words of our dearly beloved holy father, Pope Benedict XVI. So, I would like to request prayers so such persons can be comforted and protected by God for doing the right thing. Thank you very kindly for caring for all people involved.

Furthermore, dearly beloved ones, I am in the process of writing a very special commentary that discusses many prophetic matters, and may also help to shed further light on End Times events, including the matters surrounding the holy death of our dearly beloved holy father, Pope Benedict XVI. So, I kindly ask for prayers that I may be able to finalize this special commentary in a timely manner, hopefully, completing the writing sometime this week. I thank you all very much in advance.

And finally, as many of you may already be aware, this past weekend, a world satanic convention is taking place in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Today (Sunday), is the last day of this very wicked and very evil convention. So, I would like to ask you, my dearly beloved followers, for special prayers today in atonement for this heinous crime against God. If you could offer up an extra Divine Mercy Chaplet today, as well as any other additional prayers and sacrificial offerings, especially, before the Blessed Sacrament, I know that Heaven would be especially grateful.

Beloved ones, again, thank you so much for your prayers and for reading and considering this update. God bless.

I love you,
a soul


April 12, 2023 – Saint Michael Archangel to Latin-American mystic, Lorena – Important Sealing Prayer – “These scorpions will have the purpose of tormenting them for their wickedness, this will happen to perverse men who do NOT carry the Seal of the Living God on their foreheads”

The Seal Of The Living God (Maria Divine Mercy – Book of Truth)



Information On Refuges During The Great Tribulation

Holy Week, April 2023 – Special Commentary – The Miracle of Garabandal and Other Personal Insights – My Visitation with Saint Gabriel Archangel in January 2017 – By A Soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Holy Week, April 2023 – Special Commentary – The Miracle of Garabandal and Other Personal Insights – My Visitation with Saint Gabriel Archangel in January 2017 – By A Soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Free Download PDF document (English, 24 Pages):
Special Commentary – The Miracle of Garabandal and Other Personal Insights – My Visitation with Saint Gabriel Archangel in January 2017 – By A Soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls


Holy Week, April 2023

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, am writing this special commentary, because I want to give you, my beloved followers of this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, more important insights to the unfolding Divine Plan in this End Times. In particular, I want to speak about how the Marian apparitions at Fatima (1917), Garabandal (1960s), and Medjugorje (1981-current), come together during the Great Tribulation, etc. And I want to address especially what Saint Gabriel Archangel revealed to me about the Divine Plan in January 2017, with the sole purpose of helping people prepare for the unfolding of the mystical events ordained by God to happen to us very soon on earth. I am choosing to speak just a little bit more in depth about what was shared with me, because people need a reminder of what I have shared already through different writings in the past, as many followers are new to this blog and may have been surprised by my recent admission about Saint Gabriel visiting me in 2017. Also, people need an update on certain matters, so they can clearly understand why God has planned these mystical events — “secrets” — provided through Our Holy Mother, Mary, to occur on earth at specific, definite dates in the future.

Beloved ones, firstly, I want to emphasize with you all that when Saint Gabriel Archangel visited me in January 2017, it came as a complete surprise to me and was not anticipated by me at all. I also want you to know that Saint Gabriel visited me over the course of several nights, because he could not reveal everything that he needed to tell me in one single night. I also want you to know that I did not see Saint Gabriel or any heavenly visitor, but that he spoke to me interiorly in my soul — by locution and other heightened forms of mental prayer that are hard to explain. Finally, I want you to know that during the several nights that Saint Gabriel was visiting, my entire bedroom became a massive battlefield. Although I was not receiving visions, I could sense mystically many things happening in the supernatural world. Mystically, I was feeling spiritual earthquakes — reverberations — as I heard and felt the holy angels and devils clashing around me in their heavy armor, weapons, and swords. So, that is also another reason why this special visitation by Saint Gabriel lasted several nights, because of the intense spiritual warfare taking place that was adding difficulty in conveying the private revelations that he was meant to directly share with me.

Secondly, one of the first things that Saint Gabriel revealed to me was the exact nature of the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal, which are both secrets for the world given by Our Holy Mother, Mary, to the young visionaries at Garabandal, Spain, in the 1960s. One of the visionaries, Conchita Gonzalez, has been entrusted to reveal the future date to the world eight days in advance, so people may gather at Garabandal, Spain, to witness this great mystical event. The Great Miracle will happen sometime after the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience) has already occurred to mankind and it will result also in many direct healings in body and soul for those who experience in person this great gift by God.

So, now, I want to take this moment to shed more light on the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal, on what I can share publicly with you all.

Firstly, I want people to know that both the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal are totally beyond what the human mind can even conceive or fathom. I was totally shocked when I learned what they actually are, and honestly, when Saint Gabriel revealed it to me, I immediately broke down crying. He explained what the Great Sign is in five, succinct words, and as he said the words, God opened up my mind and I was given total understanding about what the Great Miracle is.

Beloved ones, please understand this. Everyone is expecting the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal to be similar to the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal, which demonstrated God’s Almighty powers over natural elements in Creation, etc. I have also heard some people say that the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal might involve somehow the Cross and/or Our Holy Mother, Mary.

Beloved ones, you must believe me when I tell you that no human person is capable of figuring out what the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal really are. But, when everyone witnesses it, I am telling you that you will understand how Almighty God truly Is and you will receive immediate clarity into the purposes of the Divine Plan and for all of Creation. You will also know that the Catholic Church is the authentic faith passed down to us by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and you will also know that mankind is living in the End Times, and the Second Coming of Jesus is imminent in the world.

Beloved ones, I can also share with you all that the Miracle of Garabandal involves the sanctity of life, as people will realize how God profoundly abhors abortion and other egregious sins against human life. The Sign of Garabandal is also highly Eucharistic.

Finally, I can also tell you that the Miracle of Garabandal involves a story and the Sign of Garabandal is a “snapshot” or “impression” or “image” of one moment of the story.

Beloved ones, I have provided you great hints about the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal. But, honestly, I tell you all that you will not be able to figure it out in advance, and these great hints will only make sense after the fact, once the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal are unveiled by God to the world.

Beloved ones, I want you to know that the great stigmatist priest, Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, did indeed witness privately the Miracle of Garabandal before he died, just as was prophesied by the visionaries at Garabandal, Spain. And truthfully, I tell you that St Pio actually reveals what the Sign of Garabandal is in the words recorded and attributed to him. However, people will not realize his great hint hiding in plain sight until after the Sign of Garabandal is displayed to the world.

I also want you all to know that there is a certain part of the Great Miracle, which is when the snapshot of the Sign of Garabandal is happening, that will bring much happiness and delight to a lot of people. It is the part that caused the holy priest, Father Luis Andreu, at Garabandal, to die of complete joy, after thanking Our Holy Mother, Mary, for giving him a private vision of the Great Miracle. And although I was not given a complete vision of all the elements of the Great Miracle, I was given an “auditory” vision once of it. An “auditory” vision basically involved me hearing all the sounds of the crowds witnessing on earth the Miracle of Garabandal. And honestly, beloved ones, I was totally astonished by all the joyful sounds I heard at the point that people were viewing the moment of the Great Sign. I knew that people would be very happy, but truly, the crowds were so exuberant — I heard intense clapping and even whistling — that made me genuinely surprised by the crowd’s response.

Beloved ones, I was told by Saint Gabriel Archangel the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal, because God needed a human instrument to record the details in a writing. This is so mankind would have a lasting, permanent, written account of the Great Miracle once it has passed on earth, to accompany the Sign of Garabandal that will be unveiled afterwards. However, please know that while the written account contains substantial details about the Great Miracle, it does not record all elements of the “story”. And, in particular, the written account does NOT record a very important and very significant aspect of the Sign of Garabandal that people will witness afterwards. This is because human words are inadequate for me to express the certain aspect that will make so many people overjoyed and excited, and that caused Fr Andreu to die of ecstatic joy. It is something that only God can reveal publicly to the world. Meanwhile, there are a handful of people who have been entrusted with the written account — the parts that I can reveal — of the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal, which will be released in the aftermath of its occurrence on earth.

Now, there are some other things that I want to say about the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal. Firstly, I want people to know that both mystical events will be visible not only at Garabandal, Spain, but also at other major Marian apparition sites in the world. I do not know of all the selected locations. However, it is my understanding that both visionary, Conchita Gonzalez of Garabandal, as well as Latin-American visionary, Luz de Maria de Bonilla, will be informed by God and His Holy Mother, Mary, of all the selected places in the world during the time of the mystical event, known as the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience). It is also my understanding that while Conchita is the principal visionary with the God-given responsibility to announce the future date of the Miracle of Garabandal, I believe that Luz de Maria will also be provided with the future date, as her chosen back-up by Heaven on earth.

Beloved ones, recently, I was having a conversation with Our Lord, Jesus Christ, about the Miracle of Garabandal, and honestly, as we were talking, in the background, the Holy Spirit repeated a dozen times this phrase: “satan is terrified of the Sign”. I share this fact with you all, because you must understand something very important about the future prophesied date for the Miracle of Garabandal. While everyone is aware that Conchita Gonzalez was given the future date for the Great Miracle during the Garabandal apparitions in the 1960s, that date that she was originally given is irrelevant.

Beloved ones, please understand that God Almighty Is totally, solely, and wholly in control of all divine aspects and divine interventions as part of His Divine Plan for mankind. And while many “smart” people will attempt to figure out when the future date of the Great Miracle will take place — based on clues from decades ago — all of these human deductions will fail, because people are failing to take into account three realities regarding their “educated” guesses. Those three realities are: (1) the free will of mankind; (2) the power of prayer to change prophecy; and (3) the invisible manipulation that hell exerts on mankind.

Beloved ones, I do not know the future date for the Miracle of Garabandal. However, I can share these facts with you all that have been given to us by different mystics. One, after the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience) has passed, in the immediate aftermath, there will be six and a half weeks when satan, the devils, and all the evil spirits will be locked up in hell and unable to tempt or interact with mankind living on the surface of the earth. Two, after those six and a half weeks have passed, satan, the antichrist, and all of hell will be released to wreck havoc on mankind again; and they will come back with full fury, complete rage and in vengeance. And three, once satan, the antichrist, and all the evil spirits come back, God has commanded us to get rid of all technology, including all internet devices, computers, cell phones, and televisions, etc., because all of the technology will be used to manipulate the minds of mankind so that they reject the greatest blessing of God given through the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience) for all His precious children on earth. Furthermore, all technology will be used to instead make people susceptible and vulnerable to the evil machinations of hell to worship satan and the antichrist, etc.

Beloved ones, given what Heaven has revealed to me about the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal, I am telling you that the prophesied date given by Our Holy Mother, Mary, to Conchita Gonzalez at Garabandal, Spain, in the 1960s does not really matter. I say this, because during the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience), God the Father Is going to give Conchita a date for the Great Miracle so it will happen sometime during the immediate six and a half week aftermath, when satan and all the evil spirits are all totally locked up in hell. And the reason I say this, is because I know exactly what the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal really are. And I am saying to you that the Holy Spirit telling me recently a dozen times that “satan is terrified of the Sign” is no joke.

Beloved ones, please understand that it is a critical aspect to the Divine Plan that the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal must happen during the timeframe when satan and all the evil spirits are locked up in hell. Otherwise, the universal spiritual healing that God wants to provide to all of mankind from their divine encounter during the Great Warning — and which many people will experience as a very hellish reality due to their sins — would be totally thwarted by satan, the antichrist, and all of hell. Beloved ones, please understand that everyone associated with any knowledge of the Miracle of Garabandal will be in imminent danger, including those entrusted with announcing its future date. Moreover, all technology is going to be employed and manipulated by hell to distort all aspects of the Sign of Garabandal, and to try to hide its existence so mankind will cease all belief in God, His Goodness and His Divine Plan.

So, beloved ones, it is really irrelevant the original date for the Great Miracle given by Heaven to visionary, Conchita Gonzalez, because God the Father will give her an appropriate date for it to happen during the six and a half week aftermath of the Great Warning. And Conchita will accept and announce this appropriate date for the Great Miracle, because she will have no doubt that the request is truly coming from God Himself, as it will be given to her during the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience). And, in truth, that is because the Great Warning is the ONLY time when God can actually change the prophesied date for the Great Miracle, so there will be no doubts that it is God acting and not a deception of satan.

Finally, I want to let people know this fact about the Miracle of Garabandal that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, informed me about. Jesus confirmed to me that God the Father is going to make it mystically possible so that all people in the world will be able to witness the Miracle of Garabandal — televised — as it is really happening — live — at the same time at the major Marian apparition sites in the world. And, truthfully, I do not know how God is going to mystically achieve this, since I am only human and it escapes me how people will be able to witness this great event of salvation history through television monitors, computer screens, etc. But, Jesus has assured me that Papa God Is going to bless the entire world with being able to witness mystically the Great Miracle through television and on the internet. So, I share this vital fact with you all, as I know many people would love to witness the Great Miracle somehow in-person, but will be unable to make pilgrimages to the selected Marian apparition sites.

Note, however, although I have not been told this by Our Lord, personally, I do not believe that the Miracle of Garabandal will be recordable so it can be viewed later or rewatched later by people. I say this, because God Is going to already give the greatest of blessings so all of mankind can witness it on the television and computer screens as it is happening live on earth. Moreover, with any repeatable recording, it would be difficult to achieve the same mystical experience when it is viewed later; and any such recording would be highly tampered with by hell when satan and all the evil spirits are released back to the surface of the earth.

But, nonetheless, I do believe that the Great Sign that will be left in the aftermath at the Pines in Garabandal, Spain, and other major Marian apparition sites, WILL BE able to be photographed and recorded, so the images can be shared among all media platforms and across the internet. In fact, I know that it is the total expectation by God Himself that everyone in the world sees the Great Sign, which will be Papa God’s Great Gift to all of His precious children on earth, to herald the coming Divine Kingdom of His Divine Will at His Son’s Second Coming, which will take place at the start of the Era of Peace on earth. Moreover, the photos and images of the Great Sign are intended by Papa God to strengthen spiritually and morally all of His precious children for the coming brutal reign of the antichrist. As such photos and images of the Great Sign are meant to encourage and give continual hope for all of God’s precious children to persevere throughout all the challenges and difficulties of the entire period of the Great Tribulation. So, everyone can make it for the dawning of the New Earth, the New Jerusalem and the New Day in His Only-Begotten Son, Jesus, which happens only after the final Great Chastisement has concluded the End Times on this old earth that is passing away.

So, those are the things that I can publicly say about the forthcoming Miracle and Sign of Garabandal. Both of which are great secrets given by Our Holy Mother, Mary, in order to be major “helps” for this urgent conversion time of the greatest spiritual needs of God’s precious children living on earth.

So, on the first night that Saint Gabriel Archangel spoke to me in January 2017, he only revealed the exact nature of the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal. And honestly, beloved ones, that singular private revelation was so massive, so huge for me to grasp and comprehend, that simply knowing those two secrets was enough for me as I was immediately affected on a very deep emotional level. Contemplating the sheer magnitude and depth of Divine Love and Divine Goodness of Papa God to arrange and provide such a profound gracious Gift for His precious children, mankind, really pierced straight to my heart. And with mystically experiencing all the spiritual warfare taking place around me between the multitudes of holy angels of Heaven and the devils of hell, seriously, being entrusted with the direct knowledge of the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal was all I could handle that first night. It was enough.

However, Saint Gabriel Archangel continued to visit with me for several more nights in January 2017 with more private revelation. In subsequent nights, Saint Gabriel revealed to me important knowledge that no other person living on earth has been given directly by Heaven about how the Divine Plan is to unfold on earth. And it is because of this unknown critical knowledge about the Divine Plan that helped me to clearly discern and actually convicted me in the fact that I was truly dealing with the holy Archangel Gabriel of Heaven and not satan in disguise trying to convince me into a fiendish deception according to some type of hellish agenda.

And so what other things did Saint Gabriel reveal to me alone about the Divine Plan?

Well, beforehand, we already know publicly that there are Ten Secrets for the world that are being provided by Our Holy Mother, Mary, at Medjugorje, located in the Eastern European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And we also already know publicly that the first three Secrets of Medjugorje are “warnings” for the world and the Third Secret involves some type of permanent, indestructible, supernatural Sign by God. While the last seven Secrets of Medjugorje involve greater degrees of various “chastisements” for the world, with both the Ninth and Tenth Secrets being the worst. And, in particular, the Tenth Secret is the very gravest for the collective sins due to all of mankind. Furthermore, we already know publicly that (1) three of the visionaries of Medjugorje have received all Ten Secrets from Our Holy Mother and have ceased receiving daily apparitions; (2) the three remaining visionaries of Medjugorje have received only nine Secrets so far and continue to receive daily apparitions of Our Holy Mother; and (3) we do know that the various Secrets given to the six visionaries are not all the same in common, as some have been given private Secrets involving only themselves, etc. Although it does appear that for those who have been entrusted with the Tenth Secret, which is the gravest of chastisements for all of mankind, that the contents of that particular Secret are the same for everyone so far, etc. Finally, we know publicly that the visionary, Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo, and her chosen priest, have been entrusted by Heaven with the very serious responsibility and important task of revealing the contents to mankind for each of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje three days in advance of the dates determined by God that each Secret is to be witnessed on earth. In addition, Mirjana has been given a very special, very unique, indestructible parchment crafted by Heaven that lists all the dates for each of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje. This parchment can only be read by supernatural grace by Mirjana and no one else on earth until the appointed times.

So, those are the basic, publicly known facts involving the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje.

Now, there are a lot of people who believe that the various “secrets” associated with the Marian apparition sites at Garabandal and Medjugorje are somehow related. That there is some overlap between the secrets and that some secrets are shared in common. However, this answer is only partially true and how they are related is not what people commonly think. For example, a lot of people believe that the First Secret of Medjugorje is the same mystical event, known as the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience). Also, a lot of people believe that the Third Secret of Medjugorje, which involves a supernatural Sign, is the same secret of the Great Sign of Garabandal. However, both of these human assumptions are FALSE.

According to the private revelations from Saint Gabriel Archangel in January 2017, I learned the exact sequence of how the Great Secrets of Garabandal and the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje will unfold on earth. The Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience) will happen first to mankind as the foremost great mystical event that will usher us fully into the End Times and into the Great Tribulation. Then, the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal will take place shortly afterwards on earth.

Then, the Catholic Church, on behalf of mankind, will have a very brief time span in order to fulfill the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, according to the instructions of Our Holy Mother, Mary, at Fatima, Portugal. (Note, the Consecration of Russia made by Pope Francis on the 2022 Solemnity of the Annunciation did NOT fulfill the specified conditions given at Fatima.) Otherwise, the greatest world war will be forthcoming, which will involve nuclear weapons. The Ten Secrets of Medjugorje will also begin at some point after the Sign of Garabandal has already been fulfilled on earth. Thus, the prophesied Signs at Garabandal and Medjugorje are NOT the same mystical event. Moreover, I do know from other sources of heavenly messages that some of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje involve the usage of nuclear weapons. I also know that some of the contents of the various Ten Secrets of Medjugorje, have been ameliorated and mitigated by prayer, acts of penance, redemptive suffering, and fasting, etc. So, people should anticipate changes and modifications — hopefully for the better– on the outcome of various Ten Secrets of Medjugorje, once each Secret is announced publicly on its date ordained by God.

Now, the most startling detail that convicted me in my discernment that I was truly dealing with Saint Gabriel Archangel and not satan in disguise or some other evil entity from hell was the unknown, but very critical knowledge that I gained about the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje. Firstly, Saint Gabriel confirmed that the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje is the same mystical event as the Great Chastisement of Garabandal, which is the same mystical event called, the Three Days of Darkness, by different mystics in various private revelation during the past two centuries. But, Saint Gabriel continued to reveal a very astonishing aspect of the Divine Plan that no human person has been able to decipher or figure out. And it is due to this very startling detail that I instantly knew that I was dealing with a spiritual being of superior intellect to any human mind, and that this spiritual being was God-sent, because the private revelation was so holy. The private revelation unveiled a very positive and very major step, advancing the Divine Plan for the salvation of all of mankind living on earth.

Recall, there are six visionaries of Medjugorje with three of them having all Ten Secrets so far and so, they are no longer receiving daily apparitions of Our Holy Mother, Mary. Whereas, the three remaining visionaries continue to have daily apparitions, while they patiently await learning the Tenth Secret — each of the remaining only know the first nine Secrets of Medjugorje. Recall, also, that not all the given Secrets to the six visionaries are the same, but so far, the contents of the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje seem to be in common.

Well, Saint Gabriel revealed to me that during the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience), that the three remaining visionaries of Medjugorje will receive knowledge of the Tenth Secret. So, this means that there will be no gradual unveiling by Our Holy Mother, Mary, of the Tenth Secret, similar to how there were progressive gaps of time between how the first three visionaries received the Tenth Secret. Instead, the three remaining visionaries will gain this critical knowledge of the Tenth Secret all at the same time.

Furthermore, Saint Gabriel revealed to me that during the Warning of Garabandal, that, in fact, all six visionaries of Medjugorje and visionary, Conchita Gonzalez of Garabandal, would experience the same mystical event of the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje / Great Chastisement of Garabandal / Three Days of Darkness, as part of their personal life review with Our Lord. Then, in the aftermath of the Great Warning, all seven visionaries are expected to testify to all of mankind about their mystical experience of the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje / Great Chastisement of Garabandal / Three Days of Darkness. It is in this way and in this manner, that God will connect together the authentic Marian apparitions at Garabandal and Medjugorje as part of the overall Divine Plan. Moreover, Saint Gabriel revealed to me that the critical, initial, and necessary step to make it EVEN POSSIBLE for mankind to try to avoid or even cancel the Three Days of Darkness — which was revealed as a “conditional” Great Chastisement by Heaven at Garabandal in the 1960s — is truly the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, according to the specific instructions given at Fatima. Likewise, in this way and in this manner, the authentic Marian apparitions at Fatima will also be connected to those at Garabandal and Medjugorje.

Beloved ones, mentally, I was blown away by this specific private revelation to me from Saint Gabriel. Up until January 2017, no one knew why Our Holy Mother, Mary, had chosen six visionaries at Medjugorje, when only one of them has been selected publicly to announce to the world the ordained dates and graphic contents of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje. Furthermore, all of the private revelations given by Saint Gabriel intrigued me, because they provided deep insights into invisible spiritual warfare by demonstrating tactics and techniques that Heaven employed to keep our mutual enemy, satan and all the evil ones of hell, from figuring out the next vital steps of the Divine Plan, etc.

Finally, before departing from his holy visitation over several nights in January 2017, Saint Gabriel announced to me very mysterious words. He revealed to me that, “the Battle of Armageddon involves demonic aliens”.

Beloved ones, I know that this particular writing is very lengthy with a lot of content to reflect upon, so I will not add much commentary to the private revelations that I just shared. As mainly, my intent for this writing was to speak in greater details about the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal, and less so about the other “stuff” concerning Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje, etc., that Saint Gabriel thoughtfully provided to me.

However, before I give my concluding thoughts in this special commentary, I want to add a few supportive words about the heavenly messages given to Latin-American mystic, Lorena Portillo, whom I feature on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. Because I know people may need help in their discernment of her heavenly messages. I want to share that I learned of the heavenly messages given to Lorena back in Fall 2018. But, honestly, I did not feel called to share her heavenly messages until I had a very powerful private mystical encounter with the Most Holy Trinity on Pentecost 2020. Honestly, what happened privately to me on Pentecost 2020 is one of the greatest moments of my entire life, and the encounter came about as the direct result of following instructions regarding special consecration prayers and Sacramental Confession requested by Our Holy Mother Mary, through Lorena at that time, so people could find out their earthly mission from God.

Beloved ones, what happened between me and the Most Holy Trinity is very private, so I will not share details about my mystical encounter on Pentecost 2020. However, due to my very powerful encounter, I had no doubts about the authenticity of the heavenly messages given to Lorena. So, I immediately began to share her heavenly messages on my blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, introducing her to many believers in the English-speaking world. And while I cannot share details about everything that transpired on Pentecost 2020, I will tell you all that a certain aspect of the mystical encounter was directly related to some of the private revelations that Saint Gabriel Archangel revealed to me back in January 2017. Note, in this special commentary, I have not shared all the prophecies and details of the Divine Plan that Saint Gabriel told me in January 2017. I have only shared the parts that I can make public and are relevant to other people, and not in particular to me.

Beloved ones, now, I would like to make my concluding thoughts for this special commentary. Firstly, I want to share that I am so excited that the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will be happening soon, as this great event of salvation history will take place immediately before the glorious Era of Peace begins. Jesus will not reign in a physical way during the 1,000 years, as He will return to Heaven after spending a very short duration of time setting up the structure of His Church and Mystical Body, the New Jerusalem, on earth. However, all the holy ones will participate in the First Resurrection, receiving glorified bodies and there will be many joyful festivities and celebrations at that time, as it will be the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will finally on earth (the answer to the ‘Our Father’, the Lord’s Prayer).

Beloved ones, I want you all to know how much I hope that all of you will choose to be with Our Lord and Our Holy Mother, Mary, which I hope the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal will be a totally blessing for you all, as it confirms you and inspires you all in grace. Truly, it is an honor for me that Papa God even chose me as His instrument to provide a written account of the Great Miracle, so afterwards, everyone may continue to be edified and blessed by reading about it. I am truly humbled by this task.

Beloved ones, personally, I want to greet and meet all of you, as together, we participate in welcoming Our Lord at the Second Coming and in all the joys involving this great historical event for mankind. I will be so honored to know each of you one day in Heaven, as it is my personal wish to say thank you individually to every person who decided for Our Jesus, completing His happiness in His Incarnation as the God-Man. I say this, honestly, because the person that I am today and will become due to my faith, has only been made possible by the prayers and sacrifices of God’s precious people throughout my life and the previous generations, etc. Furthermore, the person that I am today and will become in God, has only been made possible by all the people whom I have been blessed to know and encounter in some manner throughout my life. So, I hope to spend a better part of my eternity simply thanking everyone for helping me in some way, so I could be with God forever in Heaven.

I also have a few more concluding thoughts on a very personal level. As I want to give you all a more intimate look at Our Lord, Jesus Christ, as I share a few things… These days I am blessed in that I can say that Jesus Is truly my Best Friend, as we often share conversations with each other. And so, I know that people might wonder what are the types of things that Jesus and I discuss together(?).

Now, people might think that I often speak about prophecy or heavenly messages considering that I have this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. However, despite speaking about very important topics related to the Divine Plan in this commentary, honestly, beloved ones, I do not usually talk about prophecy or such important matters with Our Jesus. Instead, most of the time, I simply spend time talking with Jesus about various delightful things, as honestly, my greatest joy is making Our Jesus smile and especially, making Him laugh. Truly, Jesus has quite a wonderful sense of humor. And I am sharing this fact with you all, because so many people — even chosen messengers — believe that God does not laugh or does not have a sense of humor at all.

On the contrary, beloved ones, Jesus does, in fact, love to laugh. And I want to share this fact with you all, because one of your greatest joys in Heaven, will be discovering that Jesus has a great sense of humor and making Him smile — which is a delightful sensation that you will feel in your spiritual heart, and making jokes to get Him to laugh. Sadly, most people never get the opportunity to experience the laughter of the Lord in their souls, because God has to hide that part of His Personality from His children on earth. This is because much of our sense of humor and our jokes that we tell each other on earth are so different from Heaven’s sense of humor. This is because much of our sense of humor on earth focuses on jokes at the expense of hurting and ridiculing others, etc.

So, I want to reveal to you that Jesus does indeed laugh and He loves a good joke. This is a special gift that I want you to know about how much Jesus delights in each of us as God’s creations. So, you can ponder this fact about Heaven. Furthermore, I want you all to know that all Three Divine Persons of the Most Holy Trinity have a very witty and great sense of humor. As Yes, both Papa God and the Holy Spirit laugh and tell really funny, good jokes from time to time.

Beloved ones, oftentimes, people believe that God is out of touch with matters involving mankind on earth. In particular, that God Is distant regarding modern human affairs. However, this notion is so far from reality — so far from the actual truth as to how God perceives things and interacts with us on earth.

I say this to you all so I can share another gift with you. As I want you all to know that Papa God and Jesus deeply care and are very much aware of all the intricacies of our modern lives on earth. And that They do deeply care and are very much aware of our modern entertainment, and in particular, our songs — the musical beats and rhythms, as well as the lyrics, etc. As, oftentimes, in my conversations with Our Jesus, He may play in my mind small parts from various songs, as He tries to emphasize some concept that He is sharing with me as we discuss various things.

Beloved ones, there is a song that I want to invite you to listen to, as I have provided the lyrics below. I want you to consider this song and to listen to it three times. I want you to listen to the song once BEFORE the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience) and once AFTER the Warning has happened. Then, I want you to listen to the song again AFTER everyone has witnessed the Miracle of Garabandal on earth.

Beloved ones, the song is called, “This Is It”, and was sung by American musician, Kenny Loggins, who wrote the song when his father was gravely ill and in so much pain that he was considering stopping all medical treatments. So, Kenny Loggins wrote the song to encourage his father to continue to fight for his life, which resulted in his father continuing the medical treatments that enabled him to live a few more years.

It is a very inspiring song that does indeed encourage people to fight through life’s difficulties and challenges. So, I want you to listen to the song three times, but each time, I want you to really listen to the lyrics and to think about Jesus actually singing this specific song to you. As I promise you, if you listen to this song three times according to my instructions, you will receive deeper and more profound meaning about what God desires for you to do in this End Times.

Finally, beloved ones, I want to end on this note. When we are in Heaven, I will always enjoy speaking personally with you. However, if you look for me and are unable to find me, please know that I will be dancing a beautiful waltz at that moment with my Sweet Jesus. (Note, I am a female). As Jesus Is very much a Gentleman, with a very Tender Heart, who loves to ballroom dance. And Yes, Jesus wants to invite every person to waltz with Him in a beautiful lifetime dance for all eternity in Heaven.

Thank you for especially sharing this special commentary with others, both before and after the Warning of Garabandal (Illumination of Conscience).

I love you all, my dearly beloved ones…
Papa God and Jesus loves you, too.

God bless,
a soul


There’ve been times in my life
I’ve been wondering why
Still somehow I believed we’d always survive
Now I’m not so sure your waiting here
One good reason to try
What more can I say
What’s left to provide

You think that maybe it’s over
Only if you want it to be

Are you gonna wait for a sign? Your miracle
Stand up and fight
(This is it)
Make no mistake where you are
(This is it)
Your back’s to the corner
(This is it)
Don’t be a fool anymore
(This is it)
The waiting is over

No room to run, no way to hide
No time for wondering why
It’s here, the moment is now ’bout to decide
Let him believe
Leave him behind
Keep me near in your heart
Know whatever you do, I’m here by your side

You said that maybe it’s over
Not if you don’t want it to be

For once in your life, here’s your miracle
Stand up and fight
(This is it)
Make no mistake where you are
(This is it)
You’re going no further
(This is it)
Until it’s over and done

No one can tell you what you know
Who makes the choice of how it goes
It’s not up to me this time (you know)
Comes a day in every life

(This is it)
Make no mistake where you are
(This is it)
You’re going no further
(This is it)
Until it’s over and done
(This is it)
One way or another
(This is it)

No one can tell what the future holds (this is it)
Your back’s to the corner (this is it)
You make the choice of how it goes (this is it)
The waiting is over (this is it)
No one can tell what the future holds (this is it)
You’re going no further (this is it)
You make the choice of how…

YouTube Video:
Song: “This Is It” by Kenny Loggins (3:56 minutes)


Final Instructions for this Pentecost Sunday, May 28, 2023 – Message Given to mystic, Lorena, by Our Lord, JESUS CHRIST – “It is Important, that you prepare for this Pentecost, because you will receive great graces and gifts for your Final Missions.” – April 8, 2023



APRIL 8TH 2023

Dear Faithful Remnant today that we are in Holy Week, I want as your Lord Jesus Christ to remind you that you must live it with a Spirit of Prayer and Sacrifice, far from the World and in Spiritual Recollection so that I fill you with My Graces and My Gifts, for this reason prepare yourselves for this Holy Week as much as you can spiritually.


For this reason, prepare hard for this event, because I will come to call My People near me, so that you can have the necessary Forces that I will give you in this Pentecost, to face EVERYTHING that comes, I will greatly anoint all of you with My Holy Spirit this Pentecost.

Many will receive Great Gifts and Charisms, for this reason it is Important that you prepare your Hearts and your Souls keeping in mind that it will be a decisive Pentecost in your Spiritual Lives.

Make a Confession of Life and remain in Prayer and Recollection, these days that precede Pentecost, Fasting and Sacrifice are also recommended, as well as Mortification of the Senses, Charitable Works cover a multitude of faults.


The days preceding the Feast of Pentecost, you will prepare to receive your Gifts and Charisms in the following way:

In front of the Most Holy Tabernacle, in Recollection and in Prayer, you will say this Prayer with a Contrite and Humble Spirit, repenting of ALL your faults and sins.

1) 1st PRAYER: (This Prayer should be said daily from today until Pentecost)


*You will say this Prayer from now on until Pentecost every day to prepare your Spirit, in addition to the Confession of Life, Prayer, Fasting and Penance.

Remember that Chaos will come and you will have to be ready to face the Great Tribulation and so that when My Father’s Warning comes, you are totally ready to live it in a State of Grace and in the best possible way. On the day of Pentecost, after having given your FIATS, you will say this Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament:

2) 2nd PRAYER: (You must say this Prayer, after repeating FIAT 1 and FIAT 2 before the Blessed Sacrament on Pentecost)


*Remember to RENEW your Consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as a Special Protection you will ask for the Protection of the 3 Archangels Saint Michael, Saint Raphael and Saint Gabriel, asking them to protect you and guide you on your journey to Heaven and New Earth, counting on the Protection of ALL the Angelic Court will do so through this Prayer:

3) 3RD PRAYER: (Prayer to be said every day until Pentecost.)


And with this Prayer of Protection from the 3 Archangels and your Prayers of Pentecost, you will be equipped for Battle.


ON MAY 17, 2020

You will say it in front of the Blessed Sacrament and if not, you will do it in your homes, you will lit a candle, have a Bible and an image of the Blessed Mother, an image of Saint Michael the Archangel, the Holy Trinity and you will say this Prayer:



ON MAY 5TH, 2021.

*You will place an Image of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, one of the Holy Trinity and another of Saint Michael the Archangel on your Altars and say the following Prayer:


*The Third Fiat will be given on the day of the Illumination of Consciences, it was given by Saint Michael the Archangel on April 1ST, 2022. IT IS IMPORTANT TO LEARN THIS FIAT BY MEMORY.


***It is IMPORTANT that you learn it by heart and prepare for this Pentecost, where you will be given a part of the Gifts for the Battle with Prayer, Penance and Fasting.

Your Lord Jesus Christ, Who Cares, Guides and Protects you.


April 12, 2023 – Important Instruction To Prepare For The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) – JESUS CHRIST – “I need all my dear Apostles to have the proper tools and equipment to dig graves for the dead.”



(Source (PDF doc to download and print): https://greenscapular.org/web_folder/Adobe/Messages/2023%20Messages/Jesus_4_12_23_a.pdf)

APRIL 12, 2023, WEDNESDAY @ 10:40 A.M.

Anna Marie: My dearest Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord, are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit?

Jesus: Dear one, it is I your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord Jesus. May I ask you please? Will you bow down and adore God your Eternal Merciful Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?

Jesus: Yes dear one, I your holy Savior will now and will forever bow down and adore my Holy Eternal Merciful Father who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life and of which is visible and invisible.

Anna Marie: Please speak my Merciful Divine God, for your unworthy sinful servant is now listening.

Jesus: My dear little one, please be in peace. I know you and all my cherished Apostles are awaiting the day of the Great Illumination of Conscience, the Warning. That day is approaching when all mankind will see their souls as my Father sees them. When this does take place, many will die of shock due to their grave sins. Those who have not served me or my Father in Heaven, will not survive the depth of their sinful behaviors. This will cause instant stopping of their heart. They will need to be buried wherever they are because the morgues will not be able to house them all.

Jesus: I need all my dear Apostles to have the proper tools and equipment to dig graves for the dead. I do ask my Priest sons to pray over them, if no Priest is available, then the Prayers of the Dead will be sufficient. Since many will be saved from instant death, then they will flock to their Churches for a solemn Sacramental Confession.

Anna Marie: Yes, dear Lord.

Jesus: This time will be a difficult one because many will die, but not all who die will be condemned to hell. Only my Father knows who will or will not be condemned for eternity, so please do not judge or condemn. This is reserved for our Heavenly Father.

Anna Marie: Yes, Jesus.

Jesus: Pray now that when the Illumination does occur, you may be strengthened by my love for you. It will be by my mercy that you are able to endure your life review.

Anna Marie: Yes, Jesus.

Jesus: Go now, my little one. Please see that this message is posted for all to read and pray about. Pray that you and your family members will be able to endure the Illumination and accept what my Father in Heaven is giving you so you can spend your eternal life in Heaven with me and my Holy Mother. She loves each of you with all her heart, her Immaculate Heart. She too, will be present when you endure your Illumination, so be certain to call upon her.

Anna Marie: Yes, dear Lord, to Jesus through Mother Mary.

Jesus: Yes, you know well. I love you little one, go now and do your chores and work for my Holy Mother today and for her beloved children.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord, yes my Holy Merciful Divine Savior. We all love you, Jesus. All Apostles love and adore you, Sweet Jesus.

Jesus: I love all my children, too.

Your Divine Lord, Jesus of Divine Mercy.



De Profundis, 129th Psalm:

Out of the depths I have cried to thee, O Lord: Lord, hear my voice. Let thy ears be attentive to the voice of my supplication. If thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities: Lord, who shall stand it. For with Thee there is merciful forgiveness: and by reason of Thy law, I have waited for Thee, O Lord. My soul hath relied on His word: My soul hath hoped in the Lord. From the morning watch even until night, let Israel hope in the Lord. Because with the Lord there is mercy: and with him plentiful redemption. And He shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.

Please say: Our Father, Hail Mary, and

Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Miserere, 50th Psalm:

Have mercy on me, O God, according to thy great mercy. And according to the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my iniquity. For I know my iniquity, and my sin is always before me. To Thee only have I sinned, and have done evil before thee: That thou mayst be justified in thy words and mayst overcome when thou art judged. For behold I was conceived in iniquities; and in sins died my mother conceive me. For behold thou hast loved truth: the uncertain and hidden things of thy wisdom thou hast made manifest to me. Thou shalt sprinkle me with hyssop, and I shall be cleansed: Thou shalt wash me, and I shall be made whiter than snow. To my hearing thou shalt give joy and gladness: and the bones that have been humbled shall rejoice. Turn away thy face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities. Create a clean heart in me, O God: and renew a right spirit within my bowel. Cast me not away from Thy face; and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and strengthen me with a perfect spirit. I will teach the unjust Thy ways: and the wicked shall be converted to Thee. Deliver me from blood, O God, thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall extol Thy justice. For if Thou hadst desired sacrifice, I would indeed have given it: with burnt offerings Thou wilt not be delighted. A sacrifice to God is an afflicted spirit: a contrite and humbled heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise. Deal favourably, O Lord, in Thy good will with Sion; that the wall of Jerusalem may be built up. Then shalt thou accept the sacrifice of justice, oblations and whole burnt offerings; then shall they lay calves upon thy altar.

Words From JESUS – Messages to Jennifer – “My Children are unprepared for a greater unraveling that is about to come… I cry out to My Children to arise from your slumber. I call each one by name and tell you that the hour is at hand… The great hour is approaching when many will be caught off guard!” – February-April 2023



3:25 PM

My child,
My Children are unprepared for a greater unraveling that is about to come. Many speak of war, yet it is the war that has taken over the hearts of men who have no conscience of the sanctity of life. It is time to arise from your slumber, My Children, and understand that the devil and his many companions seek your soul. Too many are complacent in silence to the evil that is going on all around them. Too many are not protecting the most innocent and place My little ones in the hands of the very enemy that seeks to destroy their soul.

What side of the river will you be on when the earthquake comes; and the river rises and washes away its banks? Who will you call out to when darkness comes upon the earth and land that has been planted will yield no harvest because it is barren? Where will you run to when fire falls from the sky? My Children, you must begin to pray for greater discernment, for too many have taken up company with the devil and do not realize the darkness that is lingering around them. Mankind is provoking the just hand of My Father. I ask My Children to read My words of warning and realize what I have warned for quite some time is now upon your doorstep. Sin divides, but prayer and love multiples a bountiful harvest.

My Children, the world is on the precipice of great change. Never surrender to the enemy that seeks to strip you of your free will, to silence your voice that was created to proclaim the gospel message.

It is time to use your voice and no longer reason in fear, for fear does not come from Me, for I am Jesus. Time is short, for the world is on the precipice of great change. This world as you know it is passing away, and those who have not learned from history are soon to be standing in the midst of it. Take heed to the Gospel Message and live it; teach your brothers and sisters in humility how to pray; come to the fountain of My Mercy and do not have prideful hearts. I come to you in love and warning that prayer is the only vessel that will deter war. Prayer is the only vessel in which peace will come upon the world, for I am the Prince of Peace, for I am Jesus and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


My child,
I cry out to My Children to arise from your slumber. I call each one by name and tell you that the hour is at hand. Prepare, prepare, prepare, for the day is coming when humanity will look around and ask where is my brother, where is my sister? Many are not prepared for the disruptions that are soon to come all around this world. Nation upon nation will feel the earth begin to tremble and many will fail to see that this warning is from heaven. Do not listen to those who speak of science, for I Am the Creator of all the living. Just as I commanded Lazarus to awaken, I will command the world on the day of warning that his ways are not pleasing to Me. I tell My Chosen Sons, My priests to prepare, for your flock will come running. Do not wait for this hour, rather open the doors to the confessional. Do not seal off the doors to My Church because you are giving way for Satan to take hold of My Children. The days of darkness are no longer in the distance for communication is soon to be extinguished. Do not surrender in fear, but rather act in humility and with great discernment because the enemy is lurking at every corner. My Children, allow my mother to take you under her mantle, for I am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

6:45 AM

My child,
The great hour is approaching when many will be caught off guard! My Wounds are bleeding profusely and my only consolation is the prayers and acts of suffering My faithful offer to Me. The war that has been waged upon My Little ones has become a plague upon the innocent. I can no longer hold back My Father’s just hand. I can no longer restrain the justice of My Father upon his people who refuse the mercy of His Son, for I am Jesus.

This earth is going to begin to rock and tremble. On the day of the earthquake that will begin to ripple all across the world, many will come to see that their ways were not pleasing to Me. Satan has infiltrated every home, every family, and every church. He and his companions have infiltrated every nation and many hearts that no longer recognize the truth. He has infiltrated the minds of My children by using fear in order to bring false comfort, false hope, and false peace.

The hour has come when those who have become the minions of his work will find themselves amongst those who have chosen the same path of darkness for all eternity.

My Children, each and every soul is created in My Image and likeness. I Am the Bread of Life, the Prince of Peace, the Savior of the world and I Am Man, for I Aam Jesus. What My Father ordained from the beginning will be in the end. When you deny what you were created as, you deny your Heavenly Father. The enemy seeks to destroy the woman because of her humility and obedience. The enemy seeks to destroy man because of his righteousness in the truth. My Children, this world you have come to know is passing away. My Mother has been coming for some time to plead with her children to turn away from this world to seek out her son, to accept My Mercy, so that you can come home to your father. It is time, My Children, to answer the call of your mother. She has been sent to light the way in bringing her children back to her son. Come to Me in prayer, come to Me in Adoration, come to Me in Humility, for I have a place prepared for you that this world can never suffice. Now go forth My Children and be at peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

10:45 AM

My child, who can I speak to? Who will listen to My voice, My words when I am crying out. I have pleaded with My Children, and yet, so many are far away that they do not recognize My voice that is intricately weaved into the soul of mankind.

I come to you in love, I come to you in warning that you must have greater vigilance at what is happening all around you. I tell My Children it is time to seek that guidance of the Holy Spirit so that you are able to discern all that comes in your path. My Children, history is all around you while you are also living out Revelation. Take heed, take heed to the Gospel message and live it. I have come to nurture and teach you as I am calling all of you to be counted amongst the saints in Heaven by living your life in witness and example. I tell My Children that it is a time of reform. Come to the fountain of My Mercy and do not shackle yourself to your past errors, rather embrace My Love, unite your suffering to Mine, and be My witness in this broken world. It is through your love, forgiveness, and obtaining the graces of heaven that will begin to heal this world. Recognize evil for what it is and do not take hold of it by complying out of fear. Do not allow the enemy to elevate himself through you, rather in greater humility you will defeat all of his deception. Go forth in prayer, go forth in adoration to your Heavenly Father, who through his son Jesus gave you this life, this mission to one day be united with the trinity for all eternity. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

March 29, 2023 – LifeSiteNews – Rare and Very Insightful Interview with Father Michel Rodrigue and Catholic Author, Xavier Reyes-Aryal – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, am very pleased to present today a very recent and very important interview with Father Michel Rodrigue, a very holy priest whom I know is much beloved and cherished by many of you who follow this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. While Father Michel touches upon many topics, he addresses in particular the recent controversy involving a changed prophecy about the holy death of Pope Benedict XVI that many people having been using on the internet to smear his credibility as a priest and a mystic.

So, I hope all of you will take the time to watch this very insightful interview with beloved Father Michel.

And for those interested, I did write a commentary about the controversy that might help people in their discernment on the issue. Note, I did not name any parties — good or bad — in my commentary, although I did write it as a supportive article for Father Michel Rodrigue against those who have been attacking his credibility and reputation on various social media.

SPECIAL COMMENTARY – Understanding Prophecy – Sacred Scriptures, Prophet Isaiah, Chapter 38, and the Holy Death of Pope Benedict XVI – By “a soul” – MaryRefugeOfSouls

God bless,
a soul

LifeSiteNews Interview: John-Henry Westen Show
Visionary Priest Fr. Michel Rodrigue Reveals End-Times Prophecy of the Antichrist

Official Interview Description:

Catholic priest and visionary Fr. Michel Rodrigue has revealed prophecies he says he received from Our Lord — the coming of the Antichrist and the end-times. Fr. Michel Rodrigue has been smeared as a con-artist and a fraud. Now, Fr. Michel Rodrigue is going on-the-record with author Xavier Reyes-Aryal and John-Henry Westen, responding to accusations about perceived discrepancies in his private revelations.

Additionally, in a rare interview, Fr. Rodrigue provides shocking details of prophecies revealed to him, describing events that will bring about the Antichrist and the end-of-the-world as we know it. The New World Order of the Antichrist is on the brink of complete world domination, but Fr. Michel Rodrigue and Reyes-Aryal are sounding the alarm with visions from God in this ground-breaking warning.

YouTube Interview Video: (one hour, 3 minutes)

April (Holy Week) 2023 – Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) Interview – Revisiting Prophet John Leary and wife Carol – Includes Instructions for Making Good Friday Oil for End Times Illnesses – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, am very happy to share with you all another excellent TTEN interview by host, Gianna Talone-Sullivan. Today’s interview is a follow-up with our favorite Catholic couple, Prophet John Leary and his wife, Carol. I must confess that I really admire John and Carol. They have such a strong, beautiful, authentic Catholic marriage — they truly are devoted to each other and to God; and when speaking with them, they are so humble and kind. Truly, God could not have chosen a more perfect couple than the Learys to be His representatives for this very important mission about End Times prophecies and refuges to His people on earth. They are very special and inspirational doing the Lord’s work.

So, I hope that you all will enjoy this informative interview with the Learys.

Also, in this blog post, I am including instructions that you can download about how to make the Good Friday Oil, which is used for those suffering from the Covid-19 vaccines and other End Times illnesses; as well as Carol Leary’s bread making recipe. Both items were mentioned in this latest interview. God bless!

DOWNLOAD: (ENGLISH): Instructions for making Good Friday Oil (PDF)

DOWNLOAD: (CROATIAN): Instructions for making Good Friday Oil (PDF)

BREAD MAKING (Recipe from Carol Leary):

3 cups of all purpose or bread flour, aerate flour
1/4 teaspoon yeast, active dry or instant
1 teaspoon salt
1 ½ cups hot water, not boiling, tap water
(about 2 tablespoons extra flour for shaping)

1) Combine flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl. Stir in water until it is well combined.
2) Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for 3 hours.
3) After 3 hours dough will become puffy and dotted with bubbles. Transfer to a well-floured surface and sprinkle dough with a little flour. Using a scraper fold dough over 10-12 times & shape into a rough ball.
4) Place dough in a greased bread-pan and bake 50-60 minutes at 400 F.
5) Take out of oven and let stand 10 – 15 minutes. Turn upside down and work out of pan.

About Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN)
My dear little children praised be Jesus! Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) is a platform dedicated to the collaboration of Catholic Mystics, Prophets and Evangelists. As the End Times unfold, humanity must be prepared for the return of Our Lord and the coming kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, our endeavor is to edify and prepare the saints lest you be deceived in this antichrist system. “He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matthew 10:22).


Here is the latest interview of John and Carol Leary found on different social media channels:

Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) website:

Spotify Podcast:

YouTube Video (one hour, 16 minutes):

Important Message – Saint Michael Archangel to Luz de Maria – “The Warning is not far away… You are rambling about dates, yet it is not far away… This generation will see a comet pass very close to the Earth, so close that it will cause it to move.” – Mar 17, 2023


MARCH 17, 2023

Beloved children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ:


A great number of human beings continue not to believe in Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, and this is the great failure of this generation.

On the threshold of the Warning, human beings are celebrating together with the Devil….
What can await them other than repentance and conversion in order to save their souls?


Among the plans of the Devil is destabilizing the faithful of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ so that they would turn away from Christ Himself.

So many children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ are occupying prime positions within activities alluding to the Devil, not knowing that they will become his slaves and will be severely treated as slaves of the Antichrist.

Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ:

YOU ARE LIVING THROUGH AGONIZING MOMENTS, AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THE AGONY? Beforehand, however, the bear (2) will rise from its den and lead humanity to suffer, making a great noise in Europe and America. The bear, which seemed to be prudent, will bring out its arsenal and cause a surprise.

The situation for humanity seems to remain calm, but this is because you do not look at what is happening to your brothers and sisters at other latitudes.

My angels are moving over the earth (Ex.23:20; Ps. 91:11) in order to dampen down minds that are inflamed with the desire to repeat the story of Nero with weapons of great power.

This generation will see a comet (3) pass very close to the Earth, so close that it will cause it to move.

Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray for France: it will burn due to its own people and those from other nations who have come to cause confrontation.

Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the economy is faltering and humanity will suffer because of very high prices. America will suffer severely.

Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray concerning the new disease with high fever, which will severely affect the respiratory tract, and human skin will become dark and flaky. I call you to use the Oil of St. Michael the Archangel on the skin, the medicinal plant fumitory and the Oil of the Good Samaritan.

Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray so as to make reparation, to cry out for mercy and to be humble and true children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

I CALL YOU NOT TO WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MOMENT TO CONVERT. Repentance is necessary. You must elevate your spiritual state so that the state of your soul would be more akin to the Creator.

As the Father’s children, you are defended by Divine Love itself. My Legions will not turn away from you, we will always be defending you.

I CALL YOU TO PLACE ON THE ANKLES OF CHILDREN A BLUE RIBBON WITH AN ICHTHUS (4), SIGN OF CHRISTIANS. Look for a medal and put it with the ribbon. The age for children to wear this medal is from one year up to 10 years old, although faith is infinite and if some older children wish to wear the ichthus they can. THIS WILL KEEP THEM PROTECTED AGAINST EVIL SPIRITS.

You are blessed: go ahead without fear. Faith is indispensable.

I bless you.

St. Michael the Archangel


  1. Read about the Warning:
  2. The bear represents Russia
  3. About the danger of asteroids:
  4. With the Ichthus (= fish in Greek), the Christians wanted to signify the initials of the full title of Jesus of Nazareth in veiled fom: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.

Children of the Renewal – July 2022 Messages – JESUS CHRIST – “When the errors are further introduced in the Holy Mass and the persecution of My remnant becomes more visible, then you will know the end of this Age of Disobedience is coming to the climax. Do not fear.”


July 17, 2022
Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Thank You for Holy Mass today and for Holy Communion. It is so good to be here with You in this chapel of great peace and love! Thank You for the opportunity, Lord. Lord, You give so many gifts due to Your merciful love and generosity and I appreciate the many blessings You give so freely. Thank You for time spent with (names withheld) yesterday. Thank You for the opportunity to hear (name withheld) and to be with such beautiful people of prayer. There are so many blessings to be grateful for, Jesus! I bring all who are sick to You, Lord and lay them at Your feet. (Names withheld) and all who are recovering from surgeries or illnesses especially for those on the church prayer lists. I pray also for family members and friends who are ill. If it is Your Will heal them Lord. Protect us all, Lord during these days that are filled with peril. Help us to remain focused on You and Your Divine Will. Lord, there is much division in the world and even in the Church. I pray for conversion, reconciliation, unity and peace. Give us peace of heart, Lord and may my encounters with others throughout the week truly be encounters with You, Lord. I offer this time today in Adoration in reparation for my sins and for the sins of the world. Lord, I’m sorry I am so tired. The quiet peacefulness of this place is so relaxing. Help me to watch with You during this hour. Jesus, please purify my heart, those of my family and friends and also the Church. May we all live for You, my Lord and my God! May those who do not believe in You or do not know Your love, truly experience Your love and mercy. Today, Jesus I bring all burdens to You and I ask You for guidance particularly as I go about the week at work. There must be many people who desire to know You or perhaps to know there are other Christians in the workplace. Direct my steps, Jesus. Help me also to complete the difficult assignments given to me with brief/short deadlines. Be with those all over the world who work at difficult jobs, working long hours for little pay. Bless them, Jesus and walk with them. Lighten their loads, Lord. Help those who are underemployed and who are unemployed. The economy is very bad, Jesus. People are really struggling to make ends meet. Help them, Jesus! Lord, You invited me to bring every burden to You, so I ask again for graces of conversion for (name withheld). Please bring her into the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith. Please make it so, Lord.

“My child, My child, I know you are weary. Many of My beloved children are weary, for the trials endured and the darkness that envelops the world can be oppressive. Again, I remind you that I am able to lighten your burdens. I will give you direction. I am the One Who can help you. There is no human solution to the current situation in the world and in My Church. What you are to do is to live as I have instructed you. I am the Way, My Children of Light. Do as I have done (during My earthly life). Live the Gospels, My children. My daughter, be at peace. Do not be overly concerned, but focus on Me. I am present to you and to each one of My children. Offer your suffering and your sacrifices to Me for souls. Love one another, even those who are difficult to love. Notice I use the word love. I do not say ‘tolerate’ them, but love them. Love is powerful. Love changes people and when hearts change, circumstances change. Pray, My dearest little children. You are not praying enough and when you pray, you do not pray as fervently as you could. Pray, My children, with your hearts and believe that I am listening to you. I am actively engaged in your lives and the lives of your loved ones. I wait patiently for those who reject Me and give them needed graces. Continue to pray, to offer sacrifices for them and most importantly—love them. You show your love for them when you pray earnestly for them, when you fast and offer penance for them and when you perform acts of service and charity. Be kind. Be patient. Be merciful. Do not condone their sins. That does not show love, for it gives the wrong impression. Be loving, but also firm in your convictions. You understand what it means by hating the sin but loving the sinner. You are not to be haughty and prideful, My children but approach those in sin with charity and love. Love them enough to show them the truth. One does not love by ignoring the sin and standing by as one loses their soul. This is not love, My children. Some have grown children who choose a life of sin. Love them anyway but do not allow them to bring sinful relationships or sinful habits into your homes. Let them know they are always welcome, but they must follow the standards of all guests to your home. This is not so difficult, My children. You fear an altercation or that they may stop visiting you? If they no longer come to see you, that is not to concern you. Continue praying for their conversion. Give Me your sadness and pain. Offer it for their soul. If you say nothing, so as not to risk offending them, you risk losing not only their soul, but yours for being silent. This is not love, My children. If, after giving clear direction, your loved one complies and continues to visit, you have done your part. Freely accept them and show them great charity while they are following your guidance and do not be rude or judgmental. After all, they did as you requested in order to be with you. They know where you stand and you are living the Faith and teaching them the standards of the Heavenly Father. They will respect you for not being a hypocrite, My children. What matters most? The salvation of souls. If the truth causes discomfort, then so be it. When one follows the truth and attempts to live a holy life, there will be much more joy and peace. This is what I want for all of My children. My child, My child, I am speaking to all of My Children of Light, but you have been given this direction previously and you are living this in the best way possible. I know you are not perfect and you have been praying for years. Continue to pray, My child. Your prayers and your love are bearing fruit. One day it will be noticeable. Have faith and trust in My Will and in My timing.”

Yes, Lord. Jesus, please heal the wounds in her heart and the wounds in all my children’s and grandchildren’s hearts. Thank You for the blessing of their love. I entrust (name withheld) to You, Lord and pray for healing of his back and his lungs. Thank You for bringing him through such a terrible ordeal and for saving his life, Jesus. Lord, I trust in You and I place all my hope in You. Lord, please bless the woman who is here to adore You who is so tired. Help her, Jesus. Restore and refresh her spirit, Lord. Bless all those who are adoring You throughout the world. May we bring many graces with us as we go forth from this time and spread Your light.

“My little lamb, you are concerned about the notification you received.”

Yes, Lord. I forgot to mention this to You. Lord, I pray that nothing will come from that and that You will somehow resolve whatever is being planned. Lord, I pray for all involved and especially for the repose of the soul of (name withheld) and for his wife, (name withheld).

“My little lamb, I am with you. You will never face adversity alone. Have no fear, My child. Have confidence in Me. My daughter, plan the meeting in your home that I inspired you to have. This will be an important gathering and I will work through you and those who attend. There is still some time to prepare, but not much, so do not delay too long. All will be well regardless but it will be comforting later to know of this community of friends and believers. Share ideas and help one another, My child. All of My children, I desire that you make an impact in your environments. Be at peace and reach out to others with brotherly and sisterly love. I will give you every grace and assistance needed but I desire your ‘yes’—your cooperation to fulfill My plans. Pray, frequent the Sacraments, read Sacred Scripture and live each day according to My Will. This is all I ask of you, My Children of Light and Children of the Renewal.”

It is difficult now, but during the Time of the Renewal it will be much simpler. Be encouraged. Winter must come before Spring. In the depths of Winter, Spring is nowhere in sight. But, beneath the snow plants that are dormant are only resting. When the snow melts blossoms begin to appear and what was once brown begins to turn green. These signs of new life not visible to you are known to Me. Remember this when you are in the depths of Winter time. Know that Spring is coming and it will be a glorious time in the Church and consequently in the world. All will be united, My children and all will be at peace loving and serving the Lord. In the meantime, you must be about the Heavenly Father’s work loving and helping Me to save souls. This is all for now, My little lamb. Go in peace. I bless you and My son in the name of the Father, in My name and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Go in peace and in love, My children. Be mercy. Be peace. Be love and do the all things with ‘joy’.”

Amen. Alleluia, Lord.

July 24, 2022
Adoration Chapel

Hello dearest Jesus ever present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I believe in You, hope in You, adore You and give glory and honor to You my Lord, God and King. Thank You for the opportunity to be here with You today. Thank You for Mass, Holy Communion and for Confession yesterday. Thank You for coming to each one who received You in Holy Communion today. Please preserve our Holy Masses and keep the doors of our churches open, Lord. Lord, grant graces for courage to the faithful and to our Bishops and priests. May we always stand firmly rooted in the teachings of Holy Mother Church to live for You and be ready to die for You. Lord, I bring to You all who are ill, especially those who are on our parish sick lists. We pray for those who are suffering, especially for (names withheld) and all who suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, renal failure, pulmonary illnesses, cardiac problems and for those with impaired mobility (name withheld). I give all of these people to You and entrust them to Your Sacred Heart. Lord, I can’t begin to express my gratitude for enabling (name withheld) to receive the Sacraments. What tremendous grace this was for her. Thank You for the many prayer warrior friends who prayed for that opportunity for her. Bless Father (name withheld), Lord!

Lord, have You anything to say to me?

“Yes, My little one. Be at peace in all things. Be united to Me and remain at peace with your friends, family members and neighbors. Be at peace and show My love for others. This is a priority, My children. In order to be love to others, you must have a life of prayer and be at peace with God. When one follows Me, truly follows Me, love will flow from Me through you to others. Cooperate with Me, My children. Give Me your ‘fiat’. Be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit and live in My Will. Pray often as I did in the garden during My agony. ‘Not My Will but Thy Will be done.’ Then, accept each movement of My Holy Spirit as we move together throughout the day. Turn your minds and hearts to Me in prayer frequently. I am with you. I will work with you, pray for you, accept your prayers, laugh with you and cry with you. Yes, My children I care about whatever it is that concerns you. I care about matters that do not cause concern (out of love for others) for you. I am beside you, guiding, guarding and directing those who follow Me. I remain near those who have not yet decided for Me and I wait lovingly and patiently for souls who do not yet know Me to accept My love and My presence in their lives. I do not force Myself on those who have rejected Me and therefore I give them their space, so to speak. I still send graces to these souls out of My abundant love, even though they are rejected and often fall on barren soil and therefore do not impact them.”

“I am a loving Father, Savior and friend even when My love is not received, but out of respect for free will I do not force Myself on those who do not wish to know Me or reject Me outright. My child, there are people who know Me as the God of Creation, the God of all peoples, but reject Me and want to make war against all of My children and My Church. I realize you are aware of this and yet you do not fully understand. Believe this, My child and pray for these lost souls, for if they do not repent, they will end their earthly lives and go straight to the fires of hell. My child, they choose this eternal damnation themselves and to some degree are already living this on earth. Pray for them My little lamb. They do not realize the depths to which they have sunk in many cases, but they also have no desire to change course. You must all pray hard for lost souls. Offer penance and make sacrifices for them, My children. These acts of love for unknown souls can aid them when they are on their death beds. Sometimes there is enough grace to completely change their hearts. You will know the affects of your prayers when you come to the heavenly Kingdom.”

“My child, My child, do not fear what is to come. I tell you this now, not because you are fearful, but because I want you to hear My words resonating in your heart and soul so that you will recall this during the Time of Great Trials. My daughter, you sense the rapid escalation of evil. It seems to be all around you.”

Yes, my adorable Savior. I think I actually feel like a little lamb some days, with wolves circling around me. If I make one wrong move, they will pounce on me. I have already experienced the ‘pouncing’ at work when something I said was misconstrued and made to sound like the false narratives many of us area aware of today. I was not referring to what he thought and took my words out of context. It seemed he had a large block on his shoulder and I surmised he had been wounded.

“Indeed, My little one he has been and he took his anger and pain out on you. Do not fear reprisal, for I know your heart. Remember, I was with you and I heard every word.”

Yes, Lord. I am glad You were with me!

“My child, My child do not hesitate to ask My direction before every encounter. I will guide your steps, your words, what you should say and what you should not say. Remember to seek My guidance before every encounter. Your Guardian Angel is also with you. Remember to request the assistance of your angel. Conversion may occur during the encounters with others. Be open to this My children.”

“My daughter, great shaking will occur throughout the world. Be aware when these events become more well known that the time of the Great Trials will be immanently soon. Please finish the remaining work/projects you and My son are planning so you will be as prepared as possible. Continue focusing on your spiritual lives first and be encouraged. I will help you in your work, My children. If you have questions, seek the answers in prayer. I will provide what is needed. Be open and have enthusiasm (not fear) for the time of the unfolding of your mission, that of caring for those who will be in great need is approaching. I have been preparing you and many others throughout the world for this time. Be open, My children. Remain focused now more than ever. You know what is needed in general from a physical perspective and for all (that only I can know) remaining, trust in Me to provide. Again, focus on the spiritual works I have requested over time and be as prepared as possible physically in your home, etc. My child, you are concerned that you do not really know what is needed. Recall that I have guided you for years and you have done your best to fulfill My requests.”

Yes, Lord. Thank You. It’s just that it has been a long journey and I don’t know if I have acted on each idea or request made. Sometimes I am filled with doubt and I second-guess myself. Is there anything missing to enable priests to administer the Sacraments? I am sure I have missed something. Do I have what you directed we obtain for any medical needs? What about specific food? Lord, months ago I had an idea I should buy baby formula, but I did not act on that. I had the passing thought but for some reason thought it was probably unwise since it spoils quickly. Then I thought about the powdered kind. I did not act on this idea, nor did I ask You to confirm it. I only realized later when there were formula shortages that this must have been an inspiration from Your Holy Spirit and I missed the opportunity. I am sorry, Lord. I wonder what else I have forgotten or am unaware that You wanted me to do and through my procrastination or dismissal, will now impact someone I could have helped. Lord, please provide whatever will be needed and if there is still time, provide the opportunity. I know You can multiply anything we have and I also know that You who created the entire universe out of nothing, can provide baby formula. Lord, I don’t have many provisions for babies. Please help us to prepare. Perhaps we will not have babies in need of a place of refuge but I have a strong feeling we will; especially since You inspired me to get formula and for the previous comment (name withheld) said about providing for deliveries. Lord, You said not to fear. I am only concerned (right now) about what I have not done that will impact someone negatively or may cause them concern. Provide everything needed, Lord. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Take care of everything, Lord.

“My little one, there is still some time. Secure these items now. I will multiply what you have. Remember, there will be others who will come to you that will be sent from Me. They will have skills that you and My son (name withheld) will need. They will also bring some provisions with them as they will act on the direction of the Holy Spirit. Be at peace. All will be well.”

Thank You, Lord!

“My children, My (name withheld) and My (name withheld) when you hear of the great shaking, the earthquakes and the weather events which will increase by a magnitude not yet experienced, you will know the time for the refuges is near. Do not waste any more time that you have been given out of the Father’s great mercy for His children. You know not the day nor the hour but you will be able to read the signs of the time, just as I told My Apostles. You will see other signs that will occur in the Church but not within the True Church. When the errors are further introduced in the Holy Mass and the persecution of My remnant becomes more visible, then you will know the end of this Age of Disobedience is coming to the climax. Do not fear. Say to yourselves, ‘my Jesus said it would be this way and He is with us. His Mother and our Mother is with us. All of Heaven intercedes for us and we will live for our Jesus.’ This is what you will say, My Children of Light. Fill your lanterns now, My little ones. Pray, pray, pray and frequent the Sacraments. I will give you the words you are to say when needed and I will guide you through your Guardian Angels when and where to go. Be at peace. Many refuges have been established all over the world and there is a place prepared for each one of My remnant who will live through these times. Some of you will be brought to the heavenly Kingdom as martyrs of these days. You will rejoice that you are in Heaven safe and secure and will enter into the fullness of peace and joy. Either way, do not be concerned. Whether you live or you die in the peace of the Lord, all that matters is that you lived for your Lord and Savior. That is the mission and purpose of your lives, to love God and love your neighbor. Be at peace. I fill you with My love, My mercy, My peace and yes, even joy. My Children of the Renewal I will also give you wisdom and many other gifts when My Spirit fills each one with exactly what is needed. When the Illumination occurs and after you have ‘recovered’ from this encounter with God, you will repent and have a new perspective for you will have seen your souls the way God sees them. This is a great act of mercy, My children. You will also realize how much I love you, how great was My sacrifice during My passion and death and you will know fully what is needed/required of you to live in union with My Will. Afterwards, you will be very docile to the Holy Spirit and you will receive a multitude of graces; those needed for the Time of Great Trials. You will each be fully and individually equipped for the plan which will unfold before you. You will act in faith and walk by trusting God. All will be well. You will learn to love heroically and this is why the next period in history will be known as the Age of Obedience. It will also be known consequently as the Era of Peace. (When one is obedient to the love, there is peace.) My little lamb, this is all for now. Rejoice in the sacrifice, My child. I love you. I bless you in the name of the Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace.

Amen! Alleluia! I love You my Lord and my God.

July 31, 2022
Adoration Chapel

Hello my adorable Savior hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I adore, praise, honor and glorify You, Lord, God and King! Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion, Jesus. Thank You for Your love and mercy. It is so good to be here with You in the Blessed Sacrament. Thank You for this opportunity!

Lord, there are several people in need of Your grace, mercy and healing. Please be present to them and to all who are dying, especially for those who are unprepared for their destiny with You. Please be the merciful Savior rather than the just judge. Lord, I pray for (name withheld) who seems very close to death and for (name withheld) who died. Take their souls to Heaven, Lord. I pray also for healing of (name withheld) while she is on earth, if it is Your Holy Will. Lord, (name withheld) really needs You. Heal him of his seizures, my Jesus. Only You can do so. Keep him safe from all harm and give him Your strength, Jesus. I believe You Will only our good and because I know this, and trust You I can come before You as a humble child and ask You to heal (name withheld). Transform his physical limitations and heal all that is not working as You designed in his brain. Give him the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, Jesus as well as all of the gifts of Your Holy Spirit. Give (name withheld) confidence and peace as she trusts in Your Holy Will. Lord, You know all things. May something profoundly beneficial come from this. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Jesus, I trust in You. Lord, when I saw the elderly man who may have been homeless, walking down the sidewalk (downtown) wearing almost no clothes, I knew it was You, Lord. I hope he wasn’t offended by our offering but I felt so strongly about giving something to him. He was not asking or begging, Lord so perhaps it wasn’t what he needed, or perhaps he is offended by charity. Regardless, may he feel Your love behind our small gesture and may his spirit be lifted, Lord knowing that someone cares. Lord, heal him in his body, his mind and his soul. May he find his way to You if he doesn’t already know You. Lord, I am also concerned about the news of a large community planned just near our neighborhood. Lord, please give us clarity to know Your Will. Are we to remain where we are or move further away from this soon to be crowded area. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, guide us. Help us to prudently and wisely discern Your Will. Lord, please give wisdom and right judgement to our state senators to vote for the bill that will save babies’ lives. Please may this bill pass and become law. I realize it is still not what You want but it is better than what we have now, Jesus. Please, Lord hear the cries of people who revere Your Commandments and want to follow You. Lord, please help our state to become one that is safe for babies and mothers. Open the eyes of the blind, Lord and give them clear heart vision that they may properly understand Your Will and see the truth about the evils of abortion. Lord, there are many, many needs. Cover them all with Your precious blood. I entrust all to them, expressed and those hidden in my heart. You know what they are, as nothing is hidden from You, my Jesus.

“My child, My little one, I have heard each request and I know all that is in your heart. These requests and concerns of yours are now safely within My heart. Thank you for giving them to Me.”

Thank You, Lord!

“My daughter, I am a good Father, the perfect Father. I know each one of My children’s needs and I provide for them. Have childlike trust and confidence in Me and know that I am working in every situation to bring about My Heavenly Kingdom, not just in Heaven, but also on earth. I have the utmost love and concern for each child of Mine. This should give My children much peace and confidence as I walk with each child every day. You are never alone, My children. I do not abandon you. Accept the trials that come your way and offer them to the Father. I’m very pleased by the acceptance of trials and by your confidence that I will resolve them. Be at peace and do not fear. Ask My Mother to guide you and to teach you in her school of holiness. I reassure you, I am with the poor, the sick, and all who suffer in a very special way. My daughter, My Holy Spirit inspired your heart and revealed to you that the man you saw earlier was My Son, Jesus. It is a gift to see Jesus in the poor and downtrodden. He lives in each of you for you were made in our image and likeness. Thank you for acting on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Be alert to the action of the Holy Spirit, My child. Be more aware as My Spirit is giving My children much guidance in these days. Do not be numb or asleep to the action of the Holy Spirit for you are being prepared for the great day when My Spirit will be poured out on the world in a new or 2nd Pentecost, which you call the Illumination of Conscience. My child, My child this will not be exactly like the day of Pentecost experienced by the Apostles, the Princes of the Church for these days call for a specific action of the Spirit of God. Mankind is not aware of sin in this time of history as they were either not taught the meaning of the word sin and the grave offense to God that sin causes, or their consciences have become numb over time. Regardless of the reason, sin abounds in this, the Age of Disobedience. When the Holy Spirit reveals the truth of the state of each soul, there will be conversions like never before witnessed by the Church. My Children of Light, you must be prepared to help your brothers and sisters. You must be prepared to help My priests who will be overloaded with Baptisms, Confessions and by the number of people returning to Mass. There is already a shortage of vocations, and they will need material assistance with managing the numerous requests they will be presented with. All will be well. Do not fear. Keep your souls in a state of grace by frequenting the Sacraments so you will be prepared for your personal illumination and also to help others, some of them will be in a state of shock. Some will be very remorseful almost to the point of despair. I am asking you to be a light of mercy and love. Walk with them, My Children of Light. Do not judge and do not look down on them. Lift your eyes to Heaven and rejoice with your Father that so many prodigal sons and daughters are returning home.”

“My child, do not be concerned about those I am calling home now. They will be prepared due to My mercy as long as they are open to Me. I will not violate a person’s free will, but I will send graces through My Mother to soften hardened hearts. Rest assured, My Children of Light I am fully aware (deeply aware) of all good actions and heartfelt prayers and I am also aware of the evil being perpetrated. I see all. I know all. Nothing escapes Me, My children. Nothing. I see your trials, I see your sufferings. Regardless of the circumstances, live the Gospel message, My children. All will be well. Do all that My Son has requested of you, My children of the Kingdom. You have every assistance needed. I remind you to petition the saints in Heaven and request intercessory prayer. Heaven is waiting for your requests and the saints are like older brothers and sisters in the Faith. I am allowing even more graces in these times, one of which is a special and more powerful connection with those already in Heaven. I am giving them more awareness of what My Church on earth is experiencing as My Church undergoes its passion. Remain close to My Church and do not abandon her during her passion, My children. Love My Son’s Church. Pray for the Church. Support your holy shepherds and pray for all shepherds. Do not judge them, but pray for them. Remember, only God can judge the heart of a man, woman and child. Only I know all and see all. Only I am without sin. You who have sinned, do not cast judgement on your brothers and sisters who have also sinned. Pray for them. Have mercy on them. This does not mean you are to condone the sin, for that is also a sin. No, you must not condone someone in their sin, nor remain silent in the face of sin. Speak the truth, counsel the ignorant and correct the sinner, but do this out of love, not condemnation. This is all for now, My little one.”

Thank You, Father God. I love You. I am looking forward to celebrating the feast day of God the Father. Thank You for establishing this special day and may more people come to know You through this, my Father. I love, praise, worship and adore You. Father God, creator of the Universe and the Father of all mankind!

“I love you and each one of My children.”

Lord, Jesus bless (names withheld). Protect them as they leave tomorrow and journey to visit family and friends. Keep them safe while they drive and see them safely to each destination. Be with them as they move to (destination withheld). May we visit them one day, Lord if it is Your Holy Will. I love You, Jesus Redeemer and friend, my Lord and my God.

“And I love you! I bless you in the names of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace, My child and go in the love and mercy of your Jesus.”

Thanks be to God!

February 2023 – Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) – An Amazingly, Informative Interview with Xavier Reyes Ayral, Author of Revelations: The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

Wow!! I just finished watching an amazingly, informative interview by host, Gianna Talone-Sullivan, on Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN).

Beloved ones, I am completely blown away by the sheer, enormous amount of End Times information that I have learned!

Today’s interview is with Xavier Reyes Ayral, the author of the book called, Revelations: The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The book is about impending threats that are about to shape the 21st Century through hidden approved apparition sites and chosen messengers throughout the world. I have the book and I highly recommend everyone read this treasure.

Xavier Reyes Ayral is the author of several books in France about heavenly messages, but “Revelations” is his first book in English. The book is more than 550 pages in length and jam-packed with End Times prophecies and information. Xavier had worked with the preeminent and world-renown French Mariologist and theologian, Monsignor Rene Laurentin since the 1990s, remaining good friends with him until his death in 2017. And if you read the book, it is clear that Xavier is a top expert in Marian apparitions in his own right as well.

My dearest brothers and sisters, if you have ever wondered about topics, such as the prophesied Great Monarch and Holy Pope, this is the book to read. It also goes into great details about the various forthcoming chastisements, including the coming world war as it plays out in Europe and the Middle East, as well as the Three Days of Darkness, etc.

In this excellent interview, Xavier touches upon heavenly messages given to mystic, Marie-Julie Jahenny, as well as Marian apparitions at La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita, and Medjugorje, etc. He also gives his thoughts on the current papacy, the coming Abomination of Desolation, and other matters critical to understand about our times.

I highly recommend that people watch this very informative interview hosted by Gianna and read Xavier’s latest book. And, if you are interested in learning further, Xavier did two other excellent interviews with Dr Christine Bacon that are available on YouTube.

I truly believe that if you watch all three interviews by Xavier, they will serve as a very complete and thorough introduction to his book about the End Times, as all three interviews compliment each other very nicely.

God bless,
a soul

About Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN)
My dear little children praised be Jesus! Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) is a platform dedicated to the collaboration of Catholic Mystics, Prophets and Evangelists. As the End Times unfold, humanity must be prepared for the return of Our Lord and the coming kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, our endeavor is to edify and prepare the saints lest you be deceived in this antichrist system. “He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matthew 10:22).


Here are links to Xavier’s interview on various social medial channels:

Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) website:

Spotify podcast:

Bitchute video:

YouTube Video – Xavier Reyes Ayral On His Newest Book: REVELATIONS (1 hour, 31 minutes)

Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) interviews Garabandal insider and expert, Glenn Hudson, about the 3 Prophesied Future Events of Our Blessed Mother, Mary – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings dear beloved ones,

Gianna Talone-Sullivan, host of Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN), has done another excellent interview that I want to share with you all.

This time, the TTEN interview is with Glenn Hudson, a “giant” in Garabandal apparition circles. Glenn is both an insider and an expert on all matters regarding Garabandal. He is also a personal friend of the visionary, Conchita Gonzalez, and will be one of the people entrusted by Conchita to publicize the date of the Great Miracle once it has been announced by her. Note, the Miracle will not be announced until 8 days beforehand and the Miracle will not happen until after the Warning (Illumination of Conscience) has already happened to everyone on earth.

Beloved ones, I really like Glenn’s interview with Gianna. I learned a lot of new facts about the Garabandal apparitions that have not been discussed elsewhere. Some of these new facts involve Sts Padre Pio and Mother Teresa of Calcutta and their special friendship with visionary, Conchita. Also, Glenn dispelled a lot of bad rumors circulated about Garabandal. He answered questions about Garabandal’s validity within the Catholic Church and its current status with the local bishop.

I believe that this particular interview with Glenn is worth watching, because you are going to learn a lot of new things, even if you know a lot about Garabandal already. I also believe that Our Holy Mother, Mary, is well-pleased by both Glenn’s and Gianna’s efforts in getting quality information out to the general public about Her apparitions at Garabandal. I believe that each of you will also be well-pleased in watching this specific interview, as it is worth your time.

God bless,
a soul

Note, the birthday of Garabandal visionary, Conchita Gonzalez, is February 7, 1949.

Note, here are the two website links mentioned by Glenn Hudson in this interview:

The Message of Garabandal on Facebook:

Mother of God: https://motheofgod.com

About Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN)
My dear little children praised be Jesus! Totus Tuus Evangelization Network (TTEN) is a platform dedicated to the collaboration of Catholic Mystics, Prophets and Evangelists. As the End Times unfold, humanity must be prepared for the return of Our Lord and the coming kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, our endeavor is to edify and prepare the saints lest you be deceived in this antichrist system. “He that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matthew 10:22).


Here are links to Glenn’s interview on various social medial channels:

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YouTube Video – Glenn Hudson – 3 Prophesied Future Events from the Blessed Mother Mary (49:27 minutes)

Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe to Latin-American mystic, Lorena – End Times Preparation Instructions Before The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) – January 6, 2023

Download this Message in English:

Download this Message in Spanish:

**Please note this message has been translated by a volunteer and when in doubt, please refer to the original Spanish message for proper meaning.

JANUARY 6, 2023

Dear Faithful Remnant, the enemy has gained strength and it is VERY IMPORTANT that we remain UNITED IN PRAYER AGAINST THE FORCES OF EVIL.



The Darkness is dense and covers the WHOLE GLOBE, the door has been left wide open to the enemy and now Heaven and I will directly protect the Faithful Remnant.

Guide yourselves through the Word of My Son, it will give you the necessary Tools to know what to do and how to act in all circumstances.
That is why from today, I will guide you openly by means of My Instructions.

✏️ THE FIRST INSTRUCTION: It is to Remain UNITED in One Heart and One Spirit directed by Me, remain UNITED and thus evil will not win.

But you have done THE OPPOSITE, you have allowed yourselves to be carried away by Gossip and Disputes and have come out Hurt and Divided and the enemy takes the opportunity to weaken you, UNITE IN ONE WITH PRAYER, PENANCE and FASTING.

Close the Doors of your Souls to the enemy and put your accounts in order with Heaven, a Sincere and FREQUENT Confession is very IMPORTANT, so that you are protected with a Breastplate that will make you Strong against the Temptations of the enemy.

The Breastplate that I will give you, consists of Uniting ALL as a Faithful Remnant WITHOUT SEPARATING, NO QUARRELS, or Rivalries, the enemy will NOT be able to fight against you, if you UNITE in Prayer, Penance and Fasting.





🙏🏻 PRAYER: I …… as a Warrior of Jesus Christ, I ask the Mother of Heaven and Saint Michael the Archangel to make me Bearer of the Seal of God on my forehead +, I propose to take care of it and NOT lose it again so that it can be my PROTECTION, in this End of Times.

You will say this Prayer with a Pure and Clean Heart and willing to NOT sin again, and the Seal will be embedded in your Foreheads and Hearts and from there, that Cross will light up, with Rays of Colors; Blue, Red and Yellow to your brothers who do NOT have the Seal, for having rejected the Love and Mercy of God.


Be aware that Persecution will rage strongly against My Children, for this reason you must GREATLY PROTECT YOURSELVES, with these CONSECRATIONS and MUCH PRAYER, FASTING AND PENANCE.


Like My Army, you must arrive with a Pure and Clean Heart to the Warning, so that God can FILL YOU with HIS LOVE and MERCY, with HIS STRENGTH and POWER and thus, you can have the Courage to face EVERYTHING that will come.


✏️ ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT POINT: That you will have to carry out is the Consecration to My Chaste and Loving Husband Saint Joseph, since the Heart of Saint Joseph awaits you to PROTECT YOU FROM ALL EVIL.

Since he is, the Patron of Families and the Terror of Demons, and all of Hell, FLEE BEFORE HIS PRESENCE AND HE IS THE SAINT PER EXCELLENCE.

Therefore, go to Him, Consecrate yourselves to Him and ask for His Paternal Protection, He will protect you and Deliver you from ALL EVIL in your Lives and in your Souls.

He will guide you on the Good Path and will take you like little children to the Arms of His Son Jesus Christ, so DO NOT FORGET the Devotion to Saint Joseph.

Since He has a VERY IMPORTANT ROLE in this relentless Fight against Good and Evil at this End of Times.


Keep in mind, that this Fight is VERY STRONG and you need the necessary STRENGTH for the Battle, and the adequate Preparation for it, I call you to PRAYER, PENANCE AND FASTING, but more than anything to LIVE THE DIVINE WILL OF GOD IN YOUR LIVES.

✏️ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT: It is to ask every day for the INFUSION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, IN YOUR SOULS, HEARTS AND MINDS, before beginning your day, so that you can follow His Motions and guide your steps on the right path, be open to His Inspirations so you know what decisions to make in your lives.

Therefore, for the Holy Spirit to flow within you, a Clean and Pure Heart is necessary, therefore DO NOT KEEP HATRED OR RESENTMENTS IN YOUR HEARTS, A HEART OF A CHILD IS WHAT I ASK OF YOU.

Because My Army has been Made of Children, who go to War Hand in Hand with their Mother and their Father, Guided by Them and by ALL OF HEAVEN, They DO NOT GO ALONE TO THE FINAL BATTLE.

My Battalion is made up of 3 Armies, Militant, Purgative and Triumphant, for this reason YOU ARE NOT ALONE, the Entire Heaven Guides and Protects you, for this reason THIS SPIRITUAL UNION AND UNITY WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT IS SO IMPORTANT.


Prepare your hearts to receive My Son Jesus Christ in them.
Cheer up My People!!!

Build a Manger for My Son in your hearts, so that you can receive Him within it, and be Living Tabernacles of My Son Jesus Christ.

For this reason, I call you to prepare your Hearts, so that the King of Kings may dwell in them.

I leave you with My Protection,

The Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.

Important Message about The Warning of God and Antichrist – JESUS CHRIST to Luz de Maria – “This explosion (Heavenly Body), which will illuminate the Earth and from which fire will fall from on high, will cause the waters of the seas to invade the land… This generation will receive the Antichrist: they will follow him because of their ignorance of Me, because of their disobedience towards Me and towards what My Mother (Mary) has revealed to them.” – December 9, 2022


DECEMBER 9, 2022

Beloved children, receive My Blessing united to My Merciful Love.


My Blessed Mother loves you all and desires that all would be saved.

My people, not forgetting the WARNING (1), in which all humanity will participate, you must review your lives promptly and make reparation for evil committed.

My beloved, not only will the human race suffer spiritually, but the Earth will be purified by the impact of the Heavenly Body that will reach the Earth and which you will see as an explosion on high. This explosion, which will illuminate the Earth and from which fire will fall from on high, will cause the waters of the seas to invade the land.

My Beloved People, WITHOUT PANICKING AT THIS MOMENT, you should detach yourselves from worldly things in your works and actions.

My People:


You are My People: all of humanity are My People, as all are My children. My People are not a special selection of My children who pray more or who are better than the rest of their brothers and sisters. MY PEOPLE ARE THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY.

Thus do I love you, My People. Do not forget that the process of war is brewing. War will come and My children will suffer. At this moment there are several nations that are ready to be the first nation to attack another, and from there war will spread across the Earth.


War is the chastisement that humanity will inflict on itself:
A chastisement produced by human selfishness…..
Produced by the superiority that most rulers believe that they have over the peoples…
A chastisement that is the result of their not believing in Me…
Of the contempt to which I am continually subjected…
Of offenses against Me, of the profanations and sacrileges that I continually receive…


My Most Holy Immaculate Mother desires that My People, Her children, be creatures of faith, humble creatures like Her, creatures who unite and who do not disunite.

THIS GENERATION WILL RECEIVE THE ANTICHRIST; (2) they will follow him because of their ignorance of Me, because of their disobedience towards Me and towards what My Mother has revealed to them. They will accept the new doctrine that will be presented to them, forgetting that “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Jn. 14:6).

I have emphasized pride to you because the human race is saturated with it, and the Antichrist is already taking hold of the proud, giving power in one place or another to those who, out of pride, feel that they are superior to their brothers and sisters.

My children, confusion is entering My Church, and I am not to be found where there is confusion: it is rather the enemy of the soul who has entered.


Be on your guard: “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (Mt 7:15) abound at this time.

My People, My beloved People, continue walking in the Faith, not out of tradition, but because you know Me, and in knowing Me, love Me.

Remain prepared for what is coming to Earth, to humanity. Without thinking that disease has been defeated, be cautious and protect your body by keeping your physical defenses high.


Pray, My children, pray: volcanoes are continuing to become active, causing human suffering.

Pray, My children, pray for Greece: it will suffer due to nature.

Pray, My children, pray: Nepal will be shaken.

Pray, My children, pray for those who do not believe in My Calls.

Pray, My children, pray for your brothers and sisters who do not love Me.

Pray, My children, pray about the lack of attention in which My people are living at this moment, which is one for peace and not for so much clamour or so much sin, because humanity will be surprised without expecting it.

I protect you, I help you so that you would remain on the right path spiritually. Ask Me for the help you need; be creatures of faith, love, forgiveness, charity and fraternity.

My beloved ones:


I bless your thoughts, mind and heart so that you would work and act according to My Example.

My Love is infinite, as My Blessing is infinite.

Your Jesus


(1) Read about the Warning of God…

(2) Read about the Antichrist…

Saint Michael Archangel to Latin-American mystic, Lorena – Preparation of the Militant Army – Before The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) – December 5, 2022

DECEMBER 5, 2022

I, Saint Michael the Archangel Prince of the Heavenly Militia and Leader of My Militant Army, on this special day for Heaven, because it is the day that Heaven makes known to the Militant Army before the Throne of God, the Praying, Practicing and Firstfruits Soldiers are recognized and given to the Final Preparation that Heaven entrusts to you since all of you have followed Steps in your Walk as an Army, you have already consecrated yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to Saint Joseph, to me, to God Father and the Holy Spirit and have traveled a Walk of Prayer, Penance and Fasting.

The Tribulation is about to begin, and you need, as an Army, to already have your Hearts Clean and Pure like Children and Free of ALL TIES, because this Pure and Child Heart is what you need to be Transformed before the Illumination of Conscience.

For this reason, we will make the LAST PREPARATIONS, so that your Hearts can be ready, it is IMPORTANT to keep in mind that your Hearts must be HEALTHY, from ALL RESENTMENT or FEELINGS OF REVENGEFUL HATE.

You must be TOTALLY FREE of all Worldly attachment, and even Family, since they will have to leave EVERYTHING to follow Jesus Christ and fulfill your Missions as Firstfruits, Praying Soldiers or Practitioners.

Since there is little time left, I will be giving you the Last Steps to follow to reach the Sixth Chamber, since you will soon receive the Illumination of Consciences, and your Last Gifts and Final Missions.

FIRST STEP: You must first have the Conduit of the Holy Spirit Clean, so that He can dwell in your Hearts FREE OF ALL TIES, for this reason we will make a Prayer of Renunciation of everything that may be in your Heart, that DOES NOT let you be FREE, so that the Holy Spirit flows in you with all FREEDOM.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT step because, if you DO NOT let the Holy Spirit flow in you FREELY, you will NOT be able to let Him Completely Transform you and this will be in the blink of an eye, but you must have faith and a willing Heart and READY to let the Holy Spirit Flow into you.

For this reason, RENOUNCE ALL WORLDLY AND EVEN FAMILY ATTACHMENTS, to all small Feelings that you may still have in your Hearts, with this Prayer that you will say before the Most Blessed Sacrament:

PRAYER: As a Soldier who is a member of this Army of Saint Michael the Archangel, I RENOUNCE today before the Blessed Sacrament ALL HATE or RESENTMENT that may exist in my heart. And to ALL Mundane and even Family attachment, GIVING UP ALL of it, in order to have a CLEAN and PURE HEART and FREE FROM ALL TIES.




You will say this Prayer IN FRONT OF THE MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT starting today, until the day of the Illumination of Consciences, FREEING your Hearts AND SO THAT ON THE Day of the Illumination of Consciences, you are READY, and can receive your Gifts and Missions.

THE SECOND STEP: It is that after having said this Prayer, you will prepare yourselves INTELLECTUALLY, so that through this HARD PREPARATION, you can be more willing to receive the INFUSION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, although many of you will receive DIVINE INFUSED KNOWLEDGE, it is also necessary to prepare yourself INTELLECTUALLY.

You will read the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta, so that you know the Divine Will of God in your Lives.

THIRD STEP: It is Nourishing the Spirit, with PRAYER, PENANCE AND FASTING, WORKS OF CHARITY, SACRIFICES AND VISITS TO THE MOST BLESSED SACRAMENT and a Life aimed at Living the Divine Will of God in your Lives.

FOURTH STEP: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, to be SPIRITUALLY HEALED, for this reason you will pray the Healing Prayer given to Lorena by Archangel Saint Raphael, EVERY DAY.

With these 4 STEPS, you will be able to Heal and Liberate yourself to be ready for the day of the Illumination of Consciences, there is a lot of work to do and there is little time left, do it trusting in God, I also ask you to Pray A LOT for Sinners, for the Peace of the World and so that the Wrath of God falls with less Rigor on Earth, remember that the Punishments can be lessened with your Prayers.

Everything is written, but the Punishments provided by Heaven can be REDUCED with your Prayers, carry out these 4 Steps given by me and prepare more than anything your Hearts.

I leave you with the War Cry, WHO IS LIKE GOD, NO ONE IS LIKE GOD!!!


(10 pages PDF): Saint Raphael Archangel Wisdom Teachings and Healing Prayers (Given to Lorena)

Message and Prayer from Saint Michael the Archangel to Lorena, August 30, 2022 – BLOOD TIES AND GENERATIONAL CURSES

November 21, 2022 – VERY IMPORTANT COMMENTARY – Explaining The Second Coming Of JESUS, The End Times, The Immaculate Conception, And The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls


DOWNLOAD THIS COMMENTARY (PDF, 37 pages, revised-typo):

NOTE (By a soul):
This commentary is much longer than I planned or expected. However, the Holy Spirit kept nudging me to write down as much of my thoughts on this subject matter in order to help as many people as possible with one single writing. And so, I want to take a moment to thank with much heartfelt love my circle of dearest friends whom I have freely shared my inspirations, as without their support, this spiritual writing would be incomprehensible and underdeveloped in thought. Finally, I want to ask that people enter into prayer both before and while reading and discerning this commentary, which may require several re-readings to fully grasp. My hope is that many people will benefit from my words as I hope to provide clarity on the End Times and the Divine Plan. God bless. In Christ’s Love, a soul.

November 15-21, 2022
Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessings beloved ones,

I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, want to explain what I mean by the words, “Second Coming of Jesus”. This is because when I write about the Second Coming in my commentaries, I am not referring to the Final Coming of Jesus at the end of time, at the end of the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace. The Final Coming is what I would call the Third Coming of Jesus.

So, what do I mean when I say, the Second Coming of Jesus?

Most theologians dance around this terminology because they do not want to be accused of heresy, of saying that Jesus will reign physically on earth for a thousand years. So, most theologians say there will be an intermediate or hidden coming of Jesus before the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace, then the Second Coming at the end.

However, the problem with dancing around terminology is that it confuses people. What does intermediate or hidden coming exactly mean? Most theologians are clueless because they do not study heavenly messages. And honestly, in heavenly messages, Our Lord, Jesus, has said that He does not have much time to work with theologians, because many of them try to intellectualize the faith too much. As they try to pigeonhole it too much into an intellectual framework, instead of taking the lead of the Holy Spirit. They have not fully developed their discernment of spirits, along with the virtues of patience and prudence in God’s Timing.

So, I want people to know when I use the words, Second Coming of Jesus, I am referring to the same event that others say is an intermediate or hidden coming of Jesus. Heaven is not afraid to call this event the Second Coming of Jesus in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy). Hence, I use the same terminology in my commentaries.

Now, I have written about this before, but this is very important so it bears repeating by me. I want to give an overall framework as to the events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus. This is because people tend to be still confused about this, the sequence of events. They do not understand the overall mosaic of how all the pieces of the End Times prophecies come together. Note, I am not a biblical scholar, so I am not going to try to interpret the Book of Revelation to you. Rather, everything that I am going to share has been revealed in heavenly messages that I feature on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, or has been shared with me directly by Heaven.


The End Times And The Biblical Week

Firstly, I want to define what the terminology, “End Times”, means as it refers to today and modern, current events. The words, “End Times”, means that this is the designated period of time when satan is at the height of his powers and when evil has matured on earth. The End Times is the time when satan and hell will be definitively defeated and locked up for a 1,000 years until the final battle at the end of the Era of Peace.

Please understand that mankind’s time on earth can be broken up into blocks of time. These blocks of time equal 1,000 years each and correspond to days of the week. In Sacred Scriptures, a day equals 1,000 years to the Lord. Jesus has also said in heavenly messages that God renews the earth every 2,000 years, because evil grows so bad by that point, God has to directly intervene to correct the wayward direction of mankind back to the Divine Plan.

The world has been renewed by God twice so far since the Creation of mankind. We have the physical renewal at the end of the first 2,000 years at the time of the worldwide Flood of Noah. Then, we have the spiritual renewal of the Crucifixion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, at the end of the second block of time of 2,000 years after the Flood. Now, we are living in the third block of time of 2,000 years in which the world will be BOTH physically and spiritually renewed, because evil is at its worst.

Then, once the 6,000 years of evil on earth has concluded, mankind will enter into the great Era of Peace for the final 1,000 years of time. This 1,000 years will be the conclusion of the 7,000 years of the biblical week (7 days) to God and the fulfilment of the Lord’s Prayer for God’s Kingdom to come to earth. Then at the end of the Era of Peace, there will come the final battle between Good and evil, culminating into the General Resurrection and Final Coming of Jesus. At that point, then hell will be forever locked up and those good souls aligned with the Lord will enter into God’s Eternal Rest in the 8th Day of Creation, the Day of the Resurrection, which will last for eternity.

The Two Divine Fires

Before I go on to discuss the events of the End Times, this is actually a good point to discuss the Two Divine Fires. People tend to think that God is comprised of one Eternal, consuming Divine Fire. However, the reality of God’s Fires is a little more complex to understand.

God Is Eternal. He Is also an Eternal Divine Fire of Love and Mercy and Justice. God will always be the Divine Fire of Love and Mercy and Justice. It is His Divine makeup and Divine Character.

However, when satan and the evil angels fell out of grace, this resulted in God’s Divine Fire of His Wrath. This Divine Fire of His Wrath generated as a consequence of God’s moral Character – an aspect of His Divine Justice. Creation was altered, as the element of time in the universe became connected to the eternal state of evil.

This next fact is important for people to understand. The Divine Fire in hell IS NOT the same Divine Fire that exists in purgatory and in Heaven. The Divine Fire in hell is solely God’s Wrath – His Holy and Just Anger of (mortal) sin. Whereas, the Divine Fire of Heaven and in purgatory, is God’s Eternal Divine Fire of Love and Mercy and Justice.

Now, the reason I bring this distinction up, is because it helps to explain what will happen at the Final Coming of Jesus at the General Resurrection. All the evil souls, demons, and devils will be forever locked up in hell as God will separate His Divine Fire of His Wrath from Himself to accomplish this feat. The Divine Fire of His Wrath is based in time, yet, it is an eternal fire. Thus, hell will be forever locked into the element of time as all the occupants of hell will forever suffer over past moments of sin and regrets. Whereas those dwelling in the Divine Kingdom of God’s Will, live in the present moment constantly, in peace and holy love. This is known as the Eternal Now.

Meanwhile, the great time span (7,000 years) of God’s Redemptive Suffering for all of mankind’s sins will be concluded. In Their United Hearts, Jesus and His Holy Mother, Mary, will no longer shed tears of sorrow and blood over mankind’s sins. And while God’s Eternal Fire of Love and Mercy and Justice will always exist, as it is His Divine Nature, on the 8th Day of Creation, the Eternal Kingdom will subsist solely and abide in His Divine Love.

All will enter into Eternal Rest with God.
Love will reign supreme for all eternity.

In The Beginning: The Warning (Illumination Of Conscience)

Alright, so now, let me introduce my overall framework of End Time events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus. Firstly, everything starts with The Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience). It is suggested that The Warning will happen during a brief nuclear war. The Warning will take place after 7 days and 7 nights of increasing darkness over the entire earth. The Cross of Jesus will be seen in the sky and the moon will be a deep, blood red color. The sun will be dimming until its light is fully extinguished. Then a massive earthquake will take place, caused by an asteroid in the sky, which then will be followed by The Great Warning. The Warning will be a life review encounter with the Lord and everyone will experience a taste of where he or she would end up if they had died at that moment – either Heaven, purgatory, or hell. It will be made known to people how they have kept or not followed God’s Law (Ten Commandments). Afterwards, people will return spiritually back into their physical bodies with the opportunity to convert and change their lives for a better eternal outcome.

Once The Warning has happened, there will be a brief span of time (six and a half weeks) of peace on earth. During this time, there will be no demons or devils on earth – they will all be temporarily locked up in hell, including satan. I also know that the Miracle and Sign of Garabandal will take place during this timeframe of six and a half weeks. Note, the Miracle and Sign will take place at multiple locations – Marian apparition sites, on earth. Such locations will be announced in advance by visionary, Conchita of Garabandal, after The Warning. Also, according to Sacred Scriptures, the Ark of the Covenant will resurface during the End Times. So, personally, I believe that the Ark of the Covenant, along with the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, will reappear during this pivotal time, to counter the mandatory mark of the beast (embedded microchip). (Note, I will write more about this unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant in a future commentary).

Also, I was told that the three remaining visionaries of Medjugorje who have only received the first 9 secrets, that during The Warning, they will receive the final 10th secret. I was also told that the final 10th secret of Medjugorje is the same event as the Great Chastisement of Garabandal. It is also my understanding that this event is the same as the 3 Days of Darkness, that takes place at the very end of the Great Tribulation.

Now, the reason I bring these facts up, is because during the six and a half week period after The Warning, both Conchita of Garabandal and all six visionaries of Medjugorje will be testifying about the prophesied Great Chastisement / 10th Secret of Medjugorje / 3 Days of Darkness. This is why the six visionaries of Medjugorje all have the 10th secret in common and why the Holy Mother Mary selected six visionaries at Medjugorje, not simply one visionary to announce the secrets and their dates. Because seven visionaries (Conchita of Garabandal and the six visionaries of Medjugorje) were seen as the ideal number of people to announce God’s Great Chastisement to the world. Note, only the description of the Great Chastisement will be revealed to the world, not the prophesied date for this event.

In addition, it was shared with me that the Fatima Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Catholic Church is necessary by God to mitigate the Great Chastisement. Note, I will explain in a future commentary why the Consecration done by Pope Francis on March 25, 2022, was not fully accepted by Heaven. Moreover, it has been prophesied that the Fatima Consecration will finally be accomplished by a future pope, whom I have discerned is one of the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse in the Holy Bible.

Then, once the six and a half weeks for preparation and evangelization have concluded, those aligned with the Lord must get rid of all technology. This is because hell will be unlocked with satan, the devils and demons returning to the surface of the earth. At this point, the antichrist will be permitted to finally unveil himself to mankind. This is why it is so important to get rid of all technology, because the eyes of the antichrist are hypnotic, causing people to lose their salvation by making them worship satan.

Again, I do not know the sequence of the Apocalypse found in Sacred Scriptures. However, I do know that some of the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje involve the use of nuclear weapons. This is important to know, because the nuclear war will resume soon after the six and a half weeks of peace have passed on earth. More importantly, the antichrist will be the “peacemaker” who negotiates to stop the nuclear war. It is through this act, that the antichrist will gain sufficient fame and notoriety worldwide, to be known to everyone. The antichrist will be of Islamic origin, making him widely accepted by Muslims. Then, the false prophet, who will be head of the Catholic Church, will lay the foundation for the antichrist to enter and take reign. This will be done by removing the Consecration Prayer of the Most Holy Eucharist (abomination of desolation mentioned in the Holy Bible), which protects the Church and the Mystical Body of believers in Christ on earth. Then, once the antichrist sits on the chair of Saint Peter, that day will begin the 1,260 days (42 months) countdown of the Apocalypse and the antichrist’s reign of terror over mankind.

GOD’s Divine Plan During The Apocalypse

Now, what most people do not realize is that God did not put much of His Divine Plan to counter the description of satan’s Apocalypse in Sacred Scriptures. This is because the Book of Revelation was written 2,000 years ago and God did not want satan and all of hell to know what God was planning to do in the End Times to defeat evil. Hence, most of the prophesies found in the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy), the prophesies of Garabandal and Medjugorje, etc., are not mentioned in the Holy Bible. God Is no fool. God did not want to give a heads up in advance to His arch enemy, satan. However, the prophecies of evil’s agenda for the End Times are written in the Holy Bible, as an universal warning to God’s children, so mankind could stay alert to satan and hell’s agenda throughout the centuries. So, people should not read the Book of Revelation, thinking that all the events – Good and evil – are fully accounted for and described in Sacred Scriptures.

That is why it is so important these days to read, discern, and to be accepting of the Holy Spirit’s inspirations through heavenly messages given to different chosen messengers. Otherwise, people will be befuddled and uncertain about what is truly happening in this End Times. Because people will not gain the bigger, overall picture of the End Times without resorting to modern day prophecies. According to Sacred Scriptures, God does not act without first revealing His Plans through His prophets. So, in order to fully understand what is taking place today, people need to be open to God speaking to them and to others about His Divine Plans. Because the more one knows about God’s Plans and future events, the less fearful the future will seem and the more prepared and trusting of God, people can be.

So, one major component while the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje and the Apocalypse are being unveiled and taking place on earth, are the existence of refuges that God has planned for His children to dwell so they will not suffer martyrdom at the hands of the antichrist. Concurrently, as the Apocalypse is happening, people will be called out from the world, in stages as events occur, to holy refuges where they will be protected. At the appropriate time, when people’s lives are in danger, they will be called by locution (an interior voice) by God, as part of a massive Exodus, to the safety of a nearby refuge. At these refuges, people will be fully protected from all evil, as they grow in holiness and in their spirituality in preparation for the Lord’s Return in the Second Coming.

Note, only those people who have converted to God and are striving to grow closer to God in His friendship will be called to the refuges. So, no evil people or people with bad intentions will be at the refuges. Also, lukewarmness is not an option. People must be fully aligned to God and sincere in their good intentions of living God’s Law (Ten Commandments) to be accepted into the refuges. The holy angels will protect the refuges, ensuring that no evil is present.

In addition, God is sending physical helpers to help people throughout the Apocalypse. After the antichrist has unveiled himself, God will send an Angel of Peace – who will take corporal form on earth and he will especially help those who are being martyred. Meanwhile, after The Warning, the Two Witnesses of Revelation and 144,000 Firstfruits will be present on earth to help guide and evangelize the masses of people seeking God.

The Two Witnesses and Firstfruits are human beings who will have been fully transformed (transfigured and glorified) during their Warning encounter. They are holy persons who are chosen by God due to their great love of Him and charity to others, to experience in advance, the gifts of the First Resurrection. Spiritually, their souls will dwell in the Highest Heaven – the Sixth Chamber in Holiness. They will possess all spiritual gifts and charisms of our original parents, Adam and Eve, before the Fall of mankind. For example, they will bi-locate, pass through material objects and closed doors, be telepathic, and possess infused knowledge, including being multilingual and knowing the Holy Bible by heart, etc. They will also be able to travel like spiritual beings, at the speed of thought. They will also wear white heavenly robes and ride white horses into battle. (Chapter 7 and 14, Book of Revelation).

Note, both the existence of the 144,000 Firstfruits and the Sign of Garabandal on earth, are meant to be a great inspiration for the rest of mankind, in order for people to be encouraged to persevere during the Great Tribulation. They are encouragement for people to look forward with anticipation the First Resurrection and the Second Coming of Jesus.

The 144,000 Firstfruits of the church militant will be directly captained by the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Michael Archangel. They will be accompanied by other holy persons, known as practicing soldiers of the church militant, into the battlefield against the forces of the antichrist. The practicing soldiers will be led by St Raphael Archangel and will assist with evangelizing the Gospel and have healing gifts. They will be attending to the sick and dying, as well as help rescue people, bringing them to the safety of the refuges. Meanwhile, the third group of the church militant will be the praying soldiers led by St Gabriel Archangel. They will be the backup support at the refuges, predominantly, involved in praying for graces for those on the battlefield and educating the masses of people in the Christian faith at the refuges.

Less is known about the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse. I do know that they will be two extremely holy men, anointed in the spirits of St Elijah the Prophet and St Enoch of the Old Testament. Also, one of the men, will be a very holy priest-son who is fully dedicated to Our Holy Mother, Mary, under Her titles, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of the Rosary. This holy priest-son will assume the role of vicar of the Christian Church on earth and will complete the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Also, according to heavenly messages, this priest-son will come from one of the 23 Eastern denominations of the Catholic Church (not the Latin rite). So, this priest-son will be fully familiar with both the eastern and western traditions and rites of the Universal Church (note, Catholic, means Universal).

Finally, towards the end of the Great Tribulation, there will be the martyrdom of the Two Witnesses of Revelation in the city of Jerusalem. Their martyrdom is featured in the Third Secret of Fatima. By their cruel martyrdom, the grip of the antichrist and satan over the Muslim people and Jerusalem will be destroyed, because people will witness the Truth of the Gospel and the Power of the Resurrection of Jesus by their selfless sacrifice. (Chapter 11, Book of Revelation).

Then, according to Sacred Scriptures, as God has Promised, the Resurrection of the Two Witnesses of Revelation will result in the recognition of the God of the Jews and the Christians. Peace will then spread from Jerusalem (known as the “City of Peace”) outward to the rest of the nations, as Jerusalem will become reestablished as the Eternal Seat of God’s Kingdom on earth (it will no longer be Rome, the Vatican).

Meanwhile, Good and evil will prepare for the Final Battle at Armageddon in which the antichrist and his forces will be fully destroyed. This will then be followed up quickly by the 3 Days of Darkness (Great Chastisement / 10th Secret of Medjugorje) on earth.

The Period Of The Renewal

The Good will be aware of the forthcoming 3 Days of Darkness several hours before its manifestation on earth, so they can prepare themselves in the refuges. During the 3 Days of Darkness, all natural laws will be suspended as the earth and the fallen universe will be physically and spiritually renewed. The gates of hell will be fully open on earth so the devils can collect all the evil people of the Great Tribulation to finally drag them into hell.

Then during the 3 Days of Darkness, hell will be fully locked up until the end of time, after the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace has concluded with one last battle between Good and evil at the very end before the General Resurrection. Note, the last battle at the end of the 1,000 years is meant for the future generations that were born during the Era of Peace who have never experienced the temptation of evil. This last battle is being permitted in keeping with God’s Divine Character of being Perfect Justice. So that all the generations of Adam and Eve have been equally tested as gold is refined in fire, in order to be found worthy of their heavenly reward.

Also, during the 3 Days of Darkness, the entire earth and the universe will be totally renewed, so that all resembles the Garden of Eden and the Heavens as God created all perfectly at its dawn of Creation.

Now, people need to understand something very important. The First Resurrection and Second Coming of Jesus do NOT immediately begin at the conclusion of the 3 Days of Darkness. Only Papa God knows the exact day and circumstances of His Son’s Return to earth. So, we know from the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) and other bodies of heavenly messages that there will be a brief span of time of less than a generation (likely less than 10 years), in which mankind will rebuild life on the perfect earth. This period of time is known as the Renewal and it is a distinct period of time from the Era of Peace.

During the Renewal, several things will be happening. Firstly, the Sun will be very luminous, becoming brighter every day until the Second Coming of Jesus. Secondly, mankind will finally rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem, to welcome the coming of the New Jerusalem on earth and the Return of Jesus. And, thirdly, all of mankind will be engaged in last touches of spiritually preparing for the First Resurrection. Part of this preparation involves spiritually praying for the poor souls in purgatory to finally enter Heaven. This is important because purgatory will be definitively closed (once in for all) at the First Resurrection / Second Coming of Jesus.

Moreover, all of mankind living on earth has to be spiritually prepared for entering the Sixth Chamber of holiness / Highest Heaven at the First Resurrection. The Firstfruits will have prepared the way for the masses of people, by lighting the way, as they will already be spiritually in the Sixth Chamber. So, people will be encouraged by this fact, as they finish their last spiritual touches before being transfigured / glorified by Jesus at the Second Coming.

One important note about the First Resurrection (Chapter 20, Book of Revelation). It only involves the good and holy people of God living on earth and the saints of Heaven and those poor souls in purgatory. The First Resurrection does NOT involve the evil people in hell. The evil people in hell will finally receive their human bodies at the General Resurrection at the conclusion of time, when everyone will know all aspects of the Divine Plan at the Final Coming of Jesus. It is actually a special blessing of God’s Will that He does NOT resurrect the evil people until the end of the Era of Peace in the General Resurrection, because having their physical bodies in hell actually will enhance their suffering. To my knowledge, only betrayer Judas Iscariot, the antichrist, and the false prophet will be suffering in their physical bodies throughout the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace. Note, according to private revelation, Judas Iscariot was dragged in body and soul into hell by satan after his suicide. This is why there is no burial site for Judas on the surface of the earth.

Meanwhile, after the First Resurrection, there will be 100 days of celebration for the Wedding Feast of The Lamb at the Second Coming of Jesus. Then, according to heavenly messages, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will spend three years in ministry on earth, expounding more fully the divine teachings at Holy Love Ministries. Thereafter, Jesus will return to Heaven and the glorious Era of Peace for 1,000 years will begin for mankind on the new earth.

The Era of Peace will be the complete return of a God-centered Creation: the New Heavens, the new universe and the new earth, based on the divine teachings of Jesus and His chosen Saints. In particular, the calendar and day will be Christ-centered while the universal symmetry of the Christ-centered teachings of St Francis of Assisi on Creation will be welcomed and lived among mankind.


The Immaculate Conception Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Before I finish this commentary, I need to discuss the importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Immaculate Conception in the Divine Plan of God and salvation history of mankind. This is relevant to the Wedding Feast of The Lamb, which will take place at the Second Coming of Jesus.

On December 8, 1854, Pope Pius IX declared the Universal Dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It means that the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived without sin in the womb of Her mother, in preparation for Her to become the Holy Mother of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, Who Is truly the Son of God and the Second Divine Person of the Most Holy Trinity (GOD). Specifically, the declaration stated “that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, from the first moment of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege from Almighty God and in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, was kept free of every stain of original sin.” This is a required article of faith for all Catholics, which other Christians are invited to believe.

So, what does this exactly mean, in application?

In ancient Jewish tradition, the ribs of a person is the same as a person’s spiritual heart. Thus, when Eve was created out of the rib of Adam, it is similar to saying that Eve was created out of Adam’s heart. In addition, according to private revelation, in the cavity where the rib of Adam was taken for Eve, God the Father placed all the spirits of mankind as Adam was to be the spiritual head of mankind.

However, in the Garden of Eden, at the moment that Eve called Adam to join her at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil – when the Fall of Adam and Eve (Original Sin) was about to happen – it is written in private revelation that the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity (Jesus Christ) descended in His Spirit to earth. Next, He quickly grabbed the spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Adam without his knowledge and brought her spirit to Heaven, thus, her spirit would not be tainted with Original Sin. Then, the spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved in a special holy Tabernacle in Heaven until the fullness of time, when Her spirit could be finally joined with Her physical body and Her soul at the moment of Her Immaculate Conception in the womb of Her holy mother, St Anne.

Moreover, in private revelation, it has been revealed the Blessing of God given to Abraham as the spiritual Patriarch and Father of All Nations in the Holy Bible was an actual holy object that he would carry concealed near his ribs (spiritual heart). This holy object – the Blessing of God – was connected to the future conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And so, when God wrestled Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, it is believed that this took place, so God could take back the holy object of the Blessing of Abraham to Heaven. Otherwise, the holy object would have been lost or destroyed as Jacob was to meet the next day with his twin brother, Esau, who was the firstborn son of Isaac, and whom the Blessing of God as his birthright was sold to Jacob for a bowl of lentils.

This holy object of the Blessing of God was finally returned to St Joachim, the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary, when he was praying privately in the Temple of Jerusalem. As both he and his wife, St Anne, had gone on pilgrimage to Jerusalem to pray for the blessing of a child, whom they promised to dedicate to the holy service of God. It was from this pilgrimage that indeed St Joachim and St Anne became blessed to conceive the Blessed Virgin Mary, just as the angel of God had revealed would happen to St Joachim in the Jewish Temple.

Next question, what is the significance of the Immaculate Conception?

Without the Immaculate Conception, the later blessed conception (Annunciation) of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, would not have been possible for the salvation of all mankind. This required the sinless womb of Our Holy Mother, Mary, as the first Holy Tabernacle for Our Lord, Jesus. Moreover, this required the sinless physical state of the Blessed Virgin Mary who was preserved from Original Sin and stayed sinless in life, because Jesus derived all of His sinless physical humanity, except His male gender, from His Holy Mother. (Note, I will write more about this fact in my future commentary about the Ark of the Covenant).

Now, what is important to understand is that the Blessed Virgin Mary is Above All creatures, Above All the rest of mankind and even the angels. As many saints have written, one prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary is more powerful than all the prayers of the angels and mankind combined. And in heavenly messages, Our Holy Mother has said that even at the moment of Her Immaculate Conception, She loved God more than all the holy angels and saints combined.

Why is this?

The reason that the Blessed Virgin Mary was created to love God so much greater than all the angels and mankind, is because firstly and chiefly, God needed a humble servant whom would not disappoint Him for the Annunciation of Jesus to be made possible and to take place in the fullness of time. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the only Woman whom God the Father chose for Her womb to bless the unborn Child of His Divine Son. And to guarantee that the Woman would freely say, Yes, God created the Woman to be absolutely Perfect in all manners and ways. This meant that not only was She to be Immaculate (Sinless), the Woman had to be just like God in all Her perfection and virtues.

Yes, I dare to say this. The only difference between God and the Blessed Mother Mary is that She is a creature of God with an origin based in time. So, except for God being an Eternal Being, in every other way, the Blessed Virgin Mary Is Perfect like God. She possesses all the attributes of His Divine Character and His Divine Nature As a Holy Person.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is NOT God, but She is the closest creature that will ever be created in existence in All the Perfection of God Himself.

Thus, God could be assured that Our Holy Mother Mary would say Yes (Fiat) with Her free will at the Annunciation, so the salvation of mankind and redemption of Creation would be made manifest without doubt. God created a mirror of Himself in the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This secret of the Blessed Virgin Mary is so significant to know, because She is central to the Divine Plan, and most especially, for the success of God’s Will in this End Times. This revelation explains the rationale behind all apparitions of Jesus and Holy Mary as the Divine Plan has progressed throughout the centuries. God desires to recognize the glories of His Holy Mother and His Heavenly Queen among all His children on earth. Hence, Her Immaculate Heart can Triumph in the end with Her Son’s Most Sacred Heart, as all of mankind finally recognizes the United Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

GOD’s Secret Weapon To Defeat Evil

God has a Secret Weapon to defeat satan and all of hell. It is the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a reality of God’s Plan that satan has been clueless for 2,000 years about his defeat in the End Times. Just as in a game of chess, the queen is all powerful like the king, Queen Mary is All Powerful like Papa God and His Son, Jesus. Moreover, in the game of chess, it is the queen who is most important in protecting the king from check-mate and does all the maneuvers for the success of the game. Likewise, Queen Mary has been entrusted with the Triumph of the Divine Plan and fulfilment of the Divine Kingdom on earth. So that the Divine and Immaculate Hearts can reign supreme in all hearts of mankind in the era to come, the 1,000 years of the Era of Peace.

This glorious secret of God’s Plan began to unfold in the 13th century when St Dominic de Guzmán was given the Rosary for people to pray for Holy Mary’s heavenly intercession. Then, in 1531, the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe took place, foreshadowing the coming of the Apocalypse (Chapter 12, Book of Revelation), which tragically involves abortion and other egregious errors against the sanctity of life, etc. Then, devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was revealed to St Mary Margaret of Alacoque, laying the foundation for the future revelations of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Fatima, Portugal, and then eventually, the United Hearts at Holy Love Ministries.

Although Pope Pius IX did not declare the Universal Dogma of the Immaculate Conception until 1854, Heaven gave its approval ahead of this declaration in 1830 with the apparitions of Our Holy Mother to St Catherine Labouré for the Miraculous Medal. This medal, also known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, has engraved the words, “O Mary, conceived without sin”, thus proclaiming the validity of the Immaculate Conception 24 years in advance of the official declaration of the dogma by the Catholic Church. This medal, also became known as the Miraculous Medal, due to the prolific miracles associated with its devotion and belief in its engraved prayer. Then, as further confirmation by Heaven, the Blessed Mother Mary appeared to young, naive, pleasant girl, St Bernadette Soubirous, at Lourdes, France, revealing the profound theological concept, “I am the Immaculate Conception”. This apparition took place in 1858, four years after its official declaration was proclaimed by the pope, at a time when mostly only the clergy were aware of its dogmatic declaration and understood its theological significance.

Henceforth, with these apparitions involving the Immaculate Conception, the era of modern day apparitions of Jesus and Holy Mary was inaugurated. Such apparitions did not go unnoticed by satan. This is why the Blessed Mother warned the Church and mankind at La Salette, France, in 1846, of shocking and grave revelations of the coming Apocalypse, if God’s Law (Ten Commandments) continued to be ignored and not obeyed by mankind. Yet, the masses of mankind persisted in its grave sins. This then culminated into the October 13, 1884 vision of Pope Leo XIII where the pope saw Our Lord give permission to satan to try the Church and sinful mankind for a century. As a result, Pope Leo XIII penned the famous prayer to St Michael Archangel for protection of the Catholic Church and all mankind.

However, unbeknownst to satan, Our Lord planned further help for mankind in the form of His Holy Mother Mary, His Secret Weapon. Exactly, 33 years later, the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima resulted. At Fatima, Portugal, on July 13, 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary promised through prayer of the Rosary and Consecration of Russia by the Catholic Church to Her Immaculate Heart, She would help to prevent an “annihilation of nations” and help to usher in a great Era of Peace for the entire world. Note, “annihilation of nations” later became understood to indicate a future nuclear war. Also, Holy Mother Mary revealed the chosen name of the future pope reigning during the next terrible world war and that a strange light would illuminate the sky warning of the world war if Her words were not heeded.

Then, as an universal seal of approval, God confirmed ALL the words and prophecies given by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal, as worthy of belief. On October 13, 1917, over 70,000 people gathered to witness a prophesied “Miracle of the Sun” dancing in the sky for 15 minutes. All present, including atheists, were converted, and it was written up in major newspapers, such as the New York Post.

Unfortunately, the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary failed to materialize as the Church hierarchy failed in obeying God’s commands through Holy Mother Mary. Hence, the prophecies of World War II became true under the pontificate of Pope Pius XII when the strange and unknown light was seen throughout Europe and as far west as Bermuda, the night of January 25, 1938. Less than a month later, Hitler marched the armies of Germany into Austria, starting WWII. Furthermore, at the conclusion of WWII, Russia emerged as a superpower in the world, as mankind awakened to a new reality of nuclear weapons and a Cold War fear of usage of such horrible weapons between political state foes.

Mary, Help Of All God’s Children

Nonetheless, God has continued to send help to mankind through His Holy Mother, Mary, alongside with His Divine Son, Our Savior, Jesus. In the 1930s, the devotion to God’s Divine Mercy was imparted to St Faustina Kowalski in anticipation of the many future hardships that would arise by the turn of the century and into the coming period of the Apocalypse. Later, the Flame of Love prayer became a part of the Hail Mary prayer and the Rosary, as a means of blinding satan and saving more souls. Furthermore, the Rosary of the Unborn was imparted at Holy Love Ministries to help accost the worldwide holocaust of abortion.

Meanwhile, the 1960s witnessed apparitions of Our Lady at Garabandal, Spain. Here, Our Blessed Mother revealed that God’s Cup of Wrath was overflowing and that mankind was severely negligent in its loving adoration of God the Son found in the Most Holy Eucharist – the Sacred Body and Most Precious Blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ – as presented in Holy Mother Church. Our Holy Mother also announced the forthcoming Warning (Illumination of Conscience) for all mankind, and a great Miracle and great Sign for the conversion of all mankind back to God. And finally, Our Blessed Mother declared a future Great Chastisement if the whole of mankind did not return to following God’s Will and obeying God’s Law (Ten Commandments).

Unfortunately, these heavenly messages were barely noticed by mankind and resulted in little change of mankind’s errant and sinful behavior before God. Then, after the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981, it is believed that this great Marian pope prayed to Our Lady of Fatima for help for the entire human family.

This prayer of the saintly Pope John Paul II, as vicar (holy representative) of Christ on earth, on behalf of mankind, was heard by Heaven. As a month later, on the feast day of St John the Baptist, June 24, 1981, the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje to six older child visionaries began in the Bosnia and Herzegovina region of the communist country of Yugoslavia.

Over 40 years later, these daily apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje continue to this day. The heavenly messages are meant to warn and prepare mankind for several divine interventions and chastisements for the entire world. In the form of Ten Secrets that will be unveiled to mankind, they culminate in the 10th Secret, which is a Great Chastisement for the entire world and mankind, which will result in the entire renewal of the physical and spiritual universe and the planet earth.

Meanwhile, other heavenly messages have been imparted by Heaven to further prepare and mitigate the effects of the coming Apocalypse. The most notable messages and prayers being given to 7th messenger, Maria Divine Mercy, as the Book of Truth. The gift of the Book of Truth in the End Times was prophesied by the Prophet Daniel in the Old Testament (Holy Bible) over 2,500 years ago. In the Book of Truth, Heaven prophesies the coming of the false prophet and antichrist of the Book of Revelation, along with other End Times prophecies, culminating in the Return of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the Second Coming – an ever-Glorious Event that will happen in the lives of many people in this current generation.

Mary As Advocate, Co-Redemptress, And Mediatrix Of All Grace

Just as the Infant Child Jesus was a tiny gift unwrapped by His Holy Mother Mary at the Annunciation – who was acting on behalf of the entirety of mankind and his ultimate redemption; likewise, the tiny gift of Fatima – the recognition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Immaculate Conception along with Her Immaculate Heart in the Divine Plan – was supposed to be unwrapped for the benefit of the entirety of mankind and his ultimate redemption, by the Consecration of Russia by the Catholic Church. Yet, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church – acting as a proxy for the rest of mankind – failed to properly do so. Had they done so, the history of the past bloody century of war, violence and grave misjudgments in sin would have been far different, for the better, and mankind would have already entered into the great Era of Peace. As a result, the sinful errors by all of mankind against the Ten Commandments, and pointed out by Our Lady of La Salette in 1846, continue to grow unabated for, accelerating in the world. Especially, in this century of time given over to satan and his greatest temptations of evil as mankind teeters on the cusp of the Apocalypse – its Great Tribulation and the unveiling of the antichrist, the son of satan, in all his diabolical terror and horrors.

Why is Our Mother Mary deserving of so much universal honor and respect? It is because She is Advocate, Co-Redemptress, and Mediatrix of All Grace of all mankind. Not only did Our Holy Mother cooperate in the Divine Plan at the Annunciation, She cooperated every moment of Her earthly life in fulfilling the Divine Will, as She continues to do so as Our Queen of Heaven and earth.

Holy Mary is the first Advocate, second only to Her Son, Jesus, before God the Father, in whom all Her prayers are answered for Her beloved children, all of mankind, given to Her at the Cross. Recall, the power of Her prayers and intentions are worth in merit more than all the angels and mankind combined. Holy Mary is also Co-Redemptress of the human family, as She suffered mystically all aspects of the Passion and Crucifixion of Her Divine Son, Jesus. This great act also merited Holy Mary to be called the best Advocate before God the Father, next only to Her Son. Finally, Holy Mary, as declared “full of grace” by the Angel of the Annunciation, is Mediatrix of All Grace, whom dispenses graces to mankind as God sees fit. She is given this title, honor, and role as God’s all-powerful Queen of His Divine Kingdom.

Thus, Immaculate Mary is the First Christian, Role Model and Example Par Excellence, for the rest of God’s children.

This is why it is tragic the denial of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, acting on behalf of all mankind, the due universal honor and utmost respect of Our Holy Mother in the design of the Divine Plan, Her placement in mankind’s salvation history, and Her role within the Divine Kingdom. There is a fundamental lack of understanding of how great Our Queen truly is as a human person and creature of God.

Immaculate Mary is truly the Most Beloved Daughter of the First Person of the Most Holy Trinity, God the Father. Immaculate Mary is truly the Most Blessed Mother of the Divine Son, Jesus, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. Immaculate Mary is truly the Most Beloved Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity. All of this is due to Her free will Yes (Fiat) at the Annunciation when Her Immaculate Heart became sealed for all-eternity to the Most Sacred and Divine Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity.


The Highest Heaven: The Sixth Chamber of Holiness

The Ultimate Goal that all of mankind should spiritually aspire towards achieving is the Sixth Chamber of Personal Holiness. This is the Highest Heaven as taught by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, at Holy Love Ministries. It is the result of the progressively deepening spiritual journey into the Chambers of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, that culminates into Unitive Love in the Paternal Heart of God the Father – Papa God. The First Chamber is purgative and involves the purifying Flame of Love found in the Immaculate Heart of Holy Mother Mary. Then, in the subsequent Chambers, the person – his soul – ventures deeper into unity with Jesus in His Most Sacred Heart, all the while becoming closer to Papa God and His Divine Love. Then, if successful, the soul gains eventual complete unity with the Divine Will of the Most Holy Trinity in Their United Hearts, either in this earthly life or in the afterlife.

Also, the heavenly teachings at Holy Love Ministries reveal that the first Three Chambers of the United Hearts in earthly life correspond to purgatory in the afterlife. This means, at a minimum, souls dwell at least spiritually in the Fourth Chamber in the afterlife, which is the minimum level of Heaven. Moreover, the Most Chaste Heart of St Joseph, the Foster Father of Jesus and earthly spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, acts as the “antechamber” to the United Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This means that St Joseph has a pivotal role in helping people – souls – in gaining entry into the Immaculate Heart of his beloved spouse, Mary, and in persevering within this spiritual journey in earthly life. For this reason, St Joseph is the second greatest Saint in all of Heaven. St Joseph, also known as the Terror of demons and Patron of a happy death, is also the Restrainer in Sacred Scriptures who has kept the antichrist from entering Holy Mother Church and being seated on the chair of St Peter. (Chapter 2, 2nd Letter to the Thessalonians)

The heavenly teachings of the spiritual journey at Holy Love Ministries are so significant for people to know about and follow, because they are the Precious Thoughts of God the Father for how His wayward children are to return to His Paternal Bosom and His Divine Will. This spiritual journey IS Heaven’s answer and antidote in response to the lost and hungry souls seeking God in the aftermath of The Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience). It is the ultimate spiritual roadmap to the greatest and highest treasure of eternal life, Unitive Love in Union with the Paternal Heart of Papa God.

The “ancient, yet salvific” teachings of the spiritual journey at Holy Love Ministries are also the foundation of the faith that Jesus is calling us to have in our hearts at His Second Coming. In Sacred Scriptures, Jesus asks us, if He will find faith when He returns to earth, in His Second Coming? As His Return is likened to a thief in the night. Jesus also provides the parable of the ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom in the night as an example of His Return.

Gospel of St Matthew
Chapter 25, Verses 1-13
The Parable of the Ten Virgins

25 “At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. 2 Five of them were foolish and five were wise. 3 The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. 4 The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. 5 The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep. 6 “At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’ 7 “Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. 8 The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’ 9 “‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’ 10 “But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. 11 “Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’ 12 “But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’ 13 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

The parable of the ten virgins is based on ancient Jewish bridal tradition. As this parable is so significant to understand, I am including here a description of the ancient Jewish bridal customs, before I elaborate more fully on the parable’s meaning for today.

Tradition: Ancient Jewish Bridal Customs

In ancient times, the Hebrew father of the bridegroom would choose the son’s bride. The son would honor his father’s choice and the arrangement plans would begin. The terms of the wedding covenant (ketubah) were negotiated by the fathers of the bridegroom and the bride. The father of the bridegroom was expected to pay the bride price (mohar) to the bride’s family, along with bridal gifts (mattan). Once accepted, a cup of wine was shared to seal the marriage covenant. Henceforth, the couple was considered legally to be married, but without sexual union yet. The bride resided with her family until the time of the wedding ceremony.

While betrothed, the bridegroom would then begin to build the new home, usually on family property, for the couple. Usually, there would be an one-two year wait until the father of the bridegroom would be satisfied that the couple’s new home was “good enough”. Meantime, the couple would prepare to be called at any moment by the bridegroom’s father for the wedding ceremony. In particular, the bride would participate in a rite of immersion (mikvah), which is a ceremonial cleansing similar to baptism, in anticipation of being ready for the wedding.

Finally, when the father of the bridegroom decided that all was in order, he would have his servants start putting together the things needed. He would have the shofars (type of trumpet) blown, and send the word out that the wedding was about to happen. All of this would take place at night. And as customary, one of the bridegroom’s men would go ahead of the bridegroom, leading the way to the bride’s house, shouting, “Behold, the bridegroom comes”. While the father would say to his son, “Go and get your bride!”. Finally, when the bride would get the word, she would run to meet the bridegroom and together they would head for the wedding ceremony.

Next, there would be a short wedding ceremony. Then the bride and bridegroom would retire to the bridal chamber (chadar) that he had prepared, and the friend of the bridegroom, the best man, would stand by the door. When the marriage had been consummated, the bridegroom would shout in his joy and the best man would relay the good news to the guests. This then began a week long celebration by the guests and the first week of the couple being alone together in the bridal chamber.

Finally, the marriage banquet, also called the wedding feast or marriage festival, would be celebrated between the new couple with all their family and friends. At this feast, a second cup of wine (simcha) would be shared with the bride drinking after the bridegroom. Thus, the wedding covenant (ketubah) would be fully completed.

The Triumph: The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb

While the ancient Jewish bridal customs can be studied for many parallels in biblical Christianity and the events of the End Times, I want to focus on the moment when the bridegroom finally returns to call his beloved bride to be with him for the wedding ceremony and the accompanying feast are to finally take place. The moral of the parable of the ten virgins is that believers in God and followers of His Divine Son, Jesus, must be ready at every moment for the Return of Jesus, which will happen at the least expected moment in time. Moreover, preparation involves purifying oneself of sin by striving for greater holiness and deeper friendship in God. This involves incorporating the spiritual journey at Holy Love Ministries as a lifelong commitment of our personal holiness and conversion to God. As a result, our wedding garments – our souls – will become “pure white without blemish” so that, when the true Bridegroom, Jesus, returns for His beloved Bride, the Church, which means Christians (people of good will), we will be confident of our blessed salvation in Him, as He raises us up for full union with God.

This is precisely the heightened euphoria, elation and bliss the 144,000 Firstfruits will experience in their Warning (Illumination of Conscience) encounter with Our Lord. Having purified themselves of sin and selfishness through prayer, sacrifice and tears, they have been found worthy and deserving of full union with His Most Sacred Heart. Thus, as the first ones of the human family, God will elevate them spiritually to the Sixth Chamber of holiness, the Highest Heaven, as the prime example of what the rest of mankind is capable of achieving, too. They will also be transfigured and glorified with an immaculate physical body, which means there will no longer be a spiritual or physical barrier between their soul and full unity in their love of the Most Holy Trinity. The Holy Presence of the Holy Spirit will be so strong in them, each of the Firstfruits will be immaculate like the saints and holy angels in Heaven – they will be incapable of sinning anymore against God. They will experience the completeness of Unitive Love in God, similar to Adam and Eve BEFORE their unfortunate Fall into Original Sin in the Garden of Eden.

In the Book of Revelation (Chapter 21), it speaks of the Mystical City of God, the New Jerusalem. This Mystical City of God, the New Jerusalem, is the Bride of The Lamb, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Bride is the Mystical Body of Jesus, otherwise known as the Church, of which, the 144,000 Firstfruits are the first participants of this heavenly glory – complete unity in Unitive Love with the Most Holy Trinity. However, the rest of mankind who chooses to serve and obey the Lord will partake of this glory, too, at the First Resurrection / Second Coming of Jesus. It is then that all of mankind – all the good souls – will joyfully attend their invitation to the Wedding Feast of The Lamb, as Jesus weds His Mystical Bride, the Church. It will be a time of great jubilation for all those who love God.

Now, I would be remiss if I did not write about Our Holy Mother Mary here. As stated, Holy Mary is the First Christian, Role Model and Example Par Excellence, for the rest of God’s children. In private revelation, it has been revealed that Our Blessed Mother is also known as the Mystical City of God and the principal Holy Tabernacle of the New Jerusalem. Thus, it is with great gladness that God’s children will cheerfully seek to become living tabernacles, overflowing in love of the Most Holy Trinity, in imitation of Our Holy Mother Mary. This is why the song of the 144,000 Firstfruits will be an ode of love to Immaculate Mary, in sincere gratitude and deep love of Her Chief Example as First Disciple, Beloved Queen and Beloved Spouse of God.

Furthermore, it is with great joy that I am able to reveal this heavenly secret to mankind. At the Coronation of Our Blessed Mother Mary in Heaven, another unique, special, holy ceremony took place. It was the Royal Wedding Feast of Immaculate Mary and the Holy Spirit, Whom became Her Beloved Eternal Spouse at the Annunciation. The Royal Wedding Ceremony was presided by God the Father with Our Lord, the Divine Son, Jesus Christ, as Best Man to the Holy Spirit. Thus, God’s children will truly follow Our Blessed Mother in imitation of all heavenly matters, as we wed Her Divine Son, Jesus, at the Second Coming, just as Immaculate Mary wed the Holy Spirit at Her Coronation.

This IS the UNIVERSAL TRIUMPH of the United Hearts of the Most Holy Trinity with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


In concluding words, as I prayed to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, for permission to release this commentary on the blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, my Jesus shared with me that Papa God willed for His beloved children to return to Him and His Paternal Bosom. With outstretched Arms, Papa Is calling each of His children to repent and pray in reparation for sin – theirs and the sins of others. Only in this way, can the universal Chastisement be alleviated for the entire world, mankind.

God loves each one of His children – mankind living on earth. Papa desires to help each one of us who are seeking for Him. Papa welcomes us as He asks that we turn to the Divine Light of His Son, Jesus Christ, found in the Catholic Church established by His Son. In this way, fortified by the Seven Sacraments, especially, the Most Holy Eucharist – The Living Body and Blood of His Son, Jesus – we will be able to run and complete the good race of our earthly lives, ending in the joy of Heaven and the beatific vision of God. I love you and I bless you. Papa.

Finally, as with all my commentaries, I do not claim perfect discernment. But, my hope ever-continues to be that I have faithfully written the words that my Beloved Lord has desired me to share with you all, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray that you all are blessed by this writing from my heart.

I love you,
a soul

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— (Fr Ignatius Mary Okoroji) (2020)


Ron Wyatt, discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

A Soul of Mary Refuge Of Souls

November 18, 2022 – IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Our Lord, JESUS, to Anna Marie – “My Church is collapsing under the weight of this non-elected pope who also stole the election during the conclave… You will witness in the coming months a “new consecration” being introduced by wicked servants of the anti-christ… My beloved ones, I will be returning soon in your life time, for most.”


(Source: https://greenscapular.org/web_folder/Adobe/Messages/2022%20Individual/Nov_18_Jesus.pdf)

NOVEMBER 18, 2022, FRIDAY @ 3:57 P.M.

Anna Marie: My Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit?

Jesus: My dear one, it is I your Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Anna Marie: Thank you for coming Jesus and thank you for speaking to me, your unworthy servant. My Lord, may I ask you please; will you bow down and adore God your Eternal Merciful Father who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?

Jesus: Yes, little one. I your Divine Savior, Jesus, will now and will always bow down and adore my Holy Eternal Merciful Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all living things, all that are visible and invisible.

Anna Marie: Please speak my Divine Lord, for your sinful servant is now listening. Dear Holy Spirit, please guide me to take our Holy Lord’s message down in your perfect and Holy Will.

Jesus: My little one, I know this has not been an easy last few weeks for my beloved Apostles, especially those who again witnessed the fraudulent voting, re-election of those who were not voted into office and instead cheated to take office in an un-holy way. For each candidate and each person who did so, they will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven because they have not obeyed my Father’s Ten Commandments that must be followed by every living soul on earth: Christian or non-Christian.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord.

Jesus: Do your best to endure this treachery and watch the hand of my Holy Father reveal what has taken place. For anyone who assisted and took part in the fraudulent elections, you must come forward and confess what your part was in this stolen election and you must also confess your sins before you will be forgiven for your actions.

Anna Marie: Yes Jesus.

Jesus: My Church is collapsing under the weight of this non-elected pope who also stole the election during the conclave. See the destruction he has caused?

Jesus: My beloved Apostles, hold on to your faith and monitor each Priest who offers Holy Mass. If my Words of Consecration are not fully recited, then get up and leave the Mass because my Body and Blood are not present! You will witness in the coming months a “new consecration” being introduced by wicked servants of the anti-christ. Do not attend that church or any of those masses where the prayer of “Consecration” has been changed. You cannot and I ask that you do not financially support that church where Masonic priests have infiltrated my Order of Priests. There are many wicked servants now within the ranks of Priests; this does include Bishops and Cardinals. Be vigilant! Be attentive during the Holy Mass and pray for the Holy Spirit to bestow upon you His gifts of Wisdom and Understanding. You must never attend a Mass where the prayers of Consecration have been obliterated by any Priest, Bishop or Cardinal.

Jesus: Now go little one and make sure this message is posted this day.

Anna Marie: Yes my Lord, I will.

Jesus: Please let all my beloved Apostles know I do see their pain, suffering and lack of trust in their lives. Yet you must know all must be fulfilled prior to my return. For those who believe I have abandoned them, please know I have not done so. I am here waiting on each one to lift up their sorrows to me so I can help lead them through the trials of this life. The emotional and spiritual sufferings my beloved Apostles are enduring now, will be washed away when I return and even during the Illumination of Conscience. This is when each soul will experience the inner illumination of all the sins they had ever committed and have repressed during their lives. This will be a great time of reconciliation with me and they will experience great joy and peace after they have Sacramentally confessed these repressed sins; because they will be in a perfect “State of Grace” and will be living in my Divine Will. Do not fear anyone or anything. Fear is a demonic spirit and with my love for you, trust in me and I will conquer the demon of fear that torments you.

Jesus: My beloved ones, I will be returning soon in your life time, for most. Those I call home to be with me now are needed in Heaven to pray for their loved ones who remain on earth. Do not be afraid but always surrender your “human will” into my “Divine Will” daily and I will bestow upon you a great peace during your days. I love you all. I cherish each of you. You are my beloved Apostles and I will not permit the evil one to snatch you from my crucified hands.

Jesus: Now make sure you are preparing for my return to your homes for Christmas so I can bless your bread and water. This bread and water that I bless will be miraculous for your household because I will not permit your food and water to dry up. I will ensure you always have enough food and water to feed yourselves and your family members too.

Jesus: Be in absolute peace. Peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you. So dry your tears and rejoice, your Savior is coming soon to save my broken children and to restore my Father’s love upon the earth. Your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Divine Mercy.

Anna Marie: Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. All Apostles love you Jesus. We surrender to your Holy Will. Amen.



Heavenly Mother, Mary, to Anna Marie – “My Son will come this Christmas to bless everyone’s Bread and Water, so please let me beloved Apostles know this.” – Oct 23, 2022

NOTE (By a soul):
To find out the truth about the conclave and Pope Francis, one needs to research the St Gallen Mafia and how they manipulated the election. Also see:

Resources – For Those Wondering – Is Pope Francis the False Prophet? – MaryRefugeOfSouls

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