Catholic Prophecy for 2020 – God is doing something different for this year – By a soul

Blessings dear beloved followers,

I, “a soul”, want to share some thoughts that I have been thinking about for the past week or so, because I noticed that God is doing something different for this year 2020.

Now, since 2016, I have noticed that God and the Blessed Mother tend to give several prophetic messages in December and January of each year, with a lot of guidance on the direction of the world and their prayer intentions for us to work on. And in particular, for the year 2019, God gave a lot of prophecy for the coming year. So, I compiled all the messages on a blog page as I thought it would be helpful for me and for others to have them all in one spot to reflect about throughout 2019. And many people viewed the webpage during 2019 to see how the prophecies went.

Well, my beloved brothers and sisters, for this year 2020, I had hoped to do the same thing–to compile all the prophecies given to the various chosen messengers on a single webpage, because it was so helpful for me and others. But, my brothers and sisters, I do not know if you noticed this fact, but Heaven did something different this year. Instead of having prophecies from many sources, truly, there was only one prophetic message at Holy Love Ministries ( and through visionary, Ned Dougherty, for the year 2020 and the new decade. Of course, Jesus did give some guidance in New Years messages given to Prophet John Leary ( But, for every one else that I follow, Heaven has been eerily quiet and in fact, in two messages, I noticed that Heaven advised followers to review previous messages on those messengers’ websites as a form of preparing for the future.

I find this interesting.

Meanwhile, is it just me, or have other people noticed that this month of January 2020 has been a little nutty? I mean, we haven’t even fully finished the first month of the new year and look at what has/is happening:

* hell’s fires are literally raging in Australia

* Iran and the U.S. almost went to war which we all know would have been the spark for World War III or a potential nuclear war

* Our do-nothing democrats are trying to impeach our duly-elected President for doing his job to protect American interests abroad

* Puerto Rico, among other places, was hit with a 6.4 earthquake

* Manila, the capital of the Philippines, was practically threatened by a potential volcano eruption in its backyard

* Have you heard of the swarms of locusts devastating the crops of Kenya? It is a Biblical plague

* And yes, we do have the Coronavirus Outbreak right now in China, which looks like it is turning into a crisis pandemic for the world

And I am sure I am missing some other events, but those are some of the Signs of the Times that stand out to me as we approach the last few days of January… This is on top of the on-going political unrest taking place throughout Latin America, the furthering schism in the Church, the gay agenda destroying the future of the children in the Western world, the dissolution of borders among a migrant crisis out of control in Europe and the U.S.; and the on-going myriad of societal problems afflicting the Third World trying to raise their people out of poverty standards, etc.

And radical Islam has not gone away–it is just not on the headline news at the moment.

The world is a mess.

I want to be encouraging, but for me, it really seems like Heaven has turned up a notch on calamities, natural disasters, and chastisements, that are being permitted to manifest in the world during this first month of 2020. I am genuinely concerned about what February might look like.

This past Sunday, I received the gift of tears. But, the tears were not tears of joy. Instead, I felt great sadness as Jesus cried through me during Holy Mass and Holy Communion. And at first, I could not understand why Jesus felt so sorrowful.

But, as I have come to understand it, I think the reason that Jesus manifest His sorrow in me, is because it is so hard for God now to find children who are in a state of grace who are willing to pray for peace and Divine Mercy to keep balance in the world.

Recently, Papa God gave a message at Holy Love Ministries in which He indicated that His Remnant Faithful are dwindling. How sad Papa must have been to deliver such a public message to us!

I will tell you, dear brothers and sisters, that I am not a perfect person. I have my highs and my lows in my faith relationship with God. I am a sinner like everyone else and have good and bad days. But, to think that God is depending on me as one of the people He is counting on for prayers and sacrifices to provide continuing graces to the world? I mean, I look at the mirror, and I tell Papa that He must be needing to “scrap the bottom of the barrel” to rely on pathetic me in this great spiritual battle we are all a part of.

My brothers and sisters, I am just like many of you–working on my daily conversion and striving to maintain myself in a state of grace before God. But, to know that God Is counting on me to persevere, is such a great responsibility for me and for all of us to have right now. I am not a saint–truly, we all read the books of the past lives of the great saints–the great penances and sacrifices they made in their daily suffering. I ask myself, how did they do all that? They are amazing.

But, I will tell you, dear brothers and sisters, at the end of the day, we are a chosen generation. Each of us were chosen by God to live in this particular time and to give our best efforts in this most important period of human history.

And so, while I will not understand fully what God sees in me and my tiny efforts, I know that I, and in turn, all of us, must continue to give God our all–even on our bad days, when it does not seem to amount to much.

Meanwhile, God is doing something different this year 2020. He is not giving us as much advantage notice as to what to expect in Catholic prophecy. And while that does concern me, at the same time, maybe this could be a good thing, because our prayers will matter more as events play out.

Jesus has said that sometimes, you do not know what a little more prayer, a little more Hail Marys will do. They may, in fact, turn the tide and will the battle and even the war. The key is to be in the game–to participate and to persevere, even on the bad days, when it looks like you are falling backwards instead of moving ahead. Because guess what? The Blessed Mother is always walking with us, and so long as we are in the fight, She picks up the slack with Her endless graces at those times when we need it the most.

Alright, let’s see how year 2020 will unfold. God bless!

I love you,
–a soul


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