September 23, 2022 – The Coming Refuges – By John Martinez, Jr. – Courtesy of – MaryRefugeOfSouls

September 23, 2022

The Coming Refuges
By John Martinez, Jr.

Courtesy of

John Martinez, Jr.
Before I share my story

Until recently I have been very hesitant in revealing what I am about to share, telling it with only a few trustworthy people I knew. But in recent years many others who were shown similar events have come forward with their own testimonies. So, I feel it is time that I share my testimony as well.

The messages regarding refuges were given to me over 35 years ago by Our Lady and the Holy Spirit. As always, please pray for discernment before proceeding.

Do not quench the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt
but test them all; hold on to what is good…
—1 Thessalonians 5:19-21

The Coming Refuges: A Message from 1982

One day in 1982 I was driving and praising the Lord when suddenly I began to pray and sing in a strange language I did not know. A tremendous sense of peace and love washed over me. I then felt a sense of detachment where it seemed like someone else was driving my truck and I was just along for the ride. Then, God the Father spoke to me and showed me a vision of the future, a revelation of coming events. Most of what was shown to me I did not fully understand at the time.

The Lord told me that in the future, this part of Texas (the Texas Hill Country) was going to be a very large “Refuge” and that I was going to play a part in His plan. He indicated that it was Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit who would be preparing this, and many more, refuges all over the Earth for a time of great upheaval and persecution that was coming to the world. The Refuges would be a place where no sin would exist, and that his Holy Presence would be our protection.

Texas Hill Country

The area in Texas was very large, and thousands of people from all directions would one day be guided by their guardian angels to gather in this area for sanctuary and protection. He also indicated that there would be many refuges throughout the earth to save God’s people from harm and to prepare for the coming of His Son. He then stated that there would be several persons that he had chosen for the preparation of this place of refuge, selected and anointed by God himself. If I looked for these persons, I would not find them. But at the unfolding of His Plan, I would know them by their Spirit. Lastly the Lord said that someday in the future I would also move to the Texas Hill Country. [15 years later my family and I did just that.]

The Refuges: September 8, 2016, at Holy Adoration

My wife and I went before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at our parish, St. Mary’s Catholic Church. It was 10:30 at night, a typical evening like so many before, when suddenly Our Lady appeared in a vision as our Lady of Grace. She looked sad, but I could see love and hope in her face. She wore a blue shawl and a long, beautiful white dress with a brilliant white mantle. There was several saint kneeling before her (I believe Saint Pio was one of them) and tears were slowly sliding down her face. Her presence was so overwhelming words just can’t describe her. After a few moments the vision ended without her saying a word.

Our Loving Mother

A little later, as we continued praying before the Blessed Sacrament, Our Blessed Mother appeared again to me. This time, while kneeling in prayer, I was spiritually lifted into the sky. Through the clouds and beyond the atmosphere I traveled. Within a moment I could see the entire earth, but it was completely black. I asked Our Lady why the earth was completely black, and she responded that “the BLACKNESS was the SIN of man covering the earth”.

As we were gradually returning towards the earth, I noticed many white lights piercing through the darkness. Some were large, others were small, but they were all over the world. She then explained to me that these were sanctuaries that she was preparing to protect God’s children. Each refuge appeared to be covered by a thin dome and protected by the Glory and Magnificence of God and no evil would see nor know where the refuges were.

As we descended back to earth, she took me to the top of a beautiful mountain inside a Refuge. We were surrounded by miles of green trees and rivers. There, I could feel the love and presence of God to such an extent that I could just breath Him in; the wind, the grass, the trees were all gently moving and humming in harmony. The grass was perfectly green and lush, swaying as if like velvet waving gently back and forth with the wind. The beautiful melody that came forth from the trees and all our surroundings were singing in harmony and giving praise to The Holy Trinity.

I asked Our Lady if She would tell me more about the Refuge. Our Lady asked me to look up and I saw hundreds of angels flying and carrying many holy items into the Refuges. It seemed like an evacuation—- as if something horrible was going to take place and they were preparing the people to flee. I saw these beautiful angels carry churches, basilicas, and small private homes of refuge into the larger Refuges. I also saw the angels carrying the elderly, children and many people who were in distress. I could feel that it was a preparation for the final spiritual battle.

In an instant, I was taken inside the refuges. I saw hundreds of thousands of believers all working in harmony and love. Each person was designated to a task and a community was being formed. There was no presence of sin, and all that had been afflicted with various diseases were instantly healed. All persons were equal, and God’s selected leaders who were more like servants of God’s children than persons of authority as we know them in today’s world. Thus, God was bringing His Remnant Church together.

She also indicated that some of the people would be assigned to go out to bring people into the Refuge. [*On another occasion I was given a vision where I saw myself, with a small group of people, sneaking around outside a refuge to bring others to safety who had not made it there yet. In the distance where mushroom clouds indicating that our nation was at war.]

And then the vision ended.

Answers to your Questions

Many have asked me questions such as: what will the Refuges be like? What will they look like? How will they operate? And most importantly, who will be called?

The Refuges are for God’s blessed people that are to enter the new era of peace. She showed me the “new world” and continued to explain what was needed to prepare for the Refuges.

As you have read in my writings, I was shown that the Spiritual Sanctuaries are already in existence. They will be revealed to all virtuous people of God at the appropriate time. It is going to be very fast. I do not know how many days or when this will take place, but it will happen quickly.

When I saw the “white lights” on the black earth, I noticed many “lights” throughout the earth. I saw 4 in the United States, 2 in Canada, four in South America and hundreds all over the world.

The Refuges are not small. The one in Texas will be 300 miles by 300 miles. Others will be smaller and others will be very large. Each will accommodate millions of souls.

Our Lady is already preparing servants of God for each Sanctuary. These soldiers of God are being prepared as we speak, and many have already been called by the Lord as leaders and warriors for these times.

I believe that from each Refuge, we are to bring all these servants and warriors of God together.

When the time comes, God will have His angels bring those in God’s grace to each Refuge, including the sick, the elderly, and all who are unable to travel.

There will be martyrs that will be sacrificed to save others.

I was spiritually and physically taken inside a Refuge. The presence of God was engulfed in all things. People were working together in prayer and harmony. The wind inside was singing beautiful songs, and all were praying in harmony.

I was shown that angels were carrying holy shrines, churches, basilicas, and thousands of beautiful structures built by man for God. This was taking place in all the Refuges throughout the world.

The Leaders were both men and women and everyone had a holy knowing of what needed to be done.

The Refuges have an invisible Dome of Holiness that no evil can penetrate or see. The Refuge will be completely covered by this Holy Dome. Some of us will go into the world and help people to get into the arms of Our Lady inside the Sanctuaries.

I believe that all leaders/servants of God will be brought together for the mission that Our Lady and the Holy Spirit have prepared. Medjugorje is a spiritual powerhouse and will serve as a launching place for this mission.

We must all work closely together as we become part of God’s plan as it is unfolding.

I was shown that after everyone is safe inside the large and smaller Refuges, then fire will destroy all the darkness and evil that exist in this planet. The justice of God will cleanse and reestablish this world to what it was when God created the Garden of Eden.

I know that many people are preparing their own personal Refuges and that is okay. We must follow what we feel in our hearts. At the appropriate time, if needed and according to His will, God’s angels will take these private sanctuaries into the Refuges that are close to them.

The development of the refuges will take a lot of prayer, love, sacrifice, discernment, and hard work, but with God all things are possible.

I once asked Jesus what we will do for food and water. “He responded: “The Spirit of God will give us His power to command these stones to turn into Bread”. God will provide all nourishment of food and water for everyone inside the Refuge.

Those in leadership must be kind, holy leaders appointed and anointed by God to lead. He will be always with us throughout these ordeals and trials.

Our Lady and the Holy Spirit will also be with us and will guide us. Some of us will be given the gifts of Padre Pio and many other Saints. Many will be given the gift to bi-locate.

Final Words of Caution

The reason for my hesitancy in revealing these messages stems back to the time period they were first received. In the 1980’s, the prophecy of the 3 Days of Darkness began to become known. Some devout Catholics, out of fear, sold their homes, gave away their money and followed rumors and instructions as to what they had to do to save themselves. There was much fear and confusion given by some individuals and false prophets. When nothing happened, some left the Faith because they believed in something that did not take place. Others were angry and frustrated for trusting the timeline that was given. Some were even left homeless and financially penniless.

So, fearing that I may frighten others into taking drastic actions like those taken by people of that time I chose not to share the vision… till now. In today’s world these visions make more sense than they would had 35 years ago. I do not share this to instill fear but to inform you as to what may be coming soon to the world. So in conclusion, please pray for discernment and arm yourself with Scripture and the Holy Rosary, for evil’s last gasp is about to unfold and God is asking us if we will take a stand.

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
—Ephesians 6:13

Your brother in Christ,
John Martinez, Jr.

God the Father – “I permit only what is best for you and for the souls your sacrifices will assist” – Sept 30, 2022

Holy Love Ministry

September 30, 2022
God The Father

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Children, store up for yourselves a reservoir of trust in your hearts so that in times of trial you can draw upon this trust to support you spiritually and emotionally. Your trust should be based upon all the favors your prayers have drawn down to earth, upon the love and devotion you carry in your hearts for Me and upon an acceptance of My Divine Will in your lives.”

“I permit only what is best for you and for the souls your sacrifices will assist. You, My children, must choose to accept My Will and be at peace even in the midst of adversity or to angrily despise My Will for you.”

“I lead each soul to his salvation. All that occurs in his world around him is towards that end. Trust in this – My Promise to you.”

Read 1 Peter 5:10-11+

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, establish, and strengthen you. To him be the dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

Prophet John Leary – Jesus Christ – Messages: September 21-27, 2022

Prophet John Leary

Messages: Sept 21 – 27, 2022

Tuesday, September 27, 2022: (St. Vincent de Paul)

Jesus said: “My people, you are familiar with the Bible reading of Job and how his animals and relatives were killed. Job was given many gifts, and I allowed the lives of his family and animals to be taken away. Many of you are tested by hardships and the loss of lives, yet you must remain faithful and patient like Job. I want you to love everyone, even your enemies who may have harmed you in some way. This is how I ask you to imitate My love which is to love everyone. Pray to save the souls of poor sinners, and pray for the souls of those people in purgatory. Refrain from judging people, and show your love for Me and your neighbor.”

(Mass for Steven Colon) Jesus said: “My people, you have seen an injustice in the killing of Steven by his neighbor. Even if you do not see justice on earth for this killing, this neighbor will have to face Me at his judgment when he dies. Pray for Steven’s soul and for the soul of his killer. You also need to pray for the safety of your people, and all of the people in Florida who will have to face the effects of this coming Hurricane Ian.”

Monday, September 26, 2022: (St. Cosmas & St. Damien, Camille)

Camille said: “Hello, John. I see you have a real mess down here with all of the things your leaders are doing. I have never seen such a disaster as an open border to let anyone come into your country. I can see your leaders are doing everything to establish a communist state. The one world leaders are planning to control your election again with their money. Be prepared for some real trials. Lydia and I are watching over Carol, Sharon, and Vic.”

Jesus said: “My people, a woman has been blessed to be able to conceive and bear children which is a share in My creation of children. I put the spirit of life in each soul at conception with the power of the Holy Spirit. There are some mothers who are killing their children with abortion, which is defying My plan of the creation of life. When you have children with both parents, now you have a true family as you were given the example with Adam and Eve, as well as with My Holy Family. The family is meant to be the basic unit of your society. This is why the devil and the communist thinking people want to destroy life and break up the family. When your schools are brain washing your children in public schools, some teachers are trying to split the families with communist teaching. This is why you are seeing more faithful families who are home schooling their children. Pray for the parents and the children that they will bring the sacraments to their children as Baptism, Penance, Holy Communion, and Confirmation. This brings the children into the faith and they can come to know and love Me. Without the sacraments and without teaching the faith, the children could be far from Me. You can see fewer young people in church because they are not being trained properly in the faith. So pray that your children can receive My sacraments and be trained properly in a family setting of husband and wife. You are called to help save your souls and the souls of your children.”

Sunday, September 25, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, this parable of the rich man and the poor Lazarus shows the justice for how they led their lives. The rich man did not reach out to help Lazarus, and he did not feed him. He enjoyed his rich food and a life of pleasure. Because he did not share his wealth, he found himself in hell. Lazarus had his reward in heaven because he had suffered a hard life. My people should see that you can share your gifts of wealth with your family, friends, and the poor. You can also share your prayers and your faith with others as well. You are showing your love for Me in every person you help, because when you share with others, you are sharing with Me in them.”

Saturday, September 24, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a ship in distress and sinking, is another sign of how your country is also in distress, both financially and spiritually. You already are seeing financial problems with inflation and your markets are suffering losses. If your policies are not changed soon, you will not have enough money to pay your bills, and buy what you need. You also are distressed spiritually with your continuing abortions, and fewer people are coming to Sunday Mass. Even your priest today was encouraging you to invite your family and friends to return to coming to Sunday Mass. During your Covid pandemic, some people stopped coming to Mass, and they have not returned. It is truly time to wake up some people who have become spiritually lazy. I love everyone and I want people to love Me in return, but they need to show their love by their actions in returning to Sunday Mass. Pray for your country and pray for the souls of your people to be converted from their spiritual slumber.”

Jesus said: “My son, you are fortunate to have so many bone relics of the saints in heaven. The lives of the saints are what you could read about and imitate for your lives. The presence of the saints gives you graces for your spiritual lives. If you have relics, it is best to display them to your prayer group, and do not just keep them in a drawer. You can pray to the saints for your intentions. You pray many times for St. Anthony to find things for you, for example. I love all of My people, and by leading a holy life, you can be a saint in heaven as well one day.”

Friday, September 23, 2022: (St. Pio)

Jesus said: “My people, I asked My disciples who do they say I am. St. Peter said: ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.’ I told St. Peter that this was revealed to him by My heavenly Father. Then I warned My apostles not to reveal this to anyone. This is My Messianic Secret, and I even told the demons, who I cast out, not to reveal My identity either. If the people knew that I am the Son of God, then they would try to make Me a king, even as they desired when I multiplied the bread and fish for the 5,000 and the 4,000 people. This would have interfered with My mission and My Sacrifice on the cross. I even called St. Peter, Satan, when he suggested that I should not have to be crucified. All of My followers will have to suffer in this world because of their faith in Me. Even as you approach the tribulation time, the evil ones will want to kill you. Have no fear because I will call you to the safety of My refuges where My angels will protect you from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, with all of your inflated prices and rising interest rates, your markets have been sinking in value. Your problems are from the overspending of the Democrats. All of their policies have taken America down in everything that Biden is doing. It is as if these people are purposely destroying your country. If your government is not turned around, your country could see real hard times. The war in the Ukraine is another drain on your finances, and the weapons you are giving to the Ukraine are leaving you with a little defense. Pray for an end of your useless overspending and for an end to this war.”

Thursday, September 22, 2022:

Jesus said: “My people, Russia is adding more soldiers to the war in the Ukraine. Biden keeps sending billions of dollars of weapons to the Ukraine which is lowering your military readiness to defend your own country. It also contributes more spending that will keep your inflation rate high. As this war gets worse, you could see another threat to Europe and America’s obligation to support the NATO countries. The arms companies in your country are making big profits as they provide these weapons. Such an increase of Russian soldiers comes right before your mid-term elections, and this war could get larger and more dangerous if Russia uses nuclear weapons. Pray that this does not lead to a World War III that could be dangerous for many countries.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, ever since you were in grammar school, you were taught that you are not to receive Me in Holy Communion if you have mortal sin on your soul. If you are in mortal sin, then you need to come to the priest in Confession so you can repent of your sin and be cleansed by the priest’s absolution. If you do receive Me with mortal sin on your soul, then you commit a sacrilege with another mortal sin. If you have venial sins, you can pray a sincere Act of Contrition, and you can receive Holy Communion. You still should come to monthly Confession to cleanse all of your sins.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have called you and other refuge builders to set up refuges for the coming tribulation of the Antichrist. You need to consecrate your land and your house to Me as a protection from the demons. My angels will protect your refuge from harm, even now, because My refuges will be needed to house My people. I will guide My refuge builders in how to prepare your refuge with water, food, fuels, and places to sleep. If you are not fully prepared, My angels will finish your preparations for My believers to have what they need. You will have a priest, or My angels will bring you daily Holy Communion. You will use a Host in a monstrance for perpetual Adoration at every refuge.”

Jesus said: “My people, I will send My believers an inner locution when I will call you to the safety of My refuges for protection from the evil ones. The angel of My refuges will only allow believers in Me to enter My refuges. Once you are called, take your bag and follow the flame with your guardian angel to the nearest refuge. Leave your home within 20 minutes as your angel will place a shield of invisibility over you. Trust in Me to provide for all of your needs with My multiplication during the tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing how Putin wants to call up 300,000 reserve troops to fight the war in the Ukraine. He even continues his threat to use nuclear weapons, so he will not lose this war. This threat of expanding this war in the Ukraine could involve more European countries, and a possible World War III if nuclear weapons are used. Be prepared if America is drawn into a larger war. Pray to stop this war that could kill many people. The Ukraine is just one of the old Soviet Union countries that Putin wants to take back.”

Jesus said: “My people, the Democrats and Biden have spent several trillion dollars on their pet projects and Covid, and they are causing your inflation with high prices for food, gasoline, homes, and cars. Your Federal Reserve just raised your interest rates again to try and reduce your inflation rate. This will be a futile effort if the Democrats continue their overspending. Pray that your mid-term elections can turn your overspending away by changing your government policies.”

Jesus said: “My son, in the past years you have received a message from St. Michael on September 29th which is the feast day of the Archangels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael. These angels are the protectors of America from the evil ones. Your other feast is on October 2nd when you celebrate your Guardian angel feast day. You receive a message from your Guardian angel, St.Mark on that day. Your guardian angels help you in life to lead a holy life, and they protect you from evil influences. Continue praying daily to St. Michael and St. Mark for their spiritual guidance and their protection from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, you can show your love for Me by coming to daily Mass, daily prayers, and daily Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament. My Eucharist is your daily Bread that can strengthen your souls with My graces. When you make Me the center of your lives, you will desire to be with Me every day in My Blessed Sacrament. You are called to worship Me at Sunday Mass by My third Commandment. Coming on Sunday for Mass is your obligation, but if you come to daily Mass, you are showing Me how much you love Me. Show your love for Me also by loving your neighbor in your good deeds. Those souls, who attend daily Mass and daily Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament, are My special loving people. You will have your reward in heaven. Be patient as you wait for My victory over the evil ones when I will bring you into My Era of Peace.”

Wednesday, September 21, 2022: (St. Matthew)

Jesus said: “My people, I love everyone and I call My believers to follow Me in life. I called Levi, the tax collector, to follow Me, and I changed his name to Matthew. At his house tax collectors and sinners came for dinner. The Pharisees criticized Me for eating with sinners and tax collectors. I told them that the sick need a physician, but those, who are not sick, do not. I came to call sinners to be healed, and not the self-righteous. I also told the people to obey the Mosaic Law the Pharisees preached, but do not follow their actions which are prideful things with greed. St. Matthew became one of the four evangelists, and he was converted to believe in Me. I call people to follow Me, but not everyone has a gift of faith to believe in Me. Those people, who do accept Me as their God, will receive their reward with Me in heaven. My faithful must repent of their sins in Confession, and show their love for Me and their neighbors. Let Me be the center of your lives, and you will be on the right road to heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Federal Reserve is trying to slow inflation down, but the interest rates are being raised too fast, and the inflation rate is coming down much slower. If the Federal Reserve continues to raise rates, they could cause a recession with many shortages and a loss of jobs. The money supply is tightening and capital for loans is becoming expensive to finance any new homes or cars. When the consumer is strapped with high interest rates, this could cause people to limit their expensive purchases. Such a hold on your budgets could cause less business to flow and lower sales of things. Be prepared for more shortages. Your leaders want to send billions of dollars of weapons to the Ukraine, but this excess spending will keep inflation high. Pray that the Ukraine war does not get larger. Be prepared for a serious recession that could start sooner than people think.”

Near-death Experience – A 15-year old Israeli boy has a tour of Heaven and hell – Humble Housewives

September 29, 2022

Blessings dearly beloved ones,

A friend of the blog, Mary Fernandez of Humble Housewives, has posted a very intriguing post about a near-death experience of a then 15-year old Israeli boy who had a tour of Heaven and hell. I suggest that you read her post and watch the very informative video. Enjoy!

Humble Housewives: Catholic Reflections on Jewish Boy’s Near Death Experience

God bless,
a soul

God the Father – “Today, I am inviting you to see, Satan tries to build agitation in your soul by making big problems out of little ones” – Sept 29, 2022

Holy Love Ministry

September 29, 2022
Feast of the Archangels – St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael
God The Father

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Today, I am inviting you to see, Satan tries to build agitation in your soul by making big problems out of little ones. This is how he distracts you and destroys your peace. When small problems present themselves, turn to My Provision and I will help you work through it. Most often, situations are not so grim as Satan would have you believe. Listen to the Holy Spirit Who is in your heart. He will guide you through every frustration and calm the rough waters around the ship of your soul, guiding you safely into the port of peace.”

“Your soul is vulnerable to sailing adrift on the sea of lack of trust. Raise the sail in your heart of trust in My Provision. Then, no storm can blow you off course. No controversy can churn up the waters you seek to sail upon.”

Read Psalm 3:3-4, 8+

But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cry aloud to the LORD, and he answers me from his holy mountain. …Deliverance belongs to the Lord; your blessing be upon your people! Selah

Read Psalm 5:11-12+

But I have trusted in your merciful love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Ian (Florida, USA)

Blessings beloved ones,

For those in the path of Hurricane Ian in Florida, here are some links to prayers that may help you. Please do the Consecration prayers, so you will have additional angelic help to protect your families and properties.

You are all in my prayers.

God bless and
Much love,
a soul

Prayers and Hope for Hurricane Matthew (USA)

Divine Mercy Image and Consecration Prayer (write names on back of image)

Holy Love Images and Consecration Prayers (Download PDF has images and prayers)

Mary, Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Litany prayer)

September 25, 2022 – Mary, Our Lady of Medjugorje – Monthly Message To The World (visionary, Marija)

Mary, Our Lady of Medjugorje
September 25, 2022 Monthly Message for the World

“Dear children! Pray that the Holy Spirit may enlighten you that you be joyful seekers of God and witnesses of love without bounds. I am with you, little children, and, anew, I am calling all of you: take courage and bear witness to the good works that God is doing in and through you. Be joyful in God. Do good to your neighbor so that it will be good for you on earth and pray for peace, which is threatened because satan wants war and peacelessness. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Do you know God’s Will for you? – Christian Song – “The Way of Love” – Features Holy Love Ministry – Sung by Lydia Miller – Please share with your loved ones – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Do you know God’s Will for you? – Christian Song – “The Way of Love” – Features Holy Love Ministry – Sung by Lydia Miller – Please share with your loved ones – MaryRefugeOfSouls


Beautiful “The Way of Love” Christian song, based on messages given by our Heavenly Mother at Holy Love Ministry, Ohio, USA. Sung by Lydia Miller. Lyrics by Holy Love Ministry. Features Maranatha Spring and Shrine, home of Holy Love Ministries, all are welcome to visit.

Song: “The Way of Holy Love” (3:56 minutes)

A Great Song To Lift Up Your Spirits – Christian Music Video – CAIN – “I’m So Blessed”

NOTE (By a soul):
I was introduced today to the very talented Christian music group, CAIN (a trio of siblings). I especially love their song, “I’m So Blessed”, so I am sharing it on the blog as it is a great song to lift up your spirits. I hope you enjoy the music video. God bless!

CAIN – I’m So Blessed (Official Music Video) (3:01 minutes)

CAIN Gave Up Their Dream And Found Their Greatest Purpose | This Is My Story (5:14 minutes)

September 23, 2022 – Blog Update – Important Article Links, News Sources, and Prophecies – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

September 23, 2022

Blessings beloved ones,

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your prayers for my health. After five hospital and two skilled nursing facility stays these past nine months since January 2022, I am expecting to go home very soon. I know that all of your prayers have blessed me and I am so grateful.

Secondly, thank you to everyone who has sent me prayer requests. I am not able to respond to every email, but I hold everyone’s intentions close to my heart. God bless you all and your loved ones.

Thirdly, as there are many newcomers to this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, I want to re-share some previous content that has been featured on the blog before I got sick. As the newcomers may not know that on this prophecy blog, I “a soul”, have provided much information that is relevant to many timely topics. Below are important blog links and independent news sources that I follow on a regular basis. The links are broken down into the following topics:

  • Covid-19 vaccines (important information)
  • Credible independent news sources
  • Nuclear war (how to prepare for staying safe)
  • The Warning (Illumination of Conscience)
  • Moment of Death

Lastly, during these past nine months that I have been sick, I have received a few emails from blog followers who are generously volunteering to shelter and board conservative priests who are in crisis for their traditional faith (mainly due to their love of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist). The Blessed Mother requested that I maintain a list for the coming time of persecution in the USA and several families have already volunteered. Please know that I am still maintaining the list, but the original spreadsheet is on my broken computer, which has not been updated since I got sick. However, once I return home and my brother is finished with building a new computer, I will be able to work on this project again. Meanwhile, please forgive me for any lack of acknowledgment, as I am setting aside these special emails for when I can return to doing this project. Your generosity has been noted by me and I thank you very much.

Thank you, dearly beloved ones. May God bless abundantly everyone who follows this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls. I love you all.

In Christ’s Sacred Heart,
a soul


COVID-19 VACCINES (Important Information):

SHOCKING GRAPHENE OXIDE – PARTS I AND II – God Reveals The Truth (includes scientific evidence) – All Covid-19 vaccines are DEADLY POISONS that are the PRECURSOR to the mark of the beast – MaryRefugeOfSouls

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Free Online Movie – The Greatest Reset — ‘My Sacred Shelter’

Note (By a soul):
An excellent Christian (Catholic) documentary film recommended by a friend of the blog, the husband of The Little Prophet of Love. Here is the movie website. God bless!

From the beginning, Man has allowed his pride and the lies of Satan to convince himself he had no need for a relationship with God, his maker. God made Man in his own image and likeness, yet from Adam to Nimrod to now, Man has tried to craft the world in his own image. God […]

The Greatest Reset — ‘My Sacred Shelter’

September 17, 2022 – Words From Jesus – Given To Messenger, Jennifer – “When this false prophet begins to change the prayers of the Mass, the teachings of the Magisterium, know this is not of Me for I Am Jesus”

Words From Jesus
Chosen Messenger, Jennifer

September 17, 2022

My child, Many ask you where are My words, why is your Savior silent? My child, I am where I have always remained—sitting in the silence of the tabernacle. Awaiting souls in Adoration and yet who comes? I ask My Children, are you seeking your Savior? Are you chasing a world that is being inundated with evil? The tide has turned and My Children need to heed the warnings that are all around them. Satan is seeking to gain as many souls as possible through the means of fear. He has unleashed his companions upon every corner of the earth in order to cause chaos and confusion. He has inundated the walls of My Church and he will take with him those who have complied to his wickedness. My Children do not be afraid, for as I told Peter, the gates of hell will never prevail against My Church. It is the only place in which heaven and earth unite because I Am present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Those within My Church who have allowed evil to enter in their hearts and have guided many souls down the wrong path, will come to see the errors in their ways. I come to tell you that great change is beginning to unfold, and where it begins is in My Church, it will funnel throughout the world. Look to the roots of My Church, My Children, because when this false prophet begins to change the prayers of the Mass, the teachings of the magisterium, know this is not of Me for I Am Jesus. Just as the thunder follows the lightning, there is order in which humanity was created. As the passing of the true pope is shadowed by this false prophet, the changes will come like boxcars and so will the confusion. Pray the Rosary and seek discernment in all things because your true home is in heaven. Now go forth for I am Jesus, and be at peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

Important Video About Eucharistic Miracles and Brief Comment by a soul – Is There Deliberate Deception and Hypocrisy in the Current Papacy (Pope Francis)? – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Something To Consider (By a soul):
Facts: Three scientifically proven Eucharistic Miracles happened in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1992, 1994, and 1996) of then Bishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio (now known as Pope Francis), who later confirmed Their authenticity as a Cardinal.

Question of the Day (By a soul):
I believe that I have been very fair in advocating prayer for the salvation of Pope Francis, as well as giving him the benefit of the doubt in certain situations. But honestly, when I first found out that he was witness to three Eucharistic Miracles that were scientifically proven when he was bishop and then cardinal in his own archdiocese, it made me upset. So, my Question of the Day is this: Is there deliberate deception and hypocrisy in the current papacy? Because, honestly, if I was a direct witness of Eucharistic Miracles within my own diocese, that would give me more conviction of my faith, making me even more grounded in Catholic traditions and the Holy Mass. I would be shouting from the rooftop about these Miracles to everyone, especially, if I had a leadership role in the Church. So, I decided to share this video that I found on YouTube about these Eucharistic Miracles, because this is the video and question that all Catholics need to watch and discern for themselves. God bless.

Video Title:
The Eucharistic Miracle That Occurred Three Times in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Video Description:
This is the account of the series of Eucharistic Miracles that occurred in 1992, 1994, and 1996 in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Parish of Saint Mary. Professor Ricardo Castñon Gomez investigated the cases of Eucharistic Miracles that occurred at the Parish with the approval and oversight of the current Pope Francis, who was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires at the time of the events. This investigation involved interviews, scientific studies, and lab analysis from different parts of the world involving medical doctors, priests, and other professors in the medical field. The studies found that the Consecrated Hosts that bled were in fact alive, and were heart tissue that originated from the Myocardium of a patient who was in dire stress and pain, who is our Lord Jesus Christ.

Video — Eucharistic Miracle in Buenos Aires, Argentina (8:30 minutes)


Three Scientifically Proven Eucharistic Miracles – MaryRefugeOfSouls

September 29, 2022 – One Night Only! Saint Michael, Meet the Angel Movie – Premiere in Poland, UK, USA, and Puerto Rico


The premiere in Puerto Rico, Poland, UK and USA is on September 29!

An inspiring documentary about the role of St Michael and other Holy Angels not just in scripture but also how they interact with us daily. In addition, Religious experts from different parts of the world, discuss Saint Michael from a Religious, Historical and Cultural point of view.


September 8, 2022 – Brief Commentary and Personal Blog Update – Valentina’s Message On Holy Communion from Jesus Christ (July 24, 2022) – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings beloved ones,

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who have been sending me prayer requests. I hold all your intentions close to my heart and I pray for them all.

Secondly, thank you for everyone who prays for me. Your love and prayers mean a lot to me. During late July/August, I had two life-threatening episodes for two separate medical conditions that required me to spend time in ICU (intensive care) at the hospital. The second episode was more grave, as I had to have two blood transfusions. However, before I became unconscious I had expressed to my family that I did not want to receive blood tainted with Covid-19 vaccines. Thankfully, the hospital was able to accommodate my request, otherwise, beloved ones, I would not be here on planet earth.

Currently, I am still in the hospital recovering my strength from losing so much blood. My goal this week is to be able to take a few steps forward, as I regain the ability to walk. Once my blood tests are more stable and in a normal range, I will be transferred to a rehab center for more intensive physical therapy.

Meanwhile, I want to apologize for not being able to answer everyone’s emails to the blog. Since mid-July, I have been very sick and this has made me behind in my blog emails. As I had been home only a few weeks from my almost three month stay at a skilled nursing facility (I had two separate hospitalizations in January and February of this year), it seems like I had only two weeks of being able to post commentaries to this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, before my health began to deteriorate again. So, I haven’t been able to write like I want to.

This leads me to the next topic, Catholic seer, Valentina, from Australia. I used to place her heavenly messages on this blog. However, back in August 2020, she made the very public decision to receive Holy Communion in the hand, which I do not support at all. I reached out to her at the time to clarify the situation but she did not respond to my email and so, I decided to no longer carry her heavenly messages on this blog. This is because I felt that she was opening herself up to potential deception by satan.

Well, during this intervening time, I believe that Valentina resumed receiving Holy Communion on the tongue at some point. However, I haven’t had the time to re-discern her heavenly messages, so normally I do not carry them on the blog. But, on July 24, 2022, she received an unusual message from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, that I find worthy to place on the blog. In the message, Jesus is upset at the behavior of a priest limiting Holy Communion to only on the hand and He calls such an act as a sacrilege. So I want to share it with you all, as it is clear from Jesus Himself, that Holy Communion in the hand is a very grave sin calling the act a sacrilege several times.

However, in the message, Valentina receives Holy Communion in the hand anyways, saying she had no choice. I disagree with her decision as we always have a choice to take Spiritual Communion, as I have explained in other commentaries on this blog. However, I do find merit in sharing this heavenly message on the blog, for your discernment, beloved ones.

Unfortunately, I have come to realize that the matter of receiving Holy Communion in the hand is as contentious as the matter of divorce. As Jesus said of divorce in Sacred Scriptures, in the beginning it was not permitted for marriage but due to hardness of hearts, God allowed through Moses the act of divorce between spouses. And even today, annulments are allowed in the Catholic Church (especially in harmful situations) even though Jesus elevated marriage to being a sacrament and speaks of Christians striving through the narrow gate for a perfect love between spouses in Christ.

Anyways, I believe that I have thoroughly explained my beliefs in the past on this matter of Holy Communion in the hand. Truly, it is up to each of us to discern for ourselves the fidelity that we each have towards the sacraments. So I present this heavenly message to you for your consideration. Meanwhile, I will leave you all with this scripture verse.

Old Testament
Book of Joshua, Chapter 24, Verse 15

“And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

God bless and
Much love,
a soul

Seer Valentina’s Message from Our Lord, Jesus Christ
July 24, 2022

Be Courageous and have Hope in Me

Today, as soon as I stepped into the church for Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus spoke to me. He said, “If only these people knew that you are a prophet and are seated amongst them. Be courageous because together, you and Me, we will achieve a lot of things.”

I thought to myself, “What is going on?”

During the Communion Rite, the priest would usually stand in front of the Altar to distribute Holy Communion, but today he directed a lady to stand there, and he went to the back of the Altar.

With sadness in my heart, I said, “Lord, I have no choice but to go to the lady to receive You and let it be from Your Holy Hands.”

Our Lord Jesus was very upset when He said, “See how they sacrilege Me! The priests should never go to the back (of the Altar). They should always come and stand in front of the Altar facing the people to distribute Holy Communion, but some priests don’t do this.”

“Pray for My priests.”

“I would like you to tell them that I am not happy with them when they do this. Tell them they are not doing the right thing; they are not doing what I want them to do. They have to change.”

Lord Jesus lamented, “I Am crucified most of the time, and put back on the Cross. They are crucifying Me so badly, and My Heart is so painfully wounded.”

“In most of the churches today, they sacrilege Me, they put Me down, they push Me away, they destroy My churches. The priests and the bishops are one against another.”

“This should not be,” He said.

“My Church is My Body. They don’t stand united in My Body; instead, they are divided. The good priests, who are serving Me rightly and truthfully, they are pushed out.”

“But I tell you, My Church will triumph very soon! I was not thinking of doing this sooner, but the way My Churches are leading, I will have to intervene soon. There will be no more Communion served in the hand. All will be done properly, the way it should be. There will be no more sacrilege.”

“Not everybody, but only consecrated hands, will handle Me, and they will not distribute Me to people who are without repentance and confession. They will no longer handle Me and serve Me out like I Am some kind of sweet or biscuit. They will know how holy I Am.”

“Now they sacrilege Me so much.”

“Pray for them. Pray that this will come very soon. My Church will triumph sooner than you think.”

Our Lord can no longer watch all this sacrilege, irreverence and indifference happening in churches everywhere. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the hope and good news you give us.


Commentary – The Lord Protected My Reception of Holy Communion – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

July 31, 2022 – Statement About Holy Communion in the Hand and Other Issues By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Holy Communion in the Hand in the Early Church – The Plot of hell exposed by a possessing demon during a series of official Exorcisms (1975-1978) – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Important Task Given by St Michael Archangel for Month of August to Remnant Army – Message to Lorena – July 29, 2022

Note (By a soul):
I am still waiting for the original version in Spanish, which I will post when it is available. God bless.


Dear Faithful Remnant of my Beloved Lord Jesus Christ,

I want to Exhort you to give your last effort, in your preparation as part of My Army, I invite you to give your Life for Jesus Christ either in a Blood or Spiritual Martyrdom, but to carry the Cross of the Crucifixion on your foreheads to be able to Resurrect a New Life in Jesus Christ, who will give you the Keys to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today I come in the Name of ALL the Triumphant Army to give you this task, you will be asked in this month of August, especially the members of My Militant Army, to Pray My Chaplet of the Angelic Choirs every day, as part of your preparation in the Army.

Since I will choose those who will Battle this Army and will Command it in this month, that is why I ask you to pray it with this Intention, since I will choose My Battalion Commanders, based on their availability and dedication in this journey to enter New Heaven and Lands as my Army.

That is why I ask you to pray this Chaplet and also the Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ just as it was said from Heaven.


It is IMPORTANT to follow your Preparations, since I will elect the Battalion Commanders very soon, that is why I ask you to Pray My Chaplet of the Angelic Choirs and the Devotion to the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, these two Prayers are the ones that I will take into account, so pray them with GREAT DELIVERY AND DEDICATION, giving ALL your Life to Heaven and being Light in the darkness, Stars in the Darkness of the Night, so that by being Light you can Guide your brothers in the thick darkness.

As Squadron and Battalion Commanders, I will elect you after this month of August, so do ALL of your part.

I, Saint Michael the Archangel, Prince of the Celestial Militia and Leader of My Militant Army, carry you embedded in My Heart of a Warrior, giving you Hearts of Warriors for my Lord Jesus Christ.

I leave you with the War Cry, WHO, IS LIKE GOD, NO ONE IS LIKE GOD!!!


Also See:

MaryRefugeOfSouls – PDF Download: English Collection (Lorena’s Messages, 2015-2021) – The Way To Follow – Army of Saint Michael Archangel // Descargar PDF: Colección en español (Mensajes de Lorena, 2015-2021) – El camino a seguir – Ejército de San Miguel Arcángel

Chaplet of the Angelic Choirs:

Commentary – The Lord Protected My Reception of Holy Communion – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings beloved ones,

In this brief commentary, I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, want to share with you all three private stories involving myself where Jesus protected my reception of Holy Communion. I firmly believe that people should only receive Holy Communion on the tongue from a priest. I also firmly believe that people should spend at least 20 minutes interiorly adoring Our Lord in Holy Communion. I always do these two holy practices and I believe that both have brought me closer to God in my spiritual life.

The first story took place during Easter several years ago. I was out of town with my family attending a parish church that we often visited on vacation/holiday. We arrived a bit late and had to sit in the over flow section, in the outer wing/hallway of the church. This made me a bit concerned because it would be served by lay ministers. Then, at Holy Communion, I got in line and asked Jesus to help me, as I might need to receive from a lay minister on Easter.

What happened next shocked sense and sensibility into me.

As an answer to my prayer, I heard Jesus’ Voice plainly in the center of my chest within my soul. Jesus said my name in agony as I knew that He was hanging crucified on the Cross. And at His cry, I immediately understood what I was doing to hurt Him. So, I left the overflow line and ran inside the church. I ended up being the last person to receive from the priest on Easter.

The second story took place during a Holy Spirit conference involving a few thousand people. During holy Mass, I tried to sit near the altar, on the bottom floor; and despite contrary odds, I was the last person to receive Holy Communion from a priest. I was so grateful and the Holy Spirit made powerful manifestations within me. After Holy Mass, the ceremony went into Eucharist Adoration. So, I continued interiorly adoring Jesus in my soul. Then, despite the quietness in the conference hall, I began clapping and shaking for a great amount of time until I collapsed — slain in the Spirit — before thousands of people.

That holy Mass was the culminating event of a day full of visible miracles for me by the Holy Spirit. I had prepared for 8 months to be baptized in the Holy Spirit; and when my baptism took place, the 200 people that were present felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as an invisible tongue of fire whipping around the room, healing people as He touched them. I did not know this, as my eyes were closed as I was praying, as I was trying to stay standing up because I was shaking in the Spirit (I was the only person). But people knew the tongue of fire was headed in my direction and several people left their seats to surround me with their outstretched hands in prayer, as they could feel the power of the indwelling of the Spirit in me.

Then, the tongue of fire descended upon me, and the fire felt so pleasant and strong on me, as it went from my forehead throughout my body. I was trembling all over and had to sit down. A woman helped me with the experience, which, in retrospect, I believe that she was an angel, as she said that she was sent to help me. When I finally opened my eyes, everyone was looking at me including the priest leading the ceremony. Several people asked me afterwards if the Holy Spirit ever manifested like that before in my life. And I honestly said no, to people’s amazement.

So, that Holy Spirit conference was full of miracles for me, including my reception of Holy Communion at Holy Mass. The Lord blessed me by having me be the last person to receive from a priest and I am so grateful for the entire experience.

My third story involving the Lord protecting my reception of Holy Communion happened during a Sunday Mass several years ago. I always went to the line served by the priest for Holy Communion. This time, though, the priest went back to the altar before finishing the line. So, two lay ministers began to serve the line and I was last in line to receive.

I began to pray that the Lord help me, as I wanted to receive properly from a priest. Suddenly, it was my time to receive and all the lay ministers had run out of the sacred Host. So, there I was, standing all by myself before the entire congregation waiting to receive Holy Communion, and a miracle happened. The priest looked up and saw me still standing there by myself. So, the priest came down from the altar and I was able to bow and receive reverently before the entire parish, Holy Communion on the tongue from the priest. It was truly amazing how Jesus answered my prayer during that holy Mass.

In conclusion, I shared these three private stories to help explain why I believe that people should only receive Holy Communion from a priest. The Lord has continually shown me that this is the only manner that He wants me to receive the Holy Eucharist, and so, this will continue to be the only way that I promote on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls.

God bless,
a soul

Commentary – The Beauty of a Spiritual Communion – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls

My dearly beloved followers of MaryRefugeOfSouls,

I, “a soul”, am writing this commentary because I want to encourage people who are loving the Lord by Spiritual Communion. I know that there are many blog followers who are limited to only Spiritual Communion, because their bishops have restricted Holy Communion to be received only in the hand. So, I want to uplift the souls of people who are striving to do the right thing and being obedient to the Lord by only making Spiritual Communion during holy Mass.

As I have shared, I believe that Holy Communion in the hand is a sacrilege (liturgical abuse) and no exception to proper reception of the Holy Eucharist should be tolerated by the Catholic faithful. And in particular, I believe that Holy Communion should be received only on the tongue from the consecrated hands of a priest, otherwise, a Spiritual Communion should be substituted practice.

Furthermore, I believe that every time Holy Communion (regardless of physical or spiritual form) is received, that the person should give proper reverence and honor to Jesus in His Real Presence. This means that people should give worship of at least 20 minutes interiorly recognizing in prayer that Jesus is physically within the communicant. This holy practice is known as “internal adoration”. Typically, I give internal adoration of about 40 minutes, sometimes upward to two hours, to Jesus in Holy Communion. And it is known by mystical revelation that the Blessed Mother Mary spent three hours in internal adoration after she received daily Holy Communion in her earthly life.

So, I want to encourage everyone to persevere in all matters related in Spiritual Communion. So, I asked Our Lord, Jesus Christ, if I could reveal certain private stories, so people can grow more confidently in their Spiritual Communions, and Jesus said, yes. So here is what I want to share with you all.

Firstly, please do not consider Spiritual Communion to be second class to receiving the physical Host in Holy Communion. In truth, Spiritual Communion and Holy Communion are the highest heavenly treasures on earth with Spiritual Communions being like silver coins and Holy Communions being gold coins. In truth they are exactly the same with the visible form being received from a priest and the invisible form being received by a holy angel from a nearby holy tabernacle. And in fact, Spiritual Communion can require a higher degree of faith from the communicant, because based on my personal experience, God recognizes and rewards people who persevere in Spiritual Communion with more special graces.

For example, I have practiced internal adoration in Holy Communion for many years of Sunday Mass. Yet, more often, when I received Spiritual Communion when watching EWTN Mass online during the weekday, Jesus would reward me with more profound encounters with Himself during reception. I believe this is because I would never take His Real Presence for granted. I would still receive Him in the same way that I would for a physical Holy Communion. I would stick out my tongue to receive in Spiritual Communion and say, amen, as I imagined the angel placing the Consecrated Host on my tongue. Then I would spend at least 30-40 minutes interiorly adoring Jesus in Spiritual Communion.

Thus, it did not matter whether the Consecrated Host was physically presented to me or not, I have treated both forms equally as being the Real Presence of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Including worshipping Him with all the reverence, honor, and respect due to God regardless of form.

Now, due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, Jesus began to do something special during my Spiritual Communions. In March 2020, when it was required that holy Mass could only be watched online at home, I continued to receive my Spiritual Communions. However, I noticed that the angels started to communicate with me. In particular, when it came time to receive, after I would stick out my tongue, I would hear an angelic voice say, “Body of Christ”, then I would reply, amen. Then as soon as the invisible Consecrated Host was placed on my tongue, Jesus would immediately start talking with me in my soul and it would remain like this throughout the 30-40 minutes that I would interiorly adore Him. Me and Jesus having a conversation. It was amazing to me.

Then, in May 2020, Jesus gave me a very special gift. During one holy Mass, Jesus revealed to me that He wanted me to receive from the Holy Grail and I was totally shocked. I never expected to receive this precious experience as a result of my faithfulness in persevering in Spiritual Communion. I was so overjoyed by this, because it had been years since I had ever received the Most Precious Blood, which typically cannot be received unless by an unholy touching of the holy chalice by unclean hands. So, I usually only received the Most Holy Eucharist as the Precious Body of Christ.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, here is what happened.

I heard St Michael Archangel approach me. I knew that it was St Michael, because he is one of a handful of angels that is strong enough to individually fight satan one-on-one to protect the sacred object of the Holy Grail that means so much to Christianity and Our Lord.

Then, as St Michael went to present Holy Communion to me, he did something that I did not know angels had the ability to do. St Michael doubled talked to me. Specifically, instead of saying, Body and Blood of Christ to me, he said both words, Body and Blood at the same time to me, so I heard both words simultaneously in my ears as he presented the Holy Eucharist.

I will always remember that, because human beings living on earth cannot speak multiple words at the same time. I found it to be incredible to hear.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, the reason that I am able to share this private story with you all, is because Jesus wants to make a special promise to everyone who is receiving Spiritual Communion rather than offend God by receiving Holy Communion in hand. Every person who perseveres in their faith by loving Jesus more profoundly in internal adoration in Spiritual Communion, will receive from Him on a day only known by God, the special experience of receiving from the Holy Grail. This is a special gift because Jesus wants to reward people who deeply love Him and do not to offend Him in any way by sacrilege in Holy Communion.

So, I am sharing this with you all, as it means a lot to Our Lord witnessing those loving Him by Spiritual Communion. He truly wants to reward your profound faith. So, please be encouraged by these words. Just as Sacred Scripture tells us that Papa God and Jesus want to dine intimately with us in our earthly lives and that those who are faithful and true servants of God will have the honor of sitting at the right-hand side of the Divine Throne of Jesus, the gift of receiving from the Holy Grail is something special that Jesus will give as a foretaste of Heaven to those who especially love Him above all else.

This is the beauty of Spiritual Communion.

I hope that people are excited by this revelation. God bless.

I love you,
A soul