Prophet John Leary – Messages from Our Lord, Jesus Christ – March 8-14, 2023 Update


Tuesday, March 14, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, St. Peter asked Me how many times must he forgive his neighbor, and he said for seven times? Your priest’s homily was correct in saying that it is your pride that can hold you back from forgiving people. Some people are insulted by being treated badly. Other people even want to seek revenge for being harmed or money was stolen or embezzled. It is hard to forgive people when you feel wronged by others. Remember how I told you that to be more perfect, you must love everyone, even your enemies, or those who have harmed you in some way. The more you can forgive people, the more graces you store up in heaven. When you sin, you also need to seek My forgiveness in the priest at the confessional. When you sin, you are insulting your Lord, so you need to have your soul cleansed of sin by the priest’s absolution. I also told you if they slap you on one cheek, then you are to turn the other cheek as well. Think of all the insults and scourging I had to suffer, and how I suffered being crucified on the cross. I did this to forgive all of your sins and offer you salvation if you believe in Me. You have a free will choice in this world to either love Me or reject Me. Those people, who love Me and seek forgiveness of their sins, will have their reward in heaven. But those people, who refuse to love Me and refuse to seek forgiveness of their sins, will face their punishment in the flames of hell. I love you so much, so show your love for Me.”

Monday, March 13, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you read how Naamen listened to the Israeli girl that he should go to Israel to get healed of his leprosy. Elisha the prophet, heard that Naamen wanted healing of his leprosy when the king ripped his garments when he read the letter from the king of Syria. When Naamen went to Elisha, Elisha gave Naamen a message to plunge seven times into the Jordan River to heal his leprosy. At first Naamen was disappointed at the message, but he was advised to follow the message. Once he cleansed himself seven times in the Jordan River, he was healed. Then he knew that God was present in Israel. Learn from this reading to follow My instructions, no matter what I ask you to do. When you follow My prompting, I will heal your affliction and I will help solve your problems. Believe and trust in My Word, and you will be healed as Naamen was. Later in the Gospel at Nazareth, I told the people that only a few people were healed there because the people of Nazareth did not have faith in My Word that I could heal them. This made the people so angry that they tried to throw Me over the cliff. It was not My time to die, so I walked through their midst unharmed. You learned from this reading that you need faith in My Word to heal you of any illness. I love all of you and you at first saw people close their hearts to Me. I want you to open your heart and mind to love Me, just as you open the windows to let My light shine upon you.”

“You have met some beautiful people here who love Me and are faithful to My Word. I will bless their refuges with My angel power to protect them. Continue to trust in Me to help you through all of your trials. I will protect My faithful from harm, and I will call you to the safety of My refuges with My inner locution whenever your lives are threatened.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have seen some unusual storms and tornadoes all over your country. The one world people are using the HAARP machine to cause earthquakes and enhanced bad weather at various places all over the world. This is part of the reason that you are seeing one disaster after another. Pray that there will be less loss of life in the coming storms. You are about to see the one world people make a move to take over your country when they will try to take your dollars out of circulation. Many people will try to stop the crash of the dollar. At some point the evil ones will try to force a digital dollar on the people. They will know how you spend your money, and if it is against their plan, they could zero your bank account. This will cause My faithful remnant to come to My refuges for protection. The one world people will also force the mark of the beast or a computer chip in the body, on everyone just as they forced the Covid shot on people. At My refuges I will multiply your food and fuels so you will not need the mark of the beast. Refuse to take any shots and refuse to take the mark of the beast, nor worship the Antichrist. Trust in Me and I will protect My faithful throughout the whole tribulation time.”

Sunday, March 12, 2023: (Third Sunday of Lent)

Jesus said: “My people, you have read this passage of the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well many times. When I asked the woman for a drink of water, she was amazed that I as a Jew would ask a Samaritan woman for a drink. I told her how she had five husbands and she was living with another man. She realized that I was a prophet. I told her that I could give her ‘Living Water’ which is from the Holy Spirit, and she would not have to keep coming to get ordinary water. I then told her that I am the Christ, the Savior of the world. She quickly went to town to bring her friends to see Me. Even now I am offering My ‘Living Water’ to people so they can experience the graces from the Holy Spirit. I want everyone to come to Me in faith, even as you received Me today in My Eucharist at Mass. When you receive Holy Communion worthily, you are receiving the Blessed Trinity of My Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So you are receiving My ‘Living Water’ as well as the woman from Samaria. Be thankful that you can receive Me into your heart and soul at every Mass.”

Saturday, March 11, 2023: (Prodigal Son)

Jesus said: “My people, you remember My parable about the Prodigal son. One son wanted his share of his inheritance which normally would only be given after the father died. So the father gave him the money he was due. That son wasted his father’s money on prostitutes and sinful living. When the son’s money was gone, he hired out on a farm feeding the pigs. He was dying of hunger and decided to return to his father as a hired hand. The father was so grateful to have his son back. He forgave his son and held a feast because his son was lost, and now he is found. The second son was angry because the Prodigal son was accepted back with a feast. The father pleaded with the older son to rejoice because the younger son was found and not lost. So it is with every sinner. All of heaven and I rejoice when one sinner repents and is converted. You all are at different levels of holiness on your way to heaven. I call all of you to come to frequent Confession so I can cleanse your soul from sin with the priest’s absolution. I am always willing to forgive a repentant sinner. My son, you are at a large refuge and your friend has worked hard for many years to prepare a place for people to come during the tribulation. At that time all refuges will have Holy Communion daily from a priest or from My angels. Every refuge person will be called on to worship My Blessed sacrament at holy hours around the clock. It will be My Real Presence and your faith in Me that will allow Me to multiply what you will need for your survival. Not everyone will have the faith and endurance to keep up a refuge with what is needed. I will lead others to refuges with a flame by your guardian angel to find a refuge. My angel will only allow true believers into a refuge.”

Jesus said: “My people, for those people, who are planning a refuge, you first need to discern if you are willing to provide for about forty people. You next need to prepare a small altar for Adoration. At the time of tribulation you will receive a consecrated Host from a priest or My angels. You will place the Host in a monstrance and the people will sign up for hours of Adoration to worship Me around the clock. You will need a source of water from a well, a pond, or a stream of water. You will need forty places to sleep by buying some cots and have room to set them up. Have blankets and pillows for them as well. You will need food for them with dried food, MREs, or canned foods for about a year, and I will multiply your food and fuels. You will need fuel for cooking and if you are in the North, you may need kerosene, wood, or propane for heating. You will need lights at night and possibly have solar panels and batteries for some electricity. You will need latrine means with flush toilets, outhouses, or leech beds. When people come to the refuge, you will need to know their skills so you can assign jobs. My angels will lead you to the nearest refuge with a flame. The angels will shield you from the evil ones with an invisible shield. I am sharing this for new people who are just starting refuges, like your new friend that just inherited a large plot of land. She is willing to have a refuge with her new property. Pray for her to help fix her roof leaks and finish her chapel. I love all of My refuge builders who want to help people during the tribulation time. I will warn people when to come to My refuges with My inner locution.”

Friday, March 10, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading from Genesis you read about how Joseph, the son of Jacob, was sold to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver, and they took Joseph to Egypt. By My hand Joseph would later help Jacob’s people get wheat during a great famine. It was by Joseph’s dreams that he found favor with Pharaoh. In the Gospel you read about My parable of the landowner who built a vineyard and leased it to tenants for the harvest. At harvest time the landowner sought his portion of the harvest of grapes. But the tenants killed his servants and later they also killed his son as well. I asked the Pharisees what to do, and they said the owner should kill the tenants and lease the vineyard to other tenants. I told the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God will be taken from them, and it will be given to a people who will produce the fruit of the vineyard. Even so in My Church, I will pass control over to My faithful remnant at My refuges. All the evil ones will be cast into hell, and I will recreate the earth and bring My faithful into My Era of Peace. Trust in Me to protect My people and bring you into your reward.”

Thursday, March 9, 2023:

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel the rich man had all of the pleasures of life, but he did not help the beggar, Lazarus with even the scraps from his table. The beggar had to suffer through life with little help. At the judgment the rich man went to hell because he did not show love for Me in his neighbor, Lazarus. But Lazarus was rewarded in heaven for all he had to suffer on earth. The rich man wanted to keep his brothers from coming to hell. I told the rich man, the brothers had Moses and the prophets to help save them. But the rich man said if someone from the dead would speak to the brothers, surely they would listen. I told him if the brothers would not heed Moses and the prophets, they would not heed even if one from the dead spoke to them. This meant that after I died on the cross and I resurrected, then the brothers would not even listen to Me as well. Everyone has to make a free will choice to love Me or not, as well as loving your neighbor. Those people, who love Me in their actions and love others, will be rewarded in heaven like Lazarus. But those people, who refuse to love Me and others, and do not obey My Commandments, will find themselves in the flames of hell like the rich man.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My son, I know you both are having problems with your leg and your wife’s knee. You are brave to get through the airports while going from one place to another. I am sending My angels to protect you from harm, and to help you through any pain. Have your prayer group pray for a safe trip. This is your first long trip flying in a while, so pray your rosaries during your trip. Thank all of the people who paid for this trip, and call on the Holy Spirit to help you in your four talks.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will be seeing some struggles between your parties over the current Budget and the National Debt Limit. The Republicans want some Budget restraints as a bargaining chip to raise the National Debt Ceiling. You have a lot of overspending by the Democrats in the last few years without much accounting for how the money is to be spent. Your huge deficits need to be reigned in to cut the excess spending. Pray for your Congress to make the best choices for the people of your country.”

Jesus said: “My people, the worst train wreck happened in East Palestine, Ohio when they used controlled fires to burn some chemicals. This area may be contaminated for years. Your government was slow to respond to the cleanup. Now you have seen two more train wrecks without a large fire. It is time to investigate the causes, whether it is bad rail management or possible sabotage. A lot of freight is delivered by train, but it needs to be done safely. Investigators should inform the public why there are so many train wrecks.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a spring offensive by Russia to destroy the Ukraine’s infrastructure which is causing power outages. They are also trying to take more land in East Ukraine. Your country is sending billions of dollars in weapons to the Ukraine with little accounting of how the weapons and money are being used. Your Congress needs to investigate how long this giving of arms will last. You should not get involved with another long no win war. Pray for peace and not an everlasting war.”

Jesus said: “My people, you even saw a story in your newspaper about where is all the snow going. Your own town has seen 50 inches less snow than normal. Some are blaming the cold Pacific Ocean for La Nina. You have enough rainfall, but it is coming more as rain than snow. Pray for help for your people who are suffering losses from the snow and wind.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing serious problems as many immigrants are needing food, housing, and medical aid. This is causing financial hardships on many communities, especially in your border states. Biden wants more Democrat voters, but he is ruining your economy with this influx of illegal immigrants. Pray that your people can stop this continuing destruction against your border laws.”

I could see we are a few weeks into Lent and we need to examine how we are doing with out fasting and penances. Jesus said: “My people, at the start of Lent you had many devotions that you planned to keep throughout your Lenten Season. It is hard to keep up your fasting when you are hungry. Not eating candy and desserts is also hard to maintain. But you are keeping up your penances for My sake and to control your appetites. By struggling to keep up your penances, you can see your free will can be restrained when you put forth an effort. Sometimes you get a little lazy with your spiritual life. This is the purpose of Lent to put your spiritual life back together, as you put more focus on loving Me and your neighbor in your actions. By prayer and self-denial, this can help restrain your actions so you can lead a holier life. Keep up with your Lenten devotions and you will see how you can do more spiritual things when you try.”

Wednesday, March 8, 2023: (St. John of God)

Jesus said: “My people, war is destructive and it can destroy cities and kill civilians, as well as soldiers. I am showing you a tactical atomic bomb exploding with a tall cloud of radiation. Some bombs have varying degrees of radiation which is why less is better. Each atomic bomb causes an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) wave that could destroy electric grids and stop vehicles from moving. You could see such a weapon used in the Ukraine by Russia, or by any nuclear capable country on America. If your electric grid was attacked by such an EMP explosion, you could see starvation of many people over a long time. If such an attack was about to be launched on the U.S., I will warn My faithful in advance to come to the safety of My refuges. My angels will shield My refuges from any EMP attack, so your solar systems will be protected. Trust in My help, no matter how the evil ones will try to reduce the population.”

Jesus said: “My son, you were exposed to a different rite with a bit of old English in the words of the Mass. This church gives more opportunities with a 7:00 p.m. Mass at night on Wednesdays. You will need to read more to understand this rite. The priest faced the old altar. This Mass was offered for you and your wife by one of your prayer group members. This offered you a new experience. The words of Consecration were proper, so I am Present in this Holy Communion.”

Prophet John Leary – Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ – June 4, 2019 Update

Prophet John Leary

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading St. Paul was saying good-by to his faithful people because he knew he would face hardship in Jerusalem. He was thankful that he could complete his mission, even when he wrote some epistles from prison. In the Gospel I was saying good-by to My apostles right before I was to be crucified on My cross. Even today, My faithful are suffering persecution and even martyrdom for My Name’s sake. You, My son, are already facing rejection for preaching My messages. Have faith and trust in My protection at your refuge. As you all approach the coming tribulation, there may be more faithful who will suffer martyrdom. Have no fear because you will have your reward in My Era of Peace.”

Monday, June 3, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, you are reading how the Holy Spirit was active in helping the apostles and St. Paul in baptizing the people. My faithful need to witness your Christian faith by helping those people who seek your help. When you help your neighbor in need, you are helping Me in them. Show your love all the time to Me and your neighbor. This is the best way to show Me and others that you truly are a believer, and you practice what you preach. You may have to endure persecution for My Name’s sake, but you need to love everyone, even your persecutors. Loving your enemies could even help them to have a change of heart. Do not be selfish, but be willing to share your money, your time, and your talents with those in need.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told all of My faithful to love one another, and even to love your enemies. It is unfortunate that your media is full of hate for your President. You even have some legislators in the House of Representatives that actually want to impeach your President for no apparent crime. The opposition party is so against your President because he is defying all the plans of the deep state, and he is solidly defying socialism, which the radical left supports. The one world people are frustrated with your President because he is tearing down the globalist plans. You need to pray that all of this hate can be stopped, so your government can do their job of governing. Pray for more love and less hate.”

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing all of your people praying as one in Me. At every Mass you are joined with Me in Holy Communion when I come into your soul for a short time. You experience My gift of Myself to you, so I am always with you in My Eucharist. In the reading from Revelation I told you that I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last. This means I always existed even before creation. I am the First Cause of creation, and all of you are My creatures out of My love. I love all of you dearly, and I desire that you love Me as well. You know how much I love you because I died on the cross to forgive your sins, and bring you salvation. All I ask of you is that you accept Me as your Savior, and repent of your sins. To be worthy of coming to heaven, you must be brought to perfection in a pure soul. Most people, who desire heaven, will need some purification in purgatory. You will rejoice one day to be with Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you are seeing the tablets of the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses. You have tablets in your chapel as well. Moses asked God the Father what Name he should tell the people who He is. Moses was given the Name ‘I AM WHO AM’ which is also the Name on your chapel doors. Whenever you receive Holy Communion, you receive all Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity. We are Three Persons in One God, which is a mystery for man to understand. When you receive Us in Holy Communion, you are united as one with the saints in heaven, the souls in purgatory, and all the souls on earth. Rejoice when you are receiving Us at Mass because you have a taste of heaven with every Holy Communion.”

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, during the summer you see many people taking vacations to view the National Parks at Yellowstone, Niagra Falls, and the Redwood Forests, where you have been. I have given you life, and you can take time to appreciate My many beauties of nature. Even when you take walks at your local parks, it gives you exercize, and you can see the animals in the woods. I have given order to the plants and animals, and I even have given man an opportunity for moral order through My Commandments. Give thanks and praise to Me for arraying all that you see around you in nature, and hopefully peace among all peoples.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen a trade war of tariffs on Chinese imports. China and other countries are charging fees on your imports to their countries, even before the tariffs have been applied. There are large trade deficits because other countries subsidize their manufacturers. The tariffs are being used to equalize the unfair trade practices that have been going on for years. Some countries exploit low wages by near slave labor to make their products cheaper. The tariffs do add to the cost of imports, but they enable your own goods to be able to compete better with slave labor prices. It is better to rely on your own manufactured goods than to buy products from a potential enemy. Socialist or communist countries are not your friends, and buying their goods, enables them to buy more weapons to fight you. Your trade with other countries is getting more complicated with tariffs, and you need to pray for a fair trade that is not one sided.”

Friday, May 31, 2019
(Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, this message is about the sin of abortion. You are defying God in sin twice with an abortion. First, you are killing an innocent, defenseless unborn baby. Second, you are defying God’s plan for the unborn baby’s life in your abortions. Think about what would have happened if St. John the Baptist or Jesus had been aborted. You would not have been saved by my Son’s death on the cross. Every life is important, and people do not have the right to take away God’s plan for any life. When mothers claim they have rights over their own body, they forget that the unborn baby is not part of their body. The baby has different DNA in his or her make-up, and the mother is only providing nourishment for the baby. Because you are aborting so many babies every year, Our Lord is taking away His protection from your storms. You are seeing your punishment for your abortions in all the destruction of your tornadoes and floods. When you are brought to your knees, then you might realize the connection between your sins of abortion, and your punishment in natural disasters. Wake up America, and pray to stop your abortions, or you will face worse disasters.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing the priest consecrate the bread and wine into My Body and Blood at every Mass. For those people, who believe in My Real Presence, coming to daily Mass is an opportunity to see this miracle every day. Receiving Me in Holy Communion is a glorious opportunity to be with Me intimately for a short time. I have allowed miracles of My Eucharist to give evidence to unbelievers that I am truly Present in every Host. Sometimes you see blood appear on the consecrated Host, and other times you can see Blood in or on the cup. Just as I gave proof to My apostles that I truly resurrected by My appearances and eating fish, so I am giving you proof of My Eucharistic Presence. Give praise and thanks to Me that I am with you always in My consecrated Host and the consecrated Wine.”

Thursday, May 30, 2019
(Ascension Thursday)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast of Ascension Thursday is forty days after Easter, and it is My last appearance to My apostles as I rose up into heaven through the clouds. The two angels told My apostles that I would return among the clouds just as I left them. This occurred on Mount Olivet near Bethany. I also told My apostles to stay in Jerusalem because I was sending the Holy Spirit upon them to give them the grace and courage to go out to all the nations and tell My Good News. In ten more days you will be celebrating Pentecost Sunday, or fifty days after Easter. This commemorates when the Holy Spirit came down upon My apostles and disciples in the form of tongues of fire. A great wind came into the Upper Room as the Holy Spirit came upon them. When you receive the sacrament of Confirmation, you receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so all of My faithful are called to spread My Good News. Rejoice in this moment of My Ascension into heaven, as you are all awaiting My return.”

Jesus said: “My people, today in the readings at Mass you read how I ascended into heaven. In the vision you are seeing a stairway to heaven with clouds all around it. This means I am showing you the way to heaven, and I am calling you to holiness so you will be worthy to enter heaven. If you follow My Commandments of loving Me and loving your neighbor as yourself, you will be starting on the first step of this stairway. You also need to repent of your sins and seek My forgiveness. By following the example of My life, you can walk in My footsteps toward heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, some of your people are claiming that it is the global warming that is causing more violent weather. You are seeing some global warming, but this is happening more from a loss of magnetism in your magnetosphere, than just and increase in carbon dioxide. The earth is getting ready for a shift in the poles, and as this happens, your scientists have seen a 15% loss in the strength of your magnetosphere over the last 200 years. The magnetic North is moving 40 miles a year toward Russia. Pray that you can adjust to these changes, as some of these storms are a punishment for your abortion sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, those people, who live in the center of your country, are suffering one storm after another. On your news, you are seeing all the destruction. You are seeing so much rain, that places along your rivers are flooding. Pray for the victims of these storms because some have lost their homes, and some have died. Even your farm crops could suffer losses from too much rain. You are seeing weather changes all over the world because the sun is stronger due to a drop in your protection from your magnetosphere.”

Jesus said: “My people, as your trade war continues with China, your imports will become more expensive. This could increase some inflation as both of your countries will be dealing with tariffs on your imports. Many people were hoping that a trade deal could be worked out, but your talks have not yielded any success in stopping the tariffs. Pray for a fair resolution of your trade problems.”

Jesus said: “My people, the restrictions on North Korea has prompted them to begin more development on short range missiles. Iran also is suffering from trade restrictions so they are enriching uranium to make bombs. Iran is also threatening to damage oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. China is causing problems by claiming the South China Sea as their own. All of these tensions could lead to a war, so pray that such a war can be prevented.”

Jesus said: “My son, you and your prayer group have been dedicated to constant prayer and Adoration of My Eucharist every week. You are celebrating 47 years of your prayer group and I thank you all for your dedication. It is not easy to keep prayer groups and Adoration of My Host going for so many years. This is another sign how I have been guiding all of you to rely on your prayers. I hear all of your petitions every week, and I will help your people in their problems. Continue to carry on your prayer group and thank your prayer group angel, St. Meridia, for guiding you.”

The Holy Spirit said: “I am the Spirit of love, and you can call on Me to help you in all of your daily trials. My son, you call on My help to write your messages, and I give you the words to evangelize the people. You trust in My help with your travels, and you are using My gift of prophesy. All of your people need to call on My gifts, and use them to spread the messages of Jesus. Do not just think of Me only on Pentecost Sunday, because you pray to Me every time you make the Sign of the Cross, and pray the ‘Glory Be’ prayer. Call on Me often to strengthen your faith, much like I gave courage to the apostles.”

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen several large Dozule Crosses that are illuminated with blue and white, and they are located at various refuge places. I want you to research the origins of the Glorious Cross of Dozule in France. Between 1972 and 1978 I appeared 49 times in Dozule, France to Madeleine Aumont. This is about an annunciation of My return, and the construction of the cross is a sign of My coming. Madeleine was given a prayer to recite every day: ‘Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death-His reign is eternal. He comes to triumph over the world and time. Mercy My God, on those who blaspheme You; forgive them for they know not what they do. Mercy My God, for the scandal in the world; deliver them from the spirit of Satan. Mercy My God, on those who run away from you; give them a taste for the Holy Eucharist. Mercy My God, on those who shall come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross. May they find there, peace and joy in God our Savior. Mercy My God, so that your kingdom come, but save us… as there is still time…for the time is near and I AM coming. Amen. Come Lord Jesus, we attend you. Amen.’ It would be good to place this prayer on your cross so people could read it. My Glorious Cross and My luminous cross will protect you and heal you at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of people on a train represents your train of life. Every day you take this train to your next event in your life. Sometimes people have near death experiences, and they can see their lives on a time line. You do not see the time of your death, but you will have a life review when you die. At the time of the Warning, you will have a similar life review, only you will come back into your body to improve your spiritual life. Your train of life will stop at your destination of heaven, hell, or purgatory when you die, and when you have your Warning experience. You can prepare for your Warning and death by coming to frequent Confession at least once a month. You can also take part in Mercy Sunday with your novena and Confession to gain a plenary indulgence for the reparation due for your sins. You would much rather be with Me in heaven and My love, than be in hell with the devil who hates you. Choose to be with Me every day on your life train and you will be worthy to stop off at heaven.”

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, you are fortunate to live in America where you have adequate amounts of food to survive. In the vision you are seeing people with baskets hoping to get enough food for the day to live. In poor countries and some communist countries, the people are having a hard time to find food, and their money is losing value to inflation. Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea are having problems to feed their people. When the government runs everything, it is not efficient in farming to provide enough food for the people. When dictators control things, the people have little control in providing for their needs. Your capitalist system gives incentives to people to provide for their own living expenses. Be thankful for your farmers who have been providing your food at reasonable prices. The farmers sometimes need help with their loans in buying equipment, seed, and fertilizer. It is the large farms that produce the most food, and the smaller farmers struggle the most for their families. Pray for the people all over, that they will be able to find enough food to survive.”

Jesus said: “My people, your asylum laws are being abused by lawyers to circumvent your immigration requirements. Some people try to get on lists to make a legal entry. Others are coming to claim a false asylum, and get released into your country, because you do not have enough facilities to wait for a hearing. These caravans are putting a strain on your hospitals, and aid for people without homes and food. In the vision you are seeing some restraints as razor wire and tall walls to discourage illegal entries. Some immigrants are seeking jobs, but not all of those coming in have skills for working. It is truly a crisis when hundreds of thousands of immigrants are crossing your border each month. Some employers want cheap labor, and some political people desire votes for their candidates. Pray that you can have proper immigration laws to control possible terrorists and drug sellers, who are trying to come into your country illegally.”

Monday, May 27, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, you have been watching the devastation of your tornadoes on Oklahoma and Texas on your televisions. During May you have had 50% more tornadoes than the average for this month. You also are seeing continuous flooding along your rivers from the heavy rains that you have had. I have told you that if you do not stop your abortions of My unborn babies, I would bring more destruction upon your country as a punishment. You are trying to put more restrictions on your abortions in some states, but this will be challenged in your Supreme Court. You are having your Memorial Day parades that honor all the people in your services who have died in your wars. This is good to thank all of those people who died to protect your country. Remember that more unborn babies have been aborted than all of those people who died in your wars. Pray to stop your abortions.”

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, this is another vision of your coming Warning experience. This is also a unique display of how everyone will have their Warning experience all at the same time all over the world. You saw a line of people all climb into their open caskets, because the life review will be the same as when you die. The large difference with the Warning, is that you will come back into your bodies for a second chance to improve your spiritual life. This event will be like a near death experience. During the Warning, your soul body will leave your physical body, and you will be outside of time. I will show everyone their life review with a focus on your unforgiven sins. You will see your judgment and your present destination of heaven, hell, or purgatory. If you do not change, then your final destination will be the same as your first judgment. I will tell you how to change your life, if you want to come to heaven. You will be returned to your physical body to change your life, if you so choose. Many will choose to seek Confession and other faithful will help them in the six weeks after the Warning. If people continue to refuse to love Me and others, and they do not repent of their sins, those people could face hell for all eternity. Come to My Light and love Me, and you could have eternal joy with Me in heaven. Worldly things will pass away, so only strive for heavenly things.”

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I talked about how I chose you to be My faithful. The world will hate you, as they hated Me enough to crucify Me on the cross. The worldly love their own people, but they hate My followers. Just as I was persecuted for telling the truth of loving God and neighbor, so the worldly people, who follow the devil, will persecute you as well. You are getting very close to the Warning and the coming tribulation. When your lives are in danger, I will have your guardian angels lead you to My refuges of protection. In the vision you saw a house that is a refuge, and then you saw shades cover the doors and windows. This was a sign of how your refuge angel, St. Meridia in your case, will place a shield of invisibility over your refuge. Only those people, who believe in God, will have crosses on their foreheads, which will allow them to enter My refuges. The refuge angel will not allow non-believers to enter a refuge ground. This is why it is so important to have your family members converted during the six weeks of conversion after the Warning, or they cannot enter My refuges of protection. Trust in Me and I will provide for your needs.”

Friday, May 24, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you are seeing a refuge with stored hay for horses. The horses will be needed for transportation with carriages if you had an EMP attack. After the coming EMP attack, cars will not work, and electricity will be scarce. This is why I will be calling My faithful to the protection of My refuges. In the first reading St. Paul and St. Barnabus received a decision from the Holy Spirit that the Gentiles did not have to be circumcised to become members of the Church. They then spread this message by letter to the Gentiles. In the Gospel I spoke about loving one another. This word ‘love’ is appropriate as you are here to celebrate the marriage of Megan and Bill on Sunday. Love in marriage of a man and a woman is also the model of Me as the Groom and My Church as the bride. Remember to pray for Brad’s return to good health, as Jeanette and her family will be taking care of his needs. Pray also for the newly weds that they will have a long life together.”

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel (John 15:5) I spoke to the people that I am the Vine and you are the branches. Without Me you are nothing. Those people, who do not love Me, are like the branches that fall and wither. These dead branches will be burned up in the fires of hell. With Me you gain your nourishment both physically and spiritually. It also says in John 6:54 : ‘Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His Blood, you shall not have life in you.’ In both of these readings it is very clear that you are dependent on Me for the life of your soul, and to help you gain heaven. Those people, who choose to be on their own without Me, will die in their sins, and be thrown into the eternal flames of hell. To be with Me in heaven you need to have good fruit of prayers and good deeds. Repent of your sins and seek My forgiveness. Then you will be worthy of coming to Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is very possible that you could have an EMP attack from any of several enemies. You are seeing a new scene where people were riding horses and using carriages drawn by horses. You would be sent back to how you lived in the 1800’s, if you were to suffer an EMP attack. Such an attack would destroy all of your microchips which run your appliances, and it would stop your electricity and your vehicles. This could cause an overnight destruction of your economy, and it could affect your Defense weapons. Your stock market would crash, your banks could not use their computers, and it could even precipitate a crash of your dollar. At My refuges My angels would have a shield of any EMP effect on your solar systems and your appliances. You could use some electricity to run your water pump and your sump pumps. Be grateful that you could come to the protection of My refuges. Pray that your people will be prepared to face such a disaster with some food storage.”

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jesus said: “My son, as you read the travels of St. Paul and St. Barnabus, this reminded you of how you also travel to many places to share My Good News. I have asked all of My faithful to go out to all the nations to share the joy of their faith with others. When you love Me so much, it brings you great hope and joy. My love is contagious, and it is meant to be shared with everyone. When you have Me at your side, you should have no fears, anxieties, or worries. I guide you on your way, and the Holy Spirit inspires you with the words to touch people’s souls with My love. You should be thankful that you have been chosen to share My messages. So go in peace, and I will bless you for being one of My evangelists and prophets.”

Jesus said: “My son, you will soon leave for North Carolina so you can be at Meghan’s wedding. She is the daughter of your wife’s cousin. You have also traveled to Cana in Israel where I had My first miracle of turning water into wine. This was also a wedding that My Blessed Mother and I attended. I have instituted My sacrament of Matrimony so a man and woman can be married with Me as a third partner. Being married in My Church is to be commended, because some couples live together in sin without marriage. Pray for this couple’s wedding, and you could pray to St. Raphael to bless this marriage. Pray for your safe travel as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, this month of May is the peak of your tornado season, and you are seeing some tornadoes in Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. You also are seeing some flooding along the Mississippi River. Even your own Lake Ontario is seeing some high levels from your rain and melting snow. Pray for all the victims of destruction who have lost homes, and some have died.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have had some messages about how your President has had several attempts on his life. You need to pray for your President’s safety. He is involved with a trade dispute with China, and recently he has ordered military assets to the Middle East because of a threat from Iran. Pray for a fair trade deal with China, and pray that there is no war with Iran. You have an armed camp of nuclear weapons, and you do not want many people to be killed in a nuclear war.”

Jesus said: “My people, this black record spinning around on a record player, is a sign of the coming Warning experience. The Warning will be a life review for everyone on earth, all at the same time. You will all come to Me out of your bodies and outside of time. Everyone will see their own life with an emphasis on your unforgiven sins. At the end of your life review, you will see a judgment destination based on your life’s experiences. This will be to heaven, hell, or purgatory, and you will have a taste of what it will be like at your destination. Those people, who see hell, will have a second chance to change their lives when they will return to their bodies. Prepare for the Warning by coming to frequent Confession.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want you to remember My Third Commandment which says you are to honor Me at Mass on Sunday, or the anticipation Mass on Saturday. It is indeed a mortal sin to miss Mass when you could come. Some of My faithful have stopped coming to Mass, and they are not honoring Me and are living in sin. You can come to Confession to have your sins forgiven. Fewer faithful are coming to frequent Confession. Pray for all sinners, and especially for your family members who are not coming to Sunday Mass.”

Jesus said: “My people, Satan is inspiring some evil people to persecute My faithful by burning My churches and shooting people as well. You are also seeing Moslems killing Christians in Arab countries. When My faithful have their lives in danger, I will call My faithful to come to My refuges of safety. Trust in Me when your guardian angels will guide you to My refuges. The angels will make you invisible, so have no fear.”

Jesus said: “My people, after My Resurrection on Easter Sunday, I appeared several times to My apostles to show them My resurrected body. After the forty days you are celebrating My Ascension into heaven. I told My apostles that I had to leave them so I could send the Holy Spirit down upon them. Later on you will be celebrating Pentecost Sunday when the Holy Spirit came over My apostles and disciples with flames of fire. Rejoice in these feasts that will end your Easter Season. You can call on Me and the Holy Spirit at any time to help you with your troubles.”