Prophecy – ISIS in Europe and America

Locutions To The World

May 20, 2015

“ISIS in Europe and America”


I want to speak about ISIS and especially the joining together of terrorist groups.  Their oneness and the extent of their operations give them new power.

This terrorist fire is ready to jump to Europe, which is vulnerable to these arrows of fire because it is so close.  Soon, so very soon, the fires of Middle East violence which have spread to Africa will leap over the Mediterranean Ocean and land in Europe, especially in Italy.

There are no walls to contain these fires and they will find little resistance.  People are not mobilized or joined together for war the way ISIS is.  The gains will be surprising, not just in isolated attacks but there will be the actual presence of ISIS on European soil.

America is kept in the dark.  Much is hidden concerning the full threat from ISIS.  All of this secrecy covers failed policies.  This cover will soon be ripped away.

The ISIS attacks on America will confront the country much more than 9/11.  At that time, Osama Bin Laden was heading a loosely-jointed coalition of terrorists.  The situation has greatly changed, especially in the size, the sophistication and the unity of these forces.