Jesus Christ – Sequence of End Times Events – Prophet John Leary

Prophet John Leary

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing all of these global meetings of your world leaders that are discussing world finances as your basket of reserve currencies, and your global warming issues. These things are all centered around a world government that would take away individual freedoms, and place you into a totalitarian state. Your President is leading your country into the hands of the one world people, who are striving for the North American Union of Canada, America, and Mexico as one entity. This is their plan for a takeover of America, by making you into a socialist or communist country that is completely left of center. This is why your President is taking away any power of your Congress by his executive orders and his made-up regulations, when Congress defies him. You are witnessing this takeover before your eyes, but no one is trying to change your country’s leaning to communist principles. Since your country has turned its back on Me by accepting abortion, gay marriage, and euthanasia in your laws, you will be punished by a takeover by the one world people. Soon you will see these evil ones try to kill all of My believers. This will be when you will have to come to the protection of My refuges. Have trust in Me to protect you from the devil’s followers.”

Monday, November 30, 2015

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing wars and terrorist killings in several nations. You also are seeing lives lost in strong storms of wind, rain, and snow. The forces of evil are all around you, but I will not allow major threats to your lives until after My Warning. Once people have had a chance to seek My forgiveness of their sins after the Warning, then I will allow the evil ones to have their hour of persecuting Christians. This will give My people a need to come to the protection of My refuges, where My angels will defend you. Keep faithful to My Commandments, and you will be rewarded in My Era of Peace whether you are martyred or not.”

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel, even My apostles were asking Me when I would be returning to the earth. This curiosity of the time of My return has had people concerned for many years. It is not important to know the times appointed by My Father, but it is important to remain faithful to My Commandments. I told My apostles that I would return on the clouds, just as I left them, when I ascended into heaven. I have given you signs in the Scriptures when you will see famine, earthquakes, and pestilence. I have even given you a sequence of events that would start with My Warning, and six weeks after for the conversion of sinners. Then you will see a man-made famine, a division in My Church, and a martial law from bankruptcy, pandemic virus, and terrorist events. This would be followed by mandatory chips in the body. All of these things would lead up to the tribulation of the Antichrist. His reign will be less than 3½ years for the sake of My elect. Then I will bring My victory over the evil ones with My Comet of Chastisement. During the tribulation, I will have your angels lead you to places of refuge, where you will be protected by a shield of invisibility. Before the comet kills two-thirds of humanity, I will raise My faithful up into the air so you are not killed by the comet. The evil ones will be cast into hell, and I will renew the earth. I will then bring My faithful down into My Era of Peace as your reward. Later, you will be prepared to come into heaven. Rejoice, because you know the end of the story, and I will be victorious over the evil ones. So do not be afraid, but trust in My protection.”

Friday, November 20, 2015

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I made some whips and I threw the money changers out of the Temple because My house is a house of prayer, and the money changers made it into a den of thieves. You will be seeing organizations like the World Council of Churches trying to force communist infiltration into your churches. You even have masons infested in My Roman Catholic Church. I have told you before that there will first be a division in My Church between the schismatic church and My faithful remnant. The schismatic church will teach New Age doctrine and that the sexual sins are no longer mortal sins. The second attack will be from your own government as well as terrorist attacks to burn your churches. The persecution of Christians by Muslim jihadists will continue into America. There are many terrorist cells in America waiting to attack the infidels. Once you see martial law and mandatory chips in the body, you will be well on your way to My places of refuge for your protection by My angels. As you see the current number of terrorist attacks, more fear and chaos could result. Do not fear these evil ones, but be ready to come to My refuges when I give you the notice to come. Trust in Me to protect you as I have promised.”

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jesus said: “My people, your security forces in all of your countries may have to go on full alert and even start preemptive actions against terrorist groups that could kill more people. You will soon be in a state of war against any jihad Moslem attacks. If more attacks continue, you could see how much your safe havens will be needed when chaos could threaten your food, water, and electricity. The one world people want to precipitate more threatening attacks so they could have an excuse to start martial law. Be ready soon to leave for My refuges when chaos will cause riots in your streets.”