Words of Our Lady – Being a Person of Conviction

Rosie the Riveter

Locutions To The World

March 10, 2012
The Person of Conviction


When someone listens to God’s voice, they walk a different road.  They do not allow themselves to be moved to the right or the left.  They seek to follow only God’s voice.  They speak with others to gain advice.  They put themselves under obedience to their director.  They practice the virtues, all for one goal.  They want to obey God.

The greatest gift is to have a heart that wants only to obey God.  During persecutions, the person will not swerve from the true path.  Even in the greatest difficulties, the person will not compromise their principles.  They stand firm and act according to their convictions.

No Strength of Will

How different is this person from those who listen to a world which does not care about truth.  The world lives by expediency.  The world does not seek the light because the darkness serves it well.  Confusion and chaos dominate the world because people have set aside their convictions and the strength of will to put their belief into practice.

A Person of Conviction

Let me speak about the person of conviction.  I can use that person.  I can lift up that person to a high position because I can trust the person. He/she will not sell me out.  A person of conviction cannot be bought or intimidated.  They stand firm and others know that the person will not go back on their word.

O reader, I am talking about truths that are easy to understand.  I am speaking about earthly realities that are so evident.  Yet, being a person of truth and fidelity to your convictions is also a heavenly reality.  When I see a person who follows the world in the spirit of expediency, I never give that person my gifts.  These favors would be tossed overboard, jettisoned at the first opportune moment.  The person of expediency always finds something else that suits them better.  When I see a person of conviction, I give that person a gift.  As they are faithful, I give another gift and yet another.  As they are fruitful in small things,  I give greater gifts.  If they continue to be faithful, I trust them with all of my treasures and they bless the whole world.

That person can be you.  Start now.  Hold on to your convictions.  Live by what you believe.  Don’t be influenced by others who would steal your ideals and leave you wounded by the wayside.  I cannot be too strong on this.  That person totally blessed by me, can be you.  I want it to be you.