A Blessing For Famine – A Spoonful of Honey and Some Nuts for Daily Nourishment

In preparing the page, “Heaven’s Medicinal Plants,” for the coming plagues and famine, for this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, I came across two comments that I thought were important enough to post on their own merit.

The first is a comment from the chosen soul, Luz De Maria (http://www.revelacionesmarianas.com/english.htm), about blessing contaminated food. The second comment is a private message from Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to Luz De Maria about daily nourishment for the body during famine.

Also, I want to share my page, “Practical Advice and Guidance,” which I periodically update. I try to make the information provided as current and as relevant as possible.

I hope this post is useful to folks. God bless!


Comment from Luz De María

“He has told us that if we bless the foods that are contaminated – maintaining a lot of faith of course – they will not harm us.”

Heaven will not abandon the Faithful children. This is why Heaven has given recommendations to deal with the contamination of foods, especially for those who live in places where the vast majority of the food is contaminated.

Private Message From Our Lord Jesus Christ To Luz De María

“Beloved daughter, a spoonful of honey and some nuts will be enough nourishment for the survival of the body; they provide what is necessary for all organs to function properly. Mention this to My children so it will be a blessing for them in times of famine.”

Blessed Virgin Mary – The tutelage of My Heart is now yours – The bridge of Holy Love is the bridge to salvation

Holy Love Ministry

January 31, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“The tutelage of My Heart is now yours. The bridge between Heaven and earth is Holy Love. It passes between man’s free will and the Divine Will of the Father. In order to find the way across this bridge, souls must carry the Flame of My Heart as their beacon. This Flame continually enlightens the soul as to the ways he is slipping from the hallowed bridge of Holy Love. No one crosses the bridge into the Will of the Father without this Flame.”

“The bridge of Holy Love spans the abyss of error, confusion, compromised Truth and abuse of authority. All of these and every sin or fault prevents the soul from union with the Divine Will.”

“No one can reach salvation outside of God’s Will. Therefore, the bridge of Holy Love is the bridge to salvation.”

Two Messages from 2011

April 18, 2011

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Once again I come to draw attention to the unenviable state of the heart of the world. Mankind no longer holds allegiance to the Ten Commandments. Rather, he seeks after the commodities of the world, power and reputation. In doing so, he embraces errors and sin and has widened the abyss between his heart and the Divine Will of My Father.”

“Here at this site I have given many graces to draw mankind back onto the path of righteousness. These Messages are the bridge which spans the abyss between Heaven and earth, for the Messages lead souls in Holy and Divine Love. Some readily set foot upon this bridge. Others foolishly hold back saying – the bridge may not be trustworthy or the right people may not approve.”

“The bridge of Holy and Divine Love is here before you. I have constructed it for you with each word of every Message. It is sound and safe. I, your Jesus, call you upon it. The more souls who accept My invitation to traverse this bridge, the stronger the bridge becomes, and the narrower the abyss between man’s heart and the Heart of the Divine Will.”

“Do not hold back, I tell you. Do not! Those upon this Bridge of Love will not experience the upheavals of land or sea but will be supported by My Hand. Once upon this bridge, do not look back but only move ahead in Holy and Divine Love. My Mother travels the bridge with you.”

“The way to traverse the bridge is to live the Messages of Holy and Divine Love.”

April 19, 2011

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“These days some make the focus of their spirituality – survival in the future. They store up goods, plan places of hiding or retreat, and do none of this in moderation. I am not opposed to prudence. I am opposed to hoarding, which is disordered self-love; but your spiritual efforts must be focused on Holy Love in your hearts. Everything else will, and should, follow after.”

“I desire your hearts be temples of My Confidence. If you rely on your own efforts and seek after your own welfare in this life, I cannot speak to your heart or confide to you My plans. Those who trust too much in themselves I withdraw from, and leave them to their own devices.”

“I call you to set foot upon the bridge between Heaven and earth which has been constructed with these Messages of Holy and Divine Love. You will not falter so long as you continue to live the Messages; nor shall you be anxious or in fear.”

“Be prudent and wise in the ways you spend each present moment. It will never return. The Divine Will of My Father abides in every present moment.”

Read Matthew 6:19-21 and Matthew 6:25-34.

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