The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and Locutions To The World

Locutions To The World

COMMENT (by a soul): The following are a few locutions that are good to ponder in light of the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election this November 2016. Let us hope and pray that the American people elect a man who strives to walk in the ways of God. God bless!

February 20, 2012
Satan’s Drama


A director does not begin the first act of his drama unless the script is totally written and all the actors are trained to play their parts.  Once the drama begins, the other acts must follow.

The opening act of Satan’s drama was the Egyptian uprising.  All the other Mideast violence is the introductory act, which takes place in front of the curtain.  When this opening act is finished, then the curtain will open and the whole world will see the fullness of the stage. So, the uprising in Egypt is more than just a first act.  It is a signal that Satan’s drama has begun.

The Drama’s Conclusion

What is the conclusion of his drama?  Is there any doubt?  He wants to turn earth into a hell, the whole earth, not just the Middle East.  Satan wants to cast his fire upon the earth before I can cast my fire.

He does not know, however, that I intend to destroy his story, to send people onto his stage that would change the plot so he does not succeed.  If his drama is allowed to unfold according to his time table, more and more of the world will be destroyed.  The world does not see these Middle East events for what they are.  The world thinks they are passing events (just like what went before) because Satan has not yet pulled back the curtain and revealed the whole stage.  When it is pulled back, the world will see these events as much more serious than they could ever understand.

November 10, 2012
The Election Day Decision


There are steps that a nation takes to become blessed and steps which it takes to lose its greatness. These are the choices and decisions, made at many different times. However, at some moments, there are key decisions, turning points when a nation can choose either direction, like a person standing at a crossroad.

America stood at the crossroad on election day and chose the path of deep darkness. It will plunge now into that darkness. There is nothing to hold it back. There are no more restraints. They have chosen a political party which openly denounced my commandments and trampled on my laws. They have said, “This is the party of our choice”. If that is the party of your choice, then you must go where that party takes you.


People stumble and fall but they are able to get up and start again. However, when people choose a direction, they will continue in that way unless there is a change of heart and a change of mind. “We have made a mistake. We must turn around.” America, you cannot turn around. You have held an election. The candidates will be placed in their offices. They will be your leaders. You will go where they take you. You have given them their mandate. I will save the little ones, those who come to me and those who do not agree with this direction. These I can save. The country itself must follow its leaders.

November 12, 2012
America’s Place in God’s Heart


Yet, my hand remains upon America, my hand of blessing and protection for all those moments of kindness and thoughtfulness, past and future, which flow from her generosity. America is my only hope in a world that will be plunged into great darkness. America has always held a special place in my heart and I am not about to displace her with another. She is my love, chosen from the beginning of her birth as a nation. Would I abandon one whom I have chosen? Would I set aside my first born? I banish such thoughts from my mind.

I will work with America. In the day of her darkness, I will not abandon her. In the days that she turns away from me, I will not cut her off or reject her. I will await her. I will await her return and she will once more embrace her Maker, as she did in the beginning. The ties are too great, too strong, too long lasting to be shredded in these moments of her foolishness.


Now, I must bring this teaching to a close. America, you have been a foolish child, rejecting your heritage and being led to a pasture where you will feed upon poisonous herbs. Such will be your fate until your sickness grows and you are near to death. But I will not let go of you, nor will I allow the wolves to devour you. Yes, those wolves who would steal your greatness and leave you lying half-dead by the roadside, are at your door. I will come, like the Good Samaritan when you are deeply wounded. I will care for you and nurse you back to health. All of this will be in time for you to fulfill the great destiny for which you were founded.

America, you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.

April 25, 2014
President Obama’s Ideology


All of these destructive events should not be happening this quickly.  The timetable has been moved up because America has withdrawn from the world scene.  All of this is due to the ideology placed deeply in the heart of President Obama.  He rejects my plan for America.  I blessed America so it would be strong and dominant and be a light to the nations and assume the role of a watchman.

He rejects my plans because of an ideology placed in his heart as a youth.  For him, American dominance is the problem.  For him, America has to be lowered in stature and become just an equal among other nations.  This totally contradicts my plans for world peace.  His actions show that American withdrawal allows the seeds of violence to grow unchecked.

America has elected a president whose heart is totally against all that I raised up America to be. So, I will not protect him, I will not support him.  Except when America’s good is at stake, I will allow him to walk his own path.  He will not have my blessings or my protections.  He is on more dangerous ground that he can ever imagine.

June 2, 2014
Our Lady’s Three Sorrows (Special Locution)


I have three sorrows.  The first is President Obama.  It is not that he has turned away from me because he has never really known me or claimed to be my son.  He is my sorrow because he has such great power and controls so many people by evil.  They rejoice in their evil and he protects the evil for them.  He is their great advocate and they see him as safeguarding their evil.  Because he controls so many, he is my great sorrow.

His hands clutch many things, but I will beat upon his hands and loosen his grasp.  He will not possess great power.  I will do this through the scandals.  There will be more and greater scandals.  In trying to extricate himself, he will only get more entangled.

My second sorrow is the growth of terrorism.  In this release of five prisoners, the terrorists see a victory.  Terrorism grows because America has withdrawn from the fight.  To fight terrorism comes with a high price but there will be a higher price to pay if its advance is not stopped.  Now, no real fight is being waged.  The terrorists have free access and no fear of America.

My third sorrow is the Church and my enemies within the Church who constantly refuse to accept me as the Woman Clothed With the Sun.  They deny me my rightful place, even though they profess to be my sons.  They are depriving my Church of the full light and causing it to operate in semi-darkness.

July 1, 2014
A New Day for America


Many do not see it, but the first rays are appearing on the horizon. I am speaking of a new day for America, a surprising gift coming from my Immaculate Heart. This moment has already begun as I strip President Obama of his power and the darkness which he has cast over America.

But there is much, much more.

As the hold of darkness is loosened, a new light will arise in America, a surprising return to its religious stream. Already the beginning waters have come and the beginning light has dawned. I speak so that the signs of this new day will be understood. People must know and respond. The churches must be ready. I will speak quickly to each group.

I want political leaders who totally protect the lives of the unborn. If this is not on your agenda, then I will not use you for the new light.

I want priests to pray with their people. Why are your churches closed all day? Should you not be there with your people, adoring the Blessed Sacrament?

I want people who respond to my initiatives. I am pushing back the darkness so you have a freedom but you must use this freedom to bring about a new day when the purified Church is again exalted in people’s hearts. There is much more to say.

May 5, 2015
Splintering and Dividing


Without this unity of faith, the future of America will be filed with splintering and dividing.  People will seek unity in the constitution, laws and elections, the usual means of oneness.  These will not be able to overcome the powers of division that lie hidden in the soul of America and will begin to come forth.

Why do these forces arise now?  This is Satan’s plan.  A divided America cannot fulfill its role of gathering the nations.  Adequate responses will not be made to world problems.  All will realize America’s inner weaknesses.

All these evils are but a preparation for the events that will erupt from within.  So many economic safeguards have been ignored.  So many problems that cried out for attention have been overlooked.  These problems will unite, place more pressure upon the fragile unity and lead to more outcries that will accelerate the divisions.

This is not a pretty picture and it has not yet come forth.  Leaders will arise who will try to deal with these problems.  Some will love America and honestly try to bring solutions.  Others will just use this situation for their own political gains, exploiting the problems and not alleviating them. With their rhetoric, they will attract many and will complicate the divisions.

Forces will go in so many different directions.  Circumstances will add to the problems and hasten division.  America will find itself where it never thought it could be – a divided country seeking to regain its unity.

I am not speaking here of a total break nor a lack of continuity with the past.  I am speaking of the future storms which America will face.  O America, choose your leaders wisely.  Place your country in the hands of those who will protect its unity and who are willing to sacrifice political expediency for the true future good.

July 21, 2015
Divisions But No Divorce


God’s wisdom spreads a table. Happy are those who eat from it. If you eat from it, you will not be deceived by appearances. The hidden, inner fabric of America is being torn apart.

Divisions will suddenly appear which no one and no political party can pull together. All will happen right before your eyes, recorded by every possible television camera and broadcast for all the world to see.

Your Supreme Court has released division. It has divided those who love life from those who would kill life. It has divided those who cherish marriage and those who would change its very nature. Divisions exist in every area of American life. A nation that used to be “One from many” has become a nation that is “many but not one.” All of your horses are pulling away, each going in different directions.

Your Constitution will be sorely tested. However, for now, I will not let you fall into political chaos because many call upon my name and I remember the great service you have given to the world. The results of these divisions will be the realization that the Constitution does not guarantee unity. America’s unity lies in a people who openly declare that they are “one nation under God.” However, many Americans want to divorce their country from God. Listen to my words. No matter what happens.

No matter what divisions arise. No matter that your Constitution sways in the political winds. No matter what elements arise trying to pull America away from God, I will never allow a divorce. I will never allow any force to sever the bonds that I made with your forefathers.

America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me. I will never allow you to join the other nations that gained their divorce. This is totally my choice and my gift. From this, you will receive many divine blessings, even during these years of your faithlessness.