God the Father – The Warning must come now – satan is about to destroy all your earth – Jesus Christ – My Father is confirming that it is very, very close – Please get to Confession

Holy Family Refuge Messages

“Come Holy Spirit with St. Michael and all of Heaven to protect God’s words to me”

March 16, 2016 @ 3:00 pm

My beloved son this is your Jesus of love and mercy.  You and all of your world are about to see the biggest shakeup that the world has ever experienced.  My Mother and I have warned all of Our children for years now and very few have listened.  Very few want to listen to what My Mother and I are telling them.  The time has come and My Father is confirming that it is very, very close.

The Warning has to come now because of all that the one world people have already planned and are already being enforced.   Be ready to see your souls the way that My Father and I see them.  Please get to Confession this Lent, and there is not much time left before Easter.  Divine Mercy Sunday is very near and your Pope has declared this Divine Mercy Year of 2016.  I am telling all My children through all My messengers that you must be ready to see My God and your God face to face.

Do you remember when you did something wrong as a child and your father or mother had to correct you in a very harsh way for disobeying them because they loved you and what you did was bad for your soul and the health of your body.  You are about to see God the Father correct all of His children at the same time because they have done many things wrong that were bad for their soul and body and also could take them to hell for all eternity.  He has no choice any longer but to act now like your parents had to act to save your soul and your body from much more danger.  If He does not correct His children now, millions upon millions will die in the world and many more would lose their soul if it was not for this special grace and Warning to wake up the people of the world.

Many do not even know that they are living in mortal and deadly sin that could take them to hell for all eternity if not corrected by their God now.  He will now show you your soul in all the ways that you are hurting your God from all the sins of the flesh such as abortion, living together as man and man, and woman and woman, and man and woman who are not married.  Most of My Father’s children have forgotten the Ten Commandments.  Your world has dropped about all of them except less than ten percent of My children.

This special blessing is about to be given by My Father and yours so you can repent and ask forgiveness from your heart so you can be in Heaven some day with all of the happiness, love, and joy that He intended for all of His beloved children.  This message is very serious and critical for your souls so they are not in the burning fires of hell for all eternity and are in the loving embrace of Heaven for all eternity.

(God the Father) My beloved children, I God the Father have given you all the time that I can to ask forgiveness.  Satan is about to destroy all your earth so the Warning must come now.  You must repent and ask forgiveness now before the Warning so you are able to even face your God during the Warning.  All My remnant prayer warriors who are still praying please, please pray for all of God’s children who I love so much that I gave up My most beloved Son on the cross to save all your souls.  Every one of My children are forgivable, but you must ask forgiveness from your heart and stop sinning and start following the Ten Commandments.

(Jesus) I forgave the good thief on My right when I was on the cross because he asked forgiveness.  The one on the left would not ask forgiveness because of his hardness of heart.  Please ask forgiveness.  Love God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This Warning is My love and gift to My children.  Please take it seriously; it is real and it is serious.  Please look at your world and see what satan and sin have done to your world and families.  Amen.

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