Blessed Virgin Mary – “The world has now reached the point of no return …” – End Times Daily (Ned Dougherty)

End Times Daily (Ned Dougherty)

April 2, 2016

Holy Family Church, Glendale, CA at 9:35am

Our Lady of Light

My dear son,

I ask all of you as my children – and as well, as my brothers and sisters – that you now devote your journey to the return to your heavenly home through the Divine Mercy of your Lord and Saviour, My Son, the Redeemer of all humanity, for it is only through the Son of the Father that eternal happiness will be fulfilled.

The world has now reached the point of no return from the End Times events that have been prophesied to humanity since the ancient times. Just as my Son had to come to all of you in those times, he now comes to humanity to intervene in the affairs of mankind, because the enemy of all that is good has so corrupted mankind that only the direct intervention of the Father in Heaven though the Son, as Redeemer, can now save mankind from your own destruction.

Surely it is apparent to all of you now that you are deep within the End Times events as prophesied that indicates to you that the end of the darkness of the evil one as well as the beginning of the New Era for mankind is now near at hand.

This is a time for mankind that calls for the Divine Mercy of My Son, your Lord and Saviour, for all of you who seek the Kingdom of Heaven. Let me say once again that it is only though My Son that the promise of Heaven is yours, if you remain a faithful follower of your Saviour and Redeemer. Thanks be to God!

Know then that you can no longer rely on the promises of mere mortals, who pretend to be your leaders in this secular world, as well as in the spiritual world, for the evil one’s demonic slaves and minions are now waging the final war in both worlds to capture souls for the dark one’s plan, which is to destroy all of God’s chosen ones.

I must reiterate then that you must turn only to Jesus Christ, as your Lord and Saviour in these End Times. No mere mortals should now stand in your way to turn yourselves over to the Divine Mercy of your Lord and Saviour, for only He can provide the mercy and the spiritual gifts that you will require to make the journey to return to the Heavenly Paradise that the Father in Heaven always intended as your eternal home.

Do not deter from your journey by following your world leaders or dispensing your energy, seeking newly elected leaders to change the course of events for mankind. Mere mortal leaders have always disappointed you in the past and they will disappoint you in the future, for the times of the secular leaders to make a difference in your world has come and gone, and the world leaders who turned themselves away from your Lord and Saviour through their hubris and greed for power will no longer have their way with humanity, for now all of humanity will awaken from the deep sleep imposed upon you by satan and his minions.

Now is the time that the Light of the Saviour will shine upon mankind and expose the dark ones and his minions to the followers of my Son, Jesus Christ. When the Truth becomes truly known to all of you, you will recognize that only through My Son’s Divine Mercy for His children will all of you be saved from the evil one.

If you do as I say, your journey will be fulfilled through the power of the Holy Spirit and eternal happiness in Heaven shall be your reward.

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 8:50am

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Locutions To The World

August 12, 2011
The Egyptian Uprising


The First Scene of Satan’s Drama (and the point of no return)

With the Egyptian uprising (January 2011), the events of darkness have passed the point of no return. The great confrontation between the devil and the Woman has begun. People do not grasp that events have entered a new stage. They think these are just a new level of the old problems. January 2011 was the point of no return because Satan decided to begin his drama.

The Egyptian uprising has meant that Israel has lost some layers of protection. Israel knows that it is endangered more than before. So, the drama has begun. Satan has sent out the first actors in front of the curtain to begin the show. Soon the curtain will pull back and everything will begin in its fullness.

No director begins the first scene unless he intends to follow it with all of the other scenes. No director begins a show unless the script has been written and well rehearsed. No director begins a show unless all the actors are on hand, especially the most important ones.

Yes, they are all on hand and after this opening scene of the disruptions in the Middle East, the curtain will rise and Satan will introduce his important actors.

These will move the script along and lead up to the main actor. All the important action will wait for his arrival on the scene. When he comes, I will point him out to you, even giving you signs ahead of time.

You will identify all these actors and note how they are reading the script and bringing about the story. All will be clear through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. One after another they will come upon the scene but only when the most important actor arrives will the full power of darkness be seen and manifest.

March 7, 2012
Marrying the Wrong Husband


Am I powerless?  Need I stay out of the coming event that will shape the world?  Can I not intervene?  I will not stay on the sidelines while the fate of the world is being written and when mankind is about to take a turn toward destruction.

Brink of Destruction

That is the state of the world.  It is on the brink of destruction.  The powers of destruction lie in the hands of those who are controlled by Satan.  All of this is new.  The level of destructive power has never been this high.  The extent of these powers has never been so broad.

The usual response to these destructive powers has been force.  Yet, what force can be used?  Would not the retaliatory force also play into Satan’s hand?  Killing is his goal and suffering is a sign of his presence.

Day after day, Satan’s works go on.  He puts his plan into action, stirring more and more hearts in his flame of anger.  Look at the Middle East.  It is aflame with the satanic fires and this is only the opening act, taking place in front of the curtain.  Wait until he pulls back the curtain and unveils more of his plan.

Satan’s Drama Unfolds

The longer I am not invoked, the longer his drama is allowed to unfold.  The more he can place his people on the world stage, armed with his destructive powers and enlightened with his Satanic darkness, the more the world will be shaped in Satan’s image and likeness, the gruesome image of death.

O world when will you turn to me, the Woman clothed in the Sun?  I am speaking to you now, while it is just his first act and this deadly drama has only begun.  I will say it again.

The uprising in northern Africa and in the Middle East are only the opening scene, to give you a preview of what is to come.  This is not a musical or comedy.  The director has already introduced you to the drama’s theme and purpose.  The theme is violence, unrest, hatred and destruction.  Through the people who he controls, Satan wants to rule earth.

The Prince of Peace

One day, I brought forth a child.  He is the Prince of Peace.  He is the true Lord of Lords.  He is the King, a loving and gentle King, who wants only life for you. Foolishly, you have set him aside.  You thought you did not need him.  You called yourselves secular.  You declared a separation of earth from heaven.  You have gotten your separation papers because heaven only comes when it is invited.  However, hell comes whenever it chooses.

You have separated from heaven and you are now joined to hell.  I will say this clearly.  You are engaged to hell and if you keep going, Satan will become your bridegroom and you will have married the wrong husband.

I cannot allow this to happen.  I will act quickly.  I will save those who can be saved.  I can no longer be a gentle mother.  A fire is burning and I must save my children.

June 19, 2012
A Point of No Return


No one knows what lies in the future. These secrets are held in the Father’s heart. He sees these future events but he does not determine them. He allows human history to flow from human hearts and human decisions. This is the way it has been since the beginning, even though the original choices of man were sinful and led the human race away from God.  At times, God was tempted to wipe man off the face of the earth and to begin again, but, time and again, he has accepted my pleas for divine mercy.

Now, we arrive again at that stage when sinfulness has brought the human race to a turning point. Will it be a point of no return, from which the human race will never free itself, or, will it be a last minute victory, a surprising victory over the forces of evil. What will this year hold? This is a vital question. The decisions made this year will affect mankind for decades.

Watershed Moments

There are watershed moments, when contending forces reach their peak. One wins and the other loses. One dominates and the other loses all his power. One claims victory and the other must surrender in defeat. Sometimes, the difference between victory and defeat is very small and, with a little more effort, the victory could have been won. These are all the variables in what is taking place and going to take place.

What will happen? The question is still to be answered, but day by day, the options to victory narrow. The human race is losing time and is running out of opportunities. These must be a massive reversal, a world-wide return to God. This is beyond the power of man. A worldwide return is totally a gift from heaven, a new moment and a new opportunity. I promise to give the human race this moment when the light of God fills every heart and each person has the chance to again choose the light. Do not just wait for that moment. Prepare for it. Set aside the things of darkness in your life. Right now I call you into new light.