Jesus Christ – Do not be afraid to stand up for righteousness – Your courage is My Courage

Holy Love Ministry

May 3, 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“When I take up My Reign in every heart, you will have peace in the world. Until then, many events must unfold by nature of My Justice. Be patient, as only the Father knows the time of every event. It is through the grace of My Mother’s Heart you will endure. During these times you see many sins all around you. Morals have changed and there is a general hedonistic atmosphere throughout the world. There is little regard for the Commandments. In fact, it has become a right not to have the Commandments displayed in certain situations. All of this, is a reflection of the convoluted Truth that is in hearts.”

“By your prayers, sacrifices and courageous example you can help to reverse this destructive trend. Do not be afraid to stand up for righteousness. Your courage is My Courage and will be rewarded.”

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