Most Holy Trinity – “Your country and world are about to crumble – It will see a big collapse just before the Warning to wake My children up without killing them so they will take the Warning seriously”

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Come Holy Spirit, God the Father, the Son, and St. Michael with all of Heaven
Friday, May 20, 2016 @ 3:00 am

My beloved son this is the Trinity, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Yes, you have been awake the last three hours for a reason, praying.  Many things are happening in your world at this time.  Satan always works the hardest from midnight till 4 am.  He hates the three o’clock hour for that is when I died on the cross and he was defeated when he thought he got rid of Me, your God and his God, that he betrayed.

Your country and world are about to crumble.  It will see a big collapse just before the Warning to wake My children up without killing them so they will take the Warning seriously.  This will be the last chance that many of My children will have to save their souls.  A short time after the Warning, satan and the antichrist will start forcing the chip into My children.  You will be killed if you refuse it or made into a slave if you take it.  I warn you again, do not take the chip or it will be the death of your soul.  Go to the refuges because I your God will warn you before satan has time to get to you and My children.  I will warn you from within your heart and soul and tell you where to go to be protected and you will have no doubt that it is I, your God.

It will be an interior Warning just like I gave St. Joseph to get My Mother Mary and me out of town so Herod would not kill Her little Jesus.  The past always repeats itself.  I, your God, never change.  I am all love and mercy and I give My children every chance I can to save their souls.  I will shake the whole world up first before the Warning without very many people dying to save most of My children if they listen.  My children, these messages are real and you are living Revelations at this very moment.  Believe and do not doubt like St. Thomas did for it could mean the life of your soul.  Expect major changes in the whole world very soon and be ready to move to the refuges.  Love, the Holy Trinity.

Yes, My son, the picture of the Holy Trinity that I asked you to have painted should go to as many refuges as possible.  I will help you get them there.  It has caused you much suffering.  Pray, trust and believe; no doubting, like St. Thomas.  And, yes, My son, many of My remnant souls are suffering for all the people being killed by satan’s terrorists to help save their souls from hell.  Love, the Trinity. 3:30 am.