Instructions – How To Translate This Blog Into 90 Languages – MaryRefugeOfHolyLove

If your internet browser does not automatically translate websites for you, there are TWO Methods to manually translate this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, into the 90 possible language choices by Google.  I provide two methods because sometimes one method works better than the other one.  This posting will explain how to do both methods.

(5/28/17–Added METHOD #3 at the end of this posting).


STEP ONE – On the homepage,, you will see below the black menu, on the right-hand column, a translator feature (see image below).  Left-click with your mouse on the upside down triangle (as indicated by the arrow) to select a language.

STEP TWO – A chart will appear with 90 language choices.  Left-click with your mouse on your language choice.  It will highlight in a blue color (as indicated by the arrow).

STEP THREE – At the top of the screen, Google will automatically translate the homepage into your language choice (see image).

NOTE: Sometimes using this Method #1 does not translate every webpage or every link.  If this first method does not work for you, then try Method #2.


STEP ONE – I created a blog page that will assist you in manually translating the webpages of this blog.  You can go to this blog page by either 1) selecting “TRANSLATE THIS BLOG” under the drop-down menu of the home tab in the black menu (see yellow arrows) OR, 2) you can type the blog address: (see second image below).

STEP TWO – On this blog page, you will see a picture of the Blessed Mother in yellow and hyperlinks to 56 language choices.  If you do not see your native language, it is alright.  Just select another language and when the website is translated, you will be able to change it into the 90 languages by Google.  See images below.

STEP THREE – Once you have left-clicked with your mouse on a language choice, the webpage will be translated by Google.  It will look like the two images below when fully translated.  The examples are in French.


As the above image shows, on the homepage, there is a link to the blog page that has instructions on how to translate the downloadable documents on this blog.  Sometimes, this blog page does not translate using Method #1.  If you encounter any untranslated blog pages or untranslated links, use Method #2.

I was able to successfully translate the blog page with the instructions for the downloadable documents from English into French (see images below), so I believe Method #2 will work for any language for any blog page.

Hope this posting helps people. God bless!

***ADDED 5/28/17***

NOTE: I remembered a third method for translating this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove.  So, here is Method #3 for people to try.  God bless!


STEP ONE – Go to the website for Google Translate – (see image below):

STEP TWO – Type in the first empty box the website address for (see circle).  Also, make sure that it is left on the default “Detect Language” (see arrow):

STEP THREE – The second empty box will self-populate with the blog address.  Next, select your language by left-clicking with your mouse on the upside down triangle (see red arrow pointing at red circle).

STEP FOUR – A chart with 90 language choices will appear on the screen.  Choose your language by left-clicking on it with your mouse.  See image below.

STEP FIVE – The language that you chose on the chart will appear next to the blue translate button (see red circle).  If correct, then left-click with your mouse on the blue button “Translate” (see red arrow).

STEP SIX – Google Translate will automatically translate this blog into your language.  I chose Hindi and it will look like the next two images when translated correctly.

STEP SEVEN – You may get a warning message at the top of your screen about an unsecured connection.  It is a standard warning and it is alright to “Dismiss” (see red circle).

Hope this helps people.  God bless!