Vatican reportedly working on “Ecumenical Rite of Mass” for joint worship with Protestants

The coming abomination of desolation. A moment of silence at what is supposed to be the time of Consecration of The Holy Eucharist by the priest during the Holy Mass. Instead of pronouncing the holy words with his hands over the Sacred Host invoking The Holy Spirit, the priest remains silent with his hands folded together on the altar table and smiles wickedly at the congregation.

This is what I witnessed in body and soul in 2011 when I saw the abomination of desolation at Holy Mass and immediately fled the church building. I never revealed what I saw before–all I said in Chapter 14 of my free ebook in 2012 and in my special commentary in August 2016 was that I saw it, but I never described what I actually saw to anyone.

(See my special commentary in August 2016 where I mention the abomination of desolation:

This is pure evil.

–a soul

Veritas Vincit: The Truth Shall Prevail

pope francis with lutheran leaderPope Francis meets with Rev. Jens-Martin Kruse at Rome’s Evangelical Lutheran Church on Nov. 15 2016

Italian journalist and Vatican expert Marco Tosatti has reported that Pope Francis has formed a top-secret commission tasked with implementing a new kind of “mass” that is acceptable to Catholics, Lutherans and Anglicans.

The commission consists of representatives from all three denominations, all bound to secrecy.

The journalist, who is well known in Italy for his accurate reporting of all things happening in the Vatican, has said that while this news is merely a “rumor” at this point, his “sources are usually good.”

According to his sources, the commission is finding little difficulty in finding common ground in the “liturgy of the word”.  Tosatti reports: “After the confession of sins, asking for forgiveness, and reciting the Gloria, there would be the readings and the Gospel.”

He also said that the commission is allegedly studying…

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