PART TWO – Understanding the Big Picture / Blessed Virgin Mary – “Pray for Francis the First”

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End Times Daily
Messages Given To Ned Dougherty

May 2, 2015 at 11:55pm

Los Angeles, California, USA

Our Lady Queen of Heaven

I come to you at this late hour as the Queen of Heaven, and especially at this time under the title of Queen of Heaven, because this is the month of May, when we celebrate my position as the Mother of God and as the Queen of Heaven, but I wear this title in all humility before you, my children, because of the responsibility that I have to all of you to assist in your salvation, that is each and every one of you, who are my children, as well as my brothers and sisters here on Earth.

In this month of May, I want you to petition your prayers to be raised up to Heaven, especially to the Father in Heaven to bring His power and His almighty influence to guide the Pontiff in Rome in these perilous times.

As you know, my son, this message to you has been fraught with peril, because of the demonic influences that are attempting to prevent you from communicating this very important message to your brothers and sisters.

The reason for the gravity and seriousness of this message is the fact that the Pontiff in Rome, His Holiness Pope Francis, is falling under the influence of advisors, who are not living true to My Son’s Church and My Son’s teaching. There is a great potential for the Pontiff to err in his judgment at this most critical time, because his advisors are not conveying the truth to Pope Francis in very critical areas and in many critical subjects that are of interest to humanity.

In particular, these advisors have fallen under the influence of worldly and powerful leaders and interests that are contrary to the plan of the Father in Heaven to release humanity from the grip of the evil one.

Alas, the smoke of satan has invaded the Vatican throughout the modern centuries, but now the influence of the evil one in the affairs of My Son’s Church has reached a perilous condition that is intended to divide the Church of My Son by perpetuating the plan of the evil one and his human minions, who are attempting to usher in a new world order and a new world church that is not the one true Church of My Son – through which He will lead the faithful followers through these critical end times.

For you are now well along the period of time referred to in prophecy as a time of Great Transition and Transformation that will lead all of you through what will soon be the most difficult spiritual times in the history of humanity, for the evil one has now released all of the demonic spirits and influences from the bondages of hell to permeate the Earth and to rally the minions of evil to promulgate their plans for a secular world – controlled by the evil one. All of these plans are intended to create more bondages and controls over God’s children. These plans are as sinister as the evil one can even imagine in his rush to destroy humanity.

I ask all of you to raise up your prayers during the month of May to protect the Pontiff in Rome, so that he recognizes with discernment, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to discern those around him, who are attempting to lead him astray. The Evil One is so cunning that he will use all of his opportunities to control and influence those who have reached the highest ranks of the hierarchy of My Son’s Church.

Many of these advisors, who are in high positions, are thirsting for power and more influence for themselves, while many are easily influenced and controlled by rich and powerful interests that recognize that My Son’s Church is the one true Church that stands in the way of the demonic plans for a one world secular government and a one world church that has been in the planning stages for over a century now and certainly as early as several centuries ago.

The followers of satan in positions of power and influence began their demonic plans to achieve a one world order by easily deceiving all of you, my brother and sisters, by insisting that what they are planning is for the benefit and welfare of all of you, when actually the opposite is their intention and plan which is to further enslave and control you.

So it is necessary then for you to influence the Pontiff’s decisions, because through your powerful prayers, the Pontiff may see the Light of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in all of his future decisions. You must also pray that the sinister members within the hierarchy of the Church are exposed of their duplicitous nature.

It is imperative that the Pontiff becomes more influenced by your prayers than by his advisors, who are misguiding him, because you are in the end times that require honesty and truthfulness within My Son’s Church, and not the deviousness and deception that is being planned to trick all of you, including your leadership within the Church.

Do not fall for the ill-conceived plans of the power brokers and political leaders, who are working hand in hand to destroy My Son’s Church in order to usher in their version of the one true church, but their church is a lie and the plan of the evil one.

I promise you, my brothers and sisters, that you will be successful in exposing the evil one and his minions and their plans that are the work of the anti-Christ. The Father in Heaven has always promised you a place in His heavenly kingdom but now the Father in Heaven is asking you to become engaged as powerful prayer warriors to defeat the evil in the world.

I give you now the opportunity to respond to the Father in Heaven through His Son the Redeemer of the world. As has been prophesied in ancient and modern times, the people of God’s Church must form the prayerful groups to combat all of the evil in the world.

You are at the point now in the end times when everything is coming into a crescendo of clashing interests and motives. For you my brothers and sisters, your intentions and motives must be pure, for you shall inherit the Earth, when the evil one and his minions are sorely defeated and purged from the face of the planet.

Thanks be to the Father in Heaven, and His Son the Redeemer of the world.

Please move forward and ahead with my blessings – for all of you are necessary to save the world from its own destruction.

Message ended 12:27am


September 2, 2015

Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 11:00am

St. Michael Archangel

Lo and Behold!

You have now entered the month of September 2015 – a month that will forever landmark the transition of the people of the world from the evil of the dark one – satan- to the Loving Light of the Father in Heaven which will descend upon humanity during this momentous time to bring all of you through the most important transition in the history of humanity.

I call upon all of you, who are Powerful Prayerful Warriors of the Father in Heaven, His Son, the Redeemer of the world, and your Heavenly Mother, to devote this month of September to powerful prayers, novenas, and meditations that will forever assist the Father in Heaven with his plan to save all of you from the powerful forces of destruction that have been unleashed upon you by the dark prince.

The evil one’s days are numbered, but the battle will be long and hard for you to wage against the evil forces and evil doers here on Earth. Be wary of the powerful world leaders, and those in the shadows of your governments, who are really working the plan of the evil one to further enslave and control humanity.

Their warnings and calls to you concerning what they call “climate change” is the work of the evil one to further manipulate and control humanity. Such warnings will accelerate now that the new world order people are accelerating their plans to further subjugate and control you. They are working their plans during this month of September to the accelerated point, whereby you will be clearly able to discern who the minions of the evil one truly are.

A benchmark for you to recognize on climate change is that the Father in Heaven has always and will always provide a climate for mankind here on Earth that is in peace and harmony with the Father’s plans. However, satan’s minions have been manipulating and controlling your global climates in anticipation of controlling all of you globally through their manipulation and control of the climate and your weather patterns.

You must discern in the coming month who is doing the work of the evil one in promoting and promulgating the new world order’s version of climate control, and who is acting on behalf of the Father in Heaven in recognizing that the Father provides for the climate that the world needs to survive.

The minions of satan are planning to scare you and terrorize the citizens of the world with their climate change warnings, but their plan is a sham, and many of you, as powerful prayerful warriors, will recognize those of you, who are acting in the evil one’s interests, and those of you who recognize the plan of the Father in Heaven to save mankind.

Pray mightily for the Pontiff and his journey to the new world. Pray that he recognizes the deceit of many of his advisers. Pray that the Pontiff in Rome recognizes that the influence that the power brokers are trying to use to influence him is an influence of the evil one. The Pontiff must reject those who are promoting and promulgating a secular new world order and a global secular governance that is the work of the evil one.

The governance of the world will soon come to you through the power of the Holy Spirit, through the mission of the Son and Redeemer, and in the very near future during these end times events.

You must discern who the enemy is – the proponents of this secular new world order. You must persevere through prayer, novenas, and meditations throughout this month of September, for during this time it will be imperative that you have the discernment to recognize the wheat from the chaff.

This is a time then, where the true followers of your Lord and Savior, the Redeemer of the world, will unite in prayer to save the world from its own destruction. Therefore, it is imperative that you are able to discern those within the Church, within your governments, within your communities, and even within your families, who by design, intent, or even without awareness, are doing the work of the evil one in promoting a secular new world order.

The minions of satan will ultimately fail with their plans. The future of your world is dependent on the powerful prayerful warriors who are here to serve the Father in Heaven, the Son and Redeemer, and your Heavenly Mother, for these brave people shall inherit the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 11:22am


March 1, 2016

Holy Family Church, Glendale, CA at 9:35am

Our Lady of La Salette

My dear son,

Just as I appeared to the children of La Salette and as I appeared to you in the message from the mountain of La Salette, (November 1, 2005), I am with you today as your Lady of La Salette, for my warnings to you today are the same warnings as the original messages from the mountain of La Salette.

My Son’s Church continues to be in great crisis; as it was then, it remains now, for my pleadings to the ministers of the Church of My Son fell on deaf ears, and now the warnings that I predicted have come true in so many damaging and hurtful ways to the children of God, who worship in the One, True, Church of My Son, the Redeemer of the world.

As I warned the children of La Salette, woe to the princes of the Church who think only of piling riches upon riches to protect their authority and dominate with pride. The evil one has led many of my Son’s priests, including even many of the bishops and cardinals down a path that he has chosen to destroy my Son’s Church. The leadership of the Church appears now to be in disarray, because the followers of My Son recognize that the spirit of the Church of My Son has become cloudy now, and the messages that the faithful want to hear from the Church of My Son seem to be filled with confusion and misunderstanding.

The evil one has achieved his goals in these times to give the appearance that My Son’s Church is in disarray. Even the direction that My Son’s Church seems to be taking in terms of social issues and other issues that are of a non-religious nature, makes it appear as if the Church of My Son has lost its direction and that the purpose of My Son’s Church – the salvation of all of God’s children – is now directionless and without guidance.

Do not allow yourselves to be dismayed by the appearances that are taking place. The evil one only appears to be in charge to many of you, but I assure you that My Son, the Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer of the world, is working most powerfully now to guide His Church through these perilous times.

Make no mistake that a great struggle is taking place in the spiritual world as the evil one makes his final challenge to destroy my Son’s Church. Michael the Archangel will eventually prevail over the prince of darkness and the Church will be renewed.

You have my assurances as your Holy Mother of the Church of My Son that it is only through My Son’s Church that true salvation will be achieved. Do not fear and do not allow yourselves to be confused by events that are happening within the Church, and by messages from my Son’s Church that appear to be confusing, cloudy, and ambiguous, because you must recognize that truly it is the work of the evil one in his last gasps to destroy My Son’s Church that the confusion is happening.

You are in perilous times now, both within My Son’s Church as well as in the whole world. The same minions of satan, who have been manipulating and controlling the world, have now intertwined their serpentine tentacles within My Son’s Church to do the evil one’s bidding.

The plans of satan’s minions are disguised as being for the good of the people of the world, but do not allow yourselves to be deceived by these world leaders. They are operating, not only to destroy My Son’s Church and to create their version of a religion by forming a one world religion, they are also acting in other devious ways to subjugate all of you into a further form of slavery than they have already achieved over the people of the Earth.

Woe to these minions of the evil one, who are exercising this power and control over you. They are hell-bent now on throwing the whole world into the third world war that they have already been waging against humanity, for it is through the chaos and confusion of this war that they hope to achieve their final goals of complete control and supervision over the people of the planet, according to their schedule to achieve their goals by the year 2030.

You need to know the timing of their plan now, for it is during the preceding years that you, as the Powerful Prayerful Warriors of My Son’s Church, must rely on the power of your prayers to thwart the plans of the evil one and the works of his minions, in order for you to bring about a lasting peace in this world during the same time period and to thwart their schedule.

I call upon you now as the Powerful Prayerful Warriors and as the Apostles of the Last Days to answer My Son’s call to you to enlist yourselves into My Son’s army to end the reign of the evil one over the world, and to end the evil one’s invasion into the Church of My Son through the works of His minions, many of whom are priests of My Son’s Church, who have lost their way, because the evil one has been so powerful in convincing them that the power that they exercise is from the true Lord and Saviour in their eyes, when in reality, it is the work of lucifer, the scourge of My Son’s Church.

Hear me now, my Children of the Light, I call upon you now in these final days to unite with your brothers and sisters under the leadership of My Son and your Saviour, Jesus Christ, and under the mantle of your Blessed Mother to fight the good fight against the evil of the world.

Know this now that you will prevail in the very near future. For now is the time of all times; the end of all ends.

The greater glory of the Church of My Son will be your reward when the battle is over, for My Son and Your Lord and Saviour will prevail. Michael the Archangel will purge the devil and his minions from their lofty perch and cast them into the bowels of hell.

Thanks be to God!

A New Heaven and a New Earth shall be the reward of the true followers of My Son, Your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Our Lady of La Salette

Message ended 10:10am