Jesus Christ – “Very few people are changing and your God has got to bring even harder chastisements”

Holy Family Refuge Messages

October 26, 2017, Feast of Our Lady of Victory [Senlis, France]

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael as Protector of God’s Words

My most beloved son, this is Jesus of Love and Mercy. The time is here and it is now that you will start to see much disaster beyond what has happened in the last few weeks. Your people in America are very stubborn and hard of heart. Very few people are changing and your God has got to bring even harder chastisements down upon them.

This will be a very hard winter for your country. You and your prayer group have been praying for good weather for several months now but the time has come when all of your country will start to see disaster that will shake your country to the ground. Pray much for God’s justice is upon you and much of the world. Sorry, my son, but it has to be.

Your Jesus of Love and Mercy

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10-26-17 Update – Holy Love Message – Closing Prayer for the New Novena for the Conversion of the Heart of the World

Holy Love Ministry

October 26, 2017

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“I am the Eternal Now – Creator of every present moment. I am here in your midst to give to the world the final prayer for the novena calling upon the conversion of the heart of the world.”


“Heavenly Father, please empower my efforts in praying this novena with your Divine Will. Change the tepid heart to fervent love of you. Uncover the compromise of Truth which leads to indifference, and is leading the heart of the world away from You. Renew the conscience of the world with a strong sense of good versus evil. Amen.”

October 26, 2017

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“My daughter, please put your heart to rest. You are troubled about the word ‘intercession’ in the final prayer of the novena for the conversion of the heart of the world. God the Father asks that you delete that prayer and replace it with the one He gave today. That will eliminate confusion in your heart.”

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