Blessed Virgin Mary – “This new age of faith will certainly come – It will come either by way of destruction – Or, it will come by my word – That is why I speak – Man must choose”


July 3, 2011
Bringing Mankind to Its Knees


Everything spins around with little direction, subject to the whims and desires of the human heart, yet, beyond the control of mankind, which is caught up in forces that he does not understand, and cannot control. Yet, man thinks that events are in his control and that he can turn everything to his advantage.

As a result, nations struggle against other nations, trying to be superior in the world markets and in political affairs. Meanwhile the average person is overlooked. The poor are set aside. A new class is always emerging. The “rising class” they are called, but they leave the world no better and even far worse than before they emerged.

Will it never end? The Spirit of God has been replaced by the spirit of man. Man has been set loose, unrestrained by God’s word, following his own inner light (which is no light at all).

When will this era of “reason and enlightenment” come to a halt? It will come to a screeching halt. Two world wars and two atomic bombs could not bring man to ask, “Where have we gone wrong?” What will it take to have an age of faith replace this age of reason?

I see what it will take. Too horrible to describe. Yet, that is where mankind is headed.

People ask, “Why does God not prevent this?” I answer simply, “How can God prevent this when mankind does not listen to God”?

So, I come as God’s messenger, heralding a new age of faith, when mankind again will call upon God and live according to God’s word. The new age of faith will come – but how it comes depends on mankind itself. This is why I am sent and this is why I am speaking so clearly.

This new age of faith will certainly come. It will come either by way of destruction, a destruction never before witnessed by mankind which will bring the world to its knees. Or, it will come by my word. My word also will lead mankind to its knees. Mankind will end up on its knees before a living Father and the age of faith will begin. There are two paths – of destruction or of my word. That is why I speak. Man must choose.

July 5, 2011
A Purified Earth


Divine love is like a single drop in the gigantic ocean of man’s sins. Yet this single drop has the power to cleanse the entire ocean.

Now the ocean is dirty, polluted by man’s selfishness. People drink from it because that is all they know. This water enters into every heart and from it comes all the ills of society.

Who can cleanse these waters? When will the Age of Faith be restored? The task looks hopeless.

The little ones scurry to form their little groups to resist the onslaught. Many see the problem clearly and try to respond so faith is not lost. I bless all these efforts and want them multiplied so that, in this time of cultural darkness, there are little places of light.

But this is not what I am talking about now.

I am talking about a new Age of Faith, when the air is purified and the water is cleansed, when faith is the air that everyone breathes and peace is the water that everyone drinks. Who can even imagine these moments. Yet, this is my goal, brought about by a special action of the heavenly Father and which I will announce ahead of time.

When this divine action begins, I do not want the little ones to despair. The Father does not want the destruction of the earth or the end of the human race. He wants a purified earth and a new mankind to come forth.

These are the great mysteries hidden in my Immaculate Heart – great mysteries, mysteries which hold the future of all mankind in their light. But who seeks this light? Who come into my Immaculate Heart. All are invited and I will reveal these mysteries to all who seek with a pure intention, that is, with a desire to live according to God’s commandments. Come, let us begin. All of good faith are welcome.

July 6, 2011
The Spreading World Wide Problems


No one knows the future events which will shape the world, nor do they know how to prepare for them. However, those who listen to my words will be made ready. Although the forces of destruction will be great, they will not destroy my little ones. So, listen carefully.

It will seem as if everything will be swept away – all the structures of society and all the safeguards to human life. There will be breakdowns because many will be selfishly stirred, thinking that they can better their lot by toppling those in power. Really, Satan just uses these uprisings to serve his own goals and to inflict even graver hardships upon the people.

This has already begun and the end is not yet in sight. The turmoil increases. The wars drag on. Both sides dig in their heels. This is what delights Satan – constant, daily, ongoing death and suffering.

The problems will spread. They will not be of the same nature because circumstances vary but they will have the same essential qualities. When some conditions are not right, Satan will stir up protests. He will raise up those who will cleverly lead the people down Satan’s path.

Many will follow, duped by the clever rhetoric but also hoping that their condition can be improved. This will always be his bait – the hopes of people to improve their condition.

I would gladly improve the economic condition of my peoples. I would show them how to call upon me, how to join together in ways that would truly benefit them. But they do not call upon me or learn from me. Instead, they listen to other voices that lead them down destructive paths, which center upon overthrowing what they see as evil. There are other means and other ways. I would gladly point these out. People can build a new world, not one based upon destruction. Do you build by destroying? Do you gain peace by stirring up unrest? What power to stir unrest exists in today’s world! A click of the Internet, a careful use of the electronic media, and thousands are stirred to unrest. The modern world is not prepared for these new stirrings. Man thought he had all the answers!

July 7, 2011
God’s Final Preacher


Why does God wait? Why does he not intervene? Do you not see? He is always trying to lead man away from self-destruction. He sends his preachers. He sends his teachers. But these are snuffed out. Their words are not listened to and their invitations are rejected.

So, finally, he has sent me. I am his final teacher, his final prophet. I am his last opportunity to change the course of history. There is no one behind me, no other message, no other signs than the ones that I will give. When I tell the world that it must listen to me, I am not speaking from a selfish and arrogant spirit. I am speaking as one who sees the destruction, the hopelessness of mankind if my words are not heeded.

What are my words? They are clear. They are the same as my Son’s. My message is the gospel message. Repent. Believe that the kingdom of God is at hand. Do penance and you shall find eternal life. This is a message of hope.

You see the demands of the gospel. I will help you with these demands. I will be at your side. I will lessen the difficulties. I am a Mother, not a taskmaster. I will take much of the burden on myself. It will be much easier than you think.

The Father has said to me, “Go, and help them to live the gospel, and I will be able to turn away from my wrath”. That is why I am here, why I have come. Will you accept my invitation?

Right now, ask me to come. I will help you and we will begin.

July 8, 2011
Where Mankind is Headed


All of history is before me – all that is past and all that is to come until the final days of the human race when my Son will come in glory, escorted by all his angels. What will happen from now until then is known to me but it is not yet decided by me. It all depends on the free will of man.

My Son came to Jerusalem on a donkey, an animal of peace. He was not a military Savior but a Man of Peace. He preached peace and accepted the violence done to his own body in peace and forgiveness. He would lead the world into the ways of peace, but the world does not listen to him. Therefore, the Father has sent me. I see where mankind is headed and I come with an urgent message. Do not look for my message only in these words. More important words are spoken in your own heart. Listen to them. The Spirit is speaking to you. They are words of life. Follow them and you will live.