“Love Never Ends” (1 Corinthians 13:8)

An encouraging note from a follower for the New Year as we strive to be better in Holy Love. Blessings, a soul

For the Love of God and the Life of Souls

Happy New Year friends!!! As you reflect on the year behind and prepare for the year ahead, don’t forget about the beautiful gift of the present! Indeed, every precious present moment holds unique graces and unrepeatable opportunities to love with God and one another more deeply, fervently, and wholeheartedly. The heart that humbly surrenders itself to intimate prayer the most often, grows closest to Divine Love and strongest in all the virtues. Thus, in addition to all the physical and intellectual resolutions you might be planning, don’t neglect nourishing your spiritual life as much as possible through prayer, or “oxygen for the soul” as St. Padre Pio described it!
The prayer I find most peaceful yet life-giving is the Rosary. Specially, repeating decades of 10 “Hail Mary’s” and a “Glory Be” over and over, while focusing on feeling Christ’s Beautiful, Unconditional Love and Presence within me and uniting more…

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