Blessed Virgin Mary – Protectress of the Faith – “So many think they can ‘outthink’ the Truth – Realize what is passing you by”

Holy Love Ministry

January 21, 2019
Feast of Mary, Protectress of the Faith
33rd Anniversary

The Blessed Virgin Mary says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I come, once again, as the Protectress of your Faith in an age of arrogance that will not accept the Truths of the Faith. So many think they can ‘outthink’ the Truth. In their attempts to reinvent the Truth, they have reached a stalemate with the Truth. I have come to rekindle the Faith in the coldness of hearts. Realize what is passing you by. You cannot grow into a spiritual tree without the Spirit which is your nourishment. Recognize first of all that you do not have the Truth – then pursue the Truth with the spirit of discovery.”

“I wish to renew all hearts in the Faith while the time is right.”

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A Little Bit of Holy Love Wisdom from Our Lord, Jesus Christ

November 28, 1998

Lesson on Humility

Jesus says:

“I am Your Jesus, Born Incarnate.”

“If humility is the root of every virtue, understand that Holy Love is the soil in which it grows. The tree that bears all virtue cannot thrive without roots and soil.”

“Every virtue is practiced by a movement of free will. It is infused into the soul through the persevering practice of the virtue.”

“First, the soul must choose Holy Love – the soil. Through love of God above all else and love of neighbor as self, the soul must practice humility.”

“Humility is self-abasing, thus open to self-knowledge – even welcomes it. Humility then sees criticism as a grace, considers others more worthy of grace, esteem, reward than himself. Humility is happy with the lowliest job, and never seeks recognition for his efforts. Humility seeks to be hidden. Thus a person who claims humility is far from it.”

“In Paul to Corinthians, Chapter 13, Paul describes Holy Love. This is also a description of Holy Humility.”

June 17, 2005

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to help you see that love and humility must abide together in the heart that seeks personal holiness. Neither one of these two virtues is genuine if the other is absent. Just as a tree always has roots, love and humility are joined in the soul that seeks perfection.”

“Further, I tell you that the depth of holiness–that is, the depth of the soul’s journey into the United Hearts–depends on the depth of Holy Love and Holy Humility in the heart.”

“It is the souls who seek holiness, but bypass humility, that cause the greatest problems within a ministry. These are the ones who desire holiness on their own terms. These are the faultfinders who cause division by speaking against others. It is these souls who do not accept or respect the authority that is set in place. They desire to be known as holy, even as victim souls.”

“The soul who tries diligently to progress to perfection does not want his virtue to be discovered by others. He desires hiddenness–always the last and least place. He seeks all of this with a loving heart.”

March 4, 2010

(Jesus – After Communion – A.M.)

“Come with Me under the tree of life which is Holy Love. This tree grants shade to the weary traveler. It gives sustenance to the spiritually hungry. Climb into the branches of this tree and rest surrounded by the goodness of Holy Love.”

March 4, 2010


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“This morning I revealed to you how I regard Holy Love as the tree of life. It is, indeed, the tree of eternal life. Follow Me as I expound upon this visual.”

“The roots of the tree of life are implanted in the soil of My Father’s Divine Will. The roots and the tree itself are Holy Love. The fruit that the tree bears are all the virtues. In order to appreciate the fruit (the virtues), the soul must climb into the tree (that is; the soul needs to come into Holy Love.)”

“The higher the soul goes in the tree, the more exquisite the fruit.”

April 22, 2010

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I have come to remind you of how you used to pick fruit as a youngster, often using the ‘little stepladder’ as you called it. You see, I remember everything you ever did or thought, except for your sins, which I have forgiven. You climbed very gingerly up the three little steps, knowing your mother wanted the fruit for a pie. Do you recall?”

“Now I’m telling you, Holy Love is the ‘little stepladder’ to the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The deeper the virtue of Holy Love in the heart, the deeper the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You must watch carefully every step – every present moment – being watchful over the Holy Love in your heart, just as you were cautious over each step you took on the ‘little stepladder’.”

“Your mother wanted the fruit you picked to make a pie. Your Heavenly Mother desires you have every fruit of the Holy Spirit to make you holy.”

“You never consumed the pies your mother made; but I am going to give you a great palate for holiness. I desire every soul long for personal holiness. I wish to give to the heart of the world an appetite for holiness.”

April 23, 2010

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today I invite you to further contemplate the ‘Tree of Eternal Life’ that the Lord described to you yesterday – the tree whose fruit is the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Any fruit grows best and to its fullest if it is tenderly cared for with fertilizer and protected against disease. Begin to understand that in the spiritual realm, Holy Love fertilizes and protects every fruit of the Spirit.”

“Yes, Holy Love is the nutrient of every gift of the Holy Spirit – the food of every fruit of the Spirit, and the protection of every grace of the Spirit. Therefore, understand it is not through the intellect that the fruits of the Spirit come, for it is not enough to know about these gifts; it is through the Holy Love in each heart that these fruits take root, grow and prosper.”

“Some claim gifts that they do not have in their hearts – only in their intellect. No fruit can ripen if it is unnourished. In the spiritual being, the fruits of the Spirit must be nourished in and through Holy Love and protected from the disease of pride.”

“With all your might, pray for a strengthening of Holy Love in your heart. God does not refuse such a request.”

October 22, 2013

Blessed Mother comes as Protectress of the Faith. She says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, once again I come to you to discuss these times in which you live. In the world, you have seasons marked by visible change in nature. In the spiritual world, there are seasons, as well. There are seasons of faith, seasons of doubt, heresy and apostasy. As Protectress of the Faith, I tell you that you are now deep into the season of apostasy. Unlike the seasons in nature, the signs of this season of apostasy go unnoticed. The fact that less and less people believe and keep holy the Sabbath is not of concern to most.”

“Faith falls away from the tree of life – withers and dies – matter-of-factly. There is very little positive or negative reaction from the general public. But I would not come to you as Protectress of the Faith if Jesus did not deem it necessary. In the world, you protect yourselves from the effects of your environment. In the Spring, you carry an umbrella. In the Summer, you protect yourselves from too much sun, and so on. Be wise, dear children. In this season of apostasy, allow Me, your Heavenly Mother, to protect you from the loss of your faith.”

November 9, 2013

St. Thomas Aquinas says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“The tree whose leaves wither and die stands bare and naked – its beauty gone. So it is with each soul whose faith shrivels and dies. He is naked and vulnerable to every temptation and attack of Satan.”

“In due season, the tree comes to life again – its leaves budding and blooming forth. The soul, however, can only come to life again if God offers to him the gift of faith once more. If the soul should be so fortunate, he will bloom forth in the radiance of grace if, through free will, he accepts the gift God offers.”

“Every soul makes himself vulnerable to evil when he accepts any compromise of faith. The doorway to these challenges remains the soul’s free will. Faith is based on Truth and Truth does not change.”

June 30, 2014

Blessed Mother says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, be inspired by all you have been given here. The fruits of this Mission need to be carried around the world – the Messages, the special spring water, My invitation to all people and all nations to come here and experience the spiritual depth that is offered here.”

“If a fruit tree is not fertilized, it withers and ceases to bear fruit anymore. So, dear children, you must feed your hearts with these Messages which will bear the good fruit of Truth and Holy Love in your hearts. I invite you to have the desire to pray and to sacrifice more. If you ask Me, I will help you.”

“Propagate the fruits of My labor amongst you.”