Holy Family Refuge – God the Father – “Be prepared spiritually and physically for much hardship until all abortion and all the sins of the flesh are stopped”

Holy Family Refuge Messages

March 2, 2019
First Saturday

This is God the Father, backed by all of Heaven and all the faithful on earth. I am happy with all the faithful that are praying but I am very disgusted with all the House and Senate leaders in America. As I have told you many times, I gave you a good President and Vice President, but the House and Senate and other elected leaders have brought on America many more natural disasters for your country and the world.

I, God the Father will not stand for another generation to be destroyed by the leaders of the Church, your national government, the states, the cities, the counties, and the majority of businesses that lead all My people. Be prepared spiritually and physically for much hardship until all abortion and all the sins of the flesh are stopped and laws in your government are changed from satan’s laws to God’s laws which are the Ten Commandments. No nation has ever lasted that followed satan’s laws which are just the opposite of the Ten Commandments.

My children, why do you like to suffer so much when you could live in peace and joy just by following God’s Will and not your own will with satan. Wake up My children and kick satan out of your life and country and live for God. Love the God of All, the Maker of All that is good.

To the Democrat leaders and all who support them, this is the second direct warning that your party will be destroyed. If you do not change you will be at risk of losing your soul in hell. Amen.

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