God the Father – “I want to thank all My children throughout the world for celebrating the week of God the Father that I asked for years ago…”

COMMENT (By a soul):
Please note the two dates on this heavenly message. I know that a lot of people from the United States, Latin America, and elsewhere, did Novenas, Consecration Prayers, Rosaries, and other Special Prayers in preparation for Papa God’s Feast Day on Sunday, August 4th. I also know that a lot of people sent their guardian angels to Holy Love Ministries on August 4th, as well as participated in the world-wide prayer effort on Saturday, August 10th, for our families’ trees.  And I especially know that special Holy Masses were held on August 4th and August 10th for Papa God.  In this heavenly message, Papa God is acknowledging all these good works and I know that He Is especially pleased with all His beloved children who love Him and are making the extra effort from their hearts. God bless!

Holy Family Refuge Messages

August 4, 2019

God the Father Speaks to His Children

I want to thank all My children throughout the world for celebrating the week of God the Father that I asked for years ago, when My beloved Pope John Paul II, at the end of 1999, dedicated the year to God the Father.

I thank all those who consecrated themselves to Me, God the Father. This was the special 8-day Consecration that ended today. I am very happy with all My children who consecrated themselves today. It will save many disasters in the countries that prayed this week and then dedicated themselves to Me. I gave all those who consecrated themselves special blessings and graces for their families, their children and their grandchildren.

Keep praying to the Holy Spirit and not to the world. The world IS in critical shape now just like a person in the hospital when they are placed in the Intensive Care Unit. You all made your Father very happy. Love, God the Father of Heaven and Earth.

On August 12th, God the Father said: The world is now past critical. It is like being in a hospital and dying and doctors working on you to keep you alive.


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