Father Michel Rodrigue from Quebec – 2 recorded talks with written transcripts – Catholic Radio WQPH in Massachusetts – Information on The Warning, Refuges, and Three Days of Darkness


I know that a lot of people are interested in Fr. Michel Rodrigue from Quebec, Canada, his ministry, and his mystical gifts and revelations.  Fr. Michel has been having conversations with God the Father since he was two years old.  Currently, he is not giving many talks, as God the Father has asked him to build a monastery for the formation of priests who will travel all over the United States and Canada in the Era of Peace.

However, if you want to know more about Fr. Michel, you can listen to 2 recordings on Catholic Radio WQPH in Massachusetts (note: Part 2 is more important to listen to than Part 1):




A written transcript of the talks is also provided (note: I recommend that you copy and paste into a WordDoc especially Part 2 for future reference). WQPH says this about Father’s recorded talks: “Fr. Michel Rodrigue of Quebec, who has founded the Order of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, gives a stunning testimony of the miraculous founding of his order, and the messages from private revelations that he has received about a worldwide warning that precedes the Final Battle.”

NOTE: If you speak another language, you can copy and paste the written transcripts into a WordDoc (or ODT), then translate the WordDoc (or ODT) into your own language. I encourage you to do this as Fr. Michel provides very important information, especially Part 2. See these instructions: How To Translate Downloadable Documents, Books And Booklets, On This Blog Into 90 Languages https://maryrefugeofholylove.com/about/how-to-translate-downloadable-documents-books-and-booklets-on-this-blog-into-90-languages/

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God bless!
–a soul

Update (3/29/20):
Countdown To The Kingdom – Videos and Messages – Father Michel Rodrigue of Canada

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