Christ Child Shrine Messages 10/26/19 to 10/30/19 – “My little one you can see all is starting in your world to happen as I have been telling you for so long”

Christ Child Shrine Messages

October 26, 2019

My little one, you can see all is starting in your world to happen, as I have been telling you for so long. I told you California would burn from sin. I told you nations would rise up against one another and I told you My Hand must fall on a sinful world when My children think they are God and can make up laws that I said were sins. My Holy Church cannot be a church of acceptance and accept sin. No one will change My gift to My children. I gave them My Real Body and Blood so I will always be with them, and I promise My faithful ones, I will make sure they have Me truly with them during these times. When they do not have My holy Priests with them, I will send My Angels with My Holy Eucharist. We will always be united together and I am coming with My Kingdom to bring My children to Me. I love and bless you, for I am your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

October 27, 2019

My dear children, go to Mother Mary with your problems, for no one is free of crosses, temptations, and anxieties. Seek refuge with your Holy Mother, Mary. She will so gently, powerfully intercede for each one of you. She will bring your trials and tribulations directly to Me and I will help you. When My Mother asked Me to do My first miracle, turning water into wine, I could not refuse My Mother. Bring your Holy Mother the sin that has been dragging you down. Tell her everything and put your confidence in Her. Talk to her as you would your own mother, for She is. I love and bless you, for I am your Jesus, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

October 28, 2019

My little one, today, the doctors gave you some bad news. However, doctors are My children who practice medicine. I am the one in charge of you. You are to smile and know you will be healed. Offer up this time of suffering and believe I am with you. I will care for you and I will heal you. Just have My peace and trust Me, for you know I am coming soon and I will bring you to My Kingdom. Be happy, My little one, and have peace. I love and bless you, now and forever, for I am your God and Father, your Savior, and Holy Spirit.

October 29, 2019

My child, I want you to humble yourself and rejoice in what I am doing in your life, even though it is beyond your understanding. In the days ahead, the world you live in will go through much tribulation, but you must focus on Me, knowing I am in charge of everything. You must receive your comfort from Me. My constant Presence with you is a glorious gift and will give you strength and courage to carry your cross and keep following Me. Understand, no matter how heavy the cross is, pick it up and continue on, because you are heading to a New Heaven and Earth where all crosses will be put down forever. Only listen to My words to you and trust Me.

October 30, 2019

My dear ones, how proud My Holy Mother and I, your Lord and Savior, are to be with all of you today. Many Angels and Holy Saints are also here praying with you. As a special gift, Father (name withheld) and Father (name withheld) came to be with you. They have been with your prayer group for many years, and now that they are in Heaven with Me, they want you to know they never stop praying for your unity. You, My dear ones, are united in love; love of your holy Faith and love for each one that I send to pray and be together. My faithful ones, you are now in the times I have prepared you for, but you are never alone, for I am always by your side. Many of you have been together for many years and have formed a bond of love and trust. You are ready to help every child of Mine I send here. My daughter has offered up all her suffering for all her loved ones and all her unity and their loved ones to bring you through these times. Together, you will each one carry your crosses. My children, you are coming into My Kingdom, where all crosses will be put down forever, and you will be reunited with all the ones you ever loved. I picked each one of you that are here praying to be together. Your love and faith are who each one of you are. Your Paradise awaits each one; love, joy, and peace forever. What you are all blessed with now, with one another, is My gift from Heaven for each one. I love and bless you, for I am your Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.