End Times Daily – January 3, 2020 – Saint Michael Archangel to Ned Dougherty – “I come to you on the eve of the final decade of the End Times to warn and prepare the peoples of the world for the events that are yet to come”

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January 3, 2019 @ 12:38pm
First Friday 2020

St Rosalie’s Eucharistic Chapel
Hampton Bays, New York

St Michael Archangel

Lo and Behold!

I am Michael the Archangel, and I come to you on the eve of the final decade of the End Times to warn and prepare the peoples of the world for the events that are yet to come. It is imperative now that all of you – who call yourselves the Prayerful Warriors of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – don the armour of your faith in the Redeemer of All Humanity, the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is the one and only Saviour of humanity.

You need to don the armour of the Saviour for in these end times the evil one is at his final stages which makes him even more dangerous, for he will make the gravest of attempts to destroy humanity in these end times.

There are those among you who are in legion with the evil one to destroy humanity. However, there are those of you who have the gift of discernment who are in a position through the power of the Holy Spirit to identify the evil one’s minions. It is your responsibility and your obligation in these end times to out these minions to all of the followers of Jesus Christ, so the evil one’s minions are no longer in a position to deceive any of you.

It is important in these end times that you also identify the global leaders who are doing the work of satan to destroy humanity. The evilest forces come from and through the UN organization which is in disguise as a Trojan Horse to attempt to control all of humanity on behalf of the evil one and in opposition to your Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer.

It is important that the Prayer Warriors of the Father in Heaven and the Son Jesus Christ partake in all means necessary in these End Times to discern the path necessary for the followers of Jesus Christ to get through these end times safely under the protective arms of the Saviour Jesus.

The world will continue to function amidst global chaos and confusion because the evil one is pulling evil energy from all the demons in hell to attack you both body and soul, so concentrating all your efforts on behalf of the Lord and Saviour now is of paramount importance.

The evil one’s greatest tool is to create divisiveness and mistrust between the peoples of the world, and he is succeeding now in attempts to divide you in your own neighborhoods, in your cities and villages, in your country, as well as globally. For the evil one to succeed in destroying the world, he must pit brother against brother, and nation against nation, until the whole world again becomes enflamed in a catastrophic and divisive world war.

You must pray for your leaders to have the discernment to avoid the traps laid out by the evil one to achieve a worldwide conflagration leading to the destruction of humanity. It is only through the prayers and actions of the Prayerful Warriors that such a global disaster can be avoided by mankind.

Most of all, you must focus your attention on the spiritual health and welfare of your loved ones, of those who are closest to you, your family members and friends. Those of you who are filled with the Spirit of the Lord and Saviour, your Redeemer, must reach out now to those close to you before it is too late.

The end times events will continue to increase in velocity now, so you must prepare your loved ones to stay true to your Redeemer. All of you may partake in the future that the Father in Heaven has planned for all of you, so you need to avoid the traps and pitfalls that the evil one is planning.

Your course as Prayerful Warriors is quite simple. Rely solely on Your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for your salvation.

Concentrating all your efforts now on behalf of the Lord and Saviour is of paramount importance, so you will ultimately partake in the New Heaven and the New Earth and the eternal happiness that the Father in Heaven has always planned for you.

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 1:20pm