Helpful Articles for Parents and Their Children: The Use of Hawthorn, Garlic, Elderberries, and Colloidal Silver for Fighting Viruses – By a soul

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Helpful Articles for Parents and Their Children – The Use of Hawthorn, Garlic, Elderberries, and Colloidal Silver for Fighting Viruses – By a soul (PDF)

Helpful Articles for Parents and Their Children – The Use of Hawthorn, Garlic, Elderberries, and Colloidal Silver for Fighting Viruses – By a soul (ODT)

Helpful Articles for Parents and Their Children – The Use of Hawthorn, Garlic, Elderberries, and Colloidal Silver for Fighting Viruses – By a soul (WordDoc)

Helpful Articles for Parents and Their Children: The Use of Hawthorn, Garlic, Elderberries, and Colloidal Silver for Fighting Viruses

By a soul
(January 31, 2020, Month of the Holy Name of Jesus)

Blessings dearly beloved followers,

In this special commentary, I have gathered together some helpful articles on natural supplements such as Hawthorn, Garlic, Elderberries, and Colloidal Silver, to help parents assess which natural remedies might be appropriate for their children. Some of the articles give really good advice, so if you see something that you want to refer back to later, please consider saving the articles on your computer. Because, frankly, I do not trust Google and Big Tech with its censorship. So, an article you like today may not be available tomorrow. That is why I often make my writings available as downloadable documents so people can have a reference for whatever happens in the future.

Again, as I have stated before, I am not a healthcare professional and I am not trying to give medical advice. However, I am being honest in how I would (and am) dealing with this possible viral pandemic. As a Christian, I am careful when it comes to using herbal medicine, because this is not my area of expertise and some forms of alternative medicine are clearly not suited for Christians. However, I do take notice when Our Lord and Our Lady will suggest herbs and such to help cure the coming plagues and illnesses that mankind will be facing. And because, I, myself, use colloidal silver, I am comfortable in suggesting its use to others on this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove.

Now, with respects to Hawthorn, it is a herb (berry) that has been used for hundreds of years to treat heart conditions, heart disease, and heart attacks. It is found naturally in Europe, North America, and Asia, where the berries have been eaten by children as food and the leaves and flowers have been used to make tea. Traditionally, it is believed that the Crown of Thorns of Our Savior, Jesus Christ, was made by thorns of the Hawthorn shrub.

I mention these things about Hawthorn, because parents may be concerned about giving Hawthorn pills to their children. There really have not been any studies on use for children in the U.S., although the use of Hawthorn was widely used in the U.S. prior to the 1930s, when Big Pharmaceutical companies in league with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began a big push for drugs for heart disease instead of natural remedies. This also happened to the suppression of colloidal silver which was (and is) a big threat to Big Pharma because colloidal silver is cheaper and more effective than antibiotics, anti-virals, and vaccines for illnesses, viruses, and disease. And the fact that you can make colloidal silver at home if you need to is a really big threat to Big Pharma and their profits.

Now, parents with children do know first hand that children’s physical bodies and immune systems are weaker than adults. So, obviously, you cannot give the same dosage that you would take as an adult. Personally, I would not give a child Hawthorn in the form of a pill, because I think it would be too concentrated for their delicate systems. However, I think Hawthorn as a tea would be a good alternative if the child can accept the taste.

However, as an alternative to Hawthorn, I want to suggest the use of Garlic, which is not only a common food used all over the world, but is a natural antibiotic and widely-known to help in heart disease and heart conditions. The only downfall with Garlic is obviously the taste, especially, if you are pounding it down to a concentrated form to mix with warm water as a natural antibiotic. However, Garlic as a herbal pill should be alright for children. Below are a couple of articles about Garlic to help those who are interested in its health benefits.

Now, very recently, Jesus give a message to Prophet John Leary (, that not only spoke about Hawthorn, but also about Elderberries for combating respiratory illnesses such as the flu, etc. I believe that Jesus mentioned Elderberries as an alternative for parents to use for their children, if they concerned about using Hawthorn. Elderberries have been proven to be safe for children as many parents have used Elderberry syrup for many years as a natural remedy for the common cold and flu. So, below is the message from Our Lord where He mentions the use of Elderberry, as well as article links on Elderberry use for children.

Finally, I have included below several helpful articles about colloidal silver use for children and adults. For children, obviously, the dosage amount needs to be lesser than the dosage for an adult. As an adult, I use colloidal silver that is 20-30ppm to knock diseases out quickly for myself and my pets. However, the articles below suggest colloidal silver that is 12-15ppm for children due to their developing systems. So, please carefully read the articles so you can buy a concentration of colloidal silver that is appropriate for your family.

If you make colloidal silver on your own (for example, following the video that I recently posted to the blog), you can buy a meter to measure how strong the colloidal silver is in the distilled water. However, if you cannot afford or find a meter, please know that most colloidal silver that you make it at home will be less than 20ppm, typically, in the range of 8-15ppm. I say this, because the higher ranges of colloidal silver (20-30ppm) are achievable only in laboratories, usually, with propriety nano-silver technology. There is nothing wrong with lab-created colloidal silver, but that is why you will see such a wide variety and brands of colloidal silver on the market. Because it depends on if they use the traditional methods of making colloidal silver or a propriety lab technology.

In conclusion, I just want to add this one caution. Although to my knowledge, Hawthorn and Elderberries are safe and no one has ever fallen ill to their use through the centuries, etc., we live in an age where a lot of people, especially, children, are experiencing allergies. So, if yourself or your children are prone to allergies, especially, to berries, I would be careful because you never know. So, I am posting again the chart of the 11 Natural Antibiotics here, because the wonderful thing about God is this: Not only does He provide for us natural remedies in His Creation that are better than anything we can scientifically create on our own—God provides us multiple natural alternatives, too, to account for the different places that we live in the world and the different physical conditions we face today. So, please look at this chart and do some research on each of these natural antibiotics to find the one that will work best for you and your family situation.

I love you all.
God bless,
—a soul


Prophet John Leary

Monday, January 27, 2020

Jesus said: “My son, you have seen many chemtrails in the sky that contain aluminum oxide, barium ions, and laboratory created flu organisms. When people have analyzed the particles from the chemtrials, they came down with upper respiratory sicknesses. It is possible that those airplanes could spread virulent viruses that could kill many people. This is the deep state plan to reduce the population for less people to control. You need to have masks, Hawthorn pills, and elderberry extract or pills to build up your immune systems to combat any viruses in the chemtrails. If people start dying from the flu in large numbers, you may have to come to My refuges, where you can look on My luminous cross, or drink the spring water to heal any sickness. Beware of any toxins that the evil ones may be using in their chemtrails. Trust in Me and I will heal any virus that is killing people.”


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