Important – Thy Kingdom to come – The New Jerusalem – My mission in you is to prepare the world for my Son’s Second Coming

Blessings dear ones,

A blog follower recently asked me about any heavenly messages on the Era of Peace and I realized that I should re-share this blog post from 2016 which addresses the New Jerusalem (Era of Peace).

In particular, I also want to re-share this message from the Book of Truth (Maria Divine Mercy) which is a very hopeful and promising message from Our Lord:

Also, I want to clarify a few things that may confuse some people about Our Lord’s Second Coming. There are two Returns of Our Lord–the Second Coming which results in the First Resurrection and the Final Coming at the end of the 1000 years of the Era of Peace.

The Second Coming results in a renewal of the Earth and the First Resurrection of all the souls in Heaven, Purgatory, and those still living on Earth who choose to be with Our Lord. The damned souls ARE NOT part of the First Resurrection. Those who partake in the First Resurrection will receive gloried bodies and there will no longer be any evil, death, disease, or ageing on Earth in the Era of Peace. Also, Purgatory will no longer exist. Then, after the 1000 years of peace has passed, satan will be released one final time for the last battle. Then, there will be the Final Coming of Our Lord and Final Judgment, in which all souls will be resurrected (including the damned) and all those who chose to be with satan will be thrown into the lake of fire and hell will be locked up forever and satan will never have access to the saints again.

So, please understand that there are two Returns of Our Lord. However, the Second Coming of Our Lord will be a Eucharistic Reign of Our Lord in which the Lord’s Prayer will be fulfilled on Earth. I do not know what the Final Coming of Our Lord will be like, but I do suspect that Our Lord will show us His Glory in a way that we cannot see Him as He Truly Is in our fallen state–His Glory will only be comprehensible with “spiritual sight.”

I also have no idea what happens to us after the Final Coming–except that it will be something so much better than the Era of Peace, because God loves us and He desires to spend eternity showing us how much.

Anyways, I hope that this post gives people hope for the better future for all of us–no matter how challenging everything may seem now.

God bless,
–a soul

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COMMENT (by a soul): The following are select Holy Love messages on the New Jerusalem, which is the Heavenly Kingdom that will exist on earth at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It is necessary to understand that there are two dimensions of the coming of the New Jerusalem–the spiritual dimension and the physical dimension. The messages and devotions at Holy Love Ministry are to prepare souls for the spiritual reality of the New Jerusalem, which will exist in all hearts. The messages of Locutions To The World prepare souls for both the spiritual and physical realities of the coming New Jerusalem.  This includes the coming of the Marian pope as one of the Two Witnesses in the Book of Revelation, who will declare the final Marian dogma of Our Lady as Advocate, Mediatrix of All Grace, and Co-Redemptrix. This Marian pope will lead the Consecration of Russia to the…

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