Prophet John Leary – Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ – April 7, 2020 Update

Prophet John Leary

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Jesus said: “My son, there is a lot of symbolism in this vision. The changed leaves of fall are another confirmation that you will most likely be called to your refuge because of the worse virus that will come in the fall. You are looking at a wire fence meaning that you will not leave the perimeter of your refuge land. The stadium you are seeing represents the stadium of people that will come to your refuge. Do not be concerned about how you will feed and house this many people, because My angels will build a large building to house your people. The angels will also multiply your food, water, and fuels. With Me all things are possible. In the Gospel you see Judas leaving the Upper Room so he can betray Me by leading the Pharisees and soldiers to capture Me in the Garden of Gethsemene. This betrayal also represents how you have been betrayed by the Chinese scientists who brought this evil corona virus on the whole world. Just as Satan entered Judas, so Satan is behind the origin of this plague that you are experiencing. Be prepared to receive people at your refuge before many people will be dying.”

Monday, April 6, 2020

Jesus said: “My people, in this time of staying more at home, you are realizing how your life centers around Me in the daily Mass. Every day I am with you, especially in this Holy Week, when you will not be normally celebrating the Triduum in church. You were fortunate to have some blessed palms from Palm Sunday. Pray some extra prayers this week for your family and for those suffering from this virus, as well as for their medical caretakers. You are also realizing how precious life is, as you are all keeping your distance to avoid spreading this disease. Keep close to Me through the reading of My Passion and death. Let those people, who are suffering from this virus, unite their pain with Me on My cross. I love all of you so much, and I died for all of your souls as a testimony for My love for you.”

Jesus said: “My son, you remember when pictures of fires came out of China as seen from space satellites. This was a sign to you that the Chinese were burning more than the 3,000 bodies which they reported. There also was a rumor that 42,000 urns were needed for the Chinese funerals. Even now your funeral people are finding it difficult to deal with so many dead bodies from the virus. I have told you that in the fall more people will be dying from this virus, as it will rise up again. This vision of a fire burning bodies, is more about how you will need to deal with so many dead bodies. You will need mass crematoriums to take care of the bodies and the disease around them. When many people are dying in the fall, it is most likely that I will need to call My faithful to My refuges, so you can be healed and protected from any deadly virus. Keep in mind that it is the deep state led by Satan, who want to reduce the world’s population by as much as they can. Have no fear because I will be fighting the evil ones so they cannot kill all of My faithful.”

Sunday, April 5, 2020
(Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday)

Jesus said: “My people, your readings start out with honoring Me with palms. Later, the people turned on Me when they thought I blasphemed, when I declared that I was the Son of God. When you read the long Gospel, you started with My first Mass in the upper room. Judas was My betrayer for thirty pieces of silver, and he betrayed Me with a kiss. Still later, the devil led Judas to hang himself. You read how the high priest tore His garments when I declared that I was the Son of God. This led to My scourging and a judgment by Pilate that I would be crucified. I carried My cross down the Via Dolorosa and up to Calvary where I was crucified. You remember well all of My Stations of the Cross. I suffered and died on the cross to offer everyone salvation for their souls, if they would repent of their sins and seek My forgiveness. On the third day I arose from the tomb as I brought My victory over sin and death. Even now My faithful are suffering their Good Friday amidst this corona virus. Your life will be changed, as you prepare to come to My refuge when your lives will be in danger with the fall virus. Trust in My protection and pray to Me for any needed healing from this virus.”

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Jesus said: “My people, it is sad to see so many people who are dying from the corona virus. You need to pray for all of the souls of the dead victims of this virus. Pray for all the family members as well. Even pray for all of your own family members that they may not get infected, nor die from this virus. Pray for all the evil souls who are behind starting this virus, and for those souls who are aborting My babies. Pray an extra prayer for your pregnant grandchildren that they will be able to deliver their babies without being infected with this virus. As you read about all the statistics of deaths and infections, continue to pray that this virus epidemic will subside, so fewer people will die. You know how I will heal My faithful if they would just pray to Me for a healing. Your prayers and My healing will help My faithful.”

Jesus said: “My people, your medical people and politicians are doing everything they can to take care of your corona virus patients, who are overwhelming the hospital facilities. You are seeing the dilemma in acquiring masks, gowns, ventilators, and beds for all the patients, in addition to having enough skilled medical people to take care of these patients. You need to pray for all of your medical people who are risking their lives to take care of virus patients. You also need to thank these people, and all the other people who are providing the needed medical supplies and medicines. Your people in the homes are also being tested by limiting your contact, and in some cases people are out of work, and they need money for food, gas for cars, and their utilities. You all are learning to live a new life, and you are more dependent on Me for help with your everyday needs. Keep praying for My healing miracles, and be prepared to come to My refuges when I will call you.”

Friday, April 3, 2020

Jesus said: “My people, in the special Mass for this time of pestilence, you heard the reading of the apostles and Me in a boat amidst a great storm that threatened our lives. The apostles woke Me from My sleep in fear of drowning. So I raised My arms to the storm and I said: ‘Peace, be still.’ At that moment the winds stopped and there was a great calm over the water. The apostles were astounded and they wondered how even the wind and the sea obeyed My command. This is another case of nothing is impossible for Me. Even as you see many people dying from the corona virus, you are about to see more of My miracles to calm the storm of this virus epidemic. Just as I chastised My apostles for their little faith in protecting them, so I am asking My faithful to have faith in My miracles of healing. Peace, and be not afraid, for when you come to My refuges, I will heal any virus and protect those from being infected. Even while you are at your homes, you can pray to Me to be healed. To help strengthen your immune system, you can drink holy water, take elderberry extract, Hawthorn, and vitamin C. Trust in My healing power now as I calm the storm of this disease.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a swirling black pit is how some people will see hell in their Warning experience. The Warning is near, and people could come to Confession around Mercy Sunday. Then you would have clean souls for when My Warning could come. Those people, who have mortal sin on their souls , could experience hell in their Warning mini-judgment. At My Warning I will give all sinners a chance to clean their souls and be converted. There will be time for them to get to Confession and change their lives. Pray that all of your relatives will see the Light and be converted so they can enter your refuge. Those souls, who do not cleanse their souls of mortal sin at My Warning, could be lost in hell forever. Keep praying persistently for your relatives to help save their souls.”

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Jesus said: “My people, I am your Lord and Redeemer, so do not place any god or distraction before Me. This corona virus has evil roots in its creation, because its purpose is to take away the life that I have brought forth. I told Adam to go forth and multiply, and not to kill man. You have seen the destruction of your society by all of your abortions. Now, you are witnessing another destructive evil in the spreading of this deadly virus. There are evil people behind your abortion movement, and there are evil people behind this movement to reduce the population by deadly viruses. These evil ones will taste My justice because some of them even worship Satan, or offer Satan their souls for fame and riches. It is the rich and famous who are financially supporting abortions, vaccines, and viruses. Pray to Me to protect you from the actions of these evil ones. They are now preparing the means for the Antichrist to take over your world. Have no fear, for I will protect you at My refuges, and I will cast these evil ones into hell.”

Jesus said: “My son, you are seeing tonight how difficult it will be to even pray together in one place. Your politicians and medical people are discouraging groups over ten from getting together in order to minimize the spread of the corona virus. You will soon see a harsher shutdown when your virus numbers increase, especially in the fall when the virus will be more deadly. You may be restricted to pray at your homes.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are fearful that more people will be dying from this virus. Do not be afraid because this first wave will have a lull in the summer. It is in the fall when this epidemic will be even worse. It is then when you will see many people dying around you, that your lives will be in danger. It is at that time that I will call you to My refuges to protect you from any virus. I will heal those with the virus, and keep others from being infected.”

Jesus said: “My son, you are seeing a confirmation of My message to you about the coming Warning, possibly in the fall. You read from Conchita in the article: ‘The corona virus epidemic is leading the world to the prophesied ‘Illumination of Conscience’.’ She did not mention a date, which I am not mentioning either, but the Warning will come in a time of chaos.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have been calling My refuge builders to be ready to receive My people into their refuges. Now, that you are already in the pre-tribulation, you will be seeing a pestilence like your corona virus that will cause a good number of people to die. I have previously given you a message that the Warning could come in the football season as in the fall. So be prepared when I will call My faithful to My refuges which will come after the Warning. I will give all sinners one last chance to get their souls right with Me, so they can enter My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, I did not have My people build refuges unless they are going to be used when they are needed. It is ‘most likely’ that you will be called to My refuges in the fall because your lives will be in danger. Have no fear because your refuge angel will put a shield around you as you come to the refuge, and when you will be at your refuge. This will be an invisible shield and a shield from catching this virus. If My believers call on My healing power in prayer, I will heal you if you are infected, and I will prevent you from getting infected. I will not allow the evil one to kill all of My faithful. Trust in My Word and you will have peace in your heart with no fear.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are all being tested with this pestilence of the corona virus. In order to get through this trial alive, you will need to trust in Me that I will heal you. I keep repeating the statement that I will call you to My refuges when your lives are in danger. This fall version of this virus will be that time, when it will be necessary to come to My refuges to avoid being killed. In order to enter My refuges, you need to be a true believer in My Word, or the refuge angel will not let you enter. My Warning will come before you are called, so sinners may have a chance to convert their lives of sin. For those people, who believe and are not Catholics, I will heal their souls and put a cross on their foreheads. Trust in My Word of healing for both body and soul.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want My faithful to see the big picture of My salvation. Satan hates man because you will be taking his place in heaven. This is why he is using his evil conquests, who worship him, to cause the deaths of as many people as possible. This is why the devil is behind killing My babies in the womb by abortion. This is why the devil is behind instigating wars to kill people. This is why the devil is behind the HAARP machine that is killing people with earthquakes and severe weather. This is also why the devil is behind the making of this corona virus that will kill many people. It is all part of an evil plan to reduce the population on earth. When you see this virus in this evil light, now you know that I am the only source of good that will defy all of the devil’s plans. I have planned My refuges as a safe haven to help My faithful live through this pestilence of the corona virus. My refuges will also protect My faithful even through the tribulation of the Antichrist. I will soon bring My victory over all of these evil ones, but My faithful need to come to My arks of My refuges, so I can bring you into My Era of Peace later. Trust and have faith in My miracles, and you will be guided through these perilous times.”

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Jesus said: “My people, Shadrach, Mishach,and Abednego defied King Nebuchadnezzar’s order to worship his golden statue. They were even warned that they would be thrown into the furnace of fire if they did not. The three Jews had great faith that I would protect them, but even if I did not, they were willing to die for My Name’s sake, than worship the king’s statue. I did come to their rescue, and they were untouched by the fire. My desire is that all of My faithful would have such faith in My protection, like these three men. Even now amidst this corona virus epidemic, I will protect those faithful who call on My protection in their prayers. They will not die from this virus. You are all being tested by this scourge, but your faith will save you, as it did for the three men cast into the fire. Continue to trust in My miracles of protection, despite how the evil ones want to kill you. You will be protected at My refuges from this virus, and the tribulation of the Antichrist.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have told you that you are in the beginning of the pre-tribulation with the threat of death from this corona virus. This time is also described in (Matt. 24:7) that speaks of a pestilence which is like your current virus epidemic: ‘For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be pestilence, and famines, and earthquakes in places.’ You have been seeing some recent earthquakes as a 6.5 in Idaho. You may also see a famine as a result of the virus when food will be scarce. These events are all signs of the end times right before the tribulation of the Antichrist. Have no fear of this virus because I will protect you. Have no fear of a famine because I will multiply your food, and have no fear of earthquakes because no harm will come to My refuges. My faithful, who truly believe in My miracles, walk in faith and they trust that I will protect them and provide for their needs at My refuges. So peace be with you as I greeted My apostles after My Resurrection.”

Jesus Christ – “As unusual and unprecedented crosses occur in your lives and around the world, remember that I suffered ahead of you to open the Gates of Heaven for you”

Holy Love Ministry

April 8, 2020

Jesus says:

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“As the hour of My Judgment approached, I kept My focus on the Victory. The Victory was so necessary to all mankind that I knew My suffering would be intense. No suffering has or will be comparable to My Passion. Therefore, as unusual and unprecedented crosses occur in your lives and around the world, remember that I suffered ahead of you to open the Gates of Heaven for you.”

“My Father, Who sees all and knows all, is overseeing your every difficulty in answering prayers from the heart. Do not allow any event to be an opportunity for self-righteousness or spiritual pride – that is Satan’s trap – a way to turn good into evil. Trust in My Provision. I will inspire you in unforeseen ways of meeting your needs. Afterall, who would have thought that My death on the Cross would have been so poignant?”

“Do not meditate on the Cross so much as the Victory which I always share with you.”

Read Luke 23:46+

Then Jesus, crying with a loud voice, said, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” And having said this he breathed his last.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by Jesus. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

God the Father – “Children, it is necessary today, to address our proposed prayer event on the Feast of the United Hearts”

Holy Love Ministry

April 8, 2020

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“Children, it is necessary today, to address our proposed prayer event on the Feast of the United Hearts.* We will postpone this event until next year,** if all goes well in the world. Man’s free will so often presents obstacles to My Plans. In this case, it is man’s inability to successfully avoid this virus. I am keeping a close watch on our August 2nd event.”***

* Sunday, June 21, 2020.
** Sunday, June 13, 2021.
*** Sunday, August 2, 2020, Feast of God the Father and His Divine Will and Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, during the 3pm Ecumenical Prayer Service in the Field of the United Hearts (Field of Victory).

Jesus Christ to The Little Prophet of Love – “Take this piece of My love and give this to the world”

Messages from The Lord Jesus Christ to His Little Prophet of Love

Prayer Requests For The Little Prophet of Love

Public Message
April 7, 2020
After The Divine Mercy Chaplet
While walking and praying in the country side

Jesus Speaks to the Little Prophet and her husband:

Please be with Me. I want My children to honour Me as their Father.
Take this piece of My love and give this to the world.

I AM going to look after you, you will be safe.
Ask Me for this I will give you peace.
I do not speak like this to everyone, pause and see that I work through children who love Me.
I AM next to you, I AM with you, feel My presence, feel My presence, walk with Me and feel Me.
Take My hand I AM here.
Child I know you are concerned for the future, I can see this. You will be protected. You will be the one who will be the strong person at this time. Your family will flock towards you. I want you to stay pure child, do not, do not succumb to the evil one, stay child in a state of grace.
I Jesus has spoken.
Ask and it shall be given. My child, My Father in Heaven is watching, I AM protecting you.
Ask child for whatever you want it will be given if it is for the good of your soul.

I know, I know you have not been lucky with work. My son I AM in control and when it happens it will be from Me.
I AM filling you with My love. Ask.

Little Prophet: Father, will Boris Johnson survive his illness?

Jesus: I want you to pray for him.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit.