Three Videos – Who Are You? Your Identity in Jesus Christ as a Beloved Child of God

In this world full of antagonizing and competing voices, it is very easy to lose our sense of identity and to forget how important and valuable we are to God. That each of us is a beloved child of God, heirs to the Divine Throne of God and vast Kingdom of Heaven, after our life’s sojourn here on earth. Our identity–our self-worth–is found in recognizing who we are in relationship to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, because apart from Him, we are nothing. It is because of Jesus and His Selfless Sacrifice on the Cross that each of us finds our true meaning and our purpose for living. So, we cannot lose sight of this–each of us is “chosen” by God the Father to be part of His Divine Family if we say ‘yes’ to His invitation for salvation through His Divine Son, Jesus.

Yesterday, I listened to the homily on EWTN by Father John Paul Mary in which he spoke about our identity being found in Jesus Christ. It really resonated with my heart and so, I am sharing the video on this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, because it really is so easy to lose sight sometimes about what it means to be a Christian and to live the Christian walk. It is so important to not listen to all the negative and self-defeating voices that try to tell us that we are worthless and insignificant–the lies of the enemy of humanity–satan–the devil. No, those lies are not true at all. Each of us, are in fact, very special to God, but we must remember to always anchor our faith in Jesus–because the core expression of our identity is found in relationship to Him and no one else. If we do not know Jesus, then we do not know ourselves and we will not understand our purpose in life, which makes it doubly hard when we are undergoing trials in life. It is easy to know who we are during calm times, but less so, during troubled times, if we forget who we are in Christ Jesus. That is why I am sharing the homily video, because I found it to be a good reminder for who I am and I hope it will be a good reminder for you as well.

Finally, I wanted to comment about Psalm 139, Verse 17. In it, God reveals to us that His thoughts about each of us are as countless as the sands on the seashore. This is not about counting the hairs on our head, but truly, His thoughts about us in each moment of our lives is numberless. I was reminded about this the other day when I found out that each cell of our body undergoes a million different processes every second and our physical body are comprised of millions upon millions of cells. So, truly, when a person ponders how much God thinks of each of us just to keep us physically alive, it is amazing. Just simply on a biological level, how countless are God’s thoughts towards us. And as Sacred Scripture tells, how much more valuable are each of us than a bird like a sparrow to God? We, who are made in the image and likeness of a Creator God Who loves us in infinite and unimaginable ways? God bless everyone!

I love you,
–a soul

Video – 5-7-20 Daily Bible Readings and Homily – Your Identity in Christ as a Child of God (27:34 minutes)

Video – You Are A New Creation (1:35 minutes)

Video – One Person (1:10 minutes)