Jesus Christ to The Little Prophet of Love – “You must know I can see everything you do, everything you say, everything you think”

Messages from The Lord Jesus Christ to His Little Prophet of Love

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Public Message
May 25, 2020
After Consecration to the Most Holy Trinity, The Divine Mercy Chaplet.

NOTE (By the Husband of the Little Prophet of Love): We never know when Jesus will speak. Working out averages doesn’t apply. Today I recorded by video and audio the words but my I-phone data hampered the recording as it was full, so only bits of a message are recorded. Of course, we were upset with ourselves for not having a pen and paper with us. We were praying in the country-side in a quiet secluded area.


….please be patient, I AM always with you. At a time in this world I will always cherish the moments I can speak. This is a chance to put My words out into this world. This world (sadness in voice) is so sad. This world is not My world. It is a place of sin.

I AM Jesus, you are being obedient. You must know I can see everything you do, everything you say, everything you think.

(Jesus discusses the siblings of the Little Prophet of Love)… but I can only do this with help. If they place their trust in Me, I will assure them life. Place them in your prayers. You must realise that they do not have gifts.

…..Ask Me for help little one. You are a shining example. Do not think that they are thinking ill of you. They, child, love you, you are innocent. I Jesus will not let harm come to you. You have a job, and this job is to lead My people towards Me. Child, I AM Jesus. I have spoken.

I bless thee.

In The Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit.

NOTE (By a soul):
The following two images and video contain previously private messages given to the Little Prophet of Love. God bless!

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