Holy Family Refuge Message – Additions to God the Father’s Healing Prayer – June 2020

Holy Family Refuge Messages

In December, 2019, God the Father over the course of a few days, gave a healing prayer to the Holy Family Refuge messenger. It was published on the website at that time and God the Father said:

I, God the Father am giving this Healing Prayer because I love all My children. This Healing Prayer is needed because of the evil times you are now living in. I am an all loving God but also a just God because you cannot be all loving without being all just. Love, God the Father of Heaven and Earth. Amen.

On June 7, 2020, God the Father told this messenger that he wanted some more prayers added and that it be published and sent out again.

The final document can be accessed on the official website here: Healing Prayer from God the Father

Or, you can download the 3-page PDF here:

God the Father 2019 Healing Prayer revised June 2020 (PDF)