Commentary – Where are the Refuges and Safe Havens – Part Two – By a soul

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Commentary – Where are the Refuges and Safe Havens – Part Two – By a soul (WordDoc)

Where are the Refuges and Safe Havens
Part Two

By a soul
(June 27, 2020, Month dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Our Lord has been inspiring me with some very interesting thoughts this afternoon about the whereabouts of the refuges and safe havens during the Great Tribulation. And so, I have decided to write a follow-up (Part Two) to my earlier commentary titled “Where are the Refuges and Safe Havens” (; while my goal is that this second commentary will greatly help those seeking to further the Divine Plan as it unfolds on Earth. I truly hope that people will benefit from these words.

According to the heavenly messages given to Prophet John Leary (, some of the places that will become refuges include those sites of Our Lady’s apparitions, monasteries, convents, or churches where the Blessed Sacrament has been honored and adored for many years called holy ground places. Also, after much prayer, some people have been led to prepare their homes to be a refuge. And in mountainous regions there will also be caves as refuges, etc. Jesus has also indicated in the messages that some places will become refuges despite no visible preparations beforehand, such as the caves, etc.

Well, this afternoon, Our Lord has been inspiring me to “think-outside-the-box” regarding the possible refuges. And so, the first thought that the Lord provided me is that He desires His beloved Catholic children to expect the unexpected when it comes to the refuge that you and your loved ones may be led to by your guardian angel. Why? Because you may be led actually to a very faithful Orthodox church, monastery, etc., as the refuge instead of an anticipated Catholic choice.

The Lord has been stressing with me that after the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience) has happened on Earth, there will no longer exist any motivations for all the divisions found today in Christianity. All divisions will be healed. Everyone will know that the Catholic Church was founded by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and that believers outside the framework of the Catholic Church will need to be converted to the authentic Faith in order to be saved by God. However, there will be very little if any continuing reasons that any Orthodox churches will be unable to immediately unite and embrace Catholicism and their Catholic brethren. The apostolic succession of all Orthodox priests and all Seven Sacraments of all Orthodox churches are already fully recognized as valid by the Catholic Church. Also, I believe that there exists the exception that in extreme situations such as impending death, Catholics may even receive Last Rites from an Orthodox priest, etc. And our beloved Saint Pope John Paul II has eloquently written about how the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church form the two lungs of the Mystical Body of Christ, etc.

Many Orthodox churches strive to be faithful to Our Lord and have retained many beautiful traditions throughout the ages in their Sacred Liturgies and their holy worship. Also, many Orthodox Christians are deeply devoted to Our Blessed Mother Mary. Our Lord and Our Lady desire very much that this sacred heritage continue to flourish in the Orthodox churches. Heaven desires all Catholic and Orthodox Christians to understand that unification between the Churches is not about losing anything special in their identities as Christians, but truly, the opposite—Heaven desires that all the strengths of both Churches be retained and even shared between them for a resulting richer and more deeply gratifying expression of True Christianity. Unity is not about losing anything, but about gaining the best of both.

Also, Our Lord has been sharing with me that even at the last minute—during the six weeks of relative peace taking place on Earth after the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience), He will accept the intentions of good-willed people who desire to consecrate their lands as refuges and desire to serve others in this manner. I was made to understand that such possibilities may exist in places that with some angelic help can be converted into suitable refuges—such as farms, ranches, etc.

In addition, Our Lord knows the hearts of His beloved children and He knows that many Christians currently outside the fold of Holy Mother Church will embrace Catholicism as He desires after the Great Warning has happened. And consequently, He knows that these same beloved children will be genuinely wondering if they can consecrate their lands as refuges to serve God and neighbor. In particular, I was made to think of Christian retreat centers, Protestant mega-churches that consist of sprawling complexes, and other similarly constructed places, etc., that with some angelic help could be converted into suitable refuges.

Well, the answer is yes, Our Lord will accept the heartfelt intentions of those who prayerfully consider this possibility for themselves even at this last stage. If the Lord can turn a cave with no preparation into a Catholic refuge, He will certainly accept those who possess better-equipped sites for such purposes. Again, Our Lord stressed with me that after the Great Warning has transpired, there will no longer be Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Protestants, as the world currently knows Christianity. Rather, there will be only two groups—the Remnant Faithful (which does include the House of Israel that welcomes Jesus as the Messiah, etc.) and then the rest who reject God (including those apostate to the Faith and the lukewarm, etc.).

Finally, Our Lord conveyed to me this particular desire in the various thoughts that He provided me about the refuges. For those that have personal connections to those who are in leadership positions at Christian schools—and in particular, Catholic colleges, universities, and seminaries, He would like such persons to include evangelizing those in charge of such institutions to consider consecrating them as refuges in the aftermath of the Great Warning. Because many such institutions have the facilities that with some angelic help and dedicated clergy and laity could become a suitable refuge in the End Times.

And so, those are all the lovely thoughts that Our Lord provided me today! I pray that this commentary will result into many tangible blessings for many people.

God bless,
—a soul