Part One – Heartfelt Encounters Between Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Little Prophet of Love

Messages from The Lord Jesus Christ to His Little Prophet of Love

Prayer Requests For The Little Prophet of Love

COMMENT (By a soul):
I am delighted to share with you all in this blog post several previously private messages given by Heaven to The Little Prophet of Love (“LP”) and her husband (“H”). Please note that the Little Prophet experiences the gift of ‘outer locutions’ when she receives heavenly messages (see public message November 16, 2019). This grace is made possible because her soul dwells in the Fifth Chamber in Holy Love (see public message November 9, 2019). This means that her soul is so intimately united with Our Lord that she shares in His emotions and His physical movements when receiving messages. (For more information: God Bless!

Introduction (By Husband of The Little Prophet of Love)

These messages first occurred May 29th 2019. From the very first messages Jesus mentioned what He wanted from us to pray for every person that Jesus placed in front of us so that many souls can be saved and also many would be saved by these messages.

The main prophetic theme has been about ‘Love’, the love Jesus has for all of His children expressed by His loving tender words to the Little Prophet. The enemy hates humans and the love between Jesus and His children. For this reason the Little Prophet and myself have suffered attacks by the devil.

We hope you can see the tender love that Jesus has for us all and for His crucial and now urgent need for our love in return.

* * *


July 10, 2019

After 10 am Mass at the Holy Rosary Church I (“H”) grabbed the chance to speak to the Bishop. We spoke just outside the sacristy, the priest was within listening distance. I mentioned the value of the priest collecting the chalice from the Tabernacle rather than the Eucharistic minister (who holds the Hosts) . I mentioned I thought it was less reverent if a Eucharistic minister did this.

He disagreed and made no eye contact with me during this discussion. The Bishop saw no difference between priest and Eucharistic minister performing this function.

At 5:00pm we spoke with Jesus and I asked Him about these issues:


I thank you both for praying now and asking to speak with Me. I know life can be tough, and I know sometimes you may feel uneasy or unsure about things. Please know that I am in your midst and I will help you. You just need to call upon Me.

Husband: Dear Father, could you speak about the Bishop from earlier?

Jesus: This was something he did not want to discuss. He felt it was irrelevant, but son you tried and I am pleased and I thank you. My church is not as it once was, it will only get worse.

July 11 2019

We went to 10am Mass. It is the feast day of St Benedict.

Father mentioned how the Benedictine rule was a protection against ‘extremism’. H felt this was a veiled remark due to yesterday’s attempt by H for more reverence to be shown to the Holy Eucharist. A line was obviously crossed – we are ‘extremists’ for holding on to the Tradition.

2:21pm after Rosary:

Little Prophet: Hello Father.

Jesus: Hello, My child. I’ve waited for you today and now I have you.

LP: Thank you, Jesus, thank you.

About the priest:

Jesus: He was not that happy that My son spoke to the Bishop. He is not a priest to be approached, but I want you both to continue to go there.

LP: We will, Jesus.

Little Prophet asked about explosion sounds she gets in her head.

Jesus: These are from the evil one. The closer you are to me, the more they will torment you. You have nothing to fear because they cannot harm you.

LP: Thank you, My Lord.

Jesus: My love, I’m so happy you have been receiving Me each day. I want you and My son to continue this.

I love you, My girl, I love you, I love you, I love you so much.

Blessing from Jesus.

July 12, 2020

At the park:

Before rosary, we said some protection and exorcism prayers. Little Prophet’s Husband glimpsed a beast-like figure walking on all fours walking towards us. It vanished as quickly as it was noticed. It was like a leopard-tiger type of creature.

After the rosary prayer:

Our Lady: This is your Blessed Mother. I want to thank you both for praying My rosary. My love for you is very special. You are both My children. I want you to carry on praying My rosary and I will intercede before the Throne of God for you. You are truly blessed, My child, truly blessed. I love you and again I want to thank you. I would like to bless you now.


LP: Lord, did my husband see a demon coming towards us on all fours?

Jesus: That was correct, he did see a demon coming towards you both.

H: Is it OK if we say these exorcism prayers?

Jesus: Do not stop saying them for they are needed.

H: I said an exorcism prayer for the area we live.

Jesus: People do not respect others, but just pray for peace.

I bless you both.

In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Little Prophet asked Jesus about the Leopard cat-like figure glimpsed earlier:

Jesus: He saw a creature from the depths of hell. They are not happy when you pray these prayers, fear not! For you are under my protection.

Earlier, it was certainly My Mother who was with you.

On discussion about the Church:

Jesus: My Church is upsetting for Me to even talk about.

LP: I am sorry, Lord.

Advice for LP: Be strong and think of me when you are down.

Advice for H: My son, be at peace with yourself.

Jesus: It doesn’t matter what people think, as long as you are pleasing Me, that’s all that matters.


Jesus: I thank you for praying to Me My love. You are very pleasing in My eyes. You are accumulating many, many graces. These are also going towards the salvation of My poor souls that would otherwise be lost.

In response to LP’s doubts:

Jesus: I had told you, child, it is Me, Your Saviour. You do not need proof from others.

H said Pope Leo XIII Exorcism Prayer.

Jesus interrupted this prayer to say He was happy that we were saying it and it is needed.

H: Asked about his brother in Purgatory at 9:00pm.

Jesus: He needs to be cleansed and he will be here longer, please keep praying for him.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Jesus: My child, keep your mind free from that which will upset you. I know how much you love God’s creatures (animals). My love, these animals are to be loved. My Father does not want cruelty put upon His creatures.

About Peter our Rabbit:

Jesus: I made him wait in the store for you.

(Peter was in a pet store for months before we collected him)

July 16, 2019

At the park after rosary midday.

Jesus: My love, this is Your Jesus speaking. My blessings pour down upon on you both. My child, I am so happy when you pray and think of Me.

My child, it is better to speak with you when you are in your home. Then, I can have your undivided attention. My love, I am always with you.

Blessing from Jesus.

After Divine Mercy Chaplet:

Jesus: My love, be in My presence… (About the world) It is not a wonderful place. When I am with you, you have nothing to fear.

(Earlier there was disturbance from neighbours downstairs and on the estate which caused LP anxiety)

Jesus: That is from the evil one – he wants you to be unrestful. My child, you have your Angel, your protector and above all you have Me! You have the protection of Heaven.

My little one, you don’t like to be upset. I have everything under control.

LP: Of course, Jesus.

Jesus: Look at My Image (Divine Mercy picture). I give you, My love. You are so special and you are a creature of mine.

May you rest this evening and be at peace.

I am with you always, My love.

LP: Thank you, Lord.

Jesus imparts Blessing.

July 19, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet

Jesus: I am with you both now. Do not let your hearts be at…………

H: Be at what, Father?

LP: Would you like to speak Jesus? Cover us with Your Most Precious Blood and if any evil spirits interfere, may they be thrown back down to the foot of the Cross. So that they will not harm us or any other human soul again.

H: Is this Jesus of Nazareth?

Jesus: Yes, this is Jesus of Nazareth.

H: We have missed you even though you are still there.

Jesus: I am always here.

H: What’s been the problem in the last few days, why have we felt so down?

Jesus: My children, you must know that I am the one that dictates when I choose to speak. I am the Creator of this world. I am the one who makes the plans. In this world, there are plenty of people who do not even believe in Me. I am the Alpha and the Omega. Please child know that I speak when I wish. I love you both very much and I need you both to believe that I am giving you these words. I pour out My blessings to you both, please take this, I bless you both.

Bow your heads… In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Be in My presence and be at peace. Me and My Father wish to give you much love. Take Our love, then you will be at peace.

LP: Thank You, Lord.