Part Three – Heartfelt Encounters Between Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Little Prophet of Love

Messages from The Lord Jesus Christ to His Little Prophet of Love

Prayer Requests For The Little Prophet of Love

COMMENT (By a soul):
I am delighted to share with you all in this blog post several previously private messages given by Heaven to The Little Prophet of Love (“LP”) and her husband (“H”). Please note that the Little Prophet experiences the gift of ‘outer locutions’ when she receives heavenly messages (see public message November 16, 2019). This grace is made possible because her soul dwells in the Fifth Chamber in Holy Love (see public message November 9, 2019). This means that her soul is so intimately united with Our Lord that she shares in His emotions and His physical movements when receiving messages. (For more information: God Bless!

NOTE: This is Part Three. Please visit this webpage to read Parts One and Two along with other heavenly messages given to The Little Prophet of Love:

Introduction (By Husband of The Little Prophet of Love)

These messages first occurred May 29th 2019. From the very first messages Jesus mentioned what He wanted from us to pray for every person that Jesus placed in front of us so that many souls can be saved and also many would be saved by these messages.

The main prophetic theme has been about ‘Love’, the love Jesus has for all of His children expressed by His loving tender words to the Little Prophet. The enemy hates humans and the love between Jesus and His children. For this reason the Little Prophet and myself have suffered attacks by the devil.

We hope you can see the tender love that Jesus has for us all and for His crucial and now urgent need for our love in return.

* * *


July 31, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet

Jesus: I am Jesus born incarnate. My love, I don’t want you upset. I will surround you now with My love. I am with you. People are always going to be a source of sin. When you stand back and look at their lives, who, My love, is nearest to the Father? Yes, you! The lovely little nothing! (nodding up and down)

See! I knew that would put a smile on your face!!

LP: Love You Jesus.

Jesus: You are in the position to be My servant. I have gifted you and you have to be in My presence everyday. Yes, by means of visiting Me in My house everyday. You will be a target for My enemy! He knows that you have a purpose. Your purpose is to save as many souls as you possibly can.

You enquired earlier why you feel down like this and where you are going. I will explain: You see, you have time, you have the time, My child, and love to do this for Me. This is more important than anything. I want you to be the perfect soul.

Peace be with you, my child.

Peace be with you.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

August 1, 2019

My name is Jesus Christ born incarnate.

My love, My love. My name for you is ‘little nothing’.

LP (smiling): Thank you, Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, that is you, My child. You are the epitome of nothing. You are a delight! Please do not let this world bring you into its life. This life is not where it’s meant to be. You should all be lying with the Lion but instead you want to dance with the evil one.

Please, people, pray to Your God. He is life itself. You all ignore his callings. Children, children, wake up!

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We (LP and H) discussed after that, they are virtually invisible and ‘nothing’ in this world.

August 2, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet

Jesus: This is Jesus born incarnate.

My child, my love, this is a blessing for you. You are a nothing in this world! Please feel privileged to have this as your title. My servants are always the humble ones, but sometimes I have to pick away at them. My child, you go to those places where souls make you feel agitated. My love, I know you do not have a vehicle so you cannot avoid certain places. I will deal with those people who make a mess in society.

(Town centre has increase in drug addicts, alcoholics in last couple of years)

This brings me upset too!

My love, sadly, this is happening in every place in the world. My child, you understand without money, you can still lead a decent life. Pray for these people in your places of walking. A quiet prayer can change much. Love one another. I have said this so much throughout the centuries. It applied then and it applies now. I will draw you closer to My heart. You have been a soul that feels the pain in My heart, but child, the pain is much much worse.


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

August 3, 2019

Jesus: This is Jesus born incarnate.

My love, you are My little nothing. I am pleased you had your sins confessed. Much to My delight, it’s always lovely to speak to a soul who is clean. Well, I would love to give you My love. Yes, I could tell you a million times I love you! You are My child.


And I will bless you.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

August 4, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet

Jesus: Be in My presence.

August 6, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet

Jesus: I would like to answer your questions, My love.

Question from H: Are the writings of the Archko Volumes genuine?

Answer: Yes.

(Click to download: From the Vatican Library – The Archko Volume – Important Trial Records and Interviews from the Time of Jesus Christ (254 pages)(PDF) )

Question from H: Any words about Uncle Michael in Purgatory?

Answer: He is very pleased that you are both praying for him. He also needs a Mass said.

Question: Will Holy Rosary Church allow Eucharistic Adoration?

Answer: My concerns are that the priest will not want either of you at his church. My child, this is very sad that my sons do not want to use this opportunity to pray to Me.

After the Divine Mercy Chaplet


(About a childhood friend of LP)

My love, this is Jesus born incarnate. You are in a rather curious mood today regarding this person. My love, I want you to pray for her soul. She is so far from Me. I want you to be a person who can inspire her to love Me.

Yes, I am in pain because of her father’s decision (hell). I don’t want that to happen to his family. They chose their creative ways rather than their spiritual ways. They don’t look upon Me as God! I want you to guide in being My disciple. You can ask for My help. I want you to bring her back to Me. Now, I also want to say that you are very pleasing to My Father. He wants to say these words:

God the Father:

My child, you are so pleasing to Me. I want you to bring as many souls to Me as possible. I have gifted you with these gifts. Now I want you to bask in My light. My love, I treasure your soul. I AM the Father. I want you to bow.


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019
After Rosary

Jesus: I am Jesus born incarnate. My little one, I can help you in all your needs. I am the one who can hear your pleas. It is a lonely road, this one I have given you. People do not please me. You love, you do! I have chosen you, My little nothing. If you go into the world, you won’t be My little snowflake. I am watching you, My child. Live by My ways and I can give you strength. You will be blessed one hundred times over. You have the wisdom of someone who is drawn to me. I do not let those slip by easily! I have waited. I have longed for this time when I could do this with you. Maybe you should pray to Me more for strength. Please, child, be at peace. My love for you is so much.

(Got interference from enemy: foul language…)

August 8, 2019

Jesus: I am Jesus born incarnate.

My dear one, you may think in this life you have nothing. I can tell you now you have more than anyone! Your praising, your blessings, your anointings, these will be your partners when you leave this earth. How many of My children store-up so much throughout their lives?

Jesus: My love, be careful when I speak to you. There is always going to be disturbance.

Sometimes I allow it; sometimes I don’t.

(This is about interference of a demon at end of last message swearing at LP)

Jesus: (nodding up and down) This was a pathetic attempt. I won’t let anything or anyone harm you.

(For H):

My son, please, please be at peace. I would not look at that (Facebook) on the phone. It brings nothing but longing and thoughts of despair. Jesus loves you, My son.

Jesus says to you now: Peace be with you, My peace I give you. You are a child of God. I will take from you, what is not from Me.

You are to be moulded. I want a perfect result! (Jesus smiling)

I love you both. You are both My little ones. I am Jesus. I have spoken. I love you both and want you to think of Me often.


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Friday, August 9, 2019
After Divine Mercy Chaplet

Jesus: I am Jesus born incarnate. I am so pleased you are with Me.

LP: I am too, Jesus, I am too.

Jesus: I have been given a wonderful insight into your life. This allowed Me to, to know that you would go, then come back to Me.

I can see how you would feel hurt (about an old friend). Many years have passed since your paths crossed. My child, you are a giving person. This person here does not give. Only herself is her occupation. I do not want you to be in a position where she will change your mind on various issues. I want you… I want you all for Myself. I am your protector. This world is quite ruthless. I want you to hide from it. You are doing well, My child. I am pleased you and your husband attend My house everyday. You need this because of the gift I have given you.

I remember years ago when you asked to receive My words. I gave you this because of your littleness.

LP: Thank you, Jesus – I love you.