Mission of Holy Love Ministries – Prophecies Soon To Be Fulfilled – After The Warning (Illumination of Conscience)

Mission of Holy Love Ministries – Prophecies Soon To Be Fulfilled – After The Warning (Illumination of Conscience)

COMMENT (By a soul):
I am re-sharing these heavenly messages, because so many people follow the daily Holy Love messages through this blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls, and I believe that many people would be excited to see these prophecies come to fruition soon. God bless!

Please visit the main homepage of Holy Love Ministries to learn more about its God-given mission and to plan a pilgrimage (located in Ohio, USA): https://www.holylove.org

Recommended PDF book to download (can also be purchased as a printed book through the online bookstore of Holy Love Ministries):
The Journey Through The Chambers Of The United Hearts: The Pursuit Of Holiness

To learn more about The Warning (Illumination of Conscience), visit this blog webpage: https://maryrefugeofsouls.com/the-warning-illumination-of-conscience/

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August 11, 2000
St. Mary’s Dominican Church
Friday Night Holy Hour
At the Claddaugh, Galway, Ireland

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Child, the goodness of My Heart demands a mutual love relationship with all humanity. As I do love each soul, so too, each one is commanded to love Me in return. I desire to take every soul into the depths of My Sacred Heart – a journey unmatched by any on earth.”

“With unyielding grace I call out to humanity through this Message. Each surrender is sweet, sweet to Me. Before I return I will send a multitude of angels before Me, making this Message known throughout the world. It will extinguish Satan’s fire and replace it with the Miraculous Fire of Divine Love. Make this known.”

June 12, 1995
Monthly Message to All Nations

From Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary

(Excerpt): “Dear children, this Ministry will undergo further persecution in the future, but you will endure through the grace of My Heart. Jesus in His Majesty and Mercy will extend yet another grace to bring souls into Holy Love. For when the great illumination of consciences comes in the future, souls will also see that Holy Love is the path, salvation and refuge. It is at that time, many will come to My apparition site. Dear children, continue to pray from the heart, that My messages of Holy Love are propagated throughout the world, and I am blessing you.”

(Source: https://www.holylove.org/message/6116/)

May 7, 2012

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The fortune of My Heart is Divine Love. This is a fortune which will never devalue. It is a great fortune readily available through the Chambers of the United Hearts.”

“Do not chase after the tangible. Do not seek out evidence or proof of all that I offer you through grace. Rather, faithfully follow the journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts. This is the way of peace and reconciliation – with one another. It is the way of reconciliation with God.”

“The time will come when the First Chamber – the Purifying Flame of My Mother’s Heart – will consume the world. In that moment, each one will be given the opportunity to step into the First Chamber and to begin the journey. Pray that all cooperate with this profound grace.”

Recent Developments (at Holy Love Ministries):

(July 5, 2020): God the Father – “Children, I am establishing new guidelines for the outpouring of graces here at My Prayer Site – I will not be naming specific dates of big prayer events anymore”

(July 1, 2020): God the Father – “I am calling political leaders to come here so I may weave the Truth into their hearts”

Recent Messages Given Through Other Prophets:

Jesus Christ to The Little Prophet of Love – “I AM going to bring My Warning this Autumn – It’s a chance to repent, it’s a day of mercy – It’s a time to reflect”

HIGH ALERT – Attention! Beware! There may be mandatory vaccinations in the Fall (2020) that may contain the Mark of the Beast (embedded microchip)

End Times Daily – Our Lady of America to Ned Dougherty – Message to the People of the United States of America – This is the Final Battle! – July 4, 2020

Holy Family Refuge Messages – Blessed Virgin Mary – “This summer is the last time when many of Our children will be able to ask forgiveness for their sins – Please do not wait any longer”

Holy Family Refuge Messages – Blessed Virgin Mary – “Please pray as much as you can in these times, for the Warning and Judgement of your soul is at your doorstep – Please ask for repentance and go to Confession this summer”

Holy Family Refuge Messages – God the Father – “I tell all of America that if you do NOT stop the laws of abortion in America and follow the Ten Commandments, you will think that this small tribulation was nothing next to what you will see this summer and next fall – The time of the tribulation for America and the whole World has begun”