God the Father – “This awakening must come through the power of the Holy Spirit – that still small voice which speaks to the heart and whispers the choices of good over evil”

Holy Love Ministry

March 20, 2021

Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says:

“In the depths of My Paternal Heart I am holding those who recognize the evils of the day and work to expose them. I will assist these souls in their efforts to awaken the conscience of the world as to the dangers of the path it is following. The only way the conversion of any soul can occur is for the evil in his heart to be recognized for what it is – to repent and transform its goals to good. This holds true for the heart of the world itself.”

“This awakening must come through the power of the Holy Spirit – that still small voice which speaks to the heart and whispers the choices of good over evil. The conviction of any conscience to be effective must be met with humility of heart. Such a heart is open to correction and eager to change and to please Me. The heart of the world in these days, is not humble enough to stand correction. Pray that the whisperings of the Holy Spirit are welcomed and accepted by the heart of the world and is able to influence change.”

Read Acts 2:17-18+

‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; yes, and on my menservants and my maidservants in those days I will pour out my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.

+ Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)

Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria – “Pray; prayer is the means for meeting My Son; receive the Sacraments; be worshipers of My Son wherever you are – true worshipers, giving testimony to the Holy Spirit who dwells in each one of you”

Revelaciones Marianas

MARCH 14, 2021

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart:


I see with pain how you are being led further away from My Son at a time when a great part of humanity do not feel the need for Him, and you will therefore rush to meet and accept the Antichrist (1) and his falsehood, if you do not awaken from your spiritual lethargy. (Col 2:8)

You are living in a great pit where you are being told how to work and act….

Without wanting it, you are captive to the elite; you are in domestic concentration camps, making you insecure, diminishing your ability to think and reason…

Lukewarm in Faith – they are temporarily closing the Churches, which will later be closed definitively, and you, children, see this as something normal in the context of what humanity is living through at this moment.

CHILDREN, MY SON’S FAITHFUL PEOPLE, YOU ARE LIVING IN ALL SORTS OF WARFARE; you do not see weapons like those used in wars, but war is growing before your eyes. Temporary limits are being imposed on you regarding travel from one country to another, preparing you for the arrival of the “microchip” (2), without which you will not be able to buy or sell, nor to leave your home or receive medical assistance; you will not be able to move from one place to another if you refuse to be marked. (Rev. 13:16,17)


Communism is advancing: it has not disappeared, it is alive and is advancing towards its goal, and My children will suffer.

Pray, My children, pray, pray: the Balkans will make news for humanity. (*)

Pray, My children, pray: without an economy Europe will be prey to invaders dressed in red.

Pray, My children, draw near to My Son without delay: conversion is urgent in order for you be worthy of Divine Protection.

Pray, My children, examine yourselves within: the Warning is approaching.

Pray My children, pray for America, it will be scourged.

Pray My children, pray for Mexico, it will be shaken.

You view the Cross as suffering: My Son gave you the Cross of Victory and yet you reject it in favor of worldly idols that offer you distraction. AND ETERNAL LIFE? YOU WILL LOSE IT BECAUSE OF A MOMENT OF FOLLY.


Attention, children! For various diseases, I have mentioned by Divine Will the use of pine. (3) The Father’s House does not abandon His children, warning and protecting them in advance.

Keep up love for your neighbor; do not lose your inner peace. The enemy of the soul, the devil, is fighting against My Son’s People – he insists on your being presumptuous, he induces you to be aggressive, to impose yourselves, to be impertinent, he feeds your “ego” to the core, so that you would be a stumbling block for your brothers and sisters.

Little children, love one another, be bearers of peace; keep in mind that you must remain united to the Divine Will.

Pray; prayer is the means for meeting My Son; receive the Sacraments; be worshipers of My Son wherever you are – true worshipers, giving testimony to the Holy Spirit who dwells in each one of you.

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:


Do not fear. I bless you.

Mother Mary


(1) About the antichrist…

(2) About microchips…

(3) Medicinal plants…

(*) Balkan Peninsula. Also called the Balkan Peninsula, it is one of the three large peninsulas of southeastern Europe, joined to the continent by a wide isthmus formed by the Balkan mountain range to the east and the Dinaric Alps to the west. It is separated from Asia by the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, between the Black, Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Seas, the sea of Marmara, the Danube and the Mediterranean. The peninsula is occupied by the nations of Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia), Romania and the region of Istanbul (Turkey).  Although the states of Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine are not within the Balkan peninsula, for historical and cultural reasons they are included within the Balkan region.


Brothers and sisters:

Our Blessed Mother calls us to be Love, which means being keepers of the First Commandment.

Our Mother told me that Her Most Holy Son and She are suffering over those of their children who do not meditate on the value of life and pass their time without keeping peace in their hearts, spreading pain to their fellow men.

She showed me that love is the guarantee for the human creature to remain firm in the faith at all times and not to falter in the cruelest of persecutions. Love is food for the soul and leads My children to become aware of the value of their fellow men, seeing My Son in them.

She finished by saying to me:

“Tell them to love, that envy is the weapon the devil uses to fight against My children. Tell them that the one who is strongest is the one who is love. Love will save humanity and the final triumph will come”.


Children of the Renewal Messages – Jesus Christ – “All will know their sins as all will see their souls as I see them – Each person will be infused with knowledge of the state of their souls and where they would go, Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell if they died at that moment”

Children of the Renewal Messages

January 17, 2021
2nd Sunday after Epiphany and Feast of Our Lady of Hope (Pontmain, France)

Hello, my dearest Jesus present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Thank You for Holy Mass and Communion this morning, Lord. Mass was and is so beautiful! I am grateful that (Priest name withheld) makes it possible for us to come to Adoration when so many chapels are closed. Please bless and protect him always. Lord, I am concerned about people receiving this vaccine. Lord, the use of fetal cells from babies killed (in the womb) is horrific! If that wasn’t enough, people are being experimented unbeknownst to them. It’s one giant research study with experimental therapeutics. It’s very concerning, Lord. Please help people who have taken the vaccine escape from physical, mental and emotional harm. So many are in the dark about this, Lord and friends and even some family members are getting the vaccine. Give them a way out, Lord. Please God. Lord, many of us think that President Trump will remain in office but others think we are in for a communist takeover. Either way, there are troops deployed in Washington DC (a large number). Please protect us, Lord from communism. I know we deserve the worst but You are merciful, Lord. If You decide to spare us, we will be spared. Help us, Lord. Heal our nation, Lord. Grant us Your peace. I realize I am asking the impossible, Lord since we deserve punishment because of the many sins committed. Protect our families and friends. Lord, please heal (names withheld) and all who are ill. I pray for the souls of (names withheld) who died recently. Please take their souls to Heaven, Lord. Jesus, I pray for the special intention requested of me. Please hear the prayers of all who are faithful to You, for the people who do not know and love You. Lord please grant them graces for conversion. Help them to come to know and love You, Lord.

Jesus, have You anything to say to me?

“My child, remind My children to seek refuge in My Sacred Heart and in the heart of My Mother. My Father will not refuse His children’s request for refuge in our hearts. Remind them of this prayer that I gave you. I invite all to say this whenever refuge from the storm is needed.* (prayer is printed below) Now is the time to begin praying this many times a day whenever you begin to be afraid or things become tense. I am with you, My children. I will not abandon you. Trust in Me.”

Thank You, Lord. Jesus please protect us from the evils of communism. While we have been focused on our lives, the enemy has slowly but surely invaded our Church and our government. Lord, only You can save us. Help us Oh, Lord. Help us also by giving us the graces for conversion of every soul in our nation. Send forth Your Spirit and renew the face of the earth.

“My little one, I will pour out My Spirit in these days. All will know of My saving power. All will know I am the Lord God. All will know their sins as all will see their souls as I see them. Each person will be infused with knowledge of the state of their souls and where they would go, Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell if they died at that moment. Be prepared to accompany many to the priest for the Sacraments. Be prepared to evangelize as needed. Some will be infused with the knowledge of the Sacraments and Church teachings. Many will not have this gift, though for they will be struggling and even horrified by their own sins. This is necessary, My child to convert as many souls as possible while there is time. My child, do not worry about what is to come. I have already told you the Time of Great Trials is upon My children and though I will be with you, it will be challenging. Read My holy priest son’s messages and his direction to the refuges. (Fr. Michel Rodrigue) Pray for guidance and I will direct you. My children, I have prepared you, as has My Mother over many years. Still there are some who are not prepared for they did not know or they were unbelieving. You will need to share from your stores so that My people do not go hungry. I will multiply necessities, but you must share generously. This is living the Gospel message, My children. You will develop into communities in time and I will guide you in what you must do. I will also send people to you so that you will have needed talents, skills and gifts. I tell you this so you will understand that I have seen to everything. I will provide. Be open to your Jesus, love one another. Share all that you have been given by Me and be merciful. Accept all who come to your door when the time comes. Welcome the stranger. Those of you who have refuges, you will welcome all. This is already understood by you, but I say this so that those who may be concerned about ‘imposing’ on others will know that this is My plan for My children. The adversary wants to kill all human beings. Yes, My child, he wants to kill all human beings, even those who cooperate with him. I will protect you, as I protected My people when I brought them out of the land of Egypt and through the wilderness. Be aware of the times. Be alert. Pray, pray, pray, fast and frequent the Sacraments while you are able. Read Scripture, My children. Remember, while you are storing food, you must also have medals, candles, rosaries and Scripture for those who will come to you for protection. Some will flee with only the clothes on their backs. Share what you have with them. When you hear of many explosions, do not be afraid. Do all that My Holy Spirit directs you. Care for your brothers and sisters in need. My children, do not stop praying. My words are here to give you guidance and encouragement. Always, you must pray. Souls are in need. Remember them in prayer. Do not give up hope, for I am at work, My children, and I am actively involved in the lives of My Children of Light. You have nothing to fear. Be at peace. Come to Me and request My peace if you are unsettled. Entrust your loved ones to Me. Give them to Me, My children.”

Thank You, Lord. So many of us are concerned about our children and loved ones who are either away from the Church or who have never been believers in the Catholic Faith. We trust You to save us, Oh Lord and to save our loved ones. Help them to come to You sooner than later. Lord, thank You for Your promises during the 3:00 hour in the Divine Mercy devotion. Praise You, Lord! Blessed Mother, Our Mother of Hope be with us, your children. We seek refuge in Your Immaculate Heart and we trust in Your motherly care. Protect us from all evil and danger, Mother. Keep us safe within Your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch us. Help us to be like You in our love for God. Help us to do all He asks of us, just as You advised at the Wedding Feast of Cana. May we love our brothers and sisters as you love, most Holy Mother of God. Please pray for us and do not give up on us, even when we do not love as we ought. Thank You for being the perfect, holy mother. We fly to You now, dearest one with every need, every wound, each pain and sorrow. We bring all of these and even our joys to You, knowing You will console us, protect us, teach us and love us. Help us, Your daughters to be good mothers, also whether we are spiritual or physical mothers. May we be open to the gifts of Your Spouse, the Holy Spirit and may we become more and more like You and like Your Son each day. May our husbands, sons, fathers and brothers become more and more like St. Joseph. Give us the graces we need and those graces which go unused to become more holy, closer to Your Son, Jesus so that we carry out God’s Will in our lives. Thank You dear Mother, Our Lady of Hope. We trust in Your intercession.

“My little lamb, your prayers are appreciated by all of Heaven and especially by My Mother. Thank You, dear one. My child, all is in place now. Await My plan to unfold, with peace and love, even if there is chaos all around you. Be at peace. I am the Prince of Peace.”

Amen, Lord. Alleluia.

“I bless you, My daughter and My son in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go now in My peace. Be love, Be mercy. Be joy. All will be well.”

*Jesus, hide me in Your Sacred Heart. Be my refuge. Blessed Mother, cover me with your mantle of protection and enfold me in your Immaculate Heart where nothing can touch me. “You may pray this for others, also. This prayer is given to My children and the Father will not refuse refuge for His children in My heart or the heart of My Mother, for this is His plan from the beginning. Go there often, My child, and you will find rest and relief from the battles and the storms,” Jesus (January 19, 2014)

January 24, 2021
Adoration Chapel

Hello my dearest Jesus hidden in the most Holy Eucharist. I believe, hope in You and love You my Lord, God and King. Thank You for Mass and Holy Communion, Jesus and for the opportunity to adore You in this beautiful church. Praise You my Lord. Lord, I am most grateful for Your blessings. Thank You for the visit yesterday. It was good being with our family. Bless our children and grandchildren, Lord. We love each one and pray for their salvation and that we will all be united in faith one day. I pray for all people who do not know the love of God that they will experience it, Jesus. For those who are working against the Kingdom of God, that they may be converted by Your love. Give us graces for conversion, Lord. Hold us tightly in Your embrace, Jesus, close to Your Sacred Heart. Be with me this week and in every meeting I have with others. May they be an encounter with You, Jesus. Lord, heal all who are ill including (names withheld), and all who are suffering from cancer, renal failure, Alzheimer’s and dementia, neurological disorders and Covid-19. Please give the people and families caring for them graces to hold up under tremendous pressure and fatigue. Renew their strength by the power of Your love. Protect our country and purify it, Lord.

Jesus, have You anything to say to me today?

“My child, My child, I speak to My Children of Light through many messengers now. In these present days, I employ the means necessary so that all may know of Me and what I am planning. The end of this age is nearing and the new era will begin. In this transition time there is much upheaval. The evil one knows his days are numbered, My little lamb. He is working much evil as a result. He distracts My children with issues and causes that sound worthwhile, but they are not. It is difficult for mankind, especially in the western world to know what I mean by ‘worthwhile’. Think of everything now in terms of salvation and My Kingdom. Ask yourselves, ‘Is this a salvation issue?’ and if it is not, do not allow yourselves to be distracted. My child, I remind you and all My children that I have already triumphed over sin and death. All who follow Me, keep My Commandments and truly love Me will do so, as well. Therefore, be at peace. Do not fear. This does not mean (by being at peace) that you have no concern for the evil around you. It is very concerning, I realize this. Take all of your concerns to prayer. Bring them to Me, My children. Ask the saints and angels to intercede for you. Pray, pray, pray and at the same time love. Share with them, My little ones, share out of your needs and do not count the cost.”

“My child, you are very concerned about your country. Again, I say I am with you. Things will grow worse before they are better. Be prepared. Do all that you can to prepare for those I send you. It will work out My child but put your attention to the final preparations. Do this now while there is still some time. Finalize the evangelization packets and the material. Recall the early days of the Church. My disciples instructed new believers. You will also. You will welcome people into your homes even before I send them in great numbers. Form close family connections and networks with your brothers and sisters in Christ. This will assist you in preparing for the spiritual battles to come. My child, you and My son must finish the preparations in your own home. Do what you can and allow Me to do the rest. My child, do not feel overwhelmed. Do what you can each day. Plan what is needed and determine how to accomplish this. You know what to do. I will guide and direct you as I have all these years. Trust in My son (name withheld). He has all the skills needed to plan and organize the work. In time, I will send people to help, but do not wait until then. Do what you can now. Solicit assistance from your family members. Trust Me. All will be well. Let us continue. You have already accomplished much, My little ones. Focus on the tasks at hand. There are still projects to complete. My daughter, I am working behind the scenes to help your building plans. Do not give up when things look bleak. Things are not always how they appear. Depend on Me. Reconsecrate this project to the Holy Family. Be confident, My children. I ask much of you, but realize this means that I also equip you with much grace. Resist the temptation to give over yourselves to doubt and worry. I am the God of Victory. Many battles are fought before victory can be declared. Remember, I have already won the victory and My children must continue to fight in the spiritual realm through prayer, fasting, good works, charity, frequenting the Sacraments, reading Holy Scripture, and living life with family and friends. Always set a good example for your children and grandchildren. Be joyful in prayer and in all that you do so as to give them confidence in the love of the Lord. Serving the Lord should be a joyful endeavor. If you do not have joy, pray for this grace. Cast off fear and focus on trusting in Me. If you fully trusted in Me, you would have greater peace and joy.”

“Love one another. Each person in your life has been carefully placed there by God. Treat one another with great care and respect (each person). I work through you, My children. It is a mutual giving and receiving of love. While one person gives love, they are also receiving grace. You have heard the expression that people often say when they have done a good work for another; that they feel they were the one who was blessed. It is a mutual giving and receiving. Do all things with love for Jesus, My children. My disciples have not shown the world enough love and joy. If they had, the whole world would have already converted. Be joyful, My children, even in the midst of great suffering there can be great joy. This does not make sense in worldly terms, but in the spiritual life it is reality. Remember this—if God is for me—who can be against me? No one, My children, other than the evil one. But then, what does it matter for you have the Lord God! Be of good cheer. Focus on Me. Pray to be in My Will. Let us do all things together. Invite Me into your lives and into your homes. Invite Me into your work and into the time spent with your families and friends. I love you. I bless you in the name of My Father, in My name and in the name of My Holy Spirit. Go in peace and in My love.”

Thank You, Jesus. Amen!