Update on the 9th official exorcism session of the young man suffering demonic possession – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings beloved ones,

Thank you very much to everyone who prayed for the young man, “John”, suffering from demonic possession during the timeframe last week of his 9th official exorcism in the Catholic Church. So, I am able to provide a brief update to you all today.

Firstly, the family and all involved are very grateful for all the prayers that were said from around the world. Although he has not achieved yet complete liberation, there are only a few demons left — which are always the strongest ones and the ringleader — but the 9th exorcism has left them greatly weakened due to the mighty prayer efforts of all who answered the call to pray.

Unfortunately, due to the gravity of evil at this present time in the world, exorcisms in general are taking more time and effort for complete deliverance, but in God’s perfect timing, liberation will be eventually achieved. Also, because the exorcist is so busy in his diocese — I believe he has over 20 people on his caseload — he can only devote 3 hours to an exorcism session for John every two weeks.

However, one good point, though, is once an official exorcism is undertaken by Holy Mother Church, in the Lord’s Holy Name and by the Lord’s Strength and Power, the possessing demons cannot grow stronger — they can only grow weaker over time — so, there is no concern about the two week gap of time between exorcism sessions.

So, the prayers coming from all parts of the globe made a huge difference this 9th session and the demons made this known. Throughout the session, the demons kept sharing their frustrations, “I’m so weak! No, no…!” Also, one of the team members of the exorcist has mystical gifts and he had a vision of a small dark room, like a cellar, with the plaster from the ceiling wall dropping off — while at the same time, the demons were yelling “our armor is coming off!”

So, since the number of prayers being said for John has made a critical impact on helping to further free him from his demonic possession, I will be making another public prayer request when his 10th exorcism session takes place in less than 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I do want to also ask that people keep John generally in their prayers, as the exorcism sessions have reached a point where they are very fatiguing on his physical body and he has to spend days in bed due to sickness and exhaustion afterwards due to the demons resisting with all their strength not to leave him.

In conclusion, I just want to say that in regards to any exorcism, it is a test between two wills — the Divine Will of Our Lord as expressed under the leadership of the exorcist under the Bishop’s and Church’s authority with help from prayers by the laity in union with Heaven — pitted against — the (pathetic) ever-weakening will of the evil ones (demons) who are desperate as they will have to find a new place to occupy and will be punished by hell for losing the great battle.

So, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we know how this bitter fight will finally end — All Glory to God(!) — but as prayer warriors of this mighty Christian family, we have to keep going strong in prayers until the Lord achieves His ultimate win. So, thank you again for all your previous prayers, as well as your continuing prayers in the future for John.

God bless,
–a soul


Special Intercessory Prayer Request – For liberation of a young man from demonic possession – 9th Exorcism Session, May 20, 2021, Thursday (TODAY!), 2pm to 5pm (EST – New York time-zone) – MaryRefugeOfSouls