From the Coven to the Church: My Conversion Story Part 1

Blessings! Here is the next installment of the 7-part series by Agathon of his conversion from the occult to Catholicism.

And for those who missed it, here is his intro. God bless!

Fearless like the Holy

Thank you to all of you who read the first installment of my series!

To recap:

I had just left the coven and I had just moved in with my ex wife. I was locked in a nightmarish little hellworld of obsession, depression and anxiety in which I could barely function from day to day. I was very much scared of the new situation I found myself: Afraid of the changes, afraid of screwing up badly and afraid of rejection and abandonment.

Even though I wasn’t ready for my new role as a future husband and father, I stepped up to the plate.

Although I was still a Wiccan at this point, I went to church every Sunday morning with my ex and her son at their non denom church. Even taught my step son the Our Father.

My problems still remained.

With my new situation, I decided that I…

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