Video: “How This Makes Me Weep” – Message from Jesus Christ to The Little Prophet of Love – October 6, 2019 – MaryRefugeOfSouls

Blessings beloved ones,

Firstly, I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls want to thank everyone who has been watching and sharing my YouTube videos. Over the past month, this venture of creating videos on The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) has been a success, as almost all of my videos have at least several thousand views and I am extremely grateful for all the new blog and YouTube followers. My hope is that eventually all of my videos will enjoy several more views as we approach The Warning finally happening to mankind on earth.

That being said, I have one video that has less than a thousand views, so I want to promote it a little in this blog post. It is actually a very poignant message given by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to The Little Prophet of Love in October 2019. It is the very first video that I created over a year ago, and I chose this particular message, because it is very touching to people’s hearts. So, I hope that people will watch the video and it will move people to seek forgiveness for their sins from Jesus, as well as seek a closer, more deeper relationship with His Most Sacred Heart.

And lastly, although I have collaborated with two other followers on these last few videos, I need to seek a volunteer (or two!) who would be open to collaborating with me on a more on-going, consistent basis, in creating one-to-two monthly videos. So far, I have content ideas for at least three more videos, but I do not have the time to do the video editing part. So, basically, I would create the content for the video frames, but I need a volunteer to actually craft the videos, by selecting the royalty-free music, images, and putting them together. The volunteer would need to already own video creation software and although it would be nice if they already know how to put videos together, they can be a newbie if they are willing to put the effort to learn and believe in the mission of this Catholic prophecy blog. That is the most important part, because my hope is that these videos will be seen by millions of people, etc. So, if this interests you and you would like to directly impact the salvation of many souls, please contact me: (Note: In the email, please indicate how long you have followed MaryRefugeOfSouls, how you originally found this blog, any video editing experience you may have, and anything that might be helpful for me to know). May Jesus, Mary, and Joseph be with you!

God bless!
I love you,
–a soul

Video: “How This Makes Me Weep” – Message from Jesus Christ to The Little Prophet of Love – October 6, 2019 (2:42 minutes)