September 26, 2021 – Latest News on La Palma Volcano – Small Landslides Starting – Roads Cracking Open – Two Heat Sources Detected Off-Coast Suggest Island Might Split Apart

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Small Landslides Beginning on LaPalma

Heat Sources Detected off LaPalma Coast; Thousands Fleeing Island by Boat After Airport Closes

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Scariest news so far is scientists saying the kind of explosions we are seeing today with shockwaves can only mean one thing. Water is somehow getting into the volcano. The explosions are being caused by steam and the explosions are like boiler explosions. The only way that water is infiltrating into the volcano is from below sea level and that is a recipe for a disaster.

A steam explosion caused by seawater getting into a volcano was the cause of the explosion of Krakatoa in 1883. Krakatoa was only about 1/4 the size of La Palma but the explosion of Krakatoa was the loudest sound in recorded history. The explosion was heard over 3000 miles away and the sound wave of the explosion circled the earth 7 times. The explosion blew 5 cubic miles of earth 50 miles into the air and generated a Tsunami 120 feet high. The island of Krakatoa was destroyed by the explosion and no longer exists.

Worse case, seawater infiltrates the main lava pipe feeding the volcano somewhere between sea level and the ocean floor close to 3 miles deep.

The water, under pressure, rises with the magma until it gets near the top of a crater or vent when the pressure drops causing the water to suddenly flash into steam and explodes, The explosion blows a big hole in the island and billions of gallons of seawater rushes into volcano and down into the near white hot magma chamber. The resulting explosion from that blows the island to pieces and could produce a mega tsunami.

Recent Prophecy:

Monday, September 20, 2021

Jesus said: “My people, I gave you a message back on 10-11-11 about a possible tsunami coming from an earthquake in the Canary Islands. Now this possibility is getting closer to happening with some strong volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands. With another severe earthquake there, you could indeed see a fast tsunami travel across the Atlantic Ocean into your East Coast. Your people need to pray and repent of your sins that this does not happen. I will still be protecting My refuges, even against such a tsunami.”