Words of Love v Words of apocalypse.

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‘My Sacred Shelter’

In Matthew Jesus was tested by the Pharisees to give them a sign. They asked him disingenuously ‘Teacher could you give us a sign’. Of course he knew their hearts and that the words they said veiled an overall disbelief that he Jesus was the Son of Man.

During the early stages of receiving messages Jesus taught us much about human nature mainly by trial and error. He knew it would be a wonderful shock for my wife and I to experience Our Lord in this way. My wife as a vessel and myself as a witness.

As a witness I would ask all types of questions. Some of these questions were banal in reflection. Jesus understood my curiosity and kindly gave way and would allow me to know things. We discovered over time that Jesus doesn’t like this. I would say sorry to Jesus and he would reply ‘its…

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