February 15, 2022 Blog Update – By “a soul” – Mary Refuge of Souls

February 15, 2022

I, “a soul,” of the blog, Mary Refuge of Souls, have asked my brother to make this blog post for me.

Currently, I am writing this note while in the ICU – Intensive Care Unit of a local hospital near where I live. Since my last update in early January, I have had two hospital stays, being struck simultaneously by 4 separate illnesses. I have been so overwhelmed by the much loving support, well wishes, and prayers to God said by the followers of this blog for me and my family. Thank you for caring about me and my health issues. Please know that I care much about each of you and I have been using this opportunity to pray for your intentions, too, as there have been many needs for redemptive suffering now. Certainly, based on recent themes of the Holy Love messages, the political crisis between USA-Russia-Ukraine is a major concern of Heaven. I want people to know that Jesus shared with me that if the situation becomes volatile (nuclear), He would extend a net, which He called a “blanket from Heaven” – which would catch all our loved ones from falling into hell. So, please be encouraged to keep praying for you loved ones far from the Church. Your prayer net is far greater than you realize. I saw my prayers saving souls who I may have only known vaguely or briefly in life, like childhood, but Jesus entrusted them to me for conversion prayer simply because I had once knew them in life. Your prayers matter – have no doubts! One day, you will be amazed by all the lives you touched and brought home to Papa God.

In conclusion, I should say that since I am still in the hospital, it will be some time for me to get back to my regular blogging. Everyday, the medical team is evaluating my medical condition, but I am hopeful to be discharged soon without the need for a major surgery at a more advanced-skilled hospital. But I do anticipate lingering complications that are chronic and I will need to do much physical therapy (one of my goals is not be wheelchair-dependent). Meanwhile, I hope to be able to post progress notes to keep people periodically updated when I can. God bless each of you! Thank you again for you love, support and prayers!

I love you all.
-“a soul”